150 April Fools Day Pranks For Kids, Friends, Boyfriend, Girlfriends, Parents, School

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks Ideas For Boyfriend Girlfriend

If your roommate or friend likes to look into your refrigerator without asking, April 1 is the perfect reason to teach him a lesson. Buy delicious donuts without filling. You will add the filling by yourself using a culinary bag or syringe. The best filling would be mayonnaise. It would be amusing to see your victim’s face while he tries pit this delicious doughnuts.

For your next joke, you will need the water-soluble lollipop without filling. Early in the morning, while your “victim” is still asleep, unscrew the head of the shower and put the candy in there. Someone will take a sweet shower, after which he will probably have to wash again.

Be careful and do not mess with those who are prone to allergies. April 1 is just like any other festival that we celebrate throughout the world. So why not celebrate this day by giving the gift to our loved ones and friends. But before giving this gift, ensure that the person you chose to give this gift is in mood to enjoy the humor.

For this, take an empty box of iPhone or Android phone then fill in the box with potatoes, toilet paper or anything you like. Then pack the box, gift wrap it properly. Now all you have to do is present this gift to your victim. The other prank, though not new, still caused the opponent to jump and start screaming when he saw it. Take some toilet paper and wet the paper.

Then fold the paper and give it the shape of stool. Then paint the stool-shaped paper with brown color to make it more realistic. Then put it on the desk, chair or laptop of the person you want to trick April Fool’s Day. Do you dare recklessly confess to your girlfriend that you are Gay? Try to see how her reaction is!

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks Ideas

This prank is simple and funny! Dress up the chair of your Office partner as he does and also attach his face image and WatchMate broke in laughter. For the next prank, you have to make the effort of buying the spider sprayer from the store. Just sprinkle over the victim’s room and enjoy his reaction and struggle to clean up this mess.

When you find your mate sleep during work, take advantage of the state by stacking a whole lot of cups to build a wall over him. It was fun to watch the wall fell on him when he woke up. So why not try this to your friend too.


If your Office Mate goes to the toilet over and over during working hours, then why not bring a toilet to their office on the Fool’s Day April. It would be fun to watch his Awkward face. Place a commode in place of his chair in front of his desk. That would be hilarious.

The other joke is pretty simple yet funny. Just put the funny picture of your office colleague as their computer wallpaper and hid them with the Windows application. Just watch his reaction when he discovers. This is the simplest but funny joke that you can also play.

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks Ideas

This is a piece of an advanced prank that includes scripts and IP tabs on your network. You can turn the Internet upside down or blur it. If this sounds a bit tough and you have access from the Administrator to the victim’s computer, you could edit the Windows Hosts file.

Likewise, you can Google on how to look for the internet history of your friend, and then block his favorite sites. Just see how your victim struggle to open his favorite website. But make sure that you know how to unblock these sites again.

Another great classic is the fake warhead against the pole. While walking, possibly in the middle of the crowd, pretend to bang your head against a pole (advice: people are not always careful, create noise from a kick to the pole), then start with the scene.

Throw yourself on the ground as if you had taken the ‘classical’ tram and wait for passersby to come worried. When you have had enough fun, get up and cry out to the miracle.

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks Ideas

Just send the simple message to your friend saying You have sex appeal, you have style, you have intelligence, you have beauty, you have the charm, and I …… I got the number wrong, sorry. Take a friend’s phone and save your contact in the phone book under the name ‘mom’.

Then start sending messages like “your uncle has been arrested for theft of underwear”, you will see that the answers will be really hilarious. For families: insert a piece of insulating tape at the point where the remote control sends the infrared signal to the TV, so as to disturb it. For those who want to watch TV, zapping will become a nightmare.


For another prank, when you meet acquaintances on the street, it is to make them believe they have the shirt upside down or even dirty. Jokes can also be done at a distance, just knowing how to use the PC. On the web there are sites that allow you to write some fake articles and you could use this thing to make the victim believe that an acquaintance of his won the lottery or was arrested for drug dealing. Also possible to change the article of a web page, like that of a friend’s favorite team.

But the change is visible only on your computer so just make a screenshot and send it to the victim. Hide in the shower and scare the one who comes for the shower. Pretend to glue a small monk on the head of a friend, pressing hard, and force him to remove it, giving blows to the head.

Another example would be to push away a chair from underneath a friend or colleague who is about to sit down. Or offer someone a cake covered with cream spray, hitting him on the face. Obviously the consequences of this type of prank are more serious.

It could be a bad fall, or smear the victim’s dress. In this case it is good to evaluate all the possible consequences, before proceeding to organize a joke, trying to avoid hitting people too touchy! Another nice joke might be to leave a wallet on the sidewalk at dusk, tied to a black thread that is difficult to see. All that remains is to wait for an unsuspecting passant bent down to take it, thus starting to pull the thread to steal the wallet from the socket.

Another idea for April fooling jokes could be to organize with friends to give wrong and misleading information to the chosen victim. Then, when the truth is revealed, usually the victim of the joke is embarrassed in front of a large audience of people, unleashing hilarity and common joy.

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks Ideas

The next prank is very economical, simple yet very funny and effective. Difficulty: very easy. Needed: nothing, only the victim. How to make it: it’s an old but always working trick. You have to be really stupid to do it on a busy main road, choose the right place.

The trick is to pretend to tighten a rope, in order to stop those who are coming. It is practically always successful, but pay attention to collateral damage! An alternative version instead is to make this joke in the sidewalk is to passers-by (and not to cars).

You can pretend to stretch the rope at half height to block, or down asking people to climb it, or hold it up and even without saying anything you will see that the passersby will lower to go under. Ideal to do in the city center.

For the next act, Difficulty: easy. Material: small cut pieces of paper. How to do it: put the small pieces of paper inside the grille of a fan of the house, or inside the outlets of the hot / cold air outlet of the dashboard but not exaggerated, it could become dangerous.

When the victim activates the air … there will be an unexpected shower of confetti .. The next prank has the Difficulty level of medium / easy. Necessary material: some broken glass, access to the victim’s garage.


How to do it: go to the victim’s garage (you can also do it on public ground but you have to clean it!), Lower the car window completely, spread the pieces of glass on the ground, put a little mess. The result will be a great scare for the victim, who will think of a visit of the thieves who have smashed the window. Maybe you add a post-it on the seat like “haha, you believed us” to leave your signature …

This next act is to empty the refrigerator temporarily, remove the shelves and – when the victim arrives – enter the refrigerator and wait for the door to open. Beware, this is a joke that always succeeds, so a buuu can cause heart attack. Ideal is to prepare everything while the victim is in the bathroom, call him / her saying something like “I have busy hands, take my eggs from the fridge” or similar, and then hide inside.

And when the victim comes to open the refrigerator, you can give him the fright of his life. For the other joke you require nylon sheet or transparent plastic; water; insulating tape. An ideal joke to make to the colleagues of the office or to the teacher is to transform the drawer of the desk in a container of water.

Just empty the drawer of the victim, spread a sheet of nylon or other watertight material, fix it well to the walls of the drawer. Once finished, fill the drawer with water, close it, and wait for the victim to open it (unaware of the act that is about to be). If you really want to do it big, add a fish (but remember not to keep it too much, it would suffer, you have to put it back in its place) or maybe a little duck …

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks Ideas

Always for the series of jokes to those who live with you, your roommate or your colleague, here are two other classic ideas but always effective: the mask of the monster, complete with a dagger. Wear the scary mask and complete it with dagger then stand behind the door or you can slowly sneak behind the victim.

That is do it when the victim least expects it is always a sure success where the poor guy literally jumps from the chair to the fright. Then there is the joke of the disassembled chair: you just need a screwdriver or a wrench, and literally unscrew the bolt that holds the back, leaving everything intact but in precarious balance.

The result will be a mega tumble of the victim when sitting down. And it could not miss the joke of the firecrackers, but also here done in a more subtle and “fine” way. Even in this case to be done to the apartment or partner, and obviously if you live far from an area at risk of terrorism, otherwise you find the police in the house …

What’s needed: light firecrackers of the type that burst under pressure. The construction here is a little more complex: lifting the lid of the toilet are the 4 points of support of the tablet. The rubbers are removed, and in their place you put these firecrackers. When the victim goes to the bathroom and pulls the tablet down to sit on it, he immediately triggers the bomb and you will hear four barrels in the bathroom.

Warning: this joke should be done only with very light firecrackers otherwise you end up in bad jokes. Honorable mention to this prank which is simple and brilliant. Needed: a flower snapdragon (those who blow, even to make a wish) and a friend. Get close to your victim and propose to blow the flower together, to make a wish.

If the victim opens his mouth well, it is a moment to take the flower inside his mouth. Two jokes so difficult to make and of high budget but very funny to play on the strangers. The joke of the elevator that loses the floor making believe the victim who is about to fly down in the elevator shaft (realization very complex where the bottom of the elevator is replaced by a resistant glass, and panels are mounted underneath that fly away).

Likewise, the joke of the mirror that does not reflect: brilliant, in a public bathroom there is a false mirror, withdrawn what should reflect (including the face and body of the person who is mirroring). Place the fake mirror in one side and left the real mirror on the other.

You of course as the creator of the prank should face the real mirror pretending to wash your hand or face. Your victim would obviously hoes to the other side to see oneself. He will remain open-mouthed seeing oneself not mirrored, like a ghost. If your classmate is afraid of mice, have them find a stuffed mouse on the chair after recess. Put the house up for sale.

Print an advertisement with the word SELL at a very low price, with the phone number of your friend. Put the ad at the entrance to his house or apartment where he lives. Then ask him if someone called him.

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks Ideas For School

At school: the teacher can enter the classroom and deliver to their students a test with 10 questions to be answered in 10 minutes on complex or not yet covered topics. Obviously, the test result will be crucial for the final judgment.

See not only students can have fun on this day. The other joke is very simple. Just dab the door handle with honey or cream. Close in a room on the other side of the door and call the victim of the joke! For the next joke you can play it on your partner. And say when I am with you I forget everything dear Lita (the act is to take the wrong name of your partner).

Then she will say but my name is Rita. Then you have to say precisely. After the mail has already been delivered, fill the mailbox with ping pong balls or walnuts. Ask someone to go get the letters! See all the balls falling and rolling everywhere is priceless! A joke that you could do to those who have an activity or a shop to the public could be to make them find the entrance barred with the barriers with red and white ribbons.

And a sign in the style of “judicial injunction” which announces the instant closing and auctioning! Enjoy the view once your victim comes to open the shop. Soap, towel, shower gel? Nothing from this. Remove all the contents of the bathroom including shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste. Then buy a lot of bread and toast each slice of bread.

Then put the toasted breads all.over the bathroom. It will be a good surprise for the one going to the bathroom. Take the raw egg, wrap it in a chocolate and cover it in the Kinder eggshell. Whoever bites it will be sorry. Purchase a fake snake from the gift shop.

Now after your mom buys the grocery and place them in the fridge. Quietly place a fake snake in between the grocery. Wait to see the reaction of the one who finds the snake first.

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks Ideas

In an unguarded moment (maybe when your victim goes to the toilet), you can tuck his cell phone with food foil or a lot of colored rubber bands and hide … If he does not find it, offer him to call him. When he finds it, the effort he puts in to uncover the phone will.be very amusing. You may hear some curses too. Be ready.

For this next prank, head over to the toilet and remove the hood from the tank behind the toilet because we’re going to mess with it. Just disconnect chain from the flusher, put it down in the water and next time someone takes a dump and wants to rinse they will have to keep their entire hand inside. This is very annoying. By doing this to their soda can frustrate them, carefully rotate the tap of the can 180 degrees and fold it in half until it breaks down, be careful not to harm yourself.

Your victim will have a hard time opening. Take your victim’s pen and pop out the tip will remove the ink-tub and put it back. When someone tries to use it, it eventually comes out of ink. If you want to make someone angry at the office, take out their scissors and wrap as much hassle around them as you can.

Put them back in the cup of the pencil and when your victim picks up the scissors to use, he will have the hardest time ever. Grab the toilet paper, place it on a surface and unroll. Apply some glue to a few squares, roll it up and put it back. When someone wants to sweep, the toilet paper will fall apart. It will not be a fun experience that is for sure.

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks Ideas For Boyfriend Girlfriend

Purchase some realistic looking fake flowers or plants from the shop. Then plant them on your neighbor’s garden. As they wake up and see, it will be a pleasant and fun surprise for them to see how in one night their plants have bloomed.

Take a plastic cup then make a hole at the bottom of the cup. Then fit the straw tightly in that hole and put some juice in the cup. Offer it to your victim. As soon as he pulls the straw he will have a wet surprise. As you walk into your class, ask your victim if he has been prepared for the test.

Make one of your friend as your alliance and make him agree that there is a test. Find small picture of a gorilla, cut the head and stick it on the photo of your victim’s ID. It can be drivers license or any other ID. Then send him on an errand where he has to show his ID. The surprise will be waiting for him. Block the door with plastic wrap.

The advantage of using the plastic wrap is that it is completely transparent and if you fit the wrap tightly. The victim will never know that there is any wrap. This prank is for the wives and girlfriends. Put on some lipstick but make sure that the color of the lipstick should be different and unusual from the color you use daily or frequently.

Now, grab the shirt that you partner have worn the day before and leave the mark of your lips on it’s color or anywhere you like. Then when he gets ready for his work, just pretend to see that mark accidentally and create a big scene. When he gets upset, just say April fool. Bet your friend that if he lets you crack four eggs on his head, you’ll give him 1000 RS.

Then crack three eggs over his head and during the fourth one, just say you have no mood to crack the fourth one. Sometimes, you don’t have to do anything, you just have to play your victim psychologically. Just tell him that you have already done something by which he will get the shock of his life.

Then just relax and see the frowning and bewilderment of your victim the whole day. Put some dried peas in a cup and pour some water. Then place the cup on the metal tray and hide it under the bed of your victim. At night, when the peas start to swell, it will fall on the tray one by one creating an thumping sound. It will certainly terrify your victim.

When your friend or sister or brother goes somewhere leaving their mobile behind. Just hide the phone where they can never think of. Then ring the phone and see how frustrating it would be for them when they can’t find their phone.

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks Ideas

Many new TV sets have now an option on them that lets you set a time for them to turn on and off. Simply go to the menu and set it for about 12:00 AM. Before you go to bed turn the volume up to maximum level and shut off.

Purchase some extra ordinary underwear from the store, write a co-worker’s name on them. Then leave them specially with the name showing part on top on the floor of the office bathroom. Keep on telling your victim that today is not April 1 but March 32.

You need to have some alliances for this prank to be believable and successful. Place a pair of pants and shoes inside the toilet to make it appear that someone has been using it all day. While you are in the restroom, open up a condom and spray some lotion inside, put it above the shower head, which is what will happen when someone wants to shower, they will be for a surprise. It looks so disgusting that no one would want to touch that.

On This prank you can bury the measuring cup deep into the jar of flour or sugar container. This would be the most frustrating thing because they will have to dig deep into it. Lets start with this next act you can do on your teacher. Get to class early before your teacher and tamper with their dry eraser. Grab the eraser and open it. Pour some black shoe polish in and restore it back to normal. The material inside will absorb it and when your teacher puts it to use.

It will create a mess other than to clean. For this next prank you need a piece of chewing gum, just stick it behind a ruler and put it back in the pencil cup. Next time when your victim use it, it will ruin their paperwork. Its pretty messed up.

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks Ideas

This next prank is called the replace of the contents of the can. For this you need identical cans (beer, cola, soda etc.). Without opening it, drill a hole in the bottom of the can. Rinse well and make sure there is no aluminum shavings left in the can. It could be empty faster if you have a straw inside of the hole. The second can is emptied, then citizen the bottom off.

Cut with scissors, You can use gloves to prevent cutting yourself. You must be left with a nice “badge” looking for the bottom of the can. Prepare the replacement drink. Add pepper to the drink, but vodka or fake worms would also do too great job.

Pour the drink into the jug. This is for extra safety to check that there are no leaks. Close the hole with a piece of tape or cling film. Whatever you do, make sure that the drink is safe. Press the badge on the top of the can. To successfully press there at the top, apply the pressure on the center of application. You must press it hard until it clips into place.

Maybe you should give it a few attempts before succeeding to secure it. If you try, but it does not fit, you might trim the “badge” a bit more. Some cans work better than others. The result will be a tight fit. There is no way anyone can see that there is something wrong with the can.

Now offer someone a drink, or put the can in the fridge. Surprise your loved one with a “tasty” breakfast.Take an egg and drill a hole in the middle. Be careful while drilling the hole in the egg.Take a small rubber snake and press it inside of the egg.

Then Cover the egg with a cling film and gently boil the egg. When cooking the egg, make sure the hole is above. After the egg is thoroughly boiled, remove the film, shell and serve your ignorant victim the delicious breakfast.

Very simple but effective joke. Get a universal remote control. Wait until someone starts watching your TV. Be sure hide oneself and the newly bought remote control. Then control the TV by suddenly increasing the volume or switching it off. Since the victim have the original remote control, it takes a while to figure out what causes the TV to switch off.

Another act you can do is take a universal remote control to supermarket. Go to the section of the TV and swing up the volume maximum or keep changing the channel.

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks Ideas For School

For this prank you’re going to need an empty container preferably black, a smoke bomb and a lighter. Although this prank is not for everyone so prank at your own risk. First apply some hot glue to the bottom of the smoke bomb, then stick in the container. This causes the smoke bomb stuck to the container so that it does not melt the container.

As soon as it dries, carefully ignite the fuse but do not put the cap on right away because it might put off the fuse so time it correctly and then tighten the cap. When your victim opens it all the smoke will come, but it will surely stink the house.

That is when the next joke comes into play. If your victim can’t take the scent of the first prank and wants to open up an air freshener here’s how you can booby kick it. Half empty the air freshener. Once it’s half empty, it flips upside down and start to fill with fake blood but just enough so that it does not overflow when you turn it shut.

Wipe it down and put it back where it is going, your victim will be for a bloody surprise when this air freshener is opened. Here’s a way you can embarrass your friend at school, or one of your co-office workers.

Start cutting open the fart bag, dumping some of that stinking powder into a ziplock bag, mix some water in it and you unpack it with a plastic syringe but be real quick about it because this stuff really stinks. Have the victims pen handy and add a few drops of that stinking liquid inside the cap.

Put the pen inside and clean it if necessary. Leave the pen in the procession of your victims and when he or she uses it, all that stinking odor will be released into the air. Everyone around class or the office sees where the stench comes from.

A few drops can actually fall on your victim’s clothes so they will be stuck with that smell on them all day. This is a fun April Fools’ Day Prank. Here is another way you can prepare the bag of a fart. We’re going to make some fake poop that will really stink, you need some peanut butter, chocolate fudge, waxed paper and a fat pocket.

Lay out a sheet of greaseproof paper, put on top a spoon of peanut butter and some chocolate fudge. Take that sheet of greaseproof paper and put it in the microwave for about 10 seconds. Spread it around and put it in the freezer.

Cut the fart bag open and sprinkle some of the stinking powder on top. Roll up the fake poop and mold it in any desired shape, if you do a good job at it will look very realistic. The smelly powder is covered by the peanut butter and fudge it just stink until someone rubs on it.

Find a place where to put it and the best place is  behind a bathroom door … This prank works every time. Since you are already in the bathroom, why not set it another prank. This time all you have to do Is lift the toilet lid and pour an entire bag of ice inside, all the way to the top.

You might think this is pointless but think about it a bit more, if your victim goes before his morning dump, he will have to take all the ice to flush. This joke is enough to frustrate just about everyone and do not worry about damaging the toilet because eventually the ice will melt. Search for a box about the size of a cake. Then cover with glaze, making it look like a cake.

Then put it in the office kitchen, or where people leave for free food. Sit back as one of your colleagues tries to cut a segment. These are for all pet owners! First, get a walkie talkie and put it near the area where your pet is laid. Go to another room with the other walky-talky.

Then, if your sibling goes to cap your furry friend, say something like … “Hey Pal! Get your dirty hands off me!” She gets a kick outta this. Turn the “Pull” and the “Push” signs on a series of doors. Watch patiently as people get confused trying to open the doors. For another gag, You need a funnel, a coin, a few friends and, of course, a victim! Start the game ‘funnel’ in front of your victim.

A game of skill in which you have to put the funnel at the front of your pants and balance the coin on your nose with your head tilted back. Move your head forward to let the coin drop into the funnel. When you beg the victim to do this put the funnel in his pants and get him to put his head back so you can balance the coin on his nose. If this happens pour a big drink in the funnel!

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks Ideas

Take a bottle of liquid soap and head to the bedroom of your  victims. Rub some of the soap on your hand and rub the doorknob of his / her room. Run away before he or she sees you busy this prank. Glue eggs to the cardboard and beg for eggs in the morning.

When the victim gets them the eggs break. Sneak into your victim’s room and draw eyebrows and a mustache on their faces, make sure that they check them when they look in the mirror. Come home with band-aids on your face, make your uniform disturbed and torn and say that you are in a fight and might be driven out.

Tell your parents that the head teacher wants to talk with them. Cut a walnut along the central seam. Put in different filling and stick the two halves together again. Proposed objects; An almond or peanut butter, a fortune biscuit, corn starch or flour, a small toy. acting on unwanted roommates; Placing videos or photos taken during uncomfortable moments in bulletin boards and the internet, placing or trashing their rooms, and simply annoying when roommates need to concentrate on their studies or try to get some blinkers.

Milking a melody can be annoying if it is done constantly. While talking to a colleague, keep staring at their face or neck at a certain point. Use facial expressions; Increase your eyes, seem to suppress a laugh or look surprised with your eyebrows. Make them paranoid. They go straight to a mirror after a conversation. You are with a group of employees who have a coffee break.

Someone walks away perhaps to get something. When they come back, everyone suddenly stops talking while you start to laugh. When the victim asks what’s so funny, just look at his coffee and say “oh, nothing” and laugh some more.

Chances are, they will suspect that you put something in their coffee and do not want it anymore. More effective when the office person is part of the group. With a damp stick of soap sign or doodle on the windshield of your office partner’s car. If the car door also unlocks, also do it on the inside. This is a joke for small children who might get scared  but the laugh that you will share after the joke is worthwhile. It is a very simple trick.

Take some tomato sauce in your mouth and act as if you are coughing. While you cough, some of the tomato sauce spits into the tissue. Enjoy the fun when you see your child flipping, but the secret quickly reveals in case he panics and tries to call a doctor.

For next act, You can act as the perfect host with this trick, causing the others to roll on the floor while they laugh at their lungs while the victim is trying to find water or sweetness. First dip the straw in a bottle of Tabasco sauce and close the straw with your finger. Then take the straw out of that bottle and put it in a bottle of a soda that you plan to serve your child.

While your child tries to drink the drink, he only gets the sauce when the straw is filled with it. Just enjoy the scene while his face turns red before he understands that this is not a refreshing drink.

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks Ideas

To perform this joke, you can plan a trip to the countryside or near a jungle. You can be the perfect parents to take your child on a trip and refresh them at night. While your child sleeps in the room in a cabin with glass windows, use the music player to produce growling sounds made by the animals.To enhance the effect, you can use speakers, but slowly increase the volume and not at once.

Make some scratches on the windows with the claws and wait until your child wakes up. Do not overdo it, otherwise it will be too scary to be fun for your child. This next joke can make your child feel sick and he may wonder what’s wrong with you. You can behave like a powerful and powerful mummy before you burst into laughter and reveal the truth. Before you start the act, make sure you have hidden a dark raisin in a napkin.

Then you behave as if you just hit a fly with the blower. Immediately go to the fly (raisin) and put it in your mouth. Oh my God Is how the expression of your child might look like. This is a good joke for children to play on so they love you more.

You just have to play the bad or hard mother until your child sees the bed before he sleeps. You can buy some of his favorite toys or the things he likes to decorate the bed. When your child is away, make bed for the night with his favorite toys or things he worships. When he returns, you behave like a hard-hearted mother and ask him to quickly prepare for bed.

A little bit of howling and shouting will strengthen the effect.Then wait until he sees the bed and comes running towards you to hug you tightly.

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks Ideas For School

This ensures that your child screams while you have your laugh under control. You need: A sticky substance such as glue, jam, honey, etc. Based on where you placed the substance, this trick will change. If you apply it to the telephone receiver, you can make a call and ask your child to receive the call.

If you apply it to the doorknob, you can ring and ask your child who has arrived. Have fun with him while he tries to remove the sticky. Children love brownies and when you state that you’ve made or brought brownies for them, they’ll love you so much until you make the joke public and see them with a red face.

Tell your children that you serve brownies during snacks. While they are enjoying the snacks, you should provide them with boxes covered with silver foil. Their humiliation will have no limit if they notice that they have brown-E instead of brownies. Keep some brownies ready for them, just like the sundaes. This is one of the most common and easy jokes for children.

You need: A wig that makes you look amazing. Wait until it is time for your children to come home from school. Put on the wig just before they come. Open the door and let them see your new hair. Discover how they ‘appreciate’ their mother’s new style.

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks Ideas For School

This prank is for the school students. Prepare a few sheets of paper with a variety of labels before the break. And stick these labels in the bulletin board. The labels can be anything like the lack of water or the cancellation of the lesson is ideal. For the next gag, Scan the old payment using the graphics editor, change the important information and set the redundancy.

Then, print a new account on the printer, gently cut it with the scissors and slide under the door. Hide well-packaged food in a garbage can, and start eating when someone comes in. Cover the filters of someone’s cigarette into something sticky, sour, bitter …Take something from someone’s office and leave a message for ransom.

Add some weird alarm terms on someone’s cell phone. Joke by Computer Postings are very popular, because almost everyone now has a computer. In advance, place a RS 1000 banknote into a processor drive, and when your friend or acquaintance enters the room, tell him about extremely easy money on the internet. You accidentally remember that you should be on the list.

Remove a piece of paper from the drive and point to its authenticity with your confused friend. The success of jokes on April 1 is guaranteed.

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks Ideas

Everyone loves Glitter especially if it is on someone’s beautiful lips but the same shine makes you feel ugly and totally strange. Additionally Almost is impossible to get rid of it in the first wash if it sprayed all over the body and room.

So this could be a better Prank or Revenge with your brother or friend spread loose the entire blade’s Blaze brightness and just wait for the victim to turn it on. Almost Everyone loves bread as it is the best thing to eat, especially at breakfast. But you may not know that the soap looks like a loaf of bread when kept in a microwave.

So why not make a joke with someone with this simple trick and see their hilarious expressions after the first bite. The next prank is a bit hard, but you can try and become a car seat – be careful, but do not worry a man with a weak heart!

Another act is very simple which starts early in the morning. Just pretend dead and do not wake up, do not stir no matter how much your parents or friends came to wake you up. If possible, stop breathing when someone tries to see if everything is fine by keeping their hands near your nose.

Old trick but so effective. In the morning, pour a bucket of cold water on your partner. If possible, make the experience even more enjoyable with ice cubes – then run. While standing on a chair, press a bowl of water on the ceiling and ask your victim to hold the handle. Tell him: magic is going to happen. You then remove the water with your will.

Then leave the full platter over his head, or hit one of his bottoms so that the waterfalls on his neck. Throw an anonymous letter into your male friend’s mailbox with a positive pregnancy test. The only thing you can do is wait for his call! Though you will see the effect of this only after you admit your action, it will be very funny. On WhatsApp or Skype, choose your first available buddy and ask him without why we haven’t have sex yet?

An interesting conversation will develop between you. Be serious! This is a bit of a risky joke and just do it with your colleague who has a sense of humor. Go in to work very early and pack all his stuff into newsprint. Chair, pen, monitor, computer – nothing to miss. Just empty his cubicle. When he comes to office, hand him all his stuff and say that the boss has fired him.

Later, of course, help him put order after giving him a shock. With a white soap, write an insult to the windshield of the victim’s car. When he wants to delete it, it will scatter the writing. Just a thorough wash with lots of water brings the scribble.

Look at your partner’s perfume bottle. If you can unscrew the top, replace the liquid inside. You can choose a women’s perfume or cheap patch. Then don’t have a common program!

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks Ideas For Kids

This next gag is for the dog lover. If your friend is a great dog lover and keeps worrying about his pet while in his office, then play out this prank on him. Tell him that in the market new phone has arrived which he can use to call his dog, courtesy of the Australian phone company Optus.

Explain him that the phone is specially Designed for any local dog home phone so his pet can answer his call with one of six pre-programmed messages, including Hey Dad, I Love You and Come and Play with Me. Then give him some random address where he can purchase his phone. Rest leave him on his journey. The next prank is also for the dog lover.

Tell your friend that The car company is teaching the rescue dogs to ride. Dogs that can sat straight on their shoulders were initially taught to drive with a wooden trolley pulled along with a rope. Then car controls were introduced before the dogs were trained to use specially tailored belts and placed behind the 1808 four-wheel Volkswagen Amarok wheel.

That’s it, let your friend make the enquiry for such company the whole day off April 1. Bake the meatballs in muffin shapes and make them mashed glaze. Then cut the cake like french fries and serve it for a dessert. You can put the food color in the puree for greater effect.

Another food joke your kids can actually hope to repeat throughout the year is to have different candies and shape or cut to resemble vegetables. Mix them in a plain yogurt and pour them into a pie plate. Get up with a puff pastry bake, and serve on a plate as a “vegetable” potpie. In the morning before your kids get up, arrange a “houseguest” at the table for breakfast.

Put long kids dress up or jeans and a shirt with towels, pillows and / or newspaper. Sit “her” in the armchair and prop a newspaper in her lap covering her face, so nobody can see her upper body or head. Say your kids have a new roomie and introduced them to “April”, a young girl who wants to read the newspaper. And she does not talk much.

At dinner the night before the joke, introduce your children to new vegetables and tell them that if they eat it, they will wake up bigger and stronger. (If your children never eat Brussels sprouts, this is the perfect time to serve them.)

When they go to sleep, work on their shoes with a cotton or a newspaper, and, if possible, exchange their jeans and t-shirts with clothes of size too small. Play prank on your parents by sending the picture of your fake arrest. Only the reality of your arrest you only. Parents will probably be shocked when they receive a picture of their child being arrested.

An immensely invested joke, hitting directly into the pocket of money, is effective as screams and curses. This gag will probably make people who are afraid of rats cry. But look in a positive direction, sitting on a pile of cotton mice is quite … comfortable, isn’t it? You can replace carpet instead of floor. Just fill the room of your friend or the cubicle of your colleague with cotton rats. Don’t leave a single space, cover all the space. And watch your victim screaming and crying.

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks Ideas

If you are using the same computer with other family members, the Dr.Windows software will be an indispensable choice during this “April Fools” occasion. Dr.Windowsapp is a software that allows users to set a time period to … export error messages on Windows.

Of course this is just a fake error message to make computer users feel anxious about what happens, not causing any harm to the system. After downloading this app, you can activate the “DrWindows.exe” file to use the software immediately without installation.

The program icon will appear in the system tray, like the icon of an antivirus software. To start the joke, right-click the icon and select “Options”. In the Dr.Windows dialog box that appears, check the option to “Hide Options from tray menu Unless Ctrl held” to disable the software interface when the user right-click the Dr.Windows icon in the system tray.

This ensures “victims” will not be able to detect pranks. In the “Trigger once every X minute” section, you can set the time period for the error messages to appear. After completing the setup, press the “Close” button to close the “Options” window of Dr.Windows. The software provides up to 50 different types of error messages.

You can preview some error messages by selecting the type in the “Test” section and clicking the Test Random Dlg button. After each time you set up, a new error message will pop up again to “scare” the user. Surely, the “victim” of the joke will be a “pity” if you receive strange error messages as above. To end the joke, just right-click on the software icon in the system tray and select Exit to exit the program.

You can also silently install Dr.Windows on the victim’s computer and activate the software, then wait to see their response when the error message dialogs appear. Mischievously glue to the car of your friend with signs of fun words can also become a joke that makes car owners distorted face. “Cars for sale, call numbers …”, “Discount … for police”, … are some of the ways that have been applied.

Fill the car if your friend with a whole lot of tennis balls. When opening the car door, all the balls spilled into the road. Hiding in the trunk to scare can also be a good suggestion. These lies are old but still effective in this April fool’s day. “My dear, the buttons are slipped!” Any girl who hears this question must panic and “check” to see if it is correct.

In the meantime, you will get a burst of laughter because you cheated on this lie. “Brother, don’t lock your pants yet.” I dare to ensure that when your victim hear this sentence, he will be startled and look down to see how “the situation” is, pulled really or not.

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks Ideas

Come down and open the door for me, I’m standing in front of your house! This short message will cause your partner to rush down and open the door for you. But obviously you won’t be there.” I will come to pick you up, then we will go to play! I will be there in three minutes.

” There is no doubt in the usual statement for a date, in just 3 minutes. Your partner will hurriedly, frantically prepare for makeup to go out. But in the end there will be no appointments. You will obviously turn off the phone and could not be contacted.

Today I invite you for dinner. Anyone would be excited to get this invitation and hurriedly rush to the appointed restaurant at the appointed time. But the result will be a terrible trick and he will sit alone in a restaurant. Confess your mistake to parents. You can say to your parents that you have a “shocking” confession about the mistake you made.

Just tell them that you are sorry but do not tell them what is the mistake. Your parents will spend the whole day trying to figure out what exactly is the mistake. Did anyone find you below? Who is it, who knows?

You will ask that continuously because you are skeptical, don’t know whether to believe it or not. But then you still decide to run down for fear, if you don’t go down then people will leave … What a successful joke …

  1. Harmless April Fools Day Pranks

You can dress as a foreigner and find a visitor to say, “I come in peace?” Tie air horn under the seat where your colleague sits as a victim, or you can drive a Japanese glue on the seat. The choice is yours!  Play the trick – chocolate eggs with a difference.

Your best friend will be delighted to have your chocolate sweets if this is actually a real egg. You just have to cook it hard first and coat it with chocolate. For this you can melt the chocolate in a water. Once the layer is dry, pack it and serve it as a homemade chocolate egg with vanilla filling. In the office or home, there are many cabinets and drawers that you can lock.

When you have finished every cupboard, drawer and door, you can see more and more the desperate reactions of colleagues and friends. You can also connect the ballpoint pens or the scissors with thin twine. Even coffee becomes harder to drink when all cups are tied to a cup. The shock is great as soon as your family members or friends leave the house and do not find the car at the actual parking lot. Above all, the search and thinking in the first minutes will be a real fun for you.

All you have to do is take the key and unobtrusively hide the car. However, you should not damage it or put it off in the no-show, otherwise it could be an expensive fun for you. This prank is especially possible in areas or businesses where uniform work clothes or the same shoes are worn.

Then you should make fun of it, swap shoes and watch how the reactions turn out. The prank also works with T-shirts, jumpers or hats. It is important that you remember who, which garments originally belonged, otherwise it could come to misunderstandings after the prank.

  1. Harmless April Fools Day Pranks

Do you hate the smell of disinfectant? Then you are not alone – almost every human being is like that. So let the cleaning devil hang out and start cleaning your colleagues’ desks with a healthy dose of disinfectant while they’re at work. They “only mean it well” – after all, nobody wants a flu episode at work, right?

A small power nap in the lunch break is well known to be healthy and provides new energy. The next time you find a dozing colleague knot his shoelaces together or use cable ties to attach his belt loop to the office chair. Most desks have at least one very large drawer. Think of this as a little surprise. It does not always have the “shock effect” by a rubber spike or similar.

Even a simple transformation to the sandy desert with small cacti or a “mini-scavenger hunt” to the missing documents  in the office are always worth a joke. A classic based on the fact that Flatulence, above all unexpected, are never “not” funny.

This prank is really more than easy. Just wait until your friend leaves the seat and place an inflated fart pillow on it. The rest is a self-runner. Blow your friends crazy with scary nocturnal sounds. Perfect for overnight stays. Wait until nightfall when your friends get ready for bed. Use an excuse, such as that you forgot something at home to leave the group.

When you’re outside, quietly sneak back in, to a place where your friends can hear you but can not see you. Now start making scary noises, such as a scratching on the wall that gets louder and louder. Start very quietly and then get louder and louder, until your friends are shaking with fear in their beds! For the next act, you have to blow up or conveniently use a common balloon.

This is now set to a cake plate and decorate it with glaze, cream and genuine pieces of pitched (see realistic), until your creation is similar to a real cake as much as possible. The time has come, you present your creep the cake and gets it to stick it. If the knife caught the balloon, this is a very special and completely unexpected surprise.

If you are not prudish to make your friends sweat, this prank is just right for you. This prank requires the cooperation and willingness from one of your friends to act as the boss, teacher or director. Persuade that person to stage a fake disciplinary hearing for your victim. The initiated person should call your victim from the workplace or class and pretend that it is really causing trouble.

Evidence is presented, of course forged, of a breach of rules (such as theft, fraud, etc.) that can cause the victim serious difficulties (such as dismissal, pay cuts, etc.). At the last moment, you reveal the prank and enjoy the puzzled expression of your friend. No one expects his facility to suddenly come alive. Even the most paranoid friend can be caught on the wrong foot.

Note that this prank requires a lot of preparation, as well as some sewing and carpentry skills. The idea is that you change a chair so that you can sit “in” it. Your feet should touch the floor, your arms should be in the armrests, and your upper body should be inside the backrest. Now, when your victim sits down in the chair, you wait a moment and then begin to move. In response, a mixture of sheer terror and confusion will be sure.

  1. Harmless April Fools Day Pranks

This prank requires an extremely high level of preparation, but it will literally turn your victim’s world upside down. With the help of nails, screws, glue and all sorts of tools, you fix all the furniture in the place where they usually stand, just on the ceiling. If you want to be very specific, you can also use all the other smaller possessions of the victim with tape or glue on the ceiling.

Of course you will need the permission of the parents, roommate and / or landlord of your victim for this prank. In addition, this prank requires a lot of time for preparation, which is why it should be done best if the victim is away for a long time.

Do you have a date with a friend or a buddy? Then take the opportunity to start this prank! You need some white toilet paper, a red marker and a little water. Here’s how it works: paint the toilet paper with the pen, wet it just before the meeting and push it on your arm.

Now it looks like you burned your arm really nasty! When you meet your buddy or friend, make up a story that you just scalded yourself badly with your coffee-to-go. Mega Prank, super light – and really funny! The Prank is perfect to repay friends who always complain that you feed too much! You need: an old glue stick from which you carefully remove all glue residues.

Wash it thoroughly too. Then you knead chewy candy into a block, roll it into shape and put it in the empty glue stick. Lid on it. Let’s go: If you depend on your BFF / your buddy, start complaining and complaining that you’re really hungry and go nuts right now. Then take the glue, turn it up and bite off. Want the Prank to give your friends horrified looks?

You need a piece of leather or other rough fabric that is about the color of the chair the teacher is sitting on. Write a word of your choice in mirror writing on it with dark chalk and place it in the chair. If the teacher sits down, he or she will be printed on the butt! The other prank Works only with new teachers. Swap your names!

You are no longer your original name but take over the name of your neighbor friend – and so on! The exciting thing is how long you can go through this until the teacher notices what. There’s a need for concentration.

For the next exciting prank You need: A plastic eye from the shop, some diluted ketchup and a hammer or similar tool. A student smears some ketchup on his face and on one hand. Put the plastic eye in the ketchup-smeared hand, press the other hand onto one eye and scream.

The best way is for you to race through the class with your alliance with the ketchup smeared hammer and apologetic facial expression afterwards. Nothing for weak nerves! You need a shoebox that you half fill with confetti. Balance it so that it stands on the slightly opened door!

When a teacher or student opens the door, the box falls down and the poor person is showered! (Really take a box and not a bucket – these things are too heavy, it hurts really, if such a thing on the head bangs!). A teacher likes to spend the hours showing you videos? Swap the cassettes for something that interests you!

  1. Harmless April Fools Day Pranks

One of the best ingredients for a good prank is ketchup. The spicy tomato sauce is not only delicious – it also leaves stubborn stains on clothes. Take a tube of ketchup – turn the cap on and glue the opening in from the inside. Then close the tube and carefully cut it into the side of the bottle with a knife.

If your friend opens the tube and presses in, the sauce will not land where he wants it. Widely known is another Ketchup Prank. Just before your victim uses ketchup, you tip a little baking soda into the tube. Due to a chemical reaction, the closed bottle literally recharges.

When the cap is opened, the ketchup shoots out like a stream of water. Everyone really knows this Prank. If you can not think of anything, you take a plastic cup, fill it with water and stick a thread to the cup with tape. You need tape again if you stick the cup over the door to the wall.

The thread brings it to the door. Now you call your victim in the room and when it opens the door, you know what will happen. Those who go in the sun should protect themselves. Best with a sunscreen with high UV protection. But what would you do if you just arrived at the beach, squeezing out the tube and smearing mayonnaise on your skin?

You can make this prank with your friends simply by exchanging the contents of the sun cream with mayonnaise. But beware: you should still have real sunscreen, otherwise you are threatened with a bad sunburn. Disguise the front door with a second (cardboard) door. Leave some space so that there is a space between the two doors.

Fill it with various packaging materials (such as Styrofoam chips). With this another kind of pranks the imagination knows no bounds: You can fill the staircase or the way to the bedroom with filled water cups, wrap the house and furnishings with toilet paper, build a wall of cardboard boxes in the hallway, or thread woolen threads criss-cross.

Hide the key of the bedroom – and combine this prank with a funny scavenger hunt. Hide clues in the whole apartment about where the key might be. Last but not least, the victim finds it in the freezer – frozen in water to a log. Turn out the light bulbs in the whole apartment and take them with you – of course only overnight.

Alternatively, unscrew the fuses and let them disappear temporarily. Attention: Please provide a power supply for freezer and refrigerator to avoid spoiled food. Layout candles or flashlights. Grab big sheets and label them with your victim’s name. Then hang up the sheets at the school gate or in the auditorium or in the corridor to block entry into the respective rooms!

You will not only find chalk in the classroom, but also in any stationery shop. It is also very cheap, so buys a lot of chalk (also colorful) and scribbles the schoolyard full, the boards in the classrooms, and if the floor in the school allowed, this too. In addition, you can point with arrows in a specific direction, where the teachers and students expected something special.

The victim gets on a bus and wants to sit down. But someone is already sitting in his place: a human corpse! And that corpse would be you of course.

  1. Harmless April Fools Day Pranks

For this prank you should make a little preparation: Decompose the wedding bed in all its parts. And to make sure the your victim enjoy a lot of rebuilding, you just add a few extra nuts and bolts. Already the confusion is complete.

Creating embarrassing graduation papers is one of the funniest jokes to do at the party. Take some nice posters with phrases to insert and retrace in rhyme all the embarrassing, successful and unsuccessful moments of the new graduate’s life, seasoned with funny photographs and photo montages.

Retract it, for example, in caricature with the shirt of the team he hates, jokingly accentuating his worst features, write the phrases that identify him and the most absurd theories with which he has always tried to convince others.

To make the moment even more embarrassing and fun, force your friend or your newly graduated friend to read the graduation papyrus aloud in front of the guests at the graduation party, including relatives. Fun is guaranteed!

This is just an example of a papyrus of a kind of caricature. Knowing the new graduate or recent graduate well and with a little imagination you can create a different type. And remember if you can turn the papyrus into a really ridiculous and embarrassing graduation bill you will laugh like crazy even after several years!

Make the new doctor or the new doctor dress in a ridiculous dress or a mask and run him through the streets of the city, forcing him to interact with passers-by and people in the bars, perhaps trying to get a drink. Make a touch (the graduate’s hat) in cardboard strictly by hand, following the precious DIY tutorial tips, using colored cardboards and maybe two donkey ears reminiscent of Pinocchio and the land of toys.

Even in this case making him go around “bothering” people jokingly will entertain you crazy.If your friend is a medical graduate, introduce yourself with the first release of the collection “Exploring the Human Body”, just to give a smattering of what he has studied.

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