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10 Famous Artists of Nepal

1. Saurganga Darshandhari:- Famous Artists of Nepal 

Saurganga Darshandhari

Saurganga Darshandhari (1980) is a visual artist and printmaker who hold a BFA in satisfactory Arts from Tribhuvan College in Kathmandu, and an MFA in Printmaking from the University of Development Opportunity in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She is also a founding member of Bindu, an artist’s area. Darshandhari’s paintings have been shown widely in Nepal and exhibited in India. The artist has participated in residencies in Bangladesh, South Korea, and Sri Lanka. She is presently exploring the relationship among cultural traditions, the Hindu faith, and erotic figures.

2. Kurchi Dasgupta:- Famous Artists of Nepal 

Kurchi Dasgupta

Kurchi Dasgupta (1974, Kolkata, India) is an Indian country wide primarily based in Nepal for the past 9 years. Dasgupta earned a complicated degree in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur College, Kolkata. Further to being a visible artist, Dasgupta also writes approximately modern-day art for several print magazines and e-journals, such as Frieze mag and the Asian artwork magazine. Dasgupta’s paintings are a response to modern-day lifestyles. Often, topics are referenced and located at the internet and address “something difficulty became bothering me maximum at that moment”. The artist’s paintings have been proven in India, London, Qatar, and Nepal.


3. Dil Bahadur Chitrakar:- Famous Artists of Nepal 

Dil Bahadur Chitrakar 1

One of the senior maximum painters of Nepal is almost like a legendary vivid celebrity in the realm of Nepali art nowadays. Born in 1929 advert, and brought up in a ‘Chitrakar’ circle of relatives- a community traditionally related to the art of painting, he started to study artwork at a very gentle age. With a preliminary steering from his father Jagat Bahadur and later, with in addition grooming below Tej Bahadur Chitrakar– an iconic call in Nepali painting, Dil Bahadur’s emergence as the proficient artist became extraordinary.

As an artist, Dil Bahadur’s profession affords an interesting mosaic of versatility, all started as an artwork instructor in 1945 advert in the local college, his task experience numerous from a textile designer to a senior illustrator in authorities text e-book house(Janak education materials center).

All through this era, he has had a completely unique opportunity to peep into a much wider world of European artwork in places like London, Paris, Rome and lots of other famous towns of Europe. After encountering the works of super masters like Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin and plenty of others, he unexpectedly located himself woken to a brand new truth. He held his first one-man display of portraying in 1964 advert, at the legendary Max art Gallery, Kathmandu. He additionally, remained an energetic player in a number of the institution indicates.

4. Ragini Upadhyay Grela:- Famous Artists of Nepal 

Ragini Upadhyay Grela

Ragini Upadhyay Grela (1961) is a painter and printmaker, with a degree in painting from the Lucknow Arts and Crafts University, India. Grela is perhaps one of the maximum famous and prolific Nepali artists of her technology, with over sixty solo shows and several countrywide and international exhibitions to her credit. Her paintings bravely take on gender, identity, and sexuality, while referencing mythological narratives and making use of a sly experience of satire. Her work is located in diverse public and personal collections worldwide, such as the Bradford Museum (UK), the Fukuoka Asian artwork Museum (Japan) and Ministry of overseas Affairs (Nepal).


5. Arniko:- The Most Famous Artists of Nepal 

Arniko (1245 – 1306) was one of the key figures in the arts of Nepal, and Tibet and Yuan Dynasty of China, and the artistic exchanges in those regions. He was born in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal, all through the reign of Abhaya Malla. He’s regarded for constructing the White Stupa at the Miaoying Temple in Beijing. Throughout the reign of Jaya Bhim Dev Malla, he changed into dispatched on an assignment to construct a golden stupa in Tibet, wherein he also initiated into monkhood.


From Tibet, he changed into sent similarly to North China to work in the courtroom of the Mongol emperor Kublai Khan, the founding father of Yuan dynasty (1279–1368), where he brought the trans-Himalayan creative lifestyle to steer the Chinese artwork. Years later in Mongol-ruled China, he returned to laity and married a Mongol woman. He married seven different girls with whom he had a total of 6 sons and eight daughters.

6. Batsa Gopal Vaidya:- Famous Artists of Nepal 

Batsa Gopal Vaidya

Batsa Gopal Vaidya is an eminent Nepali artist who has participated in lots of prestigious national, global exhibitions and is the recipient of several prestigious countries wide and worldwide awards. His works had been offered by means of discerning collectors from all around the world. Batsa Gopal Vaidya resides within the historical city of Lalitpur. Under his lattice home windows the busy streets of Mangal Bazaar bustle with lifestyles. From his balcony, the mountains and the fabled rooftops of Patan Durbar square dominate the Himalayan skyline. Batsa’s artwork seizes these immediate surroundings. Subculture and history dominate his paintings. Te preservation of background in a hastily converting urban putting is considered one of his important issues.

7. Bidhata K.C:- Famous Artists of Nepal 


There’s a popular pronouncing that announces ‘for a few people close to enough is never sufficient!’ It describes the nation of thoughts of some individuals who are in steady pursuit of achievement irrespective of what they gain in between. Right here in our context, Bidhata K.C. – the artist of the existing series – quality suits this description if one is to look for a real spirit and best instance of the saying. Bidhata belongs to a more youthful era of present-day Nepali painting. Her artwork journey is but to span a complete decade. But inside this quick span of time, her artistic endeavors and the accompanying accolades she obtained have remained amazing. An ordinary individual might have happily remained content material with the achievements and might have chosen to indulge in them. Bidhata did no longer. As a substitute, Bidhata K.C. remained constantly socialize.

8. Sushma Shakya:- Famous Artists of Nepal 

Sushma Shakya

Sushma Shakya (1975) received her BFA in painting from Kathmandu University in 2007. Shakya’s artwork, book illustrations, video artwork, and installations were shown drastically in the course of Nepal. In 2013, the artist obtained an award from the country wide Exhibition of pleasant Arts in Sculpture and the Nepal Academy of best Arts in Woodcut. Her maximum recent painting highlights the collision among human beings and animal life and the plight of the environment in contemporary times.

9. Seema Sharma Shah:- Famous Artists of Nepal 

Seema Sharma Shah

Seema Sharma Shah (1966, Varanasi, India) is the head of the vital branch of excellent Arts at Tribhuban college, Kathmandu. She earned her BFA in painting and has each an MFA and a Ph.D. in Printmaking. Shah has participated in over seventy group and solo exhibitions international. Her artwork depicts a sense of tranquility and spiritual harmony, drawing on “assemblages” of Hindu and Buddhist mythologies.

10. Ashmina Ranjit:- Famous Artists of Nepal 

Ashmina Ranjit

Ashmina Ranjit (1966) holds a BFA from both Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu (1992) and the college of Tasmania, Australia (1999). Ranjit completed her MFA from Columbia college Graduate faculty of art in New York in 2006. Among her awards are two Fulbright Scholarships. Ranjit is one of the maximum the world over acknowledge and written approximately woman artists in Nepal. She constantly breaks the bounds surrounding conventional Nepali society and has “redefined cutting-edge artwork practices and society’s perceptions” thru her artwork, performance artwork and video installations.

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10 famous Artists Of Nepal


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