Arun River Rafting Nepal For Fantastic Adventure Whitewater Rafting Trips

Arun River Rafting Nepal For For Fantastic Adventure Whitewater Rafting Trips

Arun River Rafting Nepal For Best Adventure Whitewater Rafting Trips. Arun River Rafting, Nepal is one of the best and fantastic Whitewater Rafting canyoning kayaking trips in the world. Rafting, whitewater, canyoning, tours, trips.

Nepal has 3 three major river system with more than two- hundred fifty considerable branch. The major rivers are then Saptakoshi River in the eastern Nepal, the Saptagandaki River in the central Nepal and the Karnali River in the western region of Nepal. There is one more river system besides these three rivers that plays vital role in river system in Nepal but it is not considered as vital. Fourth major river system is Mahakali river which flows in the remote western region in Nepal.

arun river rafting in nepal

Arun river rafting Nepal

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Arun River flows in the Eastern rigion of Nepal belonging to Saptakoshi river system. As we all know that Saptakoshi River is the greatest river of Nepal. There are 7 seven river in the Saptakoshi River system which are Arun, Tamor, Dudhkoshi, Likhu, Indravati, Sunkoshi, Tamakoshi. Arun River relates of Koshi River system.

There are several ways to get the Arun River such as by fly, by public bus, by private car and by bike as well. One of the easiest ways to get to the Arun River is flight to Tumlingtar from Kathamandu. You may have one easier alternative. You can drive for one & half days and then trek for three days. By this alternative, you may enjoy of trekking.

Nepal has more than hundreds of different cultures. As a result, there are more than one hundred different languages speaking people in Nepal belonging to various cultural groups. Surrounding the Arun River, you may get dozens of different languages and cultures. You’ll meet different ethnic groups of people for the period of rafting around the Arun River.

Arun River Rafting It is one of the remote river rafting is Arun river rafting and famous for running fantastic white water rafting trip in only in Nepal but also in the other part of world. Great rapids and remote location makes Arun the best river to run the fantastic white water rafting trip in Nepal. As a result, rafting in Arun River you’ll experience all a part of adventure life in Nepal.


The Arun River is one of the exiting river for white water rafting in Nepal that rise from Tibetan plateau, to the north of Katmandu, the world’s famous mountain Mt. Makalu (8463m). It is respected as one of the most mighty rivers of Nepal and a powerful and famous river, huge rapids, good sensations.

The Arun River Rafting is ideal for someone who wants to run a big water river but hasn’t got the time to raft the Sun Kosi or the Karnali. It is an excellent choice for a long whitewater rafting trip who seeks a true adventure and the thrill of encountering huge rapids in a peaceful setting and who want to whitewater raft expedition into the wilderness area.

Facts of the Arun River Rafting Nepal Trips:

Rafting Name
Arun River Rafting Nepal
Source of the riverMakalu Himal
River Days7
How to reach thereBy flight to Tumling Tar and trek to Kartike Ghat or Trek from Basantapur
River Distance50 Km./31 miles
SeasonSeptember to late December and February to late June.
Water Volume400
Rafting Put in PointTumlingtar
Rafting Ending PointChatra
Outward Travel Time:1 hour flight
River Grade:III to IV, Moderate
Return Travel Time:16 Hours
Itinerary for Arun River Rafting Nepal

Alternative one: By Flight


Day 01: Let’s start Arun River Rafting trip from Kathmandu, capital city of Nepal. You should fly to Tumlingtar from Kathmandu at the Kathmandu International Airport. It may take about 45 minutes to reach Tumlingtar.

Alternative two: By Bus

If you choose to go Arun River by local bus (Local Deluxe), then catch a local bus to Hille from Kathmandu New Bus Park which is situated in Balaju, Gongbu. It may take about 19 hrs drive by local bus (L,D).

Day 02: When you arrival at Hille Bazaar second day of your trip, you have nothing to do and go anywhere. It depends on your trekking guide or schedule, what’s the next thing to do. Perhaps, after lunch a short trek and overnight at tented camp.

Day 03: Full day trekking and overnight camping. (B,L,D). You’ll experience the real Nepalese people during the trekking period before Rafting in Arun River. Third day of your trip, you should experience your trekking in Nepal over full day. You’ll get food, meal and drink according to your agreement with trekking companies where you book for your trip.

Day 04: the fourth day your trip to Arun River Rafting, you should trek full day. But in this day, you will experience different ethnic groups of people of mountain region of Nepal. The sightseeing of this day is very beautiful and fantastic. On the last time of forth day of trip you may camp on the bank of Arun river near to Tumlingtar (B,L,D).

Day 05: Now you’ll be on the Arun River after some short trek. You’ll enjoy of rafting in Arun River on fifth day of your trip if you choose the trip by public bus. First day of Rafting in Aurn River and camping on the beach at Andherighat. (B,L,D) gives you awesome experience. It takes 3 days for rafting in Arun River.

Day 06: Second day of rafting in Arun River and camping on the river bank at Barahchhetra. (B,L,D)    

Day 07: Third and final day of rafting in Arun River to Chatara.  After completing the Rafting in Arun River, you’ll have lunch. Let’s return to Kathmandu. If you have chosen the second alternative to return Kathmandu, then drive to Dharan, continue by night bus back to Kathmandu. And if you have chosen the first alternative for returning to Kathmandu, then go to the Tumlingtar and take a flight according to system and management of your trekking guide.

Arun River Rafting Nepal For For Fantastic Adventure Whitewater Rafting Trips

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