Biography of Arniko : The Greatest Architect in History of Nepal

Nepal is one of the most richest country in the world in cultural heritage by the eyes of being the architecture. We have seen many beautiful building and pagoda style ancient temples in Nepal because of Nepalese who are and were the best in their architecture. Those all are the hard working Nepalese people and skillful of the architectures in History of Nepal. Among the various painter, architecture, Arniko was the most famous and the greatest architect of Nepal. Read the Arniko short biography and information. Read it here online free about the most famous person of Nepal.  We are here with famous personalities of Nepal.

Biography of Arniko : The Greatest Architect in History of Nepal

Arniko was born in 1244. He was the most famous Nepalese Architect of our past glorious history. In spite of tender age, he led 80 artisans to Lhasa and erected a golden stupa. He also showed his qualities as a bronze caster, painter and architect in China.

Araniko was a famous architect of Nepal. During the Malla period, the Chinese emperor Kublai Khan sent a message to Nepal to send some artists for making statues in China. In 1260 AD king Jaya Bhimdev Malla sent 80 Nepalese artists to Lhasa under the leadership of Araniko. They built several pagoda style monasteries in Lhasa. Arniko’s works were highly appreciated by the Chinese. He made many temples and stupas in China. His good work helped to maintain good relation between Nepal and China.

Statue of Araniko in Miaoying Temple

Impressed by his craftsmanship, Emperor Kublai Khan of China appointed him the controller of the imperial architectural studies. He was posthumously awarded the Chinese Title of Ming Hoi and decorated with the title of Duke of Liang The white Pagoda in Peking, designed by Arniko, stands to this day as monument of the Nepalese art and architecture.


Architect Arniko was not only famous in within country Nepal but also in other countries like Tibet, China, Mongolia as well as Indonesia.

He died in China on March 11, 1306, at the age of 62.



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