Arun River Kayaking Trip : Kayaking in Nepal

Arun River Kayaking Trip : Kayaking in Nepal

This post is about Arun River Kayaking Trip : Kayaking in Nepal. Arun river is also best for rafting white water in Nepal.

There are four major river systems in Nepal with more than two- hundred fifty considerable branch. Name of the major rivers are the Sapta Kosi, Sapta Gandaki, Narayani and Mahakali. For you kind information, Sapta Koshi river system is located in the eastern Nepal, the Narayani river system is in the central Nepal, the Karnali river system in the western Nepal and the Mahakali in the remote western Nepal.

Arun River belongs to Sapta Koshi river system of Nepal. This Arun river flows in the eastern Nepal.

Arun river kayaking trip is one of the remote river kayaking trip in Nepal. The easiest way to approach Arun river is by plane to Tumlingtar from Kathmandu, capital of Nepal.

Arun river kayaking trip starts from the Kartikeghat, which has to trek from Tumlingtar. Alternatively to reach the Arun river, one can drive for 1½ days.

Arun river kayaking trip begins with a 3-day trek through remote villages in Eastern Nepal with magnificent views of the Snowcapped Himalayan peaks.

Arun river kayaking trip is the combination of trekking, spectacular scenery, great rapids and remote location.


Arun the best river is the fantastic white water rafting trip in Nepal.

The Arun river is respected as one of the most mightily and powerful rivers of Nepal. It cuts through the Himalayas in some deep and awesome gorges that have fascinated explorers, join the Sun Kosi shortly before the Indian Plain.

The gorges and gradient ease off near Chandanpur as the valley opens out and the hills get lower.
Its source is on the Tibetan Plateau, to the north of Kathmandu and it then swings in an easterly arc for some 200 km, drinking the Northern slopes of Everest and Makalu before cutting south through the Himalayas and into Nepal.

Kayaking in Arun River, Nepal
Kayaking in Arun River, Nepal

The easiest way to get to the Arun river for kayaking or rafting is fly to Tumlingtar airport, a domestic airport of Nepal. There is also alternative of flight to Tumlingtar. One rafter or kayaker should drive for one and half days and then trek for three days to reach the Arun river of Nepal.

Nepal has more than one hundred different languages speaking people belonging to various cultural groups. One can meet there different ethnic groups of people for the period of kayaking or rafting in the Arun river of Nepal. Great rapids and remote location makes Arun the best river to run the fantastic white water rafting and kayaking trip in Nepal is all a part of adventure.

Itinerary for Arun River Rafting or Kayaking

Day 01 :Fly to Tumlingtar airport for 45 minutes or 19 hrs drive to Hile by local or deluxe bus.
Day 02 : Arrival at Hille Bazaar, after lunch a short trek and overnight at tented camp
Day 03 : Full day trekking and overnight camping. (B,L,D)
Day 04 :Full day trekking and camping on the bank of Arun river near Tumlingtar. (B,L,D)
Day 05 :kayaking and camping on the beach at Andherighat. (B,L,D)
Day 06 : kayaking and camping on the river bank at Barachhetra. (B,L,D)
Day 07 : Kayaking to Chatara, lunch and then drive to Dharan, continue by night bus back to Kathmandu. (B,L,D)

Facts about Arun River Kayaking in Nepal

Arun River Kayaking Put-in point: Hedangna Bridge (Alt. 790m) .
Arun River Kayaking Put-out point: Tumingtar (Alt. 280m)
Arun River Kayaking Distance: 60 km (35 miles)
Arun River Kayaking River day: 4 (6 to chatara)
Arun River Kayaking Starts From Kathmandu 2 hours.
Difficulty in Nov: Class: 5(6)
Arun River Kayaking Average gradient : 10m/km (50ft a mile)
Est. Max. Gradient 0.7 %
Arun River Volume in Nov:  150 cms (5300 cfs)
Best season for Arun River Kayaking: Oct / Dec and March / May.
Rapids Names in Arun River: Snail’s nose, Teendevi, Malekhu rapid, Monkey rapid, Upset, Surprise, Monsoon, Cotton Pony, Ladies Delight, S-Bend, Highway, Monsoon and Pinball Rapid

Arun River Kayaking Trip : Kayaking in Nepal

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