Areas of Investment in Nepal With Low Risk

Area of investment in Nepal with low risk

Area of investment in Nepal with low risk

You have to know very well that where there is high risk of investment automatically  there is exist of high gain and where there is low risk there is gain of low  return. Although, sometimes this theory  overcome fail.  There are many great businessman who has become now the leading  industrialist and entrepreneur  from their small investment in roots. So, we cannot confirm and constantly say that there is  every door close to go and enter to the area of high gain sectors even after the low investment calculating and manipulating low risk factors by the mobbing and expansion of business.

Many business men are confronting with many unexpected obstacles because of their clear and negative vision. In order to have the intention of investing in Nepal, there are a plethora of sectors where you can make you investment as the shining harmony.

Area of investment in Nepal does not give you any kinds of mental and physical problems because the government will support you in every of your problem risen situations. As this is the developing country, you can visualize the opportunity and can also investigate the real fats and factors to mobilize and utilize your resources in low risk detaining sectors. Moreover, nobody will interrupt you and no one corrupt if you stand in positive and justice statement and with stubborn.

Nepal is known as the  places of most targeted destination in every sectors from agriculture to tourism but tourism is specially  targeted most in compare to others. Without any suspense, you can  even make your investment excluding the tourism sectors due to the m high content of return and low risk attainment. Mainly, the business = man or investor have first visibility to make their roots strong which you can easily makes  and construct in initial phase.

Later on, you can prorogate you business cycle in every sector by keeping your risk factor far from loss and sinking shrinks. There are many areas of investment with low risk where you can become free from any kinds of peep to losses. According to your investment budget, you have not too afraid from the up and down in business scale and track because sometimes drastically comes in front unexpected circumstances. At that condition, you have to tackle with patience and strong confidence and self-esteem.

You harassment will makes you colorless and life sweetness. Therefore ,  without making the content so  contacted, you can make investment. Here, we have come with list of those sectors where there is very combat risk and  from low investment too, you can make the grand opening. Following are some of the sectors where there is very less risk that  will not make your head moveable and giddying.


Area of investment in Nepal with low risk

  1. production sectors:

There are many sectors where you can make your investment very expand where even from low investment and having low risk. In production sectors, there is very low risk after operating the  industry in short capital. Nepal is the landlocked country and it is only the rest option along with most demanded sectors where it have very low risk and high demand of good or product if your product contains the quality and purity. Nepalese people will be addicted if you product have quality bases and quality ingredients. With prompt, you can make the your own coverage in Nepalese markets in very short period of time.

  1. Hotel:

Due to the gaining in tourism headlines and category , Nepal has obtained the huge opportunity and huge return after investing you investment and it also have very low risk to operate and conduct it. you can start you flooding services from very low investment buy you have to introduce yourself as the new and unique identity by introducing tasty and unique items considering the spicy most because Nepalese are mostly habituated of graving the it.  hotel is one of the highly operated sectors but it does not have any kinds of blockade even in any  unfortunate  incidence held and happen in Nepal. We all know that, stomach do not wait for the  good  time and actual time , it gives you alarms after null in  trunk. Therefore, it is also one of eth areas of investment in Nepal with low risk.

  1. Services sectors:

This one of the best and most used and demanded sectors in the context of Nepal due to developing lines of the country. Services sectors in Nepal is not properly established and have to able to make your contempt manageable and more serviced. Due to improper management and many tiny scarce make the whole program and function less lighted and fade accomplish. Like as many services sectors do not make customer satisfied and they have to regret even after paying the high amount.

Therefore, you can also see your position in this list at the top if you become able to maintain and make the customer satisfied by introducing yourself as one of the reputed services providers in specific sectors. Services sectors have many variances that may be catering services, camera, and recording,  tourist guide etc. No any means of problems will make you depressed and damage because these services can be started from very low investment and you knew very better that it has very combat risk w and also the benefit factors can be started in lower striving.

  1. Art and galley:

Nepalese are connoisseurs  to purchase and decorate their rooms by the unique and mold and bold pictures or gallery of image to make the rooms and wall more valuable and encouraging.  Nepalese are very much happy if they buy  the most attracting things in the market and they are likely to purchase it very comfortably. It  is also the matter of drawing the attention and making the person position more  dashing.  Art and Gallery also make the person sensitive and are buff about the natural and handicraft things to keep. Some people are very much connoisseurs to collect the photo and they hangs on the walls to increase their price and assessment. It is also the matter of proud and making you great  and respectable in other’s eye.

  1. Gold and ornament:

Everybody knows that girls are very much connective to wear the golden jewelry because it is also the assets to make the women and girls more lucrative in looks. Gold is the components which add the meaning and values to the women title. It  is also the matter and factors making women more beautiful  to look and show on. Girls are very ,much crazy to take and war it as the their first needs. As the Nepalese girls and women are  more crazy and more interested in wearing the hand or machine design jewelry to shine up their beauty.

If you enter to Nepalese market with ideological machine and design of ornament to grasp the attention with your lucrative gold and diamond, then there is not the high risk as other business contain. You can make your existence continuously without any risk and inflation and deflation occurs in the economy. Therefore, without more analysis, you can start your plan and strategy to cover and make your position to the Nepalese market, as it is also one the areas of investment in Nepal with low risk.

  1. Mechanism:

It is also one areas of investment in Nepal with low risk to make you availability in the market with credible identity. Like as the Nepal is one of the developing country and you can make you establishment and existence with  your own facilities and own characteristics. Mechanism is one among them to m deliver these kinds of products and service to derives the low risk for  monitoring.  In the context of Nepal, mechanism  is one of highly demanded  sectors as there is  scarce of best mechanism to treat and fit the machine in right order.

  1. Repairs and maintenance:

It is also one of the areas of investment in Nepal  which is most needy sectors and you can make your status as the best quality services in the Nepalese market. There are many fraud services center who have operated illegally and even the customer are not satisfied from the center. The good services and  satisfied services will only make the customer attractive toward the business. Repairs and maintenance will also make the customer fast services if your machine and technology is highly maintained and latest. Latest and modern equipment gives the services in fast speeds that will makes the customer happy and make them obliged to come again and again.

Customer are nowadays searching the fast and reliable services and the Nepalese  are mostly  searching the fast services due to scarce of time. If you  become able to make your identity much clear and make your popularity more qualitative, there will looks the queue of customer after some period of time. Every Nepalese are living standard life and everyone have vehicle in their quadrangle. So I thinks it has very low risk and can be operated in short capital and  can be easily  transformed.

8. Decoration:

This is also one of areas of investment in Nepal   with low risk. If you works in the sectors of decoration like shining items and many other small  substances. Decoration  items, like the business of flower and many plastic and rubber, which is used to make the person satisfied and makes other more happy and more glorious. Well, Decoration is the most  important factors  that will make the people  glad to shine and decorate their scale business.The Decoration of business will promote your identity and glorification.   It is the  one of the most  determining sectors  that will help you for making  your own stability and capability.

  1. Vehicles on lease:

This is also one of the area so investment in Nepal with low risk. A sit contains very low risk because you can operate your business on very low investment and budget. Many people have not the luxurious vehicles but  they have the luxurious dream. Dreaming is the main habits of Nepalese and they have dream to make their life more stylish and want to make their status attractive. If you operate  this business you will cover and grasp the  market in high command. There are many Nepalese who are living under the poverty level but living the standard lifestyle by maintain and borrowing the money or lending from other for specific period of time.

Leasing facilities providence to the customer can make many Nepalese happy. After the conduction of this services, you can get the good response by the customer. There is not any competitor to make your blockade and mentally tortured. Making the customer more happy and satisfied that will operate and gives the customer luxurious services in lease charging comfortable prices and conveniences services.

  1. Software and hardware booting:

This is also one of the areas of investment in Nepal with low risk. It gives you instruction that if you are expert in computer programs and computer techniques which will makes  you more popular. Software and hardware is the main programs and function of the computer that have main characteristic and  fast operating and fast detecting hinder capacity. If you have the knowledge fully about the computer and hardware programs that  cannot be become any barriers. Every Nepalese have computer and laptop in their home and house as it has become of the basic needs.  We know that, every computers  are infected with software and hardware problems.

To make them fast services and make their computer  operation fast, you can play your role to give them services. Known and unknown problems are making the customer  and computer very frustrated and aggressive if it starts slow works  buffering to open. Therefore, it is  also one of the burning problem of computer which have made and suffocated many customer  act in temper. Customer will  be satisfied and you can make your  bolster stand for making and inviting the costumer to clean and  make the computer problems free.  Full knowledge about Software and hardware will never throw you in pit of losses because it  also have very low risk to  operate and start.

These are the Area of investment in Nepal with low risk

Author-(Dipak Sah)