How to Impress Indian Girls – 25 Best Ways & Easy Ideas For Boys


How to attract Indian girl? or How to impress Indian girl?: – What are the best ways to attract Indian girls? Get here 10 easy and simple tips for boys who want to attract Indian girls.

What are the best ways to impress Indian girls?

I have seen many girls who give a long list of descriptions of how they want their perfect partner to be. I don’t think that is bad because everybody dreams of their partner and the qualities they should possess.

Boys, on the other hand, have a simple list of how they how their girl to be but we are going to discuss that in another article. Boys are expected to do a lot to impress and sometimes it just drives them crazy you see, and they get so frustrated that they come out as a rude person. Might you have had this kind of impressions right?

Yes, things get quite out of hand and frustrating but I believe that boys should wait and be patient with girls because that is worth a try. Some people are busy with their career and some are trying hard to find the right person for their life.

It has become quite hard to find that one right person in just a few months because it does take one good period to just know the person and like him or her Girls, today are more concern about their partners and want the best of them all.

Many people dwell on the fact that girls are full of attitude but they are only looking for their soul mates. In other hand, guys are having lots of problems to impress girls out there.

To be honest, I have seen lots of people trying so hard to get that attention of the girl or maybe a glance of her looking at him, that they do not even realize that the act they are doing is making it weird for the girl.


You might think hard about what to do and what not to, but the answers are always hidden. I am not a guru here to tell you what you should be doing to attract girls because that does not happen.

The process is long and tricky, it is not like that ad you see on the television where you spray deodorants or perfume and the girls come running to you. So today we are going to tell you a few tips on what to do and not to do so that it can help you attract girls!

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A couple photo infront of Temple

Here are some tips to attract girls. *Thank me later boys!* because you are going to experience a lot of things here.

25 Best Ways & Easy Impressing Ideas on How to Attract Indian Girls

  1. The greatness control of smile:

How to impress Indian girl? The best answer is smile. The word speaks for itself, the power of a smile! You might have never seen any person getting offended by smiling. Well, that is what the power of a smile has to do. A smile indicates that you are confident and relaxed. It is a definite icebreaker and relaxes others too.

However, do not overdo this as might come through as creepy. Take an imaginary situation, where you are in a crowd and you see this girl and you fall in love at first sight.

Well, that might happen you see, nothing is impossible. Also, this girl looks at you too. Now comes a moment and you should pause and think about what you should do. Do not make up a grumpy face.

jiwan luitel nepali actor smile picture
Smile, Please

That is the number one rule you should do and do not act like you are staring at this girl for almost an hour. What you should do is smile at her very gently. That is where the magic starts. You make her feel comfortable with a gentle smile. Do not overdo the smile. You certainly do not want to come out as a creepy or weird guy.

You know there are some people whose smiles tell a lot about that person. Well, I have seen a lot of people with that trait. So don’t rush to laugh. Do not rush to talk. Do not get weird. Show her your gentle smile and get going! Let me get that straight that too much smile is a complete No.

The power of a smile is huge and it can make you look good as well but when you are trying to tell the girl that you cannot stop showing your teeth then that might even get to trouble or something out of the sense. Yes, you are breaking the ice, yes you are being nice to her, yes you are being a gentleman but do not start to become a creep!

  1. You need to Dress well:

How to impress Indian girl? Well dress is the second greatest ideas to impress the beautiful Indian girls. Dressing well is the key to do anything in life. It reflects your personality and thinking behaviors. I am certainly not being judgmental here but you can about a person on how they dress. Your mode of dressing can noticeably affect your bodily attractiveness. New and stylish clothes that fit well are a must-have.

Clean Shoes seem to be mainly important to girls so ensure yours are sanitary, fashionable and elegant. When you are going on an interview, you dress formals because that makes you look confident and increase the attractiveness.

The Color Pink Shirts Boys Men
The Color Pink Shirts

But there is certain drawback you should remember. If you are going on a date and you dress up too many formals such as you are going to a meeting that might become a no-no to the situation. Do not take it to the next level. If you want to wear formals you can, just do not be so much dressy that the girl might feel uncomfortable about it.

On the off chance that you need to extend a picture of quality and power, settle on darker clothing. Men who wear dull garments will probably be doled out generally manly characteristics.

Hi mysterious yet attractive! Then again, men who wear lighter apparel are probably going to be seen as quiet, accommodating, and fun. Keep in mind to wear an agreeable outfit! Studies demonstrate that physical solace is emphatically related to fearlessness.

At the end of the day the more agreeable you are, the more outlandish you’ll accomplish something humiliating like blackout with fervor about having a date. I do not know what you guys might have seen or read about this research where people do not come to help unless you are well dressed. Yes, that is true! You do not want to tell her that you are a freak or crazy person.

Tell her what you are but not in a bad sense or something! So here is the deal, you dress nicely. We do have a whole lot of description about what you can wear on so you can check that out as well. So when you are going for your first date do not be all freaky and do not be too formal because that will make you look not you!

Yes, you wear formals and you look good but sometimes it is not good for the occasion. You might look too classy for the girl to open up about her or even talk to you. And yes do not wear that is something completely out of this world, such clothes will make you look bad and the girl might not even feel safe with you!

3.The important fact- listen:

Listening to her is one of the main key factors that you should be doing! When you listen to her, she feels comfortable with you. She might consider you as a good friend and that is how the process starts.


You need to make her feel comfortable so that she can share her feelings about you. And that might be for her concern for you, about you or her family. Anything that might help. The conversation has to be two ways. Find things that you have in familiar, such as dreams, disputes, and goals.

listen man

As human beings, we tend to talk to people who listen to us, and hence if you are a good listener, she will release up and talk to you. Knowing whether a speed dating collaboration will prompt a genuine date, be that as it may, doesn’t rely on the subject of the discussion.

Numerous individuals don’t take a gander at whether you both appreciate football, or whether you get some information about her diversions. The genuine truth lies in what nobody ever sees—the filler words.

Sentences are comprised of substance words—football, move, music—and capacity words—the, I, a, there, however, that, this. Capacity words entwine sentences, yet they are imperceptible.

“These are the words that we don’t focus on, and they’re the ones that are so intriguing.”A girl is happy when she knows that there is somebody who listens to her not just for formality but for her betterment and that is when she feels for you! Do not miss the chance.

When you become her companion she will feel safe and happy to have you in her life! So be a man, listen to her and become her friend for the lifetime!

  1. Smell like heaven:

Taking care of your cleanliness is supreme and vital. Always make sure you shower or bathe every day, use deodorant, use cologne and brush your teeth regularly or twice a day. A girl will most likely bond you with that aroma and memorize you because of it.

There are times when boys smell like a rotten egg and the girl certainly does not like that about the boy. It is quite common though! When you are meeting her, take a shower and smell good. That way she will be close to you instead of getting away from you!

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So what can you do to keep smelling good? Take a shower daily and if you exercise, then showering is the best way! Use perfumes or carry it with you! There are lots of pocket perfumes you can carry and use whenever you like! Science says that individuals are evaluated at a higher allure level when the judge is noticing the fragrance.

gifts scent perfume bodyspray Images in shop
perfume in a shop

Even though this impact wasn’t as extensive for extremely excellent and monstrous individuals (the visual signs exceeded the prompts given by the scent), the normal individual can enhance their looks by enhancing their odor.

At the point when individuals are presented with various olfactory prompts (as it were, smells), certain pathways in the cerebrum illuminate. The aromas are related to the items around you and your feelings at the season of noticing. That is the reason if you see a protest that you’ve noticed previously, you can expect its fragrance.

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Seeing canine excrement on the ground that was left by a reckless proprietor will abandon you expecting that it’ll smell horrendous. Then again, an ad on television demonstrating a scrumptious cheeseburger traps your mind into expecting it smells like the greater part of alternate delightful cheeseburgers you’ve eaten.

This wonder likewise works in reverse. Vanilla is generally loved because it is so particular. Another great general guideline is to pick notices that the vast majorities connect with a sentiment, for example, chocolate, cardamom, and ginger.

One thing to recollect is that you don’t need to pick one fragrance. Fragrances and colognes are precisely prepared mixes. When you know the scents you’re going for, you may need to complete a touch of research on which items have the blend you need. So here is how you smell like the boss!

  1. Tease or flirt with her:

Until and unless she does not want to rip your lungs off, tease her. Depending on her pleasant appearance, she will have had some know-how with many guys trying to get her. When you converse with her try to act light and actively show lack of concern in her as a possible mate.

When you act this way, she will not put up barriers or obstacles that she is used to, to get rid of all the other guys that approach her. She will think about it and might listen to you. In so doing, she may become concerned about you simply through your conversation.

Just be flirty, pleasurable and have excellent occasion. So far you realize what sorts of exercises you ought to do, where you ought to do them, what to wear, and what you should possess a scent reminiscent of keeping in mind the end goal to make the ideal date.

What you haven’t discovered is the most vital fixing: how to act. Do not get me wrong when I say the word, act! The basic answer is to have a fabulous time. Science says that grinning discharges delight hormones like serotonin and dopamine.


flirting man girls boyfriend girlfriend husband wife lovers
Lovers flirting

That, as well as simply taking a gander at somebody grin additionally discharges these same hormones. Your cerebrum truly remunerates you for making someone else smile. Back in the early day, people required co-operating to survive. These solid social bonds were created using non-verbal signs. Verbal prompts had a critical influence in holding too.

Grinning just helps concrete and console reality of talked correspondence. Unless you’re an auto sales representative or a government official, it’s a great deal harder to lie while grinning in somebody’s face.

By mirroring someone else’s “reliable” outward appearance, you make a bond together. Associations increment the odds of working effectively together, which thusly expanded the odds of survival. People who were demonstrated pictures of individuals grinning tended to appoint them the qualities of fun, dependable, and energizing.

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Glad looking individuals have added all the more jumping at the chance to be appraised as attractive. So regardless of what you do, make sure to put a grin all over. What’s the purpose of a date in case you’re not having some good times? So go out have a great time! And yes do not be a jerk and tell stuff that will make her uncomfortable!

  1. Do not be the first one to buy anything:

What I mean by that is does not be the second option she opts for! Do not be the “he will be there after this ignorance.”Buying a girl a drink or anything else when you first meet her is a show of neediness. This is unappealing and you should avoid it no matter what happens. Do not take steps like she is the only girl out there. On the other hand, if you can get her to be so fascinated by you that she offers to buy you something.

For what reasons do decent folks complete last? Most single ladies aren’t sitting tight for a pleasant guy– they’re sitting tight for flashes to fly. While “decent” is a quality they value, it’s not one that influences their palms to sweat or their hearts beat quicker. “Decent” doesn’t abandon them needing more after the goodnight kiss.


After all, on the principal date a pleasant person won’t tell a lady, she looks unbelievably provocative regardless of whether he’s reasoning it. He won’t ridicule the froufrou way she holds her mixed drink glass and he certainly won’t put his hands on that sweet spot simply over her midsection when he kisses her goodnight.

Next time you feel you seem to be only amiable, admit a disagreeable sentiment, bother her a bit, or surrender to an inclination to accomplish something unforeseen. Furthermore, when you kiss, do it as you don’t care the slightest bit whether she supposes you’re pleasant. Take control of the relationship, a key tip on the most proficient method to draw in a young lady.

A young lady will anticipate that her man will settle on most choices in the relationship. Know precisely what to do, when to do it and how to do it. You ought to likewise be an honorable man – pull a seat for her, open the entryway and pour the drink. She will take your signal if everything feels incredible. If you draw sufficiently near to take things to the following level, she’ll anticipate that you will lead the pack.

  1. Look and compliment her:

When you pay no attention to a girl that you like, it makes her think you are introverted or not man enough to come up to her or that you do not find her good-looking and hence she will forget you. When you look at a girl and make eye contact, do not be the one to break the eye contact, go and talk to her within seconds because if you do not it will come through the as weird and scary guy.

But when you do, it will seem amusing and impulsive but ensure you do not stare at her. Compliment the way that young lady looks, and furthermore compliment her on numerous different things like her capacity in games or craftsmanship.

compliment messages for her girlfriend
Compliment messages for her

On the off chance that she is a delightful young lady, disclose to her your affections for her. In any case, it is imperative not to lie with regards to giving a compliment because a young lady frequently comprehends what she is deserving of being complimented for and will feel somewhat belittled once she realizes that you are not telling the truth.

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Nowadays, young ladies are more autonomous, yet it doesn’t imply that you could neglect to open up the entryway for her or to haul out the seats.

A person who has those behaviors is uncommon to discover, so once you could build up these signals early, you will have the capacity to get the young lady snared quickly. Additionally, make it your propensity. It will then end up smooth and characteristic.

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Also, help a young lady on with her jacket. It is an incredible method to upgrade their solace level with you without showing up too close. Until the time that you can see her consistently, find her top picks and discover things she prefers and things she doesn’t. Marginally share what you like and aversion, that will influence she to feel delighted with you. Be that as it may, don’t keep ceaselessly speaking pretty much yourself since it is a major side road for any young lady.

At first, turn into a decent companion, and after that transform into a sweetheart. Ladies cherish capricious men, so bother her with shocks. Energize her sentiments with unforeseen dates, motion pictures, endowments, and telephone calls.

On the off chance that she is accustomed to getting a telephone approach Friday for a date, send her blooms or show up and ask her out face to face. Concoct new thoughts for dates, activities, and spots to visit.

  1. Do not try to push too much:

When you try too hard, the girls can sense it, and it is a put-off. Be positive. If a girl does not appreciate you for whom you are, then she probably isn’t worth you. Terrible young men who are self-fixated, excite looking for, unfeeling, beguiling, and exploitative reliably report having a greater number of accomplices than pleasant guys.

Yes, it’s a few ladies like troublemakers, however, that doesn’t mean you should gloat about your abs, decline to wear a condom or lie about your compensation in the expectations of getting lucky.

Man Pushing something
Pushing something

The reason such a large number of ladies keep running off with Colin Farrell writes on hot Saturday evenings is that they’re desiring crude, unadulterated fervor. Also, you don’t need to be a crawl to give that. Simply make a proposal she’s never heard, such as taking her to an underground club, making a beeline for the top of your high rise office building, or breaking into an open pool.

Creative energy, capriciousness, and fun: that is the thing that truly turns a lady on. After everything is said and done, I have a story to tell. This story is as creepy as it was when I saw it. Trying to be too hard on the person or the situation.

This guy was from my college, all dressed up and cool looking. He was good looking with the great personality but later he was regarded as the “new” boy of our college. Shocking? Yes! He liked a girl from our college who was not studying in the same floor but a different floor. Her section and subject were different from ours.

So one day, he saw this girl and liked her immediately. He was head over heels and could not focus on anything. He was only concerned about the girl – at what did she come to college, when did she leave the college, when she entered the room or when she entered the canteen, what she ate and what she did not like.

She was all that he could think of. So the guy did not think of anything else and tried to be her friend. But, plot twist, she did not like him and refused the proposal. Then the guy tried or should I say, pushed too hard to be in her attention.

He followed her, gave her chocolates, called her forcefully and so on. The girl just did not like him at all and lastly, she slapped him and scolded him. So that is the moral you should get people to say not to try too hard.

  1. Body check:

First thing first, the gym is the place where you should go and work out to be compact and fit. Most girls do not find beer stomach and fat detrimental bodies attractive. You need to have a body that is firm and well-toned and in shape.

At the point when a lady opens her eyes and sees a men tore abs in real life, it’s unquestionably hot. Seeing a substantial, uncooked mass shaking every which way is positively not. Excess fat will take away from a lady’s excitement to rip off a man’s garments, regardless of whether she’s an outsider in a bar or his better half of 10 years.

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Ladies need to be wanted by an effective man. In case you’re seen to be of higher status around the general population you cooperate with, you hold the otherworldly energy to pull in vast ladies into your life. Status is dictated by two things – how you introduce yourself and how you carry on around ladies.

Albeit a few components (hereditary cosmetics and riches) are to some degree out of our control, there are numerous little changes you can make to seem like a man of status. Stay in shape, hit the exercise center, and eat healthily, and taking pride in what you wear. On the off chance that you need to draw in high esteem ladies begin dressing like a high esteem man. You don’t need to wear planner names and glimmer a Rolex to dress well. Simply begin by dressing more like a man than a kid.


And some people say that do not date a boy who has six-pack abs because that is to impress different girls. Well, I think that is the just wrong belief because everybody needs to feel good about themselves and when they do they can ask the girl they like.

Plus, the girl won’t say yes until and unless the boy is good looking. It is important to look good and feel good about oneself. Going to the gym is nice because it cools down your inner anger as well and makes you calm and composed. So yes, go to the gym and get it going!

  1. Keeping a good personality:

Your attitude is the most attractive quality of all, more important than money, looks or clothes. Do not be a phony person. Be certain, but not too cheesy, and do not stutter as you talk. Be a man. A man is supposed to be physically powerful, independent and confident.

They take action and are decisive. They are powerful and make things happen. This projection of maleness can be very attractive to women since women want men, not boys or guys with feminine attributes. Do not be standoff fish or too shy.

outfit dresses boys
outfit for boys

Stand up directly and walk confidently.”Identity and amusingness will probably influence you to like yourself, so you would need to search for that in an accomplice.”

We might live in a swipe left or swipe right culture, however, if you need to begin to look all starry eyed at, at that point, it might be worth truly becoming more acquainted with what influences somebody to tick, as opposed to passing judgment on them exclusively on early introductions.

We have written many important aspects that you should come across when you are to impress a girl at a date or anywhere.

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So when you follow the above-mentioned topics, you will have a good person that you would be familiar with and that is what a girl like about you! Make yourself huge. Try not to be hesitant to consume up space and claim the space quickly around you.

On the off chance that that is troublesome because of feeling apprehensive or awkward, take moderate, full breaths while concentrating on the sensations in your body (would you be able to feel your feet?). This will enable you to unwind and enable certain non-verbal communication to turn out normal.


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