What are the best areas of investment in Nepal for small investor (less than Rs. 50,000)?

There are many small investors who are spending their lives in the criteria of limited capital, the rural people are mostly based on this principle and hub. There are many streams of the people thought but due to not available of adequate capital, there arises the problem of crisis of money and goods and services. The person who has the great dream and great demand for goods and services need high capital and high income to fulfill all those demands that are their requirement.  The person mostly thinks about the increment of income and their lifestyles.

They are busy in thinking and making the plans and policy to adopt and grasp the track of continuous income sources. Income is the variable factor that is not constant and it also not generated themselves.  The investment is done by the people according to their power and efforts. Obviously, the small business needs the small investment and large business needs the large investment. The large business has also the large income due to the large investment. A person who has the great dream and want to grasp the success fast have to walk fast too. It happens mostly in the man who belongs to criminal minded and wants to earn the wealth in one day and become the millionaire in one night.

These types of dreams are only the eating the bread with jam of flavor in the dream while the person is sleeping. But dreaming is good and making the diagram for the achievement of long projects and long sentiment. The success epics say that success is only possible by investing your efforts by doubling and it should be in continuous process and incremental heading too. The science also tells about the success to moves your steps like the sun rises in the east and continue their journey don’t take rest. A person who is busy in gaining the income is also busy in investing.

There are many businessmen who think about the plans and sectors to invest their capital because they have huge capital. But talking to common people, who belong to poor class has only the large dream but not the huge budget or capital. So there are not the blockade and compulsory to invest only in huge plants. The thought and the investment can be seen through the seeds of small plants. The longest journey even starts from the single step, this statement you have to never forget us. There are major thinks and many sectors to invest your capital in making the standard of your life. The person who has the capital for fifty thousand or less than that, should not get worried, the doors of investment and income are wide and flat for returning back without losing.

If your mind is fat then you will feel difficulty while returning. Mean to say, the investment is unknown sector and hard return sector will ruin you and your business. So the investment of small should be invested in awareness and care.  The careful investment will help you to the gap and forward your step little bit fast in the ratio of unknown. The investment in hard returning sector is like the walking in darkness along with the storm. There are many investors who are seeking the terrain and pitch to move their wheels but not getting.

So, we have brought some for the investment sector from where the person has become the rich and successful. Successful is the growing of lotus also in the dustbin and dirt of ponds. The small investor is like the fox who can survive easily by having a high and low return.

So, following are the some of the ground where you can invest your capital as well as efforts to make the mountain for your business slowly by investing more and more in the mid but investing small in the starting:


Best Areas of Investment in Nepal for Small Investor (Less Than Rs. 50,000)?

1. Coffee and tea shop:

The coffee shop is the one of fat consumer grasping business if it is opened in transparent places. The tea and coffee are almost loved and drunk by everyone. This is also one of the tonics which is consumed by the t people to remove their pain and headache. Many of the Nepalese are the habituated of the drinking the tea.  Many of the women and men are also suffering from this diseases and they drink tea and coffee more than water someday. There are many people and now it is seen that the youth are also interested in drinking the tea. You have to know better that there should be the sitting area manage properly.

a cup of tea
a cup of tea

The seating area also shows your standard and quality. if you want to prefer and serve the quality of excellence then you can also start the herbal tea shop that will be new to you and makes you famous in the very shorter day. And I think, this business will not take a huge investment to start. The small and attractive tea shop h having the service of international with quality serving then automatically the person will be in the queue after some day of starting. This will also make you the man of success by adding the one in one. The tea is one of the drink that makes the man relief from tiredness and pain that they have full body tired and has worked during the day and night. The normal to common people will enter in your tea shop to get the taste. You have to always mind that the taste you are giving should be different from the other and your starting business should not content and large profit.

a cup of coffee with bread
2 cups of coffee with bread

The large profit is the harmful factor which will throw you in the garbage very soon from the market because today market is fully perfect competition market. The qualitative and best product are only demanded and has made their footprints and the values in the mind of a customer. You have to start the tea and coffee shop by focusing and keeping in mind of all and every class. The decoration and tea utensil and you should be looked clean and smelling that adds the features for upliftment and advertisement of your new opened teas and coffee shop. The cost should also mention in managing level, not with the intention of loot and become the millionaire in one day of tea and coffee selling. The long-term assistance has the greater strategy for making themselves adjust and make the track of own to run their own product in front or in the hands of a customer.

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2. Juice shop or fruit shop:

The juice is the energy drink that promotes and rectify our cell to move and work with the stormy power by washing all the toxins and injecting the sources of strength. It is also one for the small business which can be started less than the investment of fifty thousand. The investment in fruit is usually the great stamina to make the investment in a business.  Business in speciation factor that does not fully guarantee the outcome with taste.  The taste expectation is always the betterment of the businessman but sometimes they have to absorb bitter taste.

Street shop vegetables in Madhesh Nepal copy
Street shop of vegetables in Nepal

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The fruit shops mostly adopt the consumer towards their center mostly in the summer season. The sunny day mostly demands the juice and energy drink and people mostly want to hold their temperature of the body. The high temperature in the sunny day makes the man faint and giddiness. To prevent that incidental fact, people fear also consume it and expend more money fruits and drink. The most consuming and grasping the consumer is the fruit that got sold in every season. The season of summer to winter, the fruit is demanded because it is not the food but it is the fiber or sources of energy that provided the extras needed the factor of the body.

juice shop
juice shop

The leg of lamb can also walk fast after drinking it. The fruits are not only the matter of eating but gifting to someone on a special occasion like the marriage and another party of the anniversary. This fruits can be also presented to your special one while visiting their home so the fruit shop has also the wide scope to makes the good income and remuneration by investing the small capital too. The small capital does not only returns, that it has low income, the business is like the farming land that gives you in the bundle by bowing the number of seeds only.

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3. Pani-puri shop:

This is the of the best loving foods or snacks by the girls. It is mostly loved the teenagers and girls or couples too. This the types of the cups in which the test and sour water pour on it that makes the delicious tastes to the tongue. Girls are the fan of this snacks. This is not the dinner items but only for the light foods which can keep the hunger rest for some hours. The Pani-puri business also makes you the rich and your family adjustable. There are also the different tastes in Pani-puri. So it depends on your creativity and brain how you serve to the customer.

girl eating pani puri
girl eating Pani Puri

The hotel epics say that the taste that you stamps on the tongue of the customer will automatically pull toward your shop. The taste is the most things that you have g be concentrate. The shop should be also the maintainable and the cost should be also kept by maintaining all the features. The cleanliness in the first factor that is viewed by the customer and then after the price. The price also makes the customer movement high and low. So this is also one of the best investment factors of small capital that makes the man get rich and survive in the environment of having not in the starvation and poverty.

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4. Sweets shop:

This is also one the best ideas to implement and start the business with an investment of small capital small capital does not have high risk but if you have the limited capital, then you have to start your business with great hope by investing in the small shop. The small investment also makes your life comfortable and cheerful to make the life colorful. The sweets are one the best likes items of all ages but due to the disease, it has some less demand. The intelligent business has never faced the losses if he arrives and applies the new rule and policy in the business. The stagnation is also needed with the change of time.

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sweets shop
sweets shop

The new ideas and a new system of manufacturing will continue the selling. Likewise, the sweets have been now converted into sugar-free sweets that g-have high demand and can be consumed by anyone. So it has also high scope to make it footprints and popularity in the market in the headlines of quality and sugar-free sweets available here.the pure ensure also makes the customer reliable and trustworthy to come with full motion having and tasting once. The taste and the feedback if got positive in the first transaction means the business have to take the speed of momentum.

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5. Flower shop:

The decoration mostly demand flower to make it shine and original for impressing someone or making good looking. The fresh flower makes the person more delighted and happy that also washes the depression and black fate of the people. According to the Hindu epic, it is said that the flower is one of pivotal of making the luck and changing the life and relational bond. The relation is also changed with great smell after its presence in the relationship while wishing and offering something gifts including it. This business is also best for the small investor, stabling in the diagram of coloring and decorating.

gifts flower frame shop nepal
gifts shop of flower frame in Nepal

The decoration in the different ceremony like the marriage stage, Puja stage, and other different political stage or it is also best for welcoming some =one with flower fresh with best and delighting air. The decoration is also made in the bridegroom car in the marriage with a flower that expresses the great love and formation for sweetness among the crowd and impression to them. The rose is also the symbol love that is mostly demanded by the lover in valentine have large demands of it. So this is also one of the fruitful business that can be started with the investment of below fifty thousand.

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What are The Best Areas of Investment in Nepal for Small Investor (Less Than Rs. 50,000)?


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