150 April Fools Day Pranks For Kids, Friends, Boyfriend, Girlfriends, Parents, School

  1. Pranks For April Fools Day 2019

An April Fool’s joke regarding the Xerox machine is great for an employee who spends a lot of time with copying equipment. To do this, a funny picture is printed, which is then attached with tape to the inside of the cover.

It is placed in such a way that its image can be seen when printing a sheet in A5 format. If the company works with a large number of visitors, then on the doors of one of the departments, you can put an icon indicating the toilet.

Such an April Fool’s joke guarantees sincere surprise to both the employees and those who opened such a door. Imagine that people during the day will be interested in your colleagues: “Where is the toilet?”

  1. Pranks For April Fools Day 2019 For School

Before the holiday, prepare a few sheets of paper with a variety of inscriptions. A notice of repair, lack of water, or cancellation of classes is ideal. Post graffiti in the school and in the schoolyard. Just do not catch the eye of teachers. For the role of the victim will suit a classmate, who has a roomy backpack with lots of pockets.

When the object of the rally will leave the property unattended, hide the brick or large stone in one of the pockets. After classes, the student will automatically put on a backpack and will not pay attention to the fact that the burden has become heavier.

The results of the joke will become known the next day. The next prank is suitable for classmates who often miss classes. On April 1, hand a letter to your peer on behalf of the class teacher with a notice of exclusion from school. Burn a dozen matches.

The remaining ash smear on both hands, then go back to the victim and close her eyes. As soon as the object guesses you, put your hands away and quickly hide it in your pocket. A classmate will not suspect that he has undergone a facial treatment.


On the day of laughter, not only pupils play, but also teachers. If the teacher’s anger is not terrible, rub the board with soap before class. Attempts by the teacher to write something on the board will be crowned with failure.

  1. Pranks For April Fools Day 2019 For Kids and school

Invite your friends to get together and spend April Fool’s Day at your home. Before guests arrive, fill the jar with water, put a photo of a friend in liquid and refrigerate. During the evening pastime, ask the victim to bring a bottle of beer from the fridge. The effect of surprise will work one hundred percent.

Call a friend for any reason, and after a few minutes of conversation say that you call back in 5 minutes. During the next call, make sure that a friend instead of the usual greeting heard an unexpected cry. Pass the processed cheese through the grater, add the crushed garlic and minced hot pepper. Over the resulting mixture roll balls, sprinkle liberally with coconut chips.

The pungent taste of appetizing dessert is guaranteed to surprise parents. On a day of laughter, put a letter in the mailbox on behalf of one of the utilities. In the letter indicate that in the near future a new cable will be laid on the roof of the house, and when working fragments of concrete may fall from the roof.

To protect windows, recommend sealing them with duct tape. If parents believe, do not let them go too far. Tell them what is a joke. Ask a friend to call his parents on behalf of the school principal and report the dismissal of the child due to regular absenteeism. The main thing is to notify the relatives of the victim in a timely manner. Mix ammonia with phenolphthalein.

Both products are sold in a pharmacy. The result is a red liquid. Fill the composition with a fountain pen and, if successful, shake on a colleague on the shirt or blouse. After a few seconds, the alcohol will evaporate and the spots will disappear. Replace pens with analogs, in which the caps are glued with glue, and the tips of the pencils are covered with a layer of colorless nail polish. Upon arrival at work, observe the torment of the victim.

The prank is ideal for accounting or office with a huge turnover of documents. Collect a pack of unwanted papers, stitch it into a folder, paste the note “top secret” on top and place one of the employees on the table. Believe me, you have not seen such a detective show yet. Buy a girl a costly face mask.

Pour the contents of the jar into another container, and instead of it pour thick mayonnaise. Surely the girl will be delighted with this gift and will want to experience it immediately. Laugh, give this remedy. In advance, get a strand of artificial hair that matches the girl’s head of hair in color.


After choosing the right moment, take the big scissors, go to the girl from behind, loudly click the scissors and throw hair on the floor. The effect is simply amazing. Under the sweater or T-shirt, hide the spool of thread, and bring the tip of the thread out with a needle. Ask the girl to remove the thread from the clothes and enjoy the spectacle.

The efforts of the discouraged assistant look comical. If a girl uses a hairdryer daily, put some flour or starch in it. When she decides to dry her hair, a surprise will await her. Such a rally is very effective, but after the fireworks the instigator has to be removed.

It so happened that the spiders cause fear. On the eve of the first of April, buy a rubber spider in the store and tie a string to it. At the right moment, quietly lower the creature to the victim on the shoulder. You will hear the effect in a few seconds.

40 April Fools Day Pranks Ideas For Friends at School

On the eve of the first of April, tell the guy that you feel bad. In the morning, ask him to run to the pharmacy for herbal tincture. Name yourself for the grass. Get dressed quickly, follow the guy from behind and watch the young man try to buy a non-existent tool.

Very funny. If the guy has a car while he sleeps, take the keys and drive the vehicle to another location. After that, wake up the man and say that the car was stolen. Just do not forget to report on the lottery before calling the law enforcement agencies.

While the kids are sleeping, get things out of the closet, and in their place put a large number of balloons filled with helium. When the child opens the door, the balls will flutter like butterflies.

  1. Pranks For April Fools Day 2019

The next joke is Ideal for greedy neighbors or friends. Break cookies into pieces measuring about a centimeter per centimeter. Then cut soap into pieces of about 1.5 centimeters by 1.5 centimeters. All this is put on the plate and poured with jam.

Take a plate and slowly approach the person being played out, picking cookies from it and greedily stuffing it in your mouth …seeing you enjoy your cookie definitely urge the victim to eat some too. Then turn the plate such that he pick up the soap. It does not feel like soap for about five seconds. Put a small box on a high (taller than human) place, for example, on a cabinet.

The box should have an opening top and there should not be a bottom. Outside you need to stick a bright, distant noticeable inscription, for example, “Money”. And fill the box with confetti. A victim enters the audience, sees a box with a defiant name and what does he do? Of course, removes it from the cabinet. A box without a bottom. Cheers, fireworks.

  1. Pranks For April Fools Day 2019

If you live a bright, carefree life, and your friends and relatives wanted to see you as a settled and serious person. If each meeting with someone you know begins with the question: “When is the wedding?” Then April 1 is the time for a joke and answer.


Get a luxurious wedding invitation (do not be stingy) and address it to all those who are torturing. Then seal it in an elegant envelope and think about the method of delivery. And you can treat relatives with an unusual delicacy – chocolate onions.

Melt chocolate in a saucepan, peel a handful of small onions, give them the shape of balls, dip the “treat” into chocolate, let it harden, and then you can carefully treat all these sweets to these sweets.

  1. Pranks For April Fools Day 2019

Silently turn on the Smack Talk app, sitting next to another person. At first he will be surprised that someone repeats the whole conversation in a funny thin voice, and then he is guaranteed to receive a portion of April Fool’s laughter.

You can also record and send to friends a special audio greeting in the performance of a funny chihuahua or hamster to cheer them up. Face Me video jokes will instantly raise the spirits of yourself and others. Just paste the face you photographed into the Face Me movie you like, and it will liven up the character causing unrestrained laughter from others.

You can share these funny postcards and great mood with your friends via Facebook or email. Make me bald. Great app to make fun of yourself and your friends. It will allow you to get rid of hair in seconds! Take a picture of yourself and use your finger like a razor.

For better effect, you should take a photo on the front camera and with a light monophonic background. At the end of your image you can choose a funny mustache and send your photo to friends.

  1. Pranks For April Fools Day 2019 For Family

For those who could not play April 1 with shoes, a joke with a wardrobe is suitable. Collect all the big and small balls in the house. If your baby is growing up, there is plenty of such “goods” in the apartment. Fold the entire assortment in the wardrobe, on the shelf, which a person uses daily.

On the morning of April 1, when going to work, the husband, child, mom or dad will come to the closet to get jeans or outerwear, open the door, and from there balls and balls will suddenly fall down on them. Of course, a person will be surprised, oyknet from surprise, but such a cheerful joke on April 1 will bring only a smile and positive emotions for the whole day!

This rally on April 1 is suitable for those families who love the order in the house, and all things are put in their places. If your children or the second half are sure that for many years their socks, T-shirts or shirts are located in this drawer or wardrobe – shift everything in advance. Let dad find pink hairpins in his box, and his daughter will be surprised to find several father’s costumes in her closet.

A smile and indignant joyful shouts are guaranteed! If your family eats cereal rings for breakfast, string them all on a long string and put them back in the box. Put an empty eggshell on the egg holder (hole down), and let someone be surprised to break a boiled egg and see that there is nothing inside. Put a spoonful of mashed potatoes in a waffle cone and offer the guest “vanilla ice cream”. If you use a screw cap on the salt shaker, unscrew it and put a piece of paper napkin under the cover.

Then close the salt shaker as usual. Now you can shake it as much as you want – the salt will not pour in, and the reason will remain invisible. Unscrew the cap of the salt shaker or pepper shaker and leave it just covered – when it is turned upside down, all the contents will immediately pour into the plate. Make a “stripped” egg.

By wetting the shells with vinegar, you can remove it from the egg, even from the raw one, while the egg itself remains whole. Imagine one of the households opening the container and pulling out an ordinary raw egg, but soft and elastic!

  1. Pranks For April Fools Day 2019

Another joke that requires “night training” is a blob on the keyboard. Make a blot out of ordinary PVA glue and wait until it hardens. Then quietly put it on the keyboard, and for more convincingness, take a bag of milk in your hands and wait for the owner. There will be a lot of screams, of course, but it’s worth it! Well, if you want to spare the nerve cells of your “April Fool’s victim”, you can simply “invite” famous Hollywood actors or superheroes.

Not really, of course. Just put a small image of a star guest on the door’s eye. And, having previously recorded the sound on the phone, simulate a doorbell. And now enjoy, it will be fun! At this culinary April Fools jokes do not end. Only, unlike the previous one – the joke with chocolate pseudo-candies will not be so tasty.

Take a few identical-sized potatoes, lemons, raw eggs and dip them in chocolate. It should “mask” the bumps, and when frozen it will give all these products a very appetizing look. And now go to your victim with sweet teeth and in turn treat with such “miracle sweets”. In addition, after the previous prank, as an apology, you can offer a friend to “eat” special candies with a secret ingredient – mustard. Prefill with a syringe, fill them with a fire filling, and you’re done!

The most important thing is to preserve the integrity of the packaging. The candy should look as if it had just been brought from the store.

  1. Pranks For April Fools Day 2019 For School

If you have been planning to replace the lock on the front door for a long time – do it on April 1, and at the same time play your spouse. By the time of her return home, invite a stranger in the apartment. Further events should develop as follows: the wife, after several vain attempts to open the door with her key and ring the bell, in complete bewilderment, she begins to pound the door with her fist.

A man in family shorts opens the door and stares at your spouse stupidly: “And what do you want?”. Naturally, the wife asks: “Who are you? What are you doing in my apartment?”. To which a man in shorts calmly replies that he bought an apartment from her husband and even waves some documents in confirmation.

The duration of the joke depends on the strength of the nervous system of the spouse, but it is better not to wait until she faints or goes to the man in hand to hand. Of course, you will fly to the fullest, but when your wife calms down, everyone will laugh together.

For greater safety, it is better to invite friends to the house to celebrate April Fools’ jokes and pranks. If you are a loving sister, then we think it will not make it difficult for you to sew down the bottom of the trousers of your beloved brother in the evening of March 31 or April 1 in the morning.

That he will be delighted: it is not necessary to go to school or the institute. At least in these pants. Just don’t overdo it, use a thread and a needle, not a sewing machine .

  1. Pranks For April Fools Day 2019

For next joke, you need a doll the size of a real baby. Wrap it well, put it in the basket and leave it near the door. You can also leave a note (as if from a real mother – father). Put the doll near the door, ring the bell and run downstairs. When the husband opens the door, start climbing the stairs, as if coming back from somewhere and tell him that some crazy person nearly knocked you down.

It will be interesting to look at the expression on the man’s face and, of course, to listen to excuses. Another good joke, but it can only be used if the person has a good sense of humor. When a husband, brother or father falls asleep, take nail polish and make him a manicure.

Then set the alarm clock 30 minutes ahead. In the morning, a man may not immediately notice made up nails, as he will rush to work in a hurry. But having come there, or driving a car, or in transport, be sure to see their nails.

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks

It is best to beat this rally at a public stop or at a pedestrian crossing. Put a fragile girl or grandmother at the bus stop, and next to her are two bags of bricks, filled with a kilo of potatoes on top. It is important that the bags were not very voluminous, but rather heavy. When transport is suitable or the green light comes on, a girl or grandmother asks young people to help them carry their bags.

Take a small table, put it in the elevator, cover with a tablecloth, put flowers, a vase, coffee and wait for your victim. When a person presses the elevator button and the doors in front of him open, you can say: “Why are you breaking into my apartment?” or any other phrase. Enough and most seen to surprise a person. Take the package of dig food and pour out the contents.

Then fill the bag with flakes. When you go by public transport, pull out the package and start eating. You can offer “treat” to a neighbor. The prank will be accurate.

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks

By fax, send a message with the following content: “Dear Mr. (Ms) Shrestha, following the results of the last fiscal year, you did not pay the tax on your collateral income. You owe 5000 RS. This year, this amount will be charged a penalty. To date, the penalty for failure to pay tax is 2000 RS. Pay off the debt as soon as possible.

Tax Inspection. He will certainly panic and it would be worth to see his face. A good way to play a trick on a friend is the next joke, but you need to prepare for it in advance and buy the panel from the phone itself. Pick a convenient moment and ask your friend for a phone to call.

Hide the phone in your pocket, and pretend that you are talking on the phone, but take the pre-purchased panel. Pretend that with someone to quarrel on the phone, and then, depicting anger, throw the phone on the asphalt, you can even trample on it. Success is guaranteed: the owner of the phone will long recover from what he saw.

The following joke is often held by students in the dormitory. The first thing you need is to choose the “victim” of the joke. When he falls asleep, take a white sheet together with friends and stretch it over the sleeping person. Then call him loudly: “… Arise the ceiling falls!”.

A man through a dream will not understand exactly what happened, but he will be scared. If you live in a student dormitory or simply in the same room with your sister or brother, you can play a trick on your neighbor by placing a sheet of newspaper under his sheet. When the “victim” will lie down on the bed and hear a slight rustling, it will be quite funny to watch the reaction.

The prank is harmless, but the process of awareness of the problem by a person and the ways to solve it will amuse you. On the eve of the holiday, you need to prepare two or more sheets of paper with various inscriptions. These inscriptions can be posted everywhere, the main thing is that you are not caught by the teacher, otherwise it will be no time for joking.

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks

For another prank, you need a water gun or a syringe with water. Pick a moment during a presentation or meeting. Sit down in front of the victim. Under the table, release a stream of water in the direction of his crotch. When he gets up, everyone will think that he … well, let’s say, was worried. Funny! Now the stores say toy dogs are very similar to the real ones.

If your neighbor has a dog that looks like a toy, you can play a trick on him. The plan is: Buy a plush animal of the same breed and the same size. Soak it in water to achieve similarity with the corpse. You tie the corpse to the neighbor’s bumper and push it under the car (so that it is imperceptible).

You can imagine how surprised a neighbor is when he finds such an April Fool’s tug. Previously, you probably threw out orange peels or, on the contrary, found and ate. Now they will find a more worthy use. If a piece of such a crust is put between the lips and teeth with white fibers outside, and then with a fingernail to depict teeth on it, an awesome sight will turn out.

Orange smile can stimulate childbirth in pregnant women or subdue epileptics in a fit. But best of all, it acts on the dentists.

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks

Sometimes business trips fall in April, sometimes they even fall on the first of April. If someone from your colleagues thinks that he will manage to slip away from your punishing humorous hand, then he is mistaken. Take a foil, fold it several times and cut out a pistol, a grenade or at least a knife from the resulting material. Imperceptibly shove flat weapons in your victim’s luggage (for example, in a book).

Border guards are also people, they also need to be given a chance to have fun. Someone may call it a dirty trick, and will be wrong. This is quite a big dirty trick. You can borrow a car from your friend right. Moreover, a true friend will not be offended if you unnoticeably steal the keys to his car for half an hour.

Take a bag of sawdust or small feathers with you (you will have to sacrifice a small pillow) and put them in the ventilation holes in the cabin. In the evening, your friend will get into the car, very pleased that he has not been played. And the feathers that flew into his face at the moment the ignition is turned on will only improve his mood. With electricity, jokes are bad.

But without electricity – good. Take any electrical device, the failure of which can amuse others (stereo, computer, artificial respiration apparatus). Cover the plug of this device with clear varnish – seemingly imperceptible, it serves as an excellent dielectric. Insert the plug back into the outlet. The call of the electrician and the preventive reassembly of the device are guaranteed.

The next prank is a sweet, kind, almost childish joke. Surely on this day someone will inadvertently bring some juice from anywhere. Your task is to quietly seize the straw, tie a knot at the end and return it to its original position. After that, observe the struggle of two wonderful phenomena of nature – thirst and vacuum. Option: pierce with a pin in all the straw for cocktails that will fall under your arm.

There will be no vacuum anymore, but no one will be able to quench the thirst anyway. In the spring it often rains … According to the accurate observation of every second songwriter, the raindrops on the face look like tears.

According to our observation, confetti (pieces of paper, dead flies, green peas), tucked into a folded umbrella, also reveals a very romantic effect when opened. In the next joke, Put the designated object in the freezer. Foam, compressed in a can under pressure, will turn into a quiet, hard and cold substance overnight.

Boldly saw off the bottom and put the can in a drawer of the table of a particularly nice colleague. After a couple of hours, the foam will thaw, remember how much it was at formation and fill the entire box. And when the victim open the box – then all the surroundings will be Fun, wet and completely fireproof.

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks For School

Known to many since school times, the “living finger in a box” focus perfectly acts on dreamy girls and business women. Take a matchbox and make two holes in it. Now, having thrust your index finger into the hole, you will get the complete illusion of the phalanx of this finger resting in the box.

After adding this illusion with cotton wool and red ink, you can go to the women with the words “Do you want to know what is in my box?” (They are so curious). The most gullible and strong in spirit can be asked to touch the finger and move them at the most crucial moment. If the focus does not pass, cut the finger for real (if cut at the root, surgeons can sew it into place in a couple of hours).

For this other joke, you will need empathetic surrounding. Because your task at the first stage is to attract their sympathetic attention with complaints of alleged heaviness in the stomach. Before this, you will need to finely crumble a piece of paper into pieces, similar in size to feathers. Squeeze them in your fist. Put a fist to your mouth, as if nausea tormenting you.

Walk around the room, demonstratively suffering. When they finally ask you, they say what happened, tell them that you ate a duck, but it looks like it was badly nipped and you feel sick. Sick … Badly nipped … Bringing the audience’s sympathy to a climax, make a sharp cough while simultaneously clenching a fist and blowing it on pieces of paper. The effect of burp feathers will be as realistic as it is unexpected.

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks

People often gamble or bet in their imperfect nature. In the heat of the moment, they can do something stupid, especially if they get help a little. Tell your friend that he will not be able to hold two full glasses of water if you put them on the backs of his palms. It is not difficult to do this exercise, even with the early stage of Parkinson’s disease, that your gambling friend will not fail to prove it.

Praise his vestibular apparatus and sit down to rest – it is impossible to remove two glasses without being drenched, unless you know the secret. Let your friend now hesitate for a while with two glasses on his hands.

Sooner or later, he will guess that in order to release one glass you need to drink. Option: offer him a dispute to keep a full glass, pressed to the ceiling with a mop or stick. This is not difficult to do if you climb a chair or a ladder and help a friend to take a starting position. And once again praised his equilibristic abilities – now he is completely in your power.

The secret of this focus is that, without spilling the glass, it is impossible to leave the starting position without assistance.

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks Ideas

If your friend is not indifferent to the fish and contains an aquarium with all kinds of fishes. There is a chance to make him a little nervous breakdown. Cut out in advance of the carrot symbolic fish. Having come to visit the lover of aquatic fauna, unceremoniously approach the aquarium and launch your hand (with the false fish in it) into the water.

At the indignant cry of “what are you doing, fascist ?!”, take out a carrot sculpture from an aquarium and, waving it in the air, throw it in your mouth. Bat-bookmark – an old invention. It is designed to jump out of the book when it is opened, snapping its wings and thereby scaring the reader. Despite such a complex audiovisual kinesthetic effect, focus preparation is surprisingly simple.

Cut out the cardboard bat according to the given pattern. Do not forget about the four small cells on the wings. Fold the bat in half in accordance with the dotted line and stretch the elastic on the wings. Now lay out a winged bookmark (because of the gum, it will tend to fold, but you can do it) and stick it in such a flat form in the middle of the book. It is desirable to take a book thick, hardcover.

All mine laid. Wait for the explosion. Now We all hurry somewhere. We have forgotten how to rejoice in simple things. For example, such as a balloon, stretched on the exhaust pipe of your neighbor’s car (and tied with tape for strength).

See how the sun rises, obedient to the celestial mechanics, see how the ball swells, obedient to thermodynamics … Days give way to nights, people fall in love, balls burst, drivers jump out of cars with skewed faces – the world continues to rotate.

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks Ideas

For another act You will need: lining from the old tie. Put it in your right fist with an accordion and go look for a mod in an expensive tie. Having found one, praise his accessory, ask him to examine the tie closely, carefully take hold of his edge with left hand, admiring the pattern. Put your right hand under the tie, quietly grasp the edge of the hidden lining with your left hand.

Dramatically pull it full length. The illusion of an act of vandalism over a tie will be complete enough to instill an April Fool’s mood in its owner. “The pattern is excellent, but the material is weak…” – try to pronounce the end of this replica at a safe distance.

In April, the sun begins to burn – caring car owners wash their cars, and those sparkle in the parking lots with polished sides. Well, how can you not spread out the heels of another Bologna sausage on the hot bonnet? They will fry slightly, release a delicious juice, which even after removing the sausage will leave nice round spots on the hood. This pea is not washed off by anything.

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks Ideas

For this next trick Choose a gambling and gullible victim. Ask: “Do you want to see magic? Give me a hundred RS. Now I’ll seem to tear it up, and then it will be whole. Watch your hands. ” After the victim hands you a banknote, fold it several times, rub mysteriously in your hands and tear it into pieces.

After that, squeeze the scraps of the bill in your fist and with a cry of “it is whole again!” Pour them on the floor. The victim will say: Where is the whole? Some bits and pieces! You then have to say: Indeed … We must still practice … Give me a hundred RS for a second.

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks Ideas

Desserts are very popular now, they are called cake pops – cakes on a stick, they look very appetizing, so nobody will suspect anything. Ingredients: Brussels sprouts, Milk Chocolate Bar, Multi-colored topping and Sticks. Boil Brussels sprouts until ready, stick prepared sticks into it.

Melt chocolate in a water and dip each head in it. Sprinkle with colorful decorations, put on a plate and send to the fridge to set. Now serve this appetizing delicious dessert for your children or friends or any guests who come to your house.

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks Ideas

Surprise your office staff for this April by turning his cubic office into beautiful toilets. Does your office Mate complain about his / her uncomfortable office chair? Then why not give him / her the Ultra Comfort foam office chair on this First of April! He / she will surely be very grateful to you.

Prepare foam by dissolving liquid soap in some water and then cover your victim’s chair with foam. For another joke, you need to buy the explode pen. As soon as your victim open this pen to write, it will explode with a bang sound. Explosion is certainly not harmful with just a realistic sound effect.

So if you know any of your office assistant who keeps on asking for a pen from you, than hand them out on this Blast Pen and watch them jump out of their Skins. You can even place this pen on the victim’s table when you are far away and just wait for pleasure.

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks Ideas

BIRTHDAY, Anniversary or April Fools Day of your friend or mate, Buying expensive gifts for them is a little painful. So why not give them your belongings on this first of April. Just find the right time when the victim is far behind his / her desk, gift wrap all you find and place them there. hahaha ..

Another April Fools treat is cotton balls covered with chocolate. Look delicious, until you started chewing. Roll some cotton balls and then dip them in the melted chocolate. Then freeze them for a while and offer them to your victim.

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks Ideas

Usually pranks are played on the girls for they get scared quite easily. Don’t worry girls, there are certain pranks with which you can take your revenge. Girlish revenge jokes can be like this: get a tattoo sticker in the form of a butterfly or a heart then paste them on the neck or lower back of the victim.

It is necessary to apply it while the man is sleeping, and better behind, so that he does not immediately see and not erase. Let it be justified before colleagues at work. Another girlish rally. Put on a clean garbage bag over you and crouch near the real garbage bag.

The main thing is you need to ask the victim specially to throw the garbage. As soon as he comes to pick up the garbage bag, give him the fright of his life. Another simple prank that you girls can carry out easily yet with a worthy result is Making a sandwich on April 1. It is not necessary to remove the plastic wrap from the cheese. So, it may be tasteless, but very fun for you.

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks Ideas

Wrap (generously) the car of a friend, neighbor, or colleague with cling film. Harm for cars will not be any, and fun very weighty. At least for you. At least, until they catch up …Attach a picture of your victim’s  idol to the door peephole of a friend and ring the doorbell. The main thing is to come without an invitation. Plush toys can be very realistic and cute.

Imagine the reaction of the household when they see such a line in the toilet. Cork a shampoo with food film. A person who wants to wash himself will long shake the vial: it seems to be full, but nothing is flowing. The network has a lot of programs with which you can see how a person will look in 10-20 years.

Upload a photo of your life partner or friend to such a website, print the result and paste the sheet on the mirror in the bathroom on April 1. You can see the surprise.

  1. Good April Fools Day Pranks Ideas For School

In the presence of children, pretend that you are being called by the principal or class teacher, and come up with a list of the most ridiculous possible complaints, for example, that your child is too attentive in class and the teacher is unhappy.

Then scold your children and tell them teacher has called you to his school. A strict punishment awaits him in the class for being too attentive. However, do not prolong the joke else your child may be less attentive in the class. This next play is for those who are the livery of the banana. First bake the cake in perfect banana shape then cover this cake with cream.

Treat someone with such an unusual banana! For the next prank, buy some cold drink bottles with plastic cap. Better be Pepsi or cola. Then Replace the drink with soy sauce and offer to friends. Tip: it will be most convenient to work with small bottles with plastic caps. And be sure to check in advance if a person is allergic to soy.

Bring in an empty cage and put a note in front of the cage saying “Do not touch the snake. The snake in here is very venomous.” Now here comes your acting skill. Pretend  that the snake has left the cage and wondering in the office and you’re searching for the snake everywhere but you failed to find it. It will cause a sensation, especially if the owner with insane eyes wandering around and gazing into all the cracks in search of loss snake.

It is not difficult to portray a mouse in a house – you need an “overturned” box and a beet with a tail that is suitable in size. Tip: in the absence of a perfect beet, you can use a potato with a tail made of twine. No, no pizza today. For this next act, just pretend that you’re calling some restaurant to order some pizza in front of your children or friends.

Then get some empty pizza box and fill the box with broccoli. Now pretend that the pizza has been delivered and give this special pizza to your victim. Delight your loved ones and colleagues with a delicious cake made from shredded potatoes and sausage. It turns out delicious, though not quite what you expect from the airy cake.

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