From the bottom of my heart I congratulate you and wish the Guardian Angel in all your affairs, never lose heart and rely entirely on the Providence of God!

May the most incredible and good miracles happen to you on this wonderful night. Because for those who believe in the Lord, nothing is impossible!

Be happy, let all your good undertaking work out. Let you have good health and the path of faith in good never leaves you, despite any difficulties! God with us!

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 May each day of the new world — peace with Krishna — bring you happiness and joyful surprise!

The baby Krishna was born, and therefore, the beginning of the work of our salvation! I hasten to share with you the miracle and exultation of this wonderful day! Happy Janmashtami 2020

On this wonderful night, our Savior, Shree Krishna came to the world. So, all our hopes are not in vain! I wish you strong faith and the ability to enjoy every minute of life!

Let everything pleases you around, let your heart sing and praise the Lord. Krishna is born, praise Him!


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Happy Krishna Janmashtami HD Images Greeting Cards
Happy Krishna Janmashtami Picture

I wish you this Janmastami not to indulge in sadness, but to believe in the good, because it will certainly come! After all, God is with us, which means we are not alone! Happiness to you!

In every temple now Krishna is glorified! Savior came to earth!

I wish you everything that brings you life, to accept with a joyful heart. To overcome difficulties easily and to smile to the world and people more often! Love you, dear friend!

On this great holiday, I want to share the joy with everyone I love so much. And now, I hasten to share the bright news, which has not been obsolete for many centuries.

I sincerely wish you light, purity, joy and, of course, love, which is the basis of everything, because God is love! Happy Janmashtami 2020

May everything in your life go well, may all your loved ones be healthy, may faith support you in all your endeavors!

It is a day of forgiveness, bright feelings, a day when love triumphs. Let the guns fall silent on this holiday and not a single rocket will rise into the air, except for fireworks! And let the love of the near and far be come into our heart!

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Happy Krishna Janmashtami HD Images Greeting Cards
Happy Krishna Janmashtami Image

I wish you never to retreat from your goal and go on a straight path through life.

May this bright holiday bring grace and peace to the home, good and understanding to the family. Love and joy to the heart, responsiveness and sincerity to the soul, happiness and good luck to life.

May your home always be bright and cozy, may misfortunes bypass you, and love be preserved and dwell in your heart!

Let the future bring understanding of the meaning of being and awareness of your own happiness!

Let the past come only bright memories, but the present remains joyful and successful!

May the Krishna Janmastami bestow your house with grace and peace, and the Lord never cease to protect! Happy Janmashtami 2020

On the way, a thousand pine trees in the forest could bring joy to the world.  Faith, happiness, love, and peace are your family’s eternal guest! 

Baby Krishna Pics

Happy Krishna Janmashtami HD Images Greeting Cards
Happy Krishna Janmashtami Card

Think of your loved ones, and spend the true celebration happily!

May angels descend into the sky, bringing peace to people’s hearts.  Bring Blessed Holidays to You!

Lord Krishna gave us faith, indicated the way. And on this magical holiday, I wish you only good: well-being, mutual understanding, emotional balance.

Never stray from your course, and if there are difficulties, Krishna will show you the right way!

On this day, the sun shines in a unique way, nature is transformed, and people become kinder! I wish you that all your dreams come true, that I think only of the good and all the most beautiful things be done! Happy Janmashtami 2020

I sincerely wish you and your loved ones: peace in the house, peace in the soul. May your cherished dreams come true and your innermost desires come true!

 May this very good holiday on the ground, around the reigns only the well-being and between human beings will be understanding, harmony and unity!

This is a celebration of bright feelings, and the day when love triumphs. Let me wish you this year to overcome all sorrow, and dispel doubts. Great happiness and God’s grace!

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I would like to wish your heart to be overwhelmed with happiness, friends never betrayed, relatives and friends did not forget. Life be full of love and tranquility, success and new achievements.

Let everything about what you dream, what you want, surely happen. May joy and laughter always be in your home.

Baby Krishna Pics

Lord Shri Krishna Images Wallpapers Childhood
Bhagwan Shri Krishna Childhood Photo

May the heavenly angels illuminate your path, protect you from harm. Be happy and healthy!

Prosperity, confidence in the future, the love of loved ones, the care of friends, the attention of colleagues and all the best!Happy Janmashtami 2020

May this day, all your desires unite in gracious prayer who gave us hope and faith in the future.

May sorrow, resentment and bad weather forget your way. Be happy, healthy and loved!

May all your thoughts and desires be as pure and as clear as this morning. Warm and cozy to your home. Happiness and health to you and your loved ones!

I want to wish you a lot of smiles and kindness, prosperity and well-being, love and prosperity.

May the peace of God be in your heart, and peace and tranquility reign in your soul. Never back away from your goals. Be happy and successful in business!

Let me heartily congratulate you and wish only good things. Spend this day with your loved ones, say that you love them.

My wishes will be meek, but the most faithful – let your life go dear for good. And as little as possible let you meet with tears on it, and if there are tears, it is only for joy!

If you go … go further! If you do … do it differently! If you laugh … laugh until you cry! If you dream … dream higher! If you risk … risk everything! If you think … think for yourself! If you leave … get out of the rut! If you move … change everything! Happy Janmashtami 2020

I would like to be an angel to guard you, a light to enlighten you, a star to guide you and a bell for your attention to call.

Faith and hope are the lights that should illuminate us in this time of reflection.

Janmastami is the spirit of sweet friendship that shines all year long. It is consideration and goodness. It is the hope reborn again, for peace, for understanding, and for the benevolence of men.

To value peace and generosity and to have grace is to understand the true meaning of Janmastami.

There is no ideal Janmastami, only that you decide to create as a reflection of your values, desires and traditions.

Janmastami is the tenderness of the past, the value of the present, and the hope of the future.

Krishna Janmastami is the most sincere desire that each cup be filled with rich and eternal blessings, and that each path will lead us to peace.

The best Janmastami ornament is a big smile to those you love.

Let love surround you with a gentle veil, and luck will smile with a warm maternal smile!

Baby Krishna Pics

Lord Shri Krishna Images Wallpapers Childhood
Bhagwan Shri Krishna Childhood Photo

I want to personally wish everyone in this Janmastami a perfect harmony. Harmony in everything. Let nothing bother you, let everything you do, what you do, let all the people with whom you communicate will cause you only positive things.

We wish in all to find benefit and joy. Let the enemies help you to feel the taste of life, and your friends will help you overcome all obstacles. Happy Janmashtami 2020

Let troubles give invaluable experience, and inspiration will help to make life better. We wish for renewal and purity – in everything and always.

Let your life be transformed into a fairy tale under the crystal sound of glasses.

Let peace of mind, comfort and sparkling joy reign in your life. Let only sincere smiles be around, and all the problems and hardships will fly away.

Do not kill your life! I would like every generation to understand each other in each family.

Let the future bring an understanding of the meaning of your being and an awareness of your self happiness!

Let the past come with bright memories, and the present remains joyful and successful.

On such a bright holiday, which gives people faith in miracles and deliverance from torment. I would like to wish faith in all the best and kind, because anyway a person with a pure soul will receive a lot of joy and his life will be happy and long.

 On this beautiful day, I don’t want to say a thousand words, just want to say the most common words: happy Krishna Janmastami.

Because of love, life becomes happiness. Because of you, this Janmastami has become fun!

I will silently care when you struggle. I will silently pray when you succeed. I am blessing when you receive the text message. Krishna birthday, may it be auspicious. Happy Janmashtami 2020

Baby Krishna Pics

Lord Shri Krishna Images Wallpapers Childhood
Bhagwan Shri Krishna Childhood Photo

Do not want to compare yourself, do not bother to disturb yourself. Relax your heart and live well, one day is better than another day.

Receive a blessing in your heart and wish you good luck never to leave!

With the heart of wisdom, cope with the rise and fall of time; with a transcendental heart, face the mortal life and death. I hope you will face everything with a steady state of mind!

Time is not a matter of passing, but doing everything. If you save your heart and do things well, then you will have nothing to do with the world.

If you are compassionate, you will be peaceful.

One flower and one world, one sand and one bliss. One side of a pure land, a smile and a dusty edge, a thought and a quiet. May you have the heart  like water, calm life!

Today , at the Krishna Janmastami, let us make up our minds to help the suffering people. This will ensure that we all have a better future.

I wish you an easy road! Let it pass quickly and imperceptibly, meet kind and sympathetic people. Let the guardian angel be always there and help in all situations. Happy Janmashtami 2020

Lord Shri Krishna Images Wallpapers Childhood
Lord Shri Krishna Childhood Photo

Good luck, good mood, vigorous state of health, good company, safe road, cheerful route. Let this journey take a lot of pleasure and positive emotions.

 Let it be the brightest and most memorable time, filled with new episodes and pleasant emotions.

Let your path be easy, without any obstacles and unforeseen trouble. I wish you good luck on hand and a faithful guardian in the sky.

May fate be gracious, and only good, kind people be near! I wish the implementation of all plans and hopes.

There are so many beautiful, priceless minutes in life, so many different possibilities in it! Let any roads lead to victories, plans come true soon.

New ideas of bold and bright ideas, achievements, and great successes! May the support of friends and understanding of dear people always help!

I wish that every day begins with a smile and with the expectation of an incredible life episode. Happy Janmashtami 2077

Let it be for someone to wake up, let only attractive and joyful emotions be constantly waiting around the bend. Happy Janmashtami 2020

Receive from us the wishes of peace and good, sun, warmth and light! Smiles of friends and caring relatives!

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Let good health become a companion, let dreams come true, cherished wishes! Children are only pleased with their success, the husband cares and pampers! Women’s happiness to you, family comfort and spiritual comfort!

Let every minute of life be bright, rich, extraordinary, full of unforgettable impressions of pleasant surprises!

I wish the sea of good, the ocean of luck, and a whole mountain of happiness!

Let the money never run out, health does not decrease, and the mood will always be festive. Happy Janmashtami 2077

May fate truly love you, and all the good things in your life grow day by day!

Baby Krishna Pics

Lord Shri Krishna Images Wallpapers Childhood
Lord Shri Krishna Childhood Photo

All that bright joy, comfort fills your beautiful home – It will be near every minute and brings happiness day by day!

May you be surrounded by dear ones – those with whom life is even brighter. And any plans will brighten, and any dreams will be fulfilled soon!

I wish that no wishes from your enemies would ever come true, no matter how big they were. But come true, even the smallest wishes from your friends! Happy Janmashtami 2020

I wish you life without despair, in love – madness and passion, in a career – profits and power.

May God grant you wisdom in decisions And multiplying the best qualities. With children – a wonderful relationship And understanding of their eccentricities.

Love warms us, warms our hearts and our soul. Loyalty gives us strength for the rest of our lives, gives us hope for all the good. Family is what happens when two people are united by love and loyalty. Today is the most magical day, because today is the day of family, love and loyalty. I sincerely congratulate you on this day and wish you all the best. May you always have love, loyalty and a loving family.

Love and respect each other, believe each other, and be happy. After all, life is one, and it must live in a happy marriage in order to remember in old age how great you were. Happy Janmashtami 2077

Appreciate loved ones, love loved ones and never betray those from whom you would never want to know betrayal. Happy Family, Love and Fidelity – the most expensive human values!

I wish you well, loyalty, love! A strong family, obedient children and a brighter future!

Let the family values ​​that you cultivate will be imperishable. And your children and grandchildren will continue not only your glorious family, but also the beautiful traditions, the baton of which you took from your parents. I wish you happiness, good and eternal reciprocity!

Lord Shri Krishna Images Wallpapers Childhood
Lord Shri Krishna Childhood Wallpaper

Let your way always and everywhere illuminates love, and loyalty never allows you to commit sometimes stupid and unnecessary actions!

 I wish that mutual understanding, happiness, faith always reign in your family and always, no matter what, you support each other!

May there always be time in your house for lovely evening conversations and pleasant revelations! Happy Janmashtami 2020

I wish you that your family home will always be filled with warmth, comfort and true love! And let only incredible cares await you in life, but only very pleasant and long-awaited! I wish you happiness and love!…

I would like to wish that your bright feelings never faded, that loyalty was given to you without effort. That you would find your reflection in each other and be happy that you are a family.

I wish you mutual understanding, happiness, bright plans and many interesting activities.

 Let the family always be a strong rock, protection from adversity and consolation in trouble. Love, beauty, a good future, prosperity and joint development!… Happy Janmashtami 2077

Let your family hearth always burn and give warmth. Mutual understanding and support, patience, strength, love and prosperous days.

Let the warmth of love always warms you. I wish your family to be blooming, friendly and united. Well-being and good to all families!

May everyone find infinite happiness of love, devotion, care and understanding.

Baby Krishna Pics

Lord Shri Krishna Images Wallpapers Childhood
Bhagwan Shri Krishna Childhood Photo

Let every day begin with smiles, May there be more tenderness and affection. And all the beautiful dreams come true, As in the kindest and happiest fairy tale!

Let success come more often, Brings many victories. Let life taste a little sweeter And a bit richer color. Happy Janmashtami 2077

Let happiness find you everywhere, And all the good works! Let everything that happens to you – Add joy, warmth! Happy Janmashtami 2020

Let the beautiful and bright dream, Like an airy moth, striving upwards. Inspiration and happiness are always waiting! Like today, the whole life will be joyful!  

Baby Krishna Pics

Lord Shri Krishna Images Wallpapers Childhood
Bhagwan Shri Krishna Childhood Photo

I wish you luck chasing after you, always catching up with you and engaging you in the safest and most interesting things.

May your joy from the deed be immeasurable, happiness is dimensionless, and the desire to share your wonderful mood, constant!

I wish you giddy luck! Let you be stunned by unprecedented luck, doused with bright optimism and hit with a positive charge.

The main thing is to trust your destiny and remember: if life gives you a kick, it just tries to set you on the path to your cherished goal! Happy Janmashtami 2020

I wish you to make friends with luck and walk with your hand through life, smiling and rejoicing. Happy Janmashtami 2077

Lord Shri Krishna Images Wallpapers Childhood
Bhagwan Shri Krishna Childhood Photo

May your most cherished dream come true, I wish to get all that you have dreamed of for so long.

 Let every day of life be filled with positive and optimism, interesting ideas and pleasant meetings. Health let never fails and gives a cheerful mood.

 May success and glory be constant companions, and all difficulties be easily overcome.

 I wish that life does not stand still, but change for the better, bringing only pleasant surprises! Happy Janmashtami 2020

 Let all your plans and dreams come true, let everything be fine both at home and at work, and let only your loved ones always please!

 May God grant you the best of health to you and all the families and friends.

Baby Krishna Pics

Lord Shri Krishna Images Wallpapers Childhood
Lord Shri Krishna Childhood Photo

 Let only happy and joyful years lie ahead! Let every day be a small holiday, and every evening will be a bit like a fairy tale!

Each day of life gives you unlimited opportunities to achieve all goals! I wish you to use them to the maximum!

I wish you to come to success and say – I have achieved everything, and now I do not even know what else to wish for!

May the accumulated experience and wisdom help you in achieving your goals, and all desires and aspirations come true. Happy Janmashtami 2077

May all the good things in life will be preserved, and moments of joy, love and optimism will multiply!

Baby Krishna Pics

Lord Shri Krishna Images Wallpapers Childhood
Lord Shri Krishna Childhood Photo

 We wish a cozy atmosphere in the house, love and warmth in relationships, respect and trust in the team!

 May Luck, Success and Inspiration be faithful companions! Well, perseverance and patience help you in solving all those tasks from which in life can not escape!

 Let each new day be similar to the previous one in only one – it will be just as happy! Joy to you, good luck and inspiration. Happy Janmashtami 2077

I wish you affectionate smile of luck, so that fate will present as many chances as you ask of her.  Let your joyful laughter be a magical ironing, smoothing not only all the wrinkles on the face, but also any conflicts.

 I wish life to be a fabulous bowl filled with pleasant journeys and exciting things to do.

Baby Krishna Pics

Hindu Deity Lord Shri Krishna Images Wallpapers
Lord Shri Krishna Image

 May every morning you be greeted with bright sunshine and smiles of loved ones.

May family and friends bring you only happy news, let it be light and clear – outside the window, and in your soul.

Good luck in realizing your ideas and let any of your dreams come true!

 Let life give many happy opportunities and each of them will be used by you one hundred percent! Happy Janmashtami 2077

Good mood, cheerful smile and new, unexpected, positive and vivid impressions!

 Let an everlasting, ardent love always live in your soul, which will never remain unanswered!

Baby Krishna Pics

Lord Shri Krishna Childhood Wallpaper
Lord Shri Krishna Childhood Wallpaper

 Take care of each other, every day and value family and marriage bonds.

With all my heart, I wish that this day this little dream came true and warmed the loved ones with the warm rays of your family sun. Happy Hindu festival Janmashtami 2077

Excellent health and good mood! Let every day of your life be filled with optimism, fresh ideas and interesting meetings.

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Let all the days be cloudless, filled with only pleasant things, and the evenings be family and cozy.

Let unprecedented success sneak up on your heels, waiting for any turn, jumps out from behind every corner! 

Baby Krishna Pics

Lord Shri Krishna Images Wallpapers Childhood
Lord Shri Krishna Childhood Wallpaper

Seize the moment, take luck and never miss the opportunity to do what you have been dreaming about for a long time!

Everything is only in your hands, because I wish you faith in yourself, inexhaustible energy and eternal positive! Believe that on this day luck will be favorable to you! Happy Janmashtami 2077

Let success and achievements, wealth and inspiration be present in your friendly circle.

May your friendship be strong and endless, help you get to the cherished goals, fortunately, to a dream! Happy Janmashtami 2077

If you want to build a strong relationship with Luck, be a mathematician. Multiply talents, share success with those who are dear, take away empty hopes and add new ideas. And then, in the end, there will definitely be Luck. Fascinating to you calculations, non-standard ways of solving and constant result at the end!

Baby Krishna Pics

Lord Shri Krishna Images Wallpapers Childhood
Lord Shri Krishna Childhood Wallpaper

I wish you to be always beautiful, to love and be loved, to heal someone’s wounds, to return someone to life, to be unique, fun, tender, glorious, sweet for someone!

I wish you vigor, strength, hope, health, patience, dreams. And its fulfillment, love, warmth, luck, joy, prosperity, energy, light, inspiration, smiles, success, kindness, loyalty, delight! And also steep climbs, bright life, fortitude, fire, desire and just intoxication with happiness!

Joy, fun, success always and in everything, more money – and less boring work!

I wish to live in harmony with myself, enjoy every day, every minute, get everything I want from life – and even more! And of course I wish the most important things – happiness, love and health. Happy Janmashtami 2077

May fate always favor you! May happiness warm every day of life and fill your soul with pleasure and warmth! May all the days be bright, beautiful and happy!

Baby Krishna Pics

Lord Shri Krishna Images Wallpapers Childhood
Lord Shri Krishna Childhood Wallpaper

Let life, like a bright mosaic, be made up of joys and unforgettable events and may each new day give you a wonderful mood!

Let the fragrance of the presented flowers and the attention of loving people give pleasant moments and great happiness. Happy Janmashtami 2077

Let the career is rapidly going up and all changes will be only for the better.

 And of course, your health is very strong, extraordinary happiness, wonderful love, and also cheerfulness, smiles, optimism and a sea of ​​positive!

I wish you wisdom, kindness, generosity. To the health did not give failures, that the mood was always on top! Happy Janmashtami 2077

Baby Krishna Pics

Lord Shri Krishna Images Wallpapers Childhood
Lord Shri Krishna Childhood Wallpaper

So that the wheel of Fortune regularly rolls according to your fate. Do not forget to lubricate its spokes with good mood in time.

I wish you to be lucky in life, not to let your health down, do not dry up hopes and dreams. Do not exhaust peppy spirit and optimism, and only talent flourished.

  May luck give you confidence in actions, decisions – wisdom, joy in life, may your luck and happiness be permanent.

Let this wonderful day be bright and rich, because luck will accompany you everywhere and in everything!

 Let everything that your heart desires today come true without difficulty!  You are a very purposeful and hardworking person, which means that you are guaranteed success!

Baby Krishna Pics

Lord Shri Krishna Images Wallpapers Childhood
Lord Shri Krishna Childhood Wallpaper

We love you very much, you give us your warmth, you are a source of joy for us. Be always young, beautiful, healthy and cheerful!

Let every new day be full of tenderness and love, smiles and flowers, and every moment bring happiness and joy! Happy Janmashtami 2077

I wish you always remain the same radiant, cheerful, charming and just beautiful! Be always loved and very, very happy!

May there not be intractable problems in your life, may there always be people nearby who can help and support. Happy Janmashtami 2077

And may every day bring only joy and the brightest positive impressions!

We wish you success, good luck, luck. In matters of wisdom. In the family – the warmth and comfort. And let health not fail, and luck never fails!

Baby Krishna Pics

Baby Krishna Pics Lord Shri Krishna Images Wallpapers Childhood
Lord Shri Krishna Childhood Wallpaper

 Let the house be a full bowl, a full openwork reigns in business, and everything will be fine with relatives and friends! And of course I wish the most important thing – health, joy and a rich, interesting life!

The house of our life consists of two halls – the waiting room and the hall of accomplishments. I wish you to go from the first to the second as quickly as possible. 

I wish you to leave mark in the hall of accomplishments, and for this you will need patience, health, courage and luck – which is what I want from my heart for you. Happy Janmashtami 2077

Life is straightforward and simple as a track is not particularly interesting. I wish that uncharted paths and unexpected twists and turns meet in your fate.

Baby Krishna Pics

Lord Shri Krishna Images Wallpapers Childhood
Lord Krishna Childhood Image

 I wish the sea good, bright solar heat, love and understanding of loved ones. And most importantly – happiness and health.

Let life be filled with harmony with yourself and the world around you, and most importantly – so that from each new day you receive only pleasant surprises.

Let the years not upset you, but bring only joy, good mood and positive! I wish you great happiness, because it is the only thing that makes us rejoice at each new day and look to the future with hope!

I wish you to swim in the ocean of positive, live in joy, do not know grief and evil, always have cash on hand. Happy Janmashtami 2077

May three whales always be present in your life: happiness, health and luck! Let them carry you straight to luck and happiness, and never let go! Happy Janmashtami 2077

Baby Krishna Pics

Lord Shri Krishna Images Wallpapers Childhood
Lord Krishna Childhood Image

Fortune is a very generous person, she always fills your vessel with faith in your own strength. So do not be shy, move away the glasses, cups, and prepare a big tank of courage.

For your efforts and sense of humor, for your bright ideas and clever thoughts, for your excellent human qualities. Let your life be rewarded with luck, health, smiles.

Baby Krishna Pics

Lord Shri Krishna Images Wallpapers Childhood
Lord Krishna Childhood Image

I wish your luck to shine with a bright star, warm you with kind sunshine and push you with a persistent breeze. 

Let the path to well-being and success be like a colorful rainbow that radiates positive and instills confidence, calm and faith in victory.

Let your affairs go uphill, your problems disappear, your talents flourish, your heart sparkles the flame of feelings. And the soul is filled with the music of happiness! Happy Janmashtami 2077

Baby Krishna Pics

Lord Krishna Childhood Image
Lord Krishna Childhood Image

May everything that you have bring joy, let everything that you do not have is not a necessity for you. Let everything you dream about appear miraculously in your life! Happy Janmashtami 2077

I wish you to be a happy person, enjoy every new day, find pleasure in simple things. A cup of morning coffee, rays of sunlight, the wind, views of dear people. Appreciate what you have, and fate will surely bestow you even more!

I wish you all the most beautiful things: good health, mutual love, unclouded happiness, high incomes, true friendship, understanding!

 Let there be more joy and fun in your life, let problems be solved easily, and evils pass by.

Always stay like this: with a tender heart and a good soul! On this joyful day, we want to wish you happiness without an edge, and that you have everything for the most beautiful life!

Baby Krishna Pics

Hindu Deity Lord Shri Krishna Images Wallpapers
Lord Shri Krishna Picture

Live in a constant sense of harmony with yourself and with the world. And refute the claim that happiness is just a moment. May your happy moments be measured in years!

What do you want? Of course, health is the best of gifts! Of course, happiness is the most beautiful gift! And more – love! Let it be huge, clean, and sparkling – like a diamond. Happy Janmashtami 2077

 I want to wish you always to be in the right place at the right time – I wish you true favor of fate, I wish you always to be her darling.

 And do not forget about simple pleasures in the bustle of life. Because the most beautiful thing that a person has is values ​​that cannot be bought – sincerity, love, understanding and support!

Open the doors to the world with your shoulders, conquer it with your smile, and let your life be full of joy, fun and drive!

Baby Krishna Pics

Lord Shri Krishna Images Wallpapers Childhood
Lord Shri Krishna Childhood Photo

 I wish you to stand firmly and feel reliable support nearby! Let the sun, goodness, love and mutual understanding always shine through the windows of your house!

 Go bold and straight through life! May there always be those with whom you want to share joy!

 I wish you health and long life, joy and laughter, respect for others and love of your relatives!

 Let everything be as it was intended by you! Happy holiday, and of course – happiness to you!

Baby Krishna Pics

Baby Krishna Pics Lord Shri Krishna Images Wallpapers Childhood
Lord Shri Krishna Childhood Photo

 Let not touch you the anxiety of disappointment and loneliness. Always be a part of the sunny, infinitely bright and warm word family.

Let a joyful smile shine on a joyful face, and your soul is overwhelmed with inspiration for great achievements and stunning accomplishments. 

Luck chooses optimists, so I wish you positive courage to earn the attention of the bird of happiness. To be caressed by her choice and ready for the tests with complete luck. Happy Janmashtami 2077

 Let the river of life flow in a transparent stream, bringing to your feet the precious gems of love, joy, goodness and success.

Let in your interesting life there will be more magical moments. When tremendous luck covers your head, and happy fate with the generosity of a talented magician opens before you a fan of tempting prospects and dizzying victories! Happy Janmashtami 2077

Let only the fair wind blow And the way through the waves will be light. Let the sea of ​​happiness be stormy, And the coast – warm and azure! Happy Janmashtami 2077


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