150 April Fools Day Pranks For Kids, Friends, Boyfriend, Girlfriends, Parents, School

  1. April Fools Best Pranks Ever

If you’re in a shop, talk to your friends loudly as if they were hard of hearing. Give some sweet treats to those who says something in your favor. So you train people like shown in the Big Bang Theory. One wonders why you always offer treats.

  1. April Fools Best Pranks Ever

You can crumble the keyboard full – of course by accident. Buy Hemorrhoid Cream and put it in the desk of your colleague on the table: “Here. Did you want to have it? If he denies it, meaningfully pinche one eye and say,” Of course, sorry, I mistook you for another. “

And grin to your seat. Anonymously send your colleague an embarrassing DVD (for example, Spice World – The Movie) and write on the card: “I still think of those days …”

  1. Pranks For April Fools Day 2019

Exchange all teabags in the packaging with others. Run into a supermarket and shout loud and excited: “What year is today? Which year is today? “If someone answers you, yell,” Yes! I did it! “Hop happily around and run out of the supermarket again.

Buy a lubricant and put it secretly in the middle of the desk of your colleagues (great in the open-plan office!) – and wait for the reaction. Of course you know nothing. Invite a friend to an exclusive movie night with the latest DVDs – and then insert Twilight …Stand in line with bakers and pay attention to what the person orders before you.

Then you ask, “Do you love that too? Oh my God! Do you want to be my friend? ” When you get into a lift, stand your back pointedly towards the door and look at anyone who does not shake his head and make no sense. Smile your “victim” demonstratively throughout the day and do not forget to mention that today is April 1st.

Whistle being happy and give them full of anticipation of what you’re going to do with them. Nothing happens in the end, but nothing is more beautiful than the fear of a really nasty April joke.

  1. Pranks For April Fools Day 2019

Exchange the function of the left and right mouse buttons. For this one needs to have access to the computer of the colleague. For older Windows operating systems, click on the “Control Panel” under “Start” and then select either “Printers and other hardware” and then select “Mouse” or, in the case of newer operating system press on “Mouse” directly.

In the first tab of the now opening tab you can check the box “Switch primary and secondary key”. Another computer idea is Create an empty text file with a hundred pages. Then start printing on the device that is in the office of the boss or secretary. The printer suddenly spits white pages for no reason. This other gag is also an April Fools joke: Stick an official-looking sign to the copier, which states with the manufacturer’s logo, “This device has been updated. Voice input is now possible. “

Similarly, hang the huge picture of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un in line with the company’s employees – who will notice that first? The April Fooler victim is led into a meaningless act in which one pretends that the door has been rang, the shoelace or the fly is open, the bicycle has a plate, or someone stands at the reception and wants to speak to him / her personally.

  1. Pranks For April Fools Day 2019

A classic among the prank apps are these photo apps: Simply photograph the colleague’s car, edit it with a matching app and show your victim on the way. However, to make sure that the artificial scratches and fires look real, you have to play around a bit. Make your smartphone sound like a shaving instrument and drive it over the back of your head.

The iOS app “Real Shaver” (free) or the Android app “Real Shaver” (free) make this more or less credible. Those who would like to speak with the voice of a robot or an extraterrestrial can do this, for example, with the Ultra Voice Changer (Android, free) or the “Voice Changer Plus” (iOS, free).

Simply speak the desired sentence and then adjust. So you can worry about the intercom system for interesting situations. Even if you can barely see it these days: the blue screen – the Windows error message that nothing works except a reboot – is still feared by many.

The Windows App Blue Screen provides this frightening sight very credible. And strictly speaking, this is not a smartphone, but it is still nice! For this prank you need no app, but only a few seconds alone with the smartphone of your prank victim. Just open the address book and swap names and numbers of two contacts – such as the friend or girlfriend and the tax office.

The victim seems to be constantly receiving calls from the tax office and do not know why. Depending on individual creativity and malice this can of course play through in countless variations. The iOS app “Rotating Prank Free” is likely to cause the stroke victim for helpless smartphone turning.


Because this app leaves the home screen of the iPhone always upside down, no matter how you turn the phone. Unfortunately, the app has not yet been adapted to the latest display formats of the iPhone – but at first glance, it works convincingly.

  1. Pranks For April Fools Day 2019

It is funny to think of a newspaper report, which is laid inconspicuously in the newspaper on the morning of April 1st. With the help of this invented message can easily take a hobby of the father or mother on the grain.

In the morning, then read the fictitious newspaper report with a surprised tone. Like, Is interested in the parent who is to be duped, for example, especially for computers, could stand there. An April Fool’s joke may need some preparation, but sometimes it just needs a bit of persuasiveness peppered with a bit of acting talent.

So it can be said: Will you open it, someone is at the door! Now the answer will be: I have not heard any doorbell! And then everyone has to agree: Yes, it has rung twice already!

  1. Pranks For April Fools Day 2019

With butter or cream cheese, a deodorant can be wonderfully upgraded. The preparation for the next prank may take several days but the end result will pay for all your efforts.

Why not breed some watercress in the keyboard for your colleague? Of course you should take a discarded keyboard and prepare and secretly exchange on the deadline.

  1. Pranks For April Fools Day 2019 For Family

Caramel apples are a delicious treat that many love. You can play a funny joke on your family by making caramel apples, but replacing the apples with onions. The members of your family will bite into an apple and expect a delicious treat, but then have the taste of onions in the mouth. Use a basic recipe for caramel apples for this prank.

By tapping small holes in a plastic bottle, you can make a trap for an unsuspecting family member. You can leave this trap in the refrigerator for your victim to find later. Take a water bottle made of plastic. Keep it over the sink and stitch with a needle holes.

Some excess water will run out. You can wipe it away with a towel. Still the water bottle in the fridge. If someone takes the bottle into the hand, the pressure of the hand will ensure that the water splashes everywhere. You can also play this gag with a bottle of lemonade, juice or other liquid. Many great pitches arise when you are pushing in the expectations of others.

You can play a joke by exchanging the contents of a chip bag. Wake up early in the morning before the others awake. Take a bag of chips from the cabinet. Open the packing carefully at the seam. Open slowly, so that the bag does not tear. Slide the chips into the garbage. Replace them with a healthy snack. Dried fruits or kale chips are very good.


When the bag is full, put some glue on the seam. Close the bag again and put it to the side until it is dry. Then put them back in the cabinet.

  1. Pranks For April Fools Day 2019 For Family

If you have small children, making lollipops out of broccoli can be a great prank. Your children will think that they get a sweet treat while you actually give them something healthy. Remember that very young children will not be very happy about it.

So it’s a good idea to have real lollipops on hand after playing the prank. Buy lollipops and 15 x 15 cm pieces of wax paper in the craft shop. You should also buy colored tissue paper. Take a small piece of broccoli, about the size of a large marble, and place it on the end of the lollipop. Wrap the broccoli in the wax paper. Then wrap colored tissue paper around the wax paper.

Leave the sweets for your children to find, or give them as a snack after lunch or dinner. If you have to prepare breakfast for your family, wrong fried eggs are a great prank. You can make a fried egg out of yoghurt and peaches and astonish your family during their breakfast. Put a dollop of white yogurt on a plate.

Then put a canned peach in the middle of the blob. It will look like an egg. Serve this breakfast to one or more family members. But keep in mind that your family might get suspicious if you never make breakfast for them otherwise but suddenly do it on April 1st.

  1. Pranks For April Fools Day 2019 For Family

Blue Screen of Death is the colloquial expression for an error message that appears on Windows devices and indicates that the computer has a serious malfunction. You can find online websites where you can download a screensaver that looks like the error message on a blue background. Wait until nobody is near the computer.

April Fool SMS in Nepali Language: Nepali April Fool SMS

You may have to get up early or stay awake for a long time. If nobody is on the computer, you can download the screensaver. Follow the instructions for downloading on the website. It’s a good idea to set it up so that the blue screen saver is the first thing a parent or family member sees in the morning. So you have to get up early and start the computer.

Leave it alone until the screen saver appears. Go away and wait for the first unsuspecting computer user to panic. You can play tricks with the clocks in your home. If you fasten them for an hour, the members of your family will get ready for work or school, only to realize that they are an hour early. You have to get up at night and then change clock after clock.

You can play this trick better on older people, as younger mostly use their cell phone as a clock. The time on the phone is usually associated with a mobile phone and can not be manually adjusted. Imagine an alarm clock that wakes you in the middle of the night. When he starts, get up and get to work. Go from room to room and fasten the clocks one hour ahead. Do this with wall clocks, digital clocks and those on stoves and microwaves.

You might have to go to a clock in your parent’s room. Be very careful there. You have to open the door slowly, so you will not be heard, and walk on tiptoe through the room to the clock. It might be a good idea to do a test run earlier in the week. Sneak into your parent’s room when they are not there and look at how you change attitudes.

You have to be quick at the actual prank. Fidgeting the clock too long could wake your parents. This other prank is not subtle, but annoying. You can wrap a lot of tape around the remote controls in your home so they can not be used for a while. If a family member wants to watch TV in the morning, they need to take the time to remove all the tape.

As with most pranks, it is best to prepare it early in the morning or late in the evening. Find time when nobody is awake.Take a big roll of tape. Wrap it around the remote controls for the TV, DVD player, stereo, virtually all the remote controls you can find. Wrap the tape in several layers around it, so you can not easily remove it. Keep the remote controls where they normally are.

When the members of your family wake up, they will be confused because they can not use the remote controls. Remember that you could get in trouble for that. If your family does not have a sense of humor, you may need to remove the tape yourself at the end. Only do this prank if you think your family can laugh about it and do not get mad.

  1. Pranks For April Fools Day 2019 For Family

Vaseline is a transparent and very sticky substance. If you lubricate the toilet seat with Vaseline, it will be difficult to see. An unsuspecting family member who has to go to the bathroom will sit down and experience an unpleasant surprise. Check if your family has Vaseline in the bathroom. If not, you can buy some at the pharmacy before April 1st.

It is good to prepare this prank at night so that a family member falls for it in the early morning. If someone is still half asleep and goes to the bathroom, the person will probably not notice Vaseline. Set your alarm clock late at night, when no one is awake, and prepare the prank.

Use gloves as Vaseline is very sticky and you probably do not want to touch the toilet seat with your bare hands. Spread some Vaseline on the toilet seat. Make a thin layer as it is less noticeable and try to smooth bumps and dents.

Remove all evidence when you’re done. Put the vaseline back where you found it. If you purchased it for the prank, hide it. Throw away the gloves you used. Then leave the bathroom the way you found it. Vaseline can be very slippery. Do not do this prank with young children or older people, as they can slip and fall. In another funny prank you cover the toilet seat with cling film.

This can be especially funny if you have many male family members. When male family members go to the bathroom in the morning, urine will splash back onto them from the cling film. Get up before someone else is awake. Get some cling film from the kitchen.

You should wear gloves so that you do not touch the toilet bowl with your bare hands. Lift the lid of the toilet seat. Place the cling film over the toilet bowl. Make sure the cling film does not crumble, otherwise it will be easier to notice. Close the lid when you’re done. Put the cling film back and throw away your gloves. Leave the bathroom the way you found it.

  1. Pranks For April Fools Day 2019 For Family

Empty a toothpaste tube in the bathroom of your family. Fill it with mustard. Your family member will be annoyed when they want to brush their teeth in the morning and see that his toothbrush is full of mustard. You should prepare the prank early in the morning or late in the evening, so nobody will catch you. You must not forget to dispose of the evidence.

You should empty the contents of the toothpaste tube into a plastic bag and throw it away when you’re done. But remember that this can be annoying rather than funny when your family has little money. You may have to pay for a new tube of toothpaste.

You should only play this prank if you think your family members are reacting positively to it. It can be fun to take something that is the same color as the toothpaste, like mayonnaise. So the family member may not notice anything until he wants to brush his teeth with Mayo.

  1. Pranks For April Fools Day 2019

With the announcement of offspring you can fool your parents on this day. The changing pool of emotions is inevitable. Some parents will clap their hands over their heads and say, “Why right now?” and finally be glad that it was just a joke.

With the partner you should do it differently. How about if you rush out of the toilet with a great panic and say howling that they have not got their days left. He will turn blue! Shock effect guaranteed!

  1. Pranks For April Fools Day 2019

Do your friends need a little reminder that it’s important to run an antivirus tool and update definitions regularly? This prank could make them act. Create a Simple but Fake Computer Virus, Get on with your friends’ PCs without causing any permanent damage.

Try some fake viruses and await their desperate cries for help. Windows Computer Pranks offers two fake viruses. One of them uses the Windows language feature to read custom messages. Alternatively, you can create a custom set of pop-up windows.

Send the message through WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger saying “guess who’s at your doorstep …”, preferably, if the chat partner just wrote that. It will send the chills comfortably in sweatpants on the sofa.

Unfortunately, you may not see your victim’s face but the idea alone gives a big grin. The next prank is very simple, just stand on the street staring at the stranger. Maybe people will fall for it and see what keeps you so captivated.

  1. Pranks For April Fools Day 2019

Call in the office and collectively report sick – and then, of course, appear anyway. Is the life partner, brother or roommate a real Freak surrounded by electronic devices like televisions, alarm clocks, radios, mp3’s, computers or other? Then this April joke is perfect! Everywhere you can, you should replace the full batteries with empty ones.

The victims will be very irritated and coincidentally strike all the machines on the same day. It is best to collect empty batteries in good time. Snatching guaranteed! Confidently send your partner for shopping. Following the motto, you’re cooking an incredibly delicious dish and lacking a special ingredient called “Bratwurst Butter”.

The partner will then probably only become aware on the way or in the supermarket that there is no such thing! As a reward, you should expect him at home with a royal meal! Simple, cheap and convenient are the SMS that you can send through the Internet. The text messages are mostly anonymous and also free! Just write an SMS in the name of a person and you’re off to the fun?

Come on! The topics are unlimited here. From “secret lover” over “honey you’re in the TV, turn on the TV quickly” to “police is looking for you”, the fantasies are no limits! The dream of all people, once in a lifetime in the lottery or casino to win a million.

Nepali April Fools SMS, Shayari, Text Messages, Jokes

The short SMS or call, “you won the lottery” or “I’ve cracked the jackpot” can simply do the trick. You should enjoy this short moment!

  1. Pranks For April Fools Day 2019

Spreading letters in the name of others, notices or e-mails can cause confusion and be funny for the sender. Classics pranks that you can play in the office: just hang the following notice on the notice board of the office.

On behalf of the Human Resources Department to communicate new company policies, dress codes or prohibitions. Or one informs the dear colleagues with a fake guidance of the Company policies, dress codes or prohibitions to communicate. Or you inform the dear colleagues with a fake manual of the printer provider that the floor printer has been switched to voice control.

There are many ways to bring the blush to your colleague’s face. You can hang a crazy ad on the bulletin board on behalf of your colleague, post an embarrassing e-mail from the colleague’s account, or post an ambiguous photo of two coworkers along with a marriage announcement online.

  1. Pranks For April Fools Day 2019

You could of course dress up as an armchair! You can be sofa or any other furniture by dressing appropriately. Sit back pretending as a furniture. When your victim comes and sits on you thinking you as a sofa, you can then give him the shock of his life.

  1. Pranks For April Fools Day 2019 For Family

The whole family is in for a special scare when suddenly red water comes out of the tap on the morning of the 1st of April. The preliminary work is very simple and yet very effective. Unscrew the strainer and place a water coloring tablet in the desired color.

If you screw the sieve back on and let the tap run, the water turns red. Use a needle to cut a banana with the shell closed. When your children peel the banana, they will be staring. In this next prank, share your plans with few of your friends and choose the victim.

Then ask your friends to pretend they are making fun of him by giggling while watching him and whisper to each other. Another classic prank would be placing the fake bug in the lunch box of the victim and give him the fright of his life.

  1. Pranks For April Fools Day 2019

If you have been annoyed by the service provider so far, it is time to retrieve it. Call your internet service provider and report that you are not on the Internet. You will be sure to ask for your IP address, and just say that 01.04.2019.

  1. Pranks For April Fools Day 2019 For Family

The authorities do not understand humor. Therefore – the joke should be as transparent as possible and not disturbing the normal working process. For example, you can call your chief or message him saying  “Hello, boss! Today, I just can not come to work, I’m sorry.

You see, it is on this day that our whole family celebrates a solemn event. Exactly 100 years ago, my grandmother cooked her first scrambled eggs. Traditionally, every year, on this day we go to the village, catch a chicken, wait until it blows an egg, and send it to the frying pan. Play the first grandmother’s culinary achievement – holy in our house.

Sorry one more time!” There is another original way to make fun of the manager. Model the situation. The accountant brought the chief to sign the expense book. Only the chief went deep into the calculations – while you can enter the office with a glass of fragrant morning coffee and you … quite accidentally (surely!), Overturn sweet, viscous, hot coffee on the report.

Universal joy simply will not be the limit! First, the overturned coffee will not be coffee at all, and not at all hot, but a unique mixture of sticky glue, paint, wax and patience, and secondly, today, is the first of April! Yes, and the report, in the end, practically does not suffer at all! Nothing so frustrates subordinates as reducing the budget of the company in general and their salaries in particular.

So even the bosses can play a simple prank on the employees. For example, in the form of an extraordinary meeting, at which the chief accountant of an enterprise will read the list of expenses that will have to be reduced due to the problematic economic situation in the country.

This list may include social networks, the exit to which the ban will be set, and the reduction of the lunch break from one hour to 15 minutes, and the introduction of fines for late arrivals. However, for many organizations our April Fools jokes are a common course of life. If your employees also consider themselves to be “poor subordinates” – for them you can come up with something more creative in honor of April Fool’s Day.

For example, why don’t you, as the boss, appear in the workplace in the form of such a lucky card joker of fate? Or – wear a completely original headdress – a paper cap? This kind  will be of pedantic and well-adjusted boss will plunge his subordinates into a state of deep shock. Or – arrange an unusual check at the entrance to the office.

For example, today only those with socks without holes can enter and start work. Then place an official to only check the integrity of the socks. Or – it is possible at the same entrance to organize a check of lice by the employees of the sanitary-epidemiological station. And, having already reached, finally, after all the checks to his workplace, let the disgruntled employees see on the table an unusual white-toothed smile unusual for the boss!

Such a delicious apple-marshmallow gift will bring cheerfulness to the employees and allow you to quietly start working, convincing yourself that the entire nightmare of today is just an April Fool’s joke!

  1. Pranks For April Fools Day 2019

The office is just fertile ground for all sorts of jokes and practical jokes. Especially – if the workplace of colleagues is equipped with computer equipment. For example, on April 1, you can set up an unusual PC desktop interface for employees – turning it upside down (using the simple Ctrl, Alt and down arrow keys).

And also – you can leave a congratulatory message on the answering machine of your work phone and turn it on remotely as often as possible. The main “trick” of this gag is that the employee should not see the telephone apparatus. Hide it as safely as possible in the room, or – attach with adhesive tape under the table.

To meet your beloved colleagues on a wonderful April Fool’s morning you need to be very festive. How do you, for example, have an idea to give them balloons? A lot of bright, big balloons! Like? Then order a thousand balls and hide them in a large box (from under the refrigerator, for example) behind the entrance door.

The box should be installed under a small slope so that the balls “hurry” to greet the newcomer. Boxes with balls can be hidden behind all the doors of cabinets, bollards and even a refrigerator. May all colleagues today have a cheerful, festive, April Fool’s mood! You can print the order of the chief to change the vacation schedule and post it on the bulletin board. Or to say that half the salary of each employee will be transferred to the organization’s fund.

  1. Pranks For April Fools Day 2019

You can call one of your friends (after having worked on changing your voice) and report that you are a DJ on a popular radio station, and that his phone number was accidentally chosen to participate in the game “Guess the amount of money in the bank. Ask the “victim” a few ridiculous questions and congratulate him on winning a fabulous sum!

And then – ask, what would a friend want to spend this money on? Well, at the end of the conversation, congratulate your stunned friend with such good luck on April 1!

  1. Pranks For April Fools Day 2019

When you wake up early, place the children’s things on the adults, and for the parents, replace the slippers with a larger or smaller size. You can put slippers of different sizes, hide one sock from a different pair or stitch a sock and so on.

You can recall the jokes that we made more than once in childhood – paint the face of a sleeping person with toothpaste, ketchup or another quickly flushing mixture. You can pour detergent into the toilet, which foams well, or put dry pasta under the toilet seat, and when someone sits on it, it will pop up as if it has broken. You can spend different manipulations with cosmetics.

For example, replace face cream or deodorant with butter. Or, call a friend and ask him not to answer calls for a few minutes, as the telephone operator works on the line and can be electrocuted. After some time, call back, and if your friend picks up the phone – give a heart-rending cry. This really is not for the faint of heart, so joke as not to harm the native person.

For the next joke, you need to enable call forwarding to any number on your mobile phone – for example, government agencies, a hairdresser, a bathhouse or a rest home. There will be no limit to the surprise of the people calling you, when instead of your greeting they will hear an unfamiliar voice pronouncing the name of the organization.

  1. Pranks For April Fools Day 2019 For Boyfriend Girlfriend

A girlfriend can play more in the following way, which is called the “secret admirer.” You should order a chic bouquet and attach an anonymous note in which you specify the place and time of the meeting, and request that you bring this bouquet with you.

20 April Fools Day Pranks for Long Distance Friends

At the meeting with a friend you need to send a stranger to her man, but he must come with his companion. Going to your girlfriend, he should take away a bouquet from her and hand it solemnly to his companion. But, in order not to bring a loved one to the pen, you need to immediately appear and hand over flowers that are meant for her.

  1. Pranks For April Fools Day 2019

An explosion of laughter in the office guarantees a fan horn under a colleague’s chair. Wait for a colleague to leave the office for a while, and change his birthday on his Facebook page for April 1, and look at his (her) reaction when he falls asleep with congratulations.

Another version of the April Fools’ rally, which always works: sew the socks of your loved ones so that they cannot wear them. It is important to do this unnoticed. Yes, if you do not have a sewing machine – it does not matter, you can do it manually.

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