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You should watch your body carefully. Once distracted, it immediately begins to eat something.

It’s funny, but if you stop putting likes to your friends under the photo, they stop giving you. Oh, those market relations.

Best friends are people who come into your life and make you see the sun where you used to see clouds.

Every minute, when you are angry with someone, you lose 60 seconds of happiness that you will never return ..You should not go back to the past, it will never be the same as you remember it …

Attitude status in English

In the relationship between a man and a woman, there should not be someone else’s opinion and other people’s advice.

A man always treats a woman as she herself treats herself. The wife listens most attentively to her husband when he is talking in a dream …

Men’s madness for the sake of women – just a fuss in the sandbox compared to the adventures that women are capable of for men.

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In order not to bother a man, a woman changes dresses, and in order not to bore a woman, a man changes women.

A step towards – a wise decision! This is our happiness and salvation, this is not heroism, this is life!

Whatever you give to a woman, she will give you more … you will give her a seed, she will give you a baby … you will give a house, she will be comfortable in it … you will give your smile, she will have a heart … a woman will increase and increase everything … so by making her bad, be ready for more!

Women made such an instrument of influence on sensuality that a man cannot calmly treat a woman. As soon as he approached her, he fell under her dope and became stupid.

Attitude status in English

Women’s and men’s dreams are similar only in that they do not come true through the fault of the opposite sex.

If you give a woman only words, then she has to love you only with her ears …A woman differs from a man in that she thinks out not her steps, but her walk.

Making a scandal out of the blue is not as easy as it may seem. First you need to be born a woman. Failure to understand the causes of women’s offense does not relieve a man from responsibility.

It is enough for men to know that they are believed in. It is enough for women to know that they are loved. And that they are beautiful, and that they are not fat. In short, they all need to know!

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Money spoils the man! Therefore, there should be a woman nearby – to remove the damage.If you gave a woman a hand and a heart, then what is the point of being so nervous about some kind of wallet?

Beautiful birds sing worse than others. The same applies to people. In the fanciful style you should not look for a deep thought.

Love is the desire to enjoy beauty. Beauty is a certain radiance entailing the human soul. There are many people with beautiful looks who, however, have nothing to boast of inside.

Sin, if a woman looks less beautiful than she could be. A young beautiful adorable woman is a miracle of nature. An elderly beautiful woman is a miracle of art.

Attitude status in English

A beautiful woman should not be too smart – it distracts attention.

Taking care of beauty, one should begin with the heart and soul, otherwise no cosmetics can do anything.

Age for a woman isn’t the most vital thing: you can be amazing at 20, charming and glorious at 40 and remain irresistible until the end of your days.

Truth and beauty have always been important in human life and in general on earth. Beautiful women are rarely alone, but often alone.

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Biology surprises us a lot, proving statistically that beautiful women are not at all the most stupid.

Female beauty isn’t in the beautiful shape of a face, not in clothes that she wears and not in a hairstyle. Real female beauty is reflected in her soul, it is manifested in how passionately a woman gives her love. Female beauty grows over the years.


If a man crashed into a foreign car, he first of all looks into his wallet, and the woman – into his mirror.

Plain and simple women know more about men than beautiful women. Finesse for the body is the same as common sense for the mind.

Clever facial expression in men – the same as the correctness of the features in women. This is the kind of beauty that even the most conceited people would like to have.

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Attitude status in English

If you were struck by the beauty of any woman, but you can’t recall what she was wearing. It means that she was dressed perfectly.

Women are woven from paradoxes, stitched with inconsistencies and filled with mutual exclusions. Maybe that’s why you will not get bored with them?

We women have only two weapons — mascara and tears, but we cannot use both of them at the same time.

A smart woman never repeats other people’s mistakes. She is able to come up with new …All women are two-faced – one person is kind and gentle, and the second appears when they offend the first.

God created women attractive and beautiful so that men could adore and worship them, and stupid so they could love men.

A strong woman is not when you are pulling a freight train with one hand. A strong woman is when you want to cry from pain, and you smile at everyone.

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Attitude status in English

Beautiful in real are those eyes that try to see only the good in people. Tears can mean more than smiles … Because we smile at everyone and we cry only because of those we love.

I have never perceived myself as something special. What other people think of me isn’t my concern. I just do as I see fit.

The most beautiful women are not necessarily young, but surely happy. Happiness does not come into your life with fanfare … The most beautiful things, those that give you true happiness, come on tiptoe, quietly and wait for you to notice them …

The beauty of a girl is not in clothes, figure or hairdo, she glows in her eyes; because eyes are the gate of the heart in which love lives …

All my life my mother inspired me that a person should be helpful. She was sure that giving love was much more important than receiving it.

I believe in manicure, in screaming clothes, in the fact that on vacation you also need to do hair and put on lipstick. I believe in pink, and also that happy girls are the most beautiful. I believe that the best method to burn calories is laughter. I believe that tomorrow will be a new better day, and … I believe in miracles.

The beauty of the woman in the care that she gives with love, in the passion that she does not hide.

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I don’t require a bed to prove my femininity. I can be sensual and desiring merely by picking apples from a tree or standing in the rain.

Love is not begging, it is a gift from heaven, which may not happen. They say love – the most profitable contribution, the more you give, the more you get in return. This is not the point: love is the most unique contribution – the more you give it, the more it is born in yourself. If everyone understood this, how much easier it would be to live.

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Success is like reaching a round date and seeing that you haven’t changed a bit. Success imposes on me the obligation to live so as to be worthy of this success. And if you are lucky, even survive it.

If you need a helping hand, know: you have it – your own. When you get older and matured, you will realize that you have two hands: one to help yourself, the other to help others.

You can always understand what kind of person a man considers you, according to what kind of earrings he gives you.

I am proud that I was engaged in a business that brings pleasure, creates beauty, awakens conscience, evokes compassion. And, perhaps most importantly, gives millions of people the opportunity to rest from such a cruel world.

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I have such a rich existence that sometimes it seems to me that I have lived not one life, but at least three. Perhaps I think about demise more than other people, probably because I adore life more than others.

When you do something for others from deep within the heart, not expecting gratitude. Someone writes it in the book of destinies and sends a happiness that you haven’t even dreamed of.

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I realized that happiness is a choice. We do not want to offend anyone or seem uninteresting interlocutor, while you want to be happy.

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