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You know, I thought, because they say: “There is no friendship between a boy and a girl” and “There is no female friendship” … So with whom should I be friends?

A man and a woman lie on the bed and look at the ceiling. The woman’s thoughts: “He is silent. He doesn’t want to talk. Surely, he has already stopped loving me, he has another one. Relationships are over.” Thought men: “Fly, fly on the ceiling. How does it hold?”

It is not easy to maintain a balance between body and spirit! Something one will definitely win and try to devour another, brazenly gobble up, cleanly, without ketchup and mayonnaise.

You know the difference between news and gossip, I hope? The news informs you of what people have been doing. And gossip says what a pleasure they got from it.

So much money has already been ditched in order to establish normal relations with the mother-in-law, which, I feel, is cheaper than a killer to hire.

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Meet so that in future to get married. Life is too short to waste on meaningless relationships.

Being born a woman is not great merit … much more important than being a woman … not the one that for easy leisure … but the one that cannot be forgotten!

A woman wants to first walk around the restaurants to see whether it is worth having a relationship with a man. And the man wants to have more to do in order to understand whether it is worth driving her to restaurants …

Fourteen or fifteen or sixteen is the age of love, true love. Further, this ability is often lost, because many other feelings are added to pure love, which have as much relation to it as a beetle caught in a mixer has to do with a milkshake.

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Love, like a gallant medal, always has two sides. One, filled with angelic purity and light, cordial warmth and care. And the other – diabolical hatred and lies, bitterness of partings and disappointments.

A real man should radiate strength and self-confidence, rather than material need and sexual concern.

Your rebellion against mom and dad will end in an office chair, a flickering blue screen and useless hard work.

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Kindness and intelligence are the properties of old age. In twenty years, a woman is much more interesting to be heartless and frivolous.

Love is like a good alcoholic drink. First, euphoria and intoxicating feeling, then heavy and severe hangover.

Long separation kindles the fire of true Love, and turns into ashes the falsehood and insincerity of relationships.

Charisma and charisma – this is what makes people communicate with you. And not arrogance and narcissism.

When a person sets fire to a house and leaves it, and then takes and extinguishes it and is going to live there again, the situation in the house is not the same. So it is in love.

A person may fear the act of terrorism and mad cow disease more than anything else. Although he would rather be wary of a heart attack (and take action) and salmonellosis (and better wash the kitchen board).

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The man is weak. And he is doomed all his life is under the authority of love and other dictates of the heart.

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Let the crackling of firecrackers and the rustle of the garlands forever scare away all the troubles and sad thoughts.

And you will understand who you lost when you meet me with another on a frosty winter day. And with him I will be different – better and happier than with you.

Thanks to the people who came into my life and made it beautiful. And thanks to the people who came out of it and made it even better.

We ourselves invent our own problems, obstacles, complexes and frameworks, free yourself – breathe life and understand that you can.

An ideal wife is a woman who was born on March 8th, and with whom you met and got married on March 8th. And this is not only savings on gifts!

Unconditional love that does not depend on the fullness and strength of the response feelings is the highest, most beautiful and noblest feeling in the whole Universe.


And someone writes with a hand warmed on a frozen trolleybus window: “Be brave, people, summer is coming!” And all of this becomes warmer.

I hate when they say: just forget it and live on. Good. Then you just tear off your head and live on.

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If you are tired of everything, then it’s time to find a rope and a stronger tree! Just make a swing and ride at your pleasure!

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Traveling and living is much more interesting if you follow impulses that arise suddenly.

Ask the girl: what should a man have? And she, keeping silent about the apartment and a good car, will say – a sense of humor.

That’s why when you ask a person not to leave and stay, he turns around and leaves, slamming the door. And when you shout “Go away,” he stays and bothers you more and more …?

People, do not show your feelings and everyone will love you … send the whole world to hell and you will be admired … be indifferent and you will be blessed … and most importantly be yourself and then you will be respected …

Love comes and goes, and the reason for parting – in the changes that occur to people. Tastes, preferences and interests change, and we change along with them. But when people develop, they are happy next to each other.

It is difficult to constantly love what is and always will be, but the realization that you can lose everything – revives dull feelings. And you begin to notice something that you haven’t seen before, appreciate and take care of what you could easily refuse.

Perhaps the whole point of this life comes down to being necessary for at least someone. After all, if no one thinks about you and does not write messages, it means that you are not there, and nobody needs you.

The Maybug flies because it does not know that with its weight and the shape of its wings it is technically impossible to fly. Where there is mischievous omniscience, there is no place for a miracle.

If you are tired of your life, just stop, think about the present moment, enjoy everything that is beautiful and really important. Take a deep breath, relax. And understand that everything is relative.

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It is best to talk to me after I take a bath. After a velvety foam and a fragrant gel, I become a little softer and kinder to people.

Memory is a strange artist: it refreshes the colors of life and erases gray shades, retaining only the brightest colors and the most expressive silhouettes.

Pythagoras advised his students to count to 100 and only then speak. If I were you, I would count to 1000, but after that I would keep a prudent silence.

Love can sometimes forgive betrayal — it happens from ignorance, forgive betrayal — it can be accidental and unintelligent and will not happen again, but even love cannot forgive indifference.

Love does not exist and I do not believe in it – so says anyone who remains behind the closed door. So says everyone and will repeat twice, and it always will be, until you find once.

What does a woman need for a holiday? Just a couple of gentle words, Yes, under the window of a serenade, And a small bouquet of flowers. The keys, of course, are from the car, The ring on the finger and the necklace. And there be such a man beside me, So that everyone would be jealous!

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If you desire to get success, avoid the six vices: drowsiness, laziness, danger, anger, idleness and indecision.

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Normal laughter is not mine, mine is a mixture of washing machine sounds, an explosion and a horse’s cough.

Sometimes you look at men, to whom you previously felt sympathy, and involuntarily you begin to doubt your adequacy.

On the street, with boys, he is a smoker, vulgar, beats smoothly, cruelly … And only with you he is gentle, worried, he kisses your neck until the tremor in your fingers, calls him “small”. And his eyes are so sad and happy at the same time It is such a real man!

People who sleep a little and drink a lot of coffee often have the same nightmare. It is as if their own heart enters their room and says, “Nothing, that I am not knocking?”

Only once, and then if you are very lucky, you meet a person who divides your life into two parts, before and after meeting him.

What is happiness? I asked parents, grandparents, schoolteachers, and friends. Someone tried to answer, someone shrugged his shoulders and smiled absently. And then I saw you.

Author: Jitendra Sahayogee

I am Jitendra Sahayogee, a writer of 12 Nepali literature books, film director of Maithili film & Nepali short movies, photographer, founder of media house, designer of websites and editor of some blogs, has expert knowledge & experiences of Nepalese society, culture, tourist places, travels, business, literature, movies, festivals, celebrations.

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