Nepali Poet & Dramatist Bal Krishna Sama Biography

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Get here short information and facts about Nepali poet and dramatist Bal Krishna Sama. We have here post some short biography of Nepali literaturer Bal Krishna Sama. Read here some facts about Balkrishna Sam biography. Read here about famous person of Nepal. We have posted here some information about most famous personalities of Nepal.

Nepali Poet & Dramatist Bal Krishna Sama Biography

Nom de plume of Balkrishna Shumsher Rana. He was born in 1902. One of the few literary figures recognized in his own lifetime, he introduced a new trend in Nepali literature by synthesising oriental and western philosophic and scientific thoughts.


Nepali Poet & Dramatist Bal Krishna Sama Picture

Balkrishna Sama
BornFebruary 8, 1903
Gyaneshwar, Kathmandu,Nepal
DiedJune 20, 1981 (aged 78)
Occupationplaywright, poet
GenrePlay, Poetry
Notable worksChiso Chulho

During his life time, he held many academic posts such as the Chairman of Gorkha Bhasa Prakashini Samity and the Vice-Chancellor of the National Academy. He also had a short stint at the Standing Committee of the State Council as its nominated member. Last but not the least, he was also an accomplished artist. Mutuko Byatha, Mukunda Indira, Pralhad and Amar Singh Thapa are some of his most prominent works.

He died in 1981.

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