16 Awesome Things to Do in Nepal


16 Awesome things to do in Nepal

It’s the great bank of opportunity that is created by their internal and international tourist. However, people comes Nepal for enjoying the enormous creations. The person doesn’t know the places but they want to visit the natural and designed places for getting the better result and joy of visiting and investing the time.

The visiting is also the types of investment which give you profit with interest after the long times but determines and established you in new valuable position. International tourist comes Nepal for making their plans and project modify and specify the additional color of natural contrast and effect.

Man always does not be successful for choosing and deciding the right sometimes they may fail to plan. The hands and the eyes do not have similar responsibility but they have full duty without doing rest.

The appraisal is done by the resources qualification of performances of the activities which is output by the external environment to encourage the people to attach with them. The natural resources never are presented with mixer option because they are the pride of nation interest and life of the people and living things too.

Therefore to collect the picture and joy in a bundle, they come to Nepal to visit. They might come here for different purposes but mostly for doing awesome activities.

So following are some major things that help them to make awesome their journey of Nepal:

16 Awesome things to do in Nepal

1. Shooting the video of Fulbari:

New Year Flowers Amazing wonderful Flower in World Bloomed in Nepal (2)


This is the work which you have to be done first and in time. The delay of your plan makes you obligation to wait for one year. The Fulbari is the pride of Nepal and mostly the Terai regions. It is located in the Siraha district of Lahan distance of one kilometer.

The Fulbari carry the priceless value of growing up the flower only in the morning of the new year and again itself goes dead till night. So if you miss this opportunity to make the video you have to wait for next year. There occurs the large crowd of people has come from many parts of Nepal and India.

2. Sunrise from Milkedada:

This is the first places of Nepal where the sun rises first and fast with shining features and lighting advantages. Milkedada is also known as the home of Rhodendron and the smell of Rhodendron will earn and steal your heart.

There are many people who plan to see the sunrise from dignified places for getting the good feelings and good picture. It lies in the Ilam in the eastern part of Nepal. Sunrises are also treated as the God in Hindu culture and people wants to see the sunrise from the near they happen in Milkedada.

Your journey and photo clicking with those ray of light will also reflect your photo and frame too with different capture and waves comes or shown while rising.

3. Market research:

This might becomes your priority to visit Nepal for your future business or research project and report for specific works. Nepalese market is not large but the consumption of the Nepalese is very high in number.

The report of Nepal also shows and says that Nepal is the poor country but the people are very rich and they living their life with enormous adopting services and products tastes. So there also the interest is increasing in many foreign businessmen to invest in Nepal for business purposes. If you are also traveled for those purposes then market research will also make you awesome.

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4. Star hotel comparison:

A person doesn’t come to visit Nepal for tourism trap of picture but also for accompanying their final though and conclusion in their continued process of the project. The person has always the great and altitude aim to achieve it and they are also in that direction and active to achieve through many practices and many ideas.

So mostly while you travel in Nepal you also get better chances to compare the star hotels to your own country in different topics like the residences cost, quality, food taste and prices charges, bed charge and other extra charges among different star hotel with their basic and extra factorial comments.

5. Politician acting:

nepali artists

Here also exist many politicians who act naturally like the actor. They make laugh to the people by making the act like related actor which make him more viral and valuable in the eye of people. They are also the people so their wish also goes on creating.

And the acting is also the best way to attract the people towards them and party for vote collections in the election. The role of the politician in the election will also make you feel awesome due to their natural and unnatural activities performed by them in different structures.

6. Ilam tea garden:

Ilam lies in Eastern Development Region, which is a Hilly region of mechi zone. Ilam acts as the headquarter of illam district and mechi zone. It lies in the Mahabharata range. It is also the important town in mechi zone and one of the major place in Nepal for tea production.

Ilam district is bordered by Panchthar in the north, Jhapa in the south, West Bengal (India) in the east and Morang and Dhankuta districts in the west.  It lies to the south of the Mahabharat range and west of the Shinghalila range.

It is also famous for natural setting and sites, tea production and diverse agricultural economy. It is one of the major horticultural crop production districts of Nepal. Illam municipality is sub divided in 9 different wards, the major governmental and district office lies in No.1 and No.2. It is major part for transportation and communication for VDC that lies in the upper part of the district.

Ilam comprises two words- I and lam. In limbu language, the word I means winding and lam denotes to the way. If we look at the geography of illam, we can see the winding paths criss crossing on the way.


As per the Nepal census 2011, the total population in ilam was 19427 and the main residents of ilam were Limbu, Rai, Lepcha, Newar, Magar, Tamang, Chettri, Brahmin, Sunuwar and Gurung. As reported, ilam has many educational institutions which includes Mahendra RatnaMultiple Campus. It is a first QAA certified campus of Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

It has four faculty: Science, Humanities, Education and Commerce. It provides education in under graduation and post-graduation subjects.

Ilam tea garden Picture Alone boy
Ilam tea garden

It is known as the bank of tea lies in the eastern part of Nepal in large land making the country rich in tea resources and production with high quality and good potentiality. The large scaled tea garden makes you stay some long due to their design and color that they appear.


The person mostly visits that places for making the fun and refreshment and school and college make plans for picnic and tour. It is the person attracting places which invite you to come once makes you awesome feels.

16 Awesome things to do in Nepal

7. David falls of Pokhara:

This is also the spring consisting the mysterious story behind its fame. It is located in Pokhara attracting the tourist in daily increase meant having the natural springs earlier named as ’’Patle Chango’’ but later on it started to call as David’s fall.

This is because the German couple was bathing in the spring and they fall on the name of girls were David so it came in calling as the ‘’David Falls’’. This is the loveable places to visit while on the journey to Pokhara. This springs will also say you the many stories after it visits and makes you feeling awesome.

8. Lord Buddha palace:

It is not only the palaces but also the sinless places where the people get the education about the life and the earth to live the happy and sadness life. The Buddha had told the man should always be surrendered to the help of other of their life. All the creatures and living being should equally respect and have legal right to live.

The Lumbini is the places and sources of education and divinity which makes you grow with a large heart and unlimited respect of the people. A person should not kill the animal because they are also the part of God. The Lumbini will also make you feel awesome due it’s interesting story of Gautam Buddha hidden there.

9. Janakpur palaces:

King Janak is the great intelligent king of Janakpur and they and their people of the kingdom were very happy. Janak has daughter named Sita who is a goddess and married to ram the incarnation of God Vishnu.

The past palaces are also now existed with previous value and activities trapped under it with the pictures, the designation will help you to know the reality. This place is the great significant and priceless creation of king now kept with tight security. The model and decoration of internal and external view have lots of smell and attraction. These palaces were built in very large amount of that time.

10. Social contribution:

Social contribution

It might be your awesome task to do in Nepal while in the journey. There also exist many children and the old age person which will make your journey more interest. If you are the real human and is also the helping nature them=n you can help the poor and those old age person by gifting many substances and helps of amounts, for your better recognition.

The person mostly travels with their own work and purposes but some travels with making the steps valuable and interesting. You will be always in the person’s heart and mind whom you help and your name will be taken with great respect. This is also the awesome things which you can do in Nepal.

11. Helps in the construction of infrastructures:

The person feels only awesome if he or she does any work with their interest. The person does not get any comment and do too if they do works according to their own selection. You can be the valuable person and respected person by your works performances which you show to the Nepalese.

The person most are busy in their own fulfilling goods and requirement. But also there exist some of them who become busy in fulfilling other requirement called as the great man. So while in the journey you can also make your help in the construction works going somewhere which will make you renowned.

12. Broadcasting the message of unity and humanity:

Man are men and all are men so the person should not make the existences of different racial, castes, religion discrimination which makes the society and man polluted. The person of all castes and religion are born with same color blood and shape size with all same body parts. We walls are the god’s servicer and disciple or children.

We should plant the tree of equality and non-discrimination which makes the earth polluted free and the people happy to live with lots of fun. This activity will make you the awesome feels if you do by making the people convinces and awareness program by different variables.

13. Making the viral of nonsense videos:

It might be your crude task that can become viral if any foreigner makes and produced on the internet goes viral. The video must consist the unnatural actions done by the people of Nepal or your teams to makes or attract the Nepalese toward you for entertainment. The video makes you famous very fast through the sources of electronic media.

A person tries many things to become famous but their many tries don’t get success. The trying should also be in continuous process for grasping the destiny. If you want to take the joy of awesome invention, then you can trap the video walking men doing nonsense activities in the public and so on.

14. Crying different animal sound:

This activity will make you famous very fast through you the extra acknowledgment. Person of most have not the common quality some of have many and some have different but priceless. If you are perfect in outing the sound like the different animal then the person around you make crowd see and you will be famous and renowned.

These types of activities should include in your planning list to make awesome feeling in traveling to Nepal. Person shouts very lower in the single but loud at the crowd. The different sound of different animal is also like the artist you can be called up and selected for many movies made by Kollywood.

15. Snow playing in Humla and Jumla:

This is a very big deal and achieves awesome feeling if you do these in Humla and Jumla lies in western part of Nepal and has cold climate where the apple production is high and the sweet in nature.

In the winter season, there fall ice and the full of mountains is fed with cloud and snow. The white shining snow makes you attach and shouts with your uncontrolled behavior makes you obligation to play and spend delay. The snow mountains have very much excitement to have the person play with me.

16. Playing football with Nepalese boy:

FIFA Nepalese footbal team
Nepalese footbal team

As the football, the international game is famous all over the world and almost played by all the country with priority stability. So the football player is always in the search of football ground and environment to show their new efforts and action that they have specially.

Nepalese boy are also not less that any others having the great facing power to grasp the cup but it’s unlucky to get any victory in the field of football internationally. You can do this thing awesome by playing football with the Nepalese boy to evaluate your capability and potentiality.

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16 Awesome things to do in Nepal


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