150 April Fools Day Pranks For Kids, Friends, Boyfriend, Girlfriends, Parents, School

  1. Harmless April Fools Day Pranks

Probably, it’s the best April fool’s joke. Seat your victim and blindfold him. Now he will have to pretend to be on a motorcycle, and to your every instruction he will have to simulate the behavior in motion. For example, you say left and he bends to the left, you say off and he makes a little jump, you say pit and he makes another little jump.

Then he continues a little more until you say “hole with water” or “puddle” and you will throw a bucket of water at him. Superb! Prepare a small gift for your victim. Put it inside the cake and then fill it with cream and Nutella even on the outside.

Now bandage his hands and if he wants to receive the gift, well, he’ll have to do nothing but eat the cake, without helping himself with his hands! You’ll see what a beautiful face full of cream it will have at the end. Tell your victim’s that you have brought a beautiful gift for him.

Of course there will be no gift at all which you will only know. Tie the gift to a nylon thread or a string, hide the gift in a difficult place to find and then pass the thread through the whole room (where possible), crossing it several times and making it pass in unlikely places, perhaps creating real traps along the way.

The victim will have to retrace the entire route following the nylon thread in order to find the gift. And when there’s no gift, you will enjoy his reaction. A fun joke to make is the fake gift. It simply consists in giving something bad and maybe cheap, like a horrible T-shirt, and pretending that it’s the real gift. You will have to prove that you are good actors, it is very important.

Seeing his face that thanks you with a nice smile, is priceless. Send friends false news about them: choose the news (arrest for drug dealing, public betrayal, etc.), enter your friend’s information and create a fake online scoop.

You can send him the news (or download it directly in pdf format) and make him take a good scare! Do you want to make your mother die of fear when she has to get something from the fridge? Just be a little skilled with photographs and some notions of Photoshop. Get yourself a picture of your face held very close to a glass, as if to crush your face.


Get yourself an empty jar, on which you will have to glue the photo print inside: in this way it will seem that someone has beheaded and preserved in oil! Do you want to terrorize your parents with a nice shit of guilt?

Then you will need fake blood and a little strength of will. In fact, you will have to wake up before everyone, and quietly lie down on the floor at the end of the stairs, or in the bathroom, taking care to sprinkle with fake blood (hopefully washable). Dressing up as a zombie is probably not the most original find in the world, so you’ll have to work a little to scare those around you.

In fact, you will present yourself with a very reassuring mask, under which you will have applied the worst makeup of decomposition that you can find around. Make sure someone tears your mask off and then you can see it faint with fear. If you are not afraid of mixing a little, you can try this trick as cheap as it is effective.

Take some black garbage bags and cut them so that they have a long garment that covers you from head to toe. Now hide in the garbage and wait for your victim: if you manage to stay still, and then jump shouting at the right time, you will have reached your goal. One of the many phobias that can be more easily exploited is that of insects.

In so many shops you can buy fake insects like scolopendra (do you know that flatworm with lots of paws?) cockroaches spiders and so on. The fulcrum of the joke consists in finding the right place for the insect: we recommend the inside of the handbags, the bottom of a jug, a very used wardrobe or even pots and pans.

Start the call to a friend of yours who is very anxious and warn him that you need him because you have gotten yourself into trouble, give him an appointment and then don’t let him find you. He will certainly die from the worry and the call that obviously will make you say that it’s all a joke .

Download phrases from songs, movies and videos set as questions, then try to put them together. Call who you want and then have them talk to your recorded voices.

  1. Harmless April Fools Day Pranks

If you want to turn into a mummy, bandage your face and body with toilet paper. To play the fake ghost trick instead use the classic white sheet. Children, for example, disguised as ghosts could wait for their father to return home and then suddenly leave the room shouting “uuuh”.


Place a severed head on the ground near the door of the neighbor or grandmother (it is simply sold in toy stores) and then knock the bell and hide. So many huge and black spiders to put on the bathroom floor: the first one who goes there will leap for fear.

The joke also works by placing a long and horrible snake in the sink or in the kitchen, maybe in the fridge. The skeleton in the closet. Hide a skeleton in the closet and ask a friend to open it to get a certain item. The surprise effect is guaranteed. Stop someone on the street and remain impassive asking to take a picture with you and your friend (WARNING: imaginary!).

The victims, even if perplexed, will eventually take the picture. And the passers-by for a moment will think they have met the invisible man! While a friend of yours is sleeping, take toothpaste (preferably colored) and place a little on his hand. Then tickle his cheek. He will put toothpaste on his face! Guaranteed monster effect! Take a tray and fill it with water. Pack it like a real gift. But put the package closure and the tape on the bottom and give it to your friend.

To open it it will tip over and get wet. An unexpected shower! Let the money float in mid-air at the shoulders of passers-by. When a victim becomes aware of the fluctuating money he will start to look around perplexed, at this point he will get jerked as he gets to pick the money.

Guaranteed fun! Another nice joke is to attach fake (quality) tattoos to your friends’ bodies after they sleep. When they wake up, the surprise will leave them speechless!This is a pretty harmless joke. When the unfortunate one falls asleep, have fun with some makeup. You can put enamel in different colors or paint her clown face with lipstick.

Remember to take a photo for the album! There is nothing more embarrassing than a bathroom that fills with bubbles when you pull the toilet chain! Pour a large amount of detergent into the toilet bowl (where the water is refilled), pull the chain only once and wait for the victim to go to the bathroom. Wake up the victim in the morning after leaving all her panties and bras in the freezer all night. She will learn the meaning of glacial cold.

  1. Harmless April Fools Day Pranks

While the victim has fallen asleep, handcuff her to a naked inflatable doll! Tell her that you will give her the key only when she has completely covered the doll with men’s clothes. She will have to go out and convince the boys to give her their clothes. When no one is around, put some chilli powder in the toothpaste and mix it using a toothpick.

If instead you want to bet on a more crackling joke, I suggest you prepare the so-called explosive cake. How is it done? It is very simple, you will need: Balloons, Scissors, Scotch tape, Box of paper. Lots of cream. First inflate the balloons, place them in the box and secure them with adhesive tape so that they don’t move.

Then take a can of cream spray and start to cover it all up: obviously you can garnish the cake as you see fit, the more crap you put on it the more the joke will be fun. When you have achieved a satisfactory result, put it in the fridge for a few hours (or entrust it to the staff of the location where the party will be held) and then place it in front of your victim.

Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the scene. As soon as he tries to cut his cake with a knife, the balloons will explode and he will be covered with cream mixed with all the other ingredients that garnish it.


Laughter guaranteed! If you are not too lazy to spend a little time preparing the prank, you can stitch all the clothes up with a thin, easily torn thread, sleeves or pants holes in the clothes of your household the night before. You can also sew the sleeve to the pants or sew the neck. Such innocent jokes will turn the process of dressing into a game and set up all family members in a major fashion.

  1. Harmless April Fools Day Pranks

It is necessary that the computer was Windows 9x. Wait until the victim, working at the computer, is away somewhere for a minute or more. Quickly run to the computer, press Ctrl and Esc, Esc, Alt and “-“ (i.e., press Alt and the – key), Alt and F4. As a result, the Start button disappears. It appears only after restarting Windows.

How the computer user will reboot depends on his level of knowledge. But the result is quite entertaining, especially if the victim is new to computers. In any city there is either a river, a swamp or a reservoir – in general, some water body.

So, while driving in public transport over the water, it is necessary, looking out the window, to portray a huge surprise and exclaim loudly: “Look – the dolphins !!!” For this April Fool’s joke you need some kind of a crowd of people. A man runs past them in the form of a deer, i.e. or with real horns, wearing the head or putting hands with fingers “fan” to the head, shouting at the top of their mouth: “I am a deer !!! I am a deer !!! ”And safely hides behind a corner of a nearby house.

A minute later, the “hunters” with toy guns or machine gun models run past the same stop, asking people at the same time if a deer ran here ?! If suddenly in your village it is already so warm that they turned on the fountains, squeeze the dishwashing liquid into the fountain pool. So much foam will turn out that it will cover the whole surrounding area.

On April 1, on April Fool’s Day, you can still turn this cool little thing: 2 people, who look at least somewhat similar, for example, with length or hair color, dress the same way, at least in things of the same color. And they are located at neighboring transport stops, or rather close to them. For example, a trolleybus pulls up to the first stop.

Just before it’s departure or when it already closes the door and starts to get underway, one of the dressed guys appears, tries to catch up with the trolleybus, but does not have time. Transport is leaving. At the next stop at the door, a second participant, breathless, comes in and, breathing heavily, declares: “Vuh, barely caught up! At a family dinner, place a small flat magnet under a tablecloth for a family member. And on the tablecloth, as expected, cutlery.

It will be funny when a person tries to take a spoon / fork / knife. The main thing is that there is no hot soup plate near a person, because it can easily spill out! If you go with a group of friends, pointing to the sky, exclaim: “Look, a dead bird is flying!” Everyone, of course, will see. Joke to match the Day of the Fool! In the hostel, nail or stick sneakers of one of the students to the shelf. He gets up, his feet in sneakers, but they do not come off the floor.

  1. Harmless April Fools Day Pranks For Boyfriend Girlfriend

Break out the glow sticks that dancers love in nightclubs so much and pour their contents into jars. Put in the bathroom. When the victim goes there – turn off the light. Buy a box of chocolates and pierce with a hot needle small holes in each chocolate. Insert small crystals of methylene blue (buy in a pharmacy) and refill the chocolate with a lighter.

Methylene blue stains urine. After finishing the distribution tour to colleagues … watch the heads of those who leave the toilet …Leave a message on a colleague’s desk telling them to call back a certain Mr. Lion, and give the number of the nearest zoo as their number.

The following telephone conversation can send heavyweight. Take the bottle of mineral water from one of your colleagues. Make small holes at irregular intervals at the top of the bottle. This gives a good watering effect and if the person is sitting, there is a good chance that the waterfalls to the level of the crotch!

Fill a mug with clay balls (those found in the pots of office plants) and place the mug back on the desk of a target colleague. The first reaction of the colleague on his return to the office: lift the mug …If you have a sister or brother, sneak into their rooms and move all of their furniture five inches away from the wall. When your sister or brother enters his room again, he or she will feel that the room has shrunk! Brilliant.

Make your BFF green with envy when Harry Styles calls you while watching movies! Download the “Fake Caller” app and add the name and picture to the caller and select a time to call. Make sure your phone is lying so your girlfriend can’t avoid seeing it when calling. Enjoy her shocked face as you calmly pause her movie so you can just chill out with Harry Styles.

If your girlfriend has an iPhone then you can make a wildly fun April prank with her! Take her iPhone and go into the “General” tab inside the settings. Press the “Keyboard” button. Scroll down to the last point called “Add New Shortcut”. Under “Shortcut” you need to write a completely normal word that your friend often uses in her text messages, for example “Hello”.

By Expression, write the sentence Hello to be corrected. For example, you could write something like (your name) is the coolest in the world. So when your girlfriend writes “Hi”, her iPhone automatically corrects it “(your name) is the coolest in the world”! Put your sleeping friend on the floor, and put bottles filled with shells and water all around him.

Wait for him to wake up and panic over both the noise, the liquid and the annoying clean-up he is going to do. Beware: You don’t do it in your own apartment. Take as much household movie as you can find and roll it tightly over his entire body so he can’t move when he wakes up. It is nicely annoying when you wake up with a full-blown bladder the size of a beach ball.

Beware: He is not supposed to sit like this for several days, so make sure there is someone who can help when he has long enough sweat. Remove all paper from the copier and printer. Exclaim “Aaaaahhhh” every time you take a sip of coffee. Empty the print cartridges without ordering new ones. Sing sentimental music songs for a long time.

Change your colleagues’ chairs around. Disconnect the phone call just before you have to say goodbye. Walk around bare toes. Look your colleagues deep in the eyes when you talk together. Remove the ink cartridge from your colleague’s ballpoint pens. Use cash business-bullshit words such as implement, synergy, process-oriented, scenario, kick-off meeting, roof, targeted, performance and intersect. Maximize the light and contrast of your colleague’s screen.

  1. Harmless April Fools Day Pranks

Speak with a strange accent. Make your computer make Greasy sounds every time you click the mouse. Get your mail program to break out “Yeay, I got mail !!” every time you receive an email. Urge your colleagues an excellent day.

Here is one of the easy ones, but that certainly must create some havoc. You put one for sale sign in the pane of the car and of course write a very low price so you are sure people will call it. And remember to add the phone number to the owner.

A good time is while he is on vacation, so there are really many passers-by who see the good but false offerings. Okay, this one is evil. You climb the car and screw a rim or four of the car. Then, of course, your friend thinks they are stolen. But we cannot recommend you to do this, as there is too much risk of damaging the car and rims.

This one is easy, but it may take some time, as you need to find a key that is exactly the same as your friend. Then he stands and looks like an idiot the next day when neither the remote-controlled central lock nor the key itself fits the car, since of course he has got the false key in the place. Here you have to be a little careful, but if done correctly, there is maximum bonus.

You get access to the car and then roll the driver window all the way down. Then you carefully place some glass cuttings (or something similar – if it is frost, ice may be used) around the edge of the window frame and slightly on the seat (beware of the cover!). Your friend will surely believe that the pane is smashed and that there has been burglary.

This one is easy, but requires access to the engine compartment. A few shots of fruit color in the washer fluid will make the whole windshield one big time colored, the next time the owner needs proper visibility. Install a hidden camera in the car so you can see the panic when the pane turns red as blood.

  1. Harmless April Fools Day Pranks

So the April prank is simple, harmless, but funny. Imagine you are in the library looking for your favorite book to read and your eyes grab the attention towards the rupees lying in the book as someone may have forgotten here and you just slide it out to find it a prank! That would be embarrassing! So you can do the same thing to someone in your school, university or office and watch Thier Funny Reactions.

The second April Prank Idea in our list is a bit disgusting, but funny when done on others. All you need is Half to Melt a Chocolate Bar to Put a Potty Like a Look and Place It on a Toilet Seat! Do you have a friend who is chewing gum Lover then this April prank Idea is best to play on him.

All you need is Play Dough and Your Victims Favorite Chewing Gum Forage. Roll And Cut Play Dough Shaped Chewing Gums Slice And Wrap It With Gum Grapper! Try doing it well to avoid getting caught before the law. If you are sleeping with your boyfriend or sleeping with your sibling, steal some makeup and use it as there is no tomorrow.

Make your pale face white, completely dark, or other dark shades. Include eye shadows to go your eye-covering entire distance to temples. Use wonderful red, dark, or mute blue, lipstick and use your entire lips and past. After a long time finally take RED to flush and apply them in an ideal circle). You’ll look crazy clown. Shake an individual while sleeping with light on and scare the hell out of him as he stares at your face! It’s so interesting! You will smear poop from your companion.

All you need is a dustbin. Fill it around 3 / 4th of its total water volume and lean it against your friends or any house person. Then all you have to do is ring the bell or put the knock on the door, run it and load it away so you can see it safely at unseen Distance.The moment the clueless individual open the door water will fall into their home flooding.

This is an extremely fun trick. In any case, don’t get caught. Many household refrigerators do not have Automated Ice Cubes Maker, and the owner must retreat to the freezing water in the ice board. Indeed, if you or your companion have this problem, you are in luck. Go to the kitchen and get the ice board. If there are Cubes in it, evacuate. Currently, discover vinegar and fill every square with it. Put it in the freezer and let it solidify.

The victim may need some frosted tea. He gets a glass, puts stiff vinegar, thinking it’s ice. See how his frozen tea is released in complete disgust. Have you seen how often individuals rub their eyes? Good! The best thing to do at home is a companion if he stays briefly. Bring a knife and some extremely hot peppers. The most blazing you can get your hands on!

Cut the peppers into very small pieces while your companion is not viewing. (you can do it in the washroom). Smear the pepper juice everywhere through the door handles in the house (the unfortunate victim touches the handles in the house not knowing about extending the fabric to the handle.

Wash your hands completely. Sit down, behave ordinary, and watch and enjoy the misery of your unfortunate victim (weaving eyes keep getting worse).

  1. Harmless April Fools Day Pranks

Here is a simple but a little silly trick that is in any case giving some laughter, especially if done in class with your colleague or teacher. Place an article on the floor where you realize someone will spin around to lift it up. This article can be a book, an essential looking envelope, briefcase, etc. Stand close-by with a few pieces of fabric that tear effectively with a loud tear.

You can also use a piece of Velcro to make the tearing sound. The trick is simple. When your victim lean down to pick up the article, just tear the fabric so your victim suddenly gets up to check on his pants. You call your friend, family or Office Mate and claim to be a telecommunications specialist. Standing that phone lines were giving some trouble and you might want to try voice quality.

Choose a few idiotic expressions and make your victim silly by making him repeat the same for voice testing! Invoking your friend from an unknown number and claiming to be Radio Jockey (RJ). The state is that they are on the challenges that are played live and ask them to answer three simple questions to win a 15 day trip to an amazing destination.

Make suggestions for malicious, funny or clever questions and humiliate him / her! Invoking the Sacrifice and Pretending to be a Telemarketer from a Certain Brand. Just start telling him about Features and Special Offers when it comes to a product that wouldn’t even exist in Real Estate.

Calling Someone and Saying “Hi! I’m Bob from the Bubble Factory, and I’ve seen bubbles and bubbles and bubbles and bubbles and bubbles… ”Until you hang up. Then, call back, and how it’s ringing the word, “and bubbles and bubbles and bubbles and bubbles and bubbles …” so when they answer it will be heard from the beginning. Repeat until you are satisfied. I bet he / she will be hell.

  1. April Fools Day Pranks

This joke is really really disgusting, so we warn you – if you have a weaker stomach, skip to the next joke while it’s time. Still reading? Great. You will need a sanitary napkin, marmalade and friends who will enjoy the show with you. As you probably expected, apply the marmalade (not to mention that you should choose strawberry or raspberry, etc.) for the sanitary napkin.

Take advantage of everything your teacher has taught you in art education and make sure it looks pretty realistic. Choose an average bus stop. As soon as the bus leaves and the stop is empty, put the used ‘sanitary napkin’ somewhere close to the basket so that it is nicely visible.

As soon as the stop is filled with a suitable number of people, go to the liner, lift it up (you will get the horrified attention of most people). And, if you are really brave, sniff the liner, pick some jam on your finger and enjoy the wonderful fruity taste tinged with the sounds of suppressed vomiting from the crowd watching. Do you live with someone who keeps cats?

This joke is quite disgusting and not for everyone, but … well, judge for yourself! For about a week, keep an eye on the cat’s excretion and, as soon as it empties out, immediately remove the knuckle so that the owner of the cat does not know. After a few days you will see that your victim – the main breeder – is beginning to worry, maybe he will mention that he is afraid that something is wrong with the cat.

Does your roommate have a shower gel / shampoo in some trendy modern color? Excellent, improve it with a food dye in the same shade and look forward to the results. Every day send your victim an interesting fact on some strange topic, such as pigeons from anonymous number. When they try to stop these messages, answer as if you were an automatic system.

Example: You: Did you know that some religious groups in India believe our souls return in the form of pigeons after death? Victim: “What kind of crap is that?” You: “We hope you are satisfied with our daily interesting SMS service” Pigeon Shards for Every Day “. If you wish to cancel the service, please reply, Cancel. ” You: “Oh no. Do you really want to cancel your participation in the service, Pigeon Shards for Every Day ‘?’ Victim: “Yes.” You: “Report incomprehensible.” Keep as long as you want.

  1. April Fools Day Pranks

Cut out the outline of the gun from a thin metal plate. Put in your colleague’s briefcase. Have a nice business trip. Make tasty homemade chocolate coated fish balls and a pair of home-made chocolate coated chocolate balls, both in the same shape. Mix thoroughly and place them on the tray in your office kitchen. Listen viciously to the reactions. In the absence of a teacher, set the classroom hours a few minutes forward or backward.

Students in the front bench should have the time set for the watch as if the teacher wanted to check it. Finally, the teacher sets the clock to “correct” time and enjoys a very confused day. In the store, try to throw a pregnancy test into a shopping cart with a young couple. Watch what comes out of the situation. (In the event of a lot of explosive consequences, be prepared to admit guilt and save the relationship!).

This is a rather rough joke, your victim is likely to end up with dirty clothes, so consider timing well. After all, you don’t want the person in question to kill you in a worn out dress carefully prepared for a date. You will need ketchup or mustard sample packs – such as those given in fast food. Fold a few packages in half to make them well compressed and spray well into the distance.

Glue them from below on the toilet seat, which you gently lean against the bowl. Once your victim is full of weight, an explosion will occur – enjoy it – and wear your shoes for a quick retreat. Give your friend extreme oral hygiene. Soak his or her toothbrush overnight in water enriched with a proper dose of chilli or cayenne pepper. Pull it out and put it back in time.

At least you may feel that you have given your friend a thorough awakening. Talk to the colleague at the office for a moment, full of nonsense, but authoritatively. Then say, “Is that all clear?” I don’t wish to repeat myself. Nobody will praise you for such an April, because the result will be ketchup walls, ceiling and furniture, how to do it?

Prepare a half-full bottle of ketchup that is turned upside down and wait for most ketchup to move towards the lid. Then open the bottle quickly and add two teaspoons of baking soda. Close the vial, but do not shake the ketchup anymore. After opening it should be followed by an explosion of ketchup.

  1. April Fools Day Pranks

A slightly less involved affair for your roommate’s new room decorating is to pick posters of things that he / she absolutely dislikes and thus redesign his walls. The Prank works especially well if the target person is away for a while and unsuspectingly opens the room door. Let your creativity run free – pictures from the Bravo or other magazines are very well suited for it.There are some nasty tricks to give your roommate literally “wet” dreams.

Place the hands of the victim of your prank in a jar of lukewarm water. It automatically happens that the target person then wets in his pants. Wrap the cling film completely in a door frame, or just attach a strip at head height, so that your roommate will run against an invisible wall. The whole thing works as well with a thread on tibia level. Attention: Risk of injury.

Make sure there are no objects lying around where you can hurt yourself. Attach a needle to the inside of the door and to the wall with a fully inflated air balloon. When the “victim” opens the door, it makes a loud bang when the needle bursts the balloon. A cardboard Gollum could help you get rid of unwelcome roommates.

When your victim wakes up still half asleep, into the bathroom. His heart will surely slip down to his balls. If your colleague is at work in the office at midday, you only need a few cable ties for the next trick: Join the cable ties together and pull one end through the belt loop.

Thread the other end to the armrest or backrest and tie the colleague to his office chair. When the colleague wakes up from his afternoon nap ….he will have a big surprise waiting for him. Darken all windows and decorate with cobwebs, bones, and uncanny props.

Disguise yourself as an undead and frighten the individual classes during the lesson.

  1. April Fools Day Pranks

Put yellow food coloring in the cistern. The cistern contains the water that flows into the toilet when it is flushed. Every time someone washes, he will feel that something is wrong …Cut the bottom out of a box. Cut the floor out of all the cereal boxes in the house and put them back on the shelf so that your hungry, unsuspecting victim takes them off the shelf and wonders that there’s nothing in them. Hold someone with an egg at the door.

Tell your friend that you want to do an experiment and that he should hold a spoon between the door and the door frame. Now you put an egg on the spoon, thank him kindly and go away. Your victim will not be able to move without dropping the egg. Of course you can also use a hard-boiled egg so there’s no mess, but do not tell him that! Lay the handle of the refrigerator on the other side.

If the handle on the door of the refrigerator is removable, remove it and attach it to the other side of the door. The others will now try to open it and wonder why they just can not make it. Play a headphone prank. If someone puts their headphones aside and stops using their phone, ask if you can call your parent. Then make sure your victim puts on the headphones.

Tell a friend that a teacher wants to see him. If you’re going to a big school, tell a friend that a certain teacher wants to see you in his office right now. You can even fake a note from him to make it look very authentic. Your friend will now walk to the office just to find out he has been tricked. Drop a bucket of water on the head of your victim. Use a paper cup or other container that does not break when dropped from a high altitude, and does not hurt when it lands on a person’s head.

Open the door to your victim’s room lightly, put the cup of water on the door and wait. If your victim now opens the door, the container will fall down and wet your victim!

  1. April Fools Day Pranks

Play the good, old pie on the face strike. Bake a cake and place it in a big box behind an opaque door. Keep the chink until someone opens the door. Let her go then. Splash! Try the old feather prank Grab a fan and place it behind an opaque door. Now cut an old down pillow and put the springs in front of the fan. When your victim opens the door, you turn on the fan.

Everywhere springs! Play a “You’re on it!” Prank. While eating with your colleagues, grab some sauces (ketchup, mustard, mayo, etc.) and sprinkle them on the chair. Of course, you should not do that if you know your victim is wearing his expensive pair of pants, even if he is a person who is always very aware of their surroundings. Be the monster under the bed.

Before your victim goes to bed, hide yourself under the bed with a fake monster hand (optional). When your victim is standing in front of the bed, you are now packing his leg! It’ll be funny to hear him scream and watch him in his shock, but do not screw up the fun by betraying yourself with laughter. A classic prank that always catches. Stand out of a room in the house.

Wait a moment to wait for your victim to come out, suddenly appear in front of him and whistle with all your might. Attention to: older, cardiac. Avoid doing it at work. Prank becomes even more successful if you wear a scary mask or paint it accordingly. Wait for the unsuspecting pedestrian to walk into the alley. Start running like a sprinter screaming.

Probably the unsuspecting pedestrian will start running with you screaming, and he does not know why. Still an all-time classic. Hide behind the curtain and remain stationary until the victim enters the room. Jump out of the curtain and scream and go running. Also care for the elderly.

  1. April Fools Day Pranks

Early in the morning, tell your kids that if they do what they have been asked for days (eg to arrange their toys, pick up their clothes, finish some work, lay their bed, call the grandmother ) in the evening will be a great surprise waiting for them a long time.

Then when they finish their job, give them an attractive gift inside the contents would be useless items or empty bottle. The night your children sleep, you hide all their things. Their favorite toys, their clothes, their books, and their paintings.

When they wake up in the morning tell them calmly that you have decided that the time has come to help the children of the Third World, by giving them everything that belongs to them. So you gave all of their stuff to a charity. Discover the day “song day” and from the time you wake up in the morning start talking to your children singing and insist on doing the same.

At first, they will look at you like aliens. Remember, however, that children tend to unconsciously imitate others. So you will soon follow your pace, which will prove to be very fun for everyone. This can be seen as a legendary lie and is widely used by many people.

Because rarely does anyone naturally mention these delicate issues such as your window has been opening automatically.These reminders will startle the victim in a panic and will “check” whether it is true or not? And at that time these people were tricked, and you were bursting into laughter because sometimes innocent pranks became stupid.

A joke that quite a lot of girls often trick their lovers into believing. The girls can send their boyfriend’s message saying I am alone in the home right now. Come as soon as possible. And when he arrives he will see the gate locked. Simple yet funny right. Decorate the target person’s keyboard with a sticker. For example, there are various methods, such as trying to make a flash with a floral seal or be puzzled with an Arabic keyboard seal.

Anyway, please choose a sticker that makes the other party glaring. Let’s replace everything on the desk, such as keyboards, screens, stationery, etc. with pink items. Apply pink cellophane to your victim’s computer screen, desk, lights, etc. and fill the entire room.

Want to surprise your coworkers who are always working silently? If the mannequin’s footfalls from the ceiling suddenly, anyone will jump up from the chair. Don’t forget the camera to catch the reaction.

  1. April Fools Day Pranks

When your victim comes to work, instead of his favorite desk chair, let’s have him work in the unusual chair such as a dentist’s chair, 1950s antique chair, unicycle, etc. What would you do if your desk was filled with popcorn? Borrow a movie and watch at the desk? If you don’t want to take care of tidying up, try filling it with packaged snacks.

First of all, it’s a classic, but a surprise box! If you make it with chips and other sweets, you can pass it naturally by saying, “Eat sweets?” Things to prepare: Chips can, milk pack (or cardboard), gum tape, rubber band (smallest diameter possible), 500 ml plastic bottle. Cut the upper part of the 500ml plastic bottle and place it on the bottom of the cans of chips.

From the milk pack, cut out a rectangle about 8 cm long and 2 cm wide, fold it into a square, make a diamond shape, and tape it. Make a 5 mm notch in two of the four corners. Do the same for the other side. Pass a rubber band through the cut. The vertical direction through the rubber band is the spring. Connect the springs together with tape and attach them to the bottom installed in.

Attach a ball etc. to the top. As soon as your victim opens his gift he will have a nice surprise awaiting him. When you get up in the morning, turn up your house photo stand, clock and book all upside down. It is quite difficult to get everything back. If you are angry with your parents, let’s run away early. It is a prank where preparation is important.

Why don’t you try dressing in and out of clothes by borrowing brothers and sisters clothing and makeup equipment? It will be perfect if you can prepare for the wig. If you suddenly appear in front of your family, there may be a laugh that will not be forgiven.

Whether or not there is a lover at the party, it will be an anxious place for the parents what kind of person the lover is. You will be surprised if you show a photo of someone you absolutely don’t like while reporting joyfully that you have a new lover!

Why don’t you fool your friends saying The government announced that it decided to abolish April Fool because of the negative impact of April Fool on the public. It may be easier to feel sad if you press the words I was surprised just to know on TV.

  1. April Fools Day Pranks For Kids

Secretly write messages to tease colleagues at under a cup of coffee. When friends lift up drinking Others will see and get together for the whole office. A joke with needles in the finger looks frightening, but so funny if you discover it’s a joke without injury.

Stick the needles on your finger and add red color. Use white chocolate to make a lip balm you can eat! Surprise your friends and start eating it! You will need to understand the texture of your general mashed potatoes. The success of this is dependent on your kitchen knowledge and is not always successful. Boil cauliflower in a pot until it is soft enough to mash.

It doesn’t have to be super-light, because you are going to expose a whole lot of white toothpaste over the cauliflower and it mixes until it looks like mashed potatoes. If the color does not look right, add a slice of butter. Put a leaf of parsley for decoration and switch it with the usual mash served. With enough adhesive tape, you can also stick a bicycle on the ceiling.

It’s a joke you can do both at home and in the office, just make sure you do not stick knives or who knows what other objects can hurt. If you have a business, you also have a lot of opportunities to trick your clients. For example, you can invent an international day and put a poster on the door as the one who respects it receives something for free.

And more specifically, you can announce that it’s International Day of Empty Feet, and who gets his shoes discharged at the entrance gets coffee or anything else on the house. How creative can you be with your business? If you still want to have fun, at least have the fun of all the world. Invent a false pretext for a meeting or call more friends and tell them that you have something important to discuss with them.

When they arrive, they will realize that the real reason is to drink something together and share stories. Given how rare we manage to make time for the simple things that bring us the greatest joy, such as going out with friends, they will definitely appreciate the farce. Plus a few harmless ideas, to choose from: change the partner’s phone alarm with a song that you surely know is hateful, put a poster with the locked door at each office entrance.

Also for an immediate awakening, energize your half with a fresh full of vitamins! Squeeze instead of oranges, 3 lemons suited to size, add an orange and a drop of orange food dye, and serve it fresh with a confident smile. A portion of vitamins is guaranteed! When did you last surprise him with a romantic dinner? Here is the right time. It’s the most inexpensive cookie in the world.

Let your imagination fly, play with spices, put sugar, honey, maple syrup in the salad, make a worthy of the Master Chef and invite him to the table. Be careful, however, not to bother him until exhaustion. What preparation is ideal for a party between friends?

Pizza, of course. So surprise your friends with an invitation to a pizza made by your hand. Strike it with a dazzling flavor and unbreakable topping: use with confidence all the best on a pizza: bacon, mozzarella, fresh vegetables, basil, olives. Convince him that they will eat the best pizza in town. The surprise lies in the top. Forget the yeast in the dough and you’ll have a hard top like a stone.

And in this case, in order not to ruin your friendship, we recommend a prior order of pizza. Put a balloon filled with helium in the toilet, put the lid, and when the little one goes to the bathroom and will lift it … surprise! A balloon will rise to the ceiling!

You can write on the balloon: “Hahaha, April 1st trick!” Wait for the kids at school wearing a wig and make them spoil your hair.

  1. April Fools Day Pranks For Boyfriend Girlfriend

The arrest of your victim. A good idea in which you will need two actors or people who look like security officers and proceed to take your victim by a state secret. It will be great to observe their faces! Fill the sheets of your victim’s bed with sugar, so he will have a surprise at night. This is one of the cruelest jokes, so beware if the victim does not have much sense of humor.

Put vermin in your victim’s room. The victim especially if she is a girl will not bear to see those “little animals”, which will be a complete success. The false son. It consists of having a child who will run to the boyfriend screaming “dad, dad” so that the girlfriend believes that he has a son who never told him he had.

Close everything that is of daily use in your home with ribbon tie-cable, strips; what will be a difficulty for them. The beach in the room. It’s another ingenious idea, and it’s just getting everything out of the room, placing sand and two sunbeds with an umbrella. Change the hand soap for lubricant. It’s really fun to see how they try to rub their hands.

Chocolate pudding in a colostomy bag …For the desk of someone who works in a hospital or nursing home. Joke with a security camera. It can be fun for a day when you enter the bathroom and you come across a sign that says … “The recordings will only be used for security purposes.” This next joke has become viral, so it does not help if the boyfriend knows it.

We are talking about the famous Youtube video of the fake bungee jumping joke, where an unsuspecting victim believes that friends take him to a bridge so that he throws himself tied to an elastic band. For the joke to be effective, cover his eyes and take him to a railing, where they prepare everything as if he were really going to be thrown away.

The moment arrives and the boyfriend looks very scared, but since he is a macho, he ends up throwing himself. He discovers that he has actually thrown himself 2 centimeters from the ground, while the rest of the group split his ass with laughter for the faces he puts on during the experience.

If you are sure that the boyfriend does not know how the joke is going or is one of those who believes everything and can easily be deceived. You also can organize the joke of the false bungee jumping. You only need a rope, a handrail and a pair of folds to bandage his eyes and hold your laughter before you throw him away.

  1. April Fools Day Pranks For Kids

With the number of talent shows that are now on television, it will be very easy to make believe your victim that he has been selected on a certain show. As you are very good friends and you want him to succeed, you do not mind accompanying him and see how he is put to the test to enter the contest. You can tell him that you signed him and everything.

Then, a fake television producer will put him to the test to win the prize. They can ask him questions of general culture, dances, sing a song or go through a gymkhana circuit. Then, when everything is over and you see that it has really gone wrong, you tell him that everything has been a joke.

Tie the victim to a tree or a chair, with the promise that it is part of the show that will present the spectacular stripper that you have hired. The music starts to sound and the thing warms up when someone gives the exit warning: “Fire!”.

And everyone starts throwing water balloons until he is totally soaked, while you laugh and he does everything possible for hiding from the shots. And who says water balloons, lays eggs, that the idea is to take a surprise. Of course, whatever you throw, the surprise should be safe. Cut out the silhouette of a person, like the symbol of the man in the male restrooms, on a sheet of paper (preferably white) and hang it on the door of the neighbors of your staircase. It is a funny joke that can hardly offend anyone.

One of the oldest and hilarious in the book, this will force your children to sharpen their observation skills. It’s very simple and here are the steps to get it done easily. You need A piece of mushroom, chocolate sauce, and Ice formation. Take the piece of mushroom and decorate it with flavored icing and chocolate sauce.To make it more tempting, you can add some edible colors.

Serve the seemingly delicious “cake” on a plate for your kids and watch as he tries to take a piece of it. They would like more of the food you cook than cakes!

  1. April Fools Day Pranks

KeyExtender is a free application that can cause real fun with colleagues. It exchanges the meaning of the buttons on the keyboard and, instead of typing ‘fool’, you will type “n00b”. You can make your colleague’s computer shut down each time he tries to start a program.

To do this, right-click the link next to a frequently used program, and edit the ‘Properties’ option with the following text ‘% windir% system32shutdown.exe -r -t 00’. You can get farther by changing all kinds of commands on a computer and throwing your colleague in horror.

This can be done with the NirCMD program. With its help, you can do so every time someone tries to open the e-mail, open the CD driver. ThinkGeek Annoy-a-Tron 2.0 is a pretty fun widget that can make 6 annoying sounds. It is small and can be hidden anywhere. And it’s battery lasts for a month. And while we’re still talking about fun gadgets that can be bought from the internet, we’ll mention TV Poltergeist.

This smart gadget can seriously infuriate your family members. You just have to hide it so that nobody finds it, for example, between the sofas in the living room, with the LED light directed at the TV, and it will switch on and off at different intervals the TV as long as the three AA batteries are in it. Screaming Bee MorphVOX Junior is a free application that can change your voice the way you want, even if you transform it from male to female and vice versa.

So you can call your acquaintances, and they will never recognize you. Have fun! Password Prank is a great program that shows a fake but very realistic window for writing user passwords. Naturally, once the user’s password is displayed, even if it is true, a message will appear that says the password is not long enough. There are two wonderful programs.

These are Rotate and Shakedown. Rotate rotates the desktop in all sorts of strange positions, and the mouse pointer changes into a question mark. Shakedown will recreate a virtual earthquake on your monitor. Buy a cheap cake, sprinkle it with salt and treat your colleagues for your newborn niece … you can buy them one by one or a bunch … it will be cheerful.

Excuse me for the spilled coffee. While your colleague is not in the room, replace the documents on his desk with blank sheets and pour coffee over them …. watch his reaction…

  1. April Fools Day Pranks

With a white plaster or a soap pill, you can draw several lines that come out of the same point to simulate the stoning of the glass. This is a joke that is widely used for those who have a showcase business. Get salt in your head. Go to the victim, exclaiming that you feel itchy and look. The face of surprise is assured! You can also pretend that dandruff falls over food plates.

Christening Chucky is a culprit for countless nightmares and takes up a cult place in the horror world. Almost thirty years after the first release, the look on his face continues to be filled with fear and discomfort. There is no doubt that your friends will also scream for the horror when they come face to face with him. Be the best parent in the world by serving a fruit cup like dinner.

And when they realize that their cup is actually mashed with sauce, it can really be their dinner. On your car, paste the inscription: “Bite, groan and yell”! When everyone walks and trumpets, the child will not understand what’s going on, but everyone around will. When he realizes a joke, it will be fun. Loud music, as this sleepover skimp, will require a CD player with headphones.

Make sure everyone sleeps and then load your CD player with a song that is very loud and heavy. Keep the CD player volume as high as possible. Now choose a victim you can go for a friend who has a very sound of sleep, compared to others. Then slowly put the headphones on the CD player in the ears. It will surely freak out the victims.

Arrange for a coffee maker that is black in color and light in weight. Do not use a high-quality cup for this spoof. Burn the base until it turns black. Take another unburned mousse for yourself. Now, rub the bottom and then touch the victim’s fingers and face.

You have to do it in a very tricky way so that the victim does not notice black things on his fingers. So you have to be fast and efficient. T-Shirt and this sleepover dummy for boys is a really funny one. It will work best if any of your friends wear plain bright t-shirt colors.

Once the victim falls asleep, take a permanent marker and write the whole t-shirt, I love (every girl’s name that is not so well known in school or college or the victim hates most). Making different designs in the shape of a heart to the shirt. Be careful not to wake the victims by writing on his shirt. Your friend will go crazy when he gets up in the morning seeing the text about the t-shirt.

If your friend is too angry, make sure you have extra t-shirts to compensate for the loss. Squeeze a little lemon into someone’s glass when he doesn’t look. You can also add a small amount of vinegar or salt. Prepare for a water rush response when he sucks his glass the next time!

Put some sticky substance into the ear or mouthpiece of the handset. It can be either toothpaste or even peanut butter. Do not use chewing gum as it may stick to the hair of the target victim. Also, make sure that the person is not allergic to the substance. Then call the phone holder and see how he reacts!

  1. April Fools Day Pranks

Creatively replace some ingredients in the food of others, for example, take the meat out of the sandwich and put it in your catfish. Choose a colleague, and any time he goes out of the room, arranges his desk. You don’t have to think much, just move everything so that you can ponder. Or, maybe fix everything to the table with a glue.

Feathers, Mug, Diary – just something when he will try to pick up, the next five minutes while you watch and laugh. If there is an old type of desktop phone in the office, use a cellux piece to fix the button below the clamshell. Of course, when the target person picks up, it will continue to ring. Change the default web page of the subject’s browser to something surprising.

It does not need to be a porn page, it is enough to see a page about the general symptoms of vaginal fungus or the effects of frequent enema when opening the browser. If you use pens that have a cap, attach them to the pens with a glue. It also works with other things to open, the possibilities are limitless.

Make polaroid images of licking your colleagues’ lunch, rubbing on your armpits, sniffing, or the like. Leave the pictures around the fridge or table. Cruel, but funny.

So these are all the pranks that we have gathered for you. But while playing any pranks on your loved ones. Make sure that the prank is safe and cheap that does not cause any kind of loss and harm. Make sure also about the mood of your victim’s and the level of his sense of humor. So be safe and be happy this April fool’s day.

Writer: – Ankur Pradan

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