150 April Fools Day Pranks For Kids, Friends, Boyfriend, Girlfriends, Parents, School

  1. April Fools Pranks For Friends

If we ask a friend to take a picture of us, can you imagine his face when he sees a phantasmagorical entity in the background? No, you do not have to go to the forest and look for the entity, simply download the app Ghost Photo.

With the open app select a ghost and its situation in which it will appear in the photo, to your left, to the center or to the right, ask them to take a picture with your camera and be ready. The surprise will be taken by them and you can also share it on social networks.

One of the best things about the app is the degree of personalization, which allows us to choose between floating entities, apparitions, ghostly faces, and Victorian spectrums. You can save the photos, undo, add and reload new ghosts, move them around the screen and even create a swarm of appearances.

And of course, there is no missing the sound section since you can play up to 6 sounds of those to get the hair stand on end.

  1. April Fools Pranks

First, you must get a bottle of ice cream and fill it with food from the day before … or with beans, a classic that never fails. Take a picture in the refrigerator and send a message on WhatsApp inviting them to try. You will enjoy heartily when they taste your own invented ice cream. The other best joke that you can play on your partner is pregnancy prank.

Of course, you need to be a girl for that. This is a classic but that never fails is the joke of pregnancy. Just send a picture of a pregnancy test and tell your partner that the cravings and mood swings had a reason. Or if on the contrary, what you want is to confuse your partner and make him believe that you do not want anything with her or you can send a message explaining that you want to end this relationship.

If it leaves you insight or marks you to know what happened … just tell him happy April fool’s day! And if you do not have a partner to cheat with pregnancy or breakup, there is always impossible love or crush to which you can declare your love this April Fool’s Day. The best thing is that if something goes wrong you can fix everything with an “April fool’s day, you let yourself be deceived!”.

  1. April Fools Pranks

Something that never fails for the clueless victim of yours is to borrow money. So you can send a message asking for help. “I had an accident and I can not leave the store because I ran out of money, could you lend me a little money or deposit me?” If the joke turns out you will not have to pay the person who lent you.

And how about something for lovers of series and movies, you can write them a normal message telling how your day is going and at the end throwing them a spoiler of the series that have not yet finished. Or for those who love Game of Thrones, you can continue with our joke and tell them that the cast will set foot on Mexican soil. Another prank is a classic in which they often catch you soon, but if you do well, you can stop perfectly.

Change your profile picture, your name, and your state so they do not know that you are you. When you write one of your contacts, you do not answer, wait for them to write to you more times, or take some hours to answer and tell them that you have been wrong with your phone. That you are not that person, you can mount them a story about your “new life”. It will be very fun.

  1. April Fools Best Pranks Ever

Get a phone number that your victim does not know, to whom you want to play the joke and pose as a person who is in distress, in any situation.

For example, someone who claims to be kidnapped in a cabin, someone who has been left lying with a car in the middle of nowhere and does not know what to do, a person about to die … let your imagination fly and you can invent stories and jokes really fun!

  1. April Fools Best Pranks Ever

There are some apps in Google play available for iOS and Android, is one of the best-known applications to perform classic telephone jokes. You just have to choose a pre-recorded joke, a victim and a time to make the false call on WhatsApp, and then listen to the result and even share it with other contacts.

Another popular option is to create fake chats, for example, with the Whitesnake application, available for iOS and Android. Or with Yazzy, for Android, which in addition to WhatsApp, allows you to invent conversations by SMS or Facebook Messenger, as well as falsify tweets or Facebook statuses.

These apps send telephone jokes without the recipient knowing who is sending them. With it, you can make anonymous calls to contacts or make pre-recorded calls.


The app already accumulates more than 20 million downloads in the Apple Store and Google Play, and although it is paid, it allows you to make free jokes when you download it for the first time or register with your Facebook account.

Prank Dial: This app offers the possibility to select from a few predefined phone jokes and call contacts anonymously.

  1. April Fools Best Pranks Ever For Friends

Finally, there is a variety of ‘apps’ of concrete jokes for all tastes, with which you can make your friend believe that you have a spider, a snake or even a mouse moving through your device. Or, that his beloved ‘smartphone’ has been affected by a lethal virus.

With mobile, there are many possibilities, such as playing with the autocorrect, but we really like the idea of putting the same name and image to all contacts.

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It takes time, yes. But the ultimate result will be very much fun when your victim tries to contact or call any one of his contacts on the phone.

  1. April Fools Best Pranks Ever

We do not know if distributing photos of heartthrob Nick Jonas or beautiful Selena Gomez throughout the house is a joke or one of the best decoration tips of all time. There are galleries available of any of your favorite celebrities in different frames and shapes.

Some are even available in an egg. It will be fun, however when you print out their photos and attack them all over the walls and ceiling of your victim’s room. If want to go big, why not decor the whole house.

  1. April Fools Pranks For Kids

Remove the batteries from the remote control and put a little April fool in place. Run an ice-cold bubble bath to your loved one. Put firecrackers “slap fingers” under the doormat.

Put salt in the bottle of tap water before bringing it to the table. Put soap in your hand and go grab the claws of all your office colleagues. Unplug the keyboard and mouse from the computer.

Take some newspaper, roll it into a ball and put it in the shoes of your loved ones.  Stretch a cellophane paper on the toilet bowl. You imagine the rest! Empty the foam soap and replace it with olive oil … Guaranteed laughter! Draw mustaches to your child while he sleeps … He will not come back the next day!  Put some bubble wrap under the tablecloth of the dining table. Who has farted?


Inflate a small balloon, tie it on a tray, and cover it with whipped cream and multi-colored glitter and ask someone to cut it … Can you imagine what will happen? Splatch! Put gelatin in a glass with a little fruit juice … Heat and turn the juice into a drink … solid! This will drive your kids crazy: Put baking soda in the toilet.

When your boy goes to the bathroom in the morning, it will lather and he will have a big surprise. Put a small piece of plastic wrap under the lid of the shampoo bottle. When your children try to put some in their hands, nothing will come out. It’s very amusing to watch them shake and shake the full bottle!

  1. April Fools Best Pranks Ever For School

Brush the inside of the bathtub faucet with blue food coloring (or some other color). When your child goes to turn on the tap, he will have a big blue surprise when bathing. Get creative in the kitchen and create fake broccoli treats on a stick and covered with candy paper.

Offer the lollipops for afternoon tea after school and look at the confused faces of your children. For breakfast, serve a fake egg on the plate: place a yogurt on a plate with a peach half on top. You can also serve it with a large glass of milk or chocolate that has been frozen! Use a pin to punch holes in a banana to make slices inside.

Give the fruit to your child and watch his reaction when he begins to peel the banana! Turn your child’s milk glass into a solid with powdered gelatin. Your child will wonder what happened to his milk! Put your clothes upside down and act normally. You might even insist that your children put on their clothes “correctly”.

  1. April Fools Best Pranks Ever For family

A picture is worth a thousand “April Fools”: change the background image on your teen’s computer, phone, iPad or other. The picture could be his parents kissing, being naked when he was a baby, a picture of him sleeping, etc..

Ask your children to be ready for school. Go to school (or to the bus stop) and say “April Fools”! Then explain to them that today they are skipping school as a family that you have planned. Go to an amusement park or elsewhere to enjoy the good weather of early spring.

Not something you would do every day, but only once a year! This is something they will remember forever!

  1. April Fools Best Pranks Ever For Boyfriend Girlfriend

Some of the classic, simple yet hysterical pranks that you can definitely play on your loved ones without having to expend money are: Borrow your best friend’s cell phone and change the language to Chinese or Russian. Same ploy: change the language on your colleague’s computer. It will be amusing to see him trying to work out his computer or mobile.

Does your wife or hubby like to drink decaf before going to bed? Replace your usual dose with a strong coffee and caffeine. She will have a great night. Likely, Invert logos for men’s and ladies’ toilets usually in office or public place. It will be funny seeing your friends going into opposite sex toilet. Embalm your colleague’s office with a toilet deodorizer.

Mix food coloring in the milk carton of the fridge. Mix food coloring with the windshield washer fluid in your father’s car. More meticulous: change all the keys on your colleague’s keyboard. It will give him an excellent training of typist! Invert the “Pull” and “Push” signs on the front door of your office. Spread plastic cups all over the floor of your colleague’s office.

Place a match in a cigarette in your brother’s pack and wait until he lights it. Self-mockery: bring several outfits to work, and change your style every hour while acting as if nothing had happened.

Put some water in your hand and pretend to sneeze by shaking your hand behind a friend’s head. Steal something on someone’s desk and leave a ransom note. Add several bogus appointments with audible alarms for on the schedule of your co-worker.

Hide all desktop icons on your coworker’s computer and replace the monitor wallpaper with a photo of yourself. Display a sign “Door Out of Service Use another door” on the entrance of your building, especially if it has only one! Hang an inflatable balloon on the exhaust pipe of one so that it starts to inflate when the victim starts his vehicle.

Tie the earphones of the trainee in the box. Remove the door handle and turn it upside down, then lock it and leave the door open. Put a plastic film around the door frame of your office.

Cover the toilet seat with a plastic film. Definitely be the funniest prank for the one who goes for tinkling. Water your co-worker regularly every two minutes with a water gun without getting caught! Leave a note on someone’s car to apologize for a crash that never happened.

Take the egg box out of the fridge and stick all the eggs in the box. Boil all the eggs in a box and put them back in the fridge as if nothing had happened. Put all the settings of your boyfriend’s car to the maximum: heat, radio, wipers, seats, etc.

Place a small piece of Post-it on the infrared cell of a computer mouse to see your colleague get upset when he can not get it to work. Unhook the refrigerator handles and place them on the side that does not open. Place a “House for Sale” ad in the newspaper for your ex’s house. Definitely be the Hilarious payback for you.

Paint the pen ball and the pencil lead of your coworker with clear nail polish so that he can not write anymore. Hide a walkie-talkie in the back of your colleague’s desk drawer, and whisper discreetly from time to time to scare him! Fill your girlfriend’s or sister hair dryer with talc. Hide an alarm clock in someone’s room and set it at 3:00 in the morning.

Buy some underwear, write a colleague’s name on it, and leave it on the toilet floor in the office. Surround the car with the plastic film pattern. Prepare apples of love by replacing apples with onions, and offer them to your colleagues. Line the walls of a colleague’s office with hundreds of A4 size portraits representing you!

  1. April Fools Best Pranks Ever For Friends

Some of the other childish yet amazing pranks for you to play on your innocent victims are: Discretely replace the tube of toothpaste with a tube of mayonnaise. Replace the remote control batteries with a small paper fish. The next person who wants to watch TV will have a hard time zapping until they want to change the batteries! Put drops of gouache on the floor.

Looks like someone blew their foot or nose! Put fingers under the carpet: when the victim walks on it: “clac-clac-cla-clac”! Take all water bottles from the house and pour in sugar or salt! Then put them back in place and when someone wants to drink …

You can imagine the rest! Stick eyes that move on all the products of the fridge! When the victim sleeps, put fake plastic spiders on him and all of a sudden you shout “ah you have a spider” and you step back to show that you are afraid.

You’ll see, he’ll scream! Unplug the grill the bread or the coffee maker: when your parents will want to use them they will take time to understand, the morning is never very smart! Take some newspaper, make balls with them and put them at the end of the shoes of your father, your mother, or your brothers and sisters: they will have the impression to have grown up feet in the night! Take a sheet of paper (do not emphasize it too much).

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When the victim bends, tear it up. She will believe that her pants have just torn. You can also take fabric adhesive. On chewing gum, put the product to avoid eating your nails (it tastes bitter and is invisible). Stick a piece of tape on the phone receiver, the person will have to speak very loudly.

Attach a knife and a fork with invisible tape. Put the plate on the ribbon that ties the two cutlery. When the victim wants to take one of the two covers, she will take everything with! While your brothers are sleeping, the night of April Fool’s Day, discreetly return to their room and apply, fingers and toes, a beautiful nail polish, kindred firefighter …

Be careful then to hide the bottles of solvents varnish! Bring coffee to bed with your parents: except that the cups will be empty and pretend to stumble to knock over the cups on the duvet! Put some whipped cream in the hand of someone who sleeps and then makes sure that he puts his hand in the face tickling his nose with a feather for example.

After, it will be all smeared. Swap the handwash soap with sunflower oil …. Very effective joke! Put salt on the toothbrush of your parents or siblings! Put dish soap in the teacher’s sponge, occasionally on the chalks.Take a pen and write on your arm, not too big: “April Fool’s Day” or draw a little fish.

At recess time, you have to pretend to be in pain and say to the teacher: “Ouch, I hurt myself” while hiding the wrong wound. The teacher will watch and he will realize that it was an April Fool’s joke. The teachers are easy to take! But do not make them suffer too much.

Take some pepper and throw it on people in your college. Write a stupid, ridiculous story about someone (an animal for example) and have it read to a teacher or a friend. At the final of the story, write “You’ve lost a minute of your life reading this, April Fools”!

Put a killer cushion on your teacher’s chair (very risky) or your classmates. Laughs assured. Glue the chalks of your teacher with glue on the edge of the board and hide the pad and the chair of your teacher.

  1. April Fools Best Pranks Ever For School

Go to school in advance and put the following sign: “SCHOOL CLOSED FOR CAUSE OF STRIKE”. Then go home and wait for the start of classes … You will be alone in class! On the eve of April 1st, put kibble of dogs or cats in a small package then stick a label on it by marking “for (your first name)” by signing “your grandparents”.

The next day (April 1st), at recess, tell your friends: “Look, my grandparents offered me cupcakes, you want some?” They will certainly say “yes” and when they will taste “berkkkkkkk. Tighten a cellophane paper (transparent food film) on the toilet bowl. The first who will do his needs is likely to be all splashed. On a black phone, put a layer of black shoe polish at the ear.

When the person picks up, he will have the ear all waxed !! Cut out hundreds of fish (paper) and put them in your teacher’s binder. Imagine what followed !! Take an eraser, make a small hole and then put a pencil lead. The victim will write instead to erase.

Put vaseline on all door handles of the school. In the canteen put pepper on your friend’s towel and fold it carefully. When the victim unfolds the towel, everyone sneezes. Hang a transparent wire to a glass. When the victim wants to drink, pull the thread so that the glass spills on the poor victim. Close the pepper holes with a piece of adhesive glued to the inside of the lid.

Impossible to season well with this pepper of misfortune! Pretend that the school computer has a bug, all the notes are lost and therefore all the tests to be redone. Put them right away at work with a test that is far too difficult for them, or on the contrary much easier! Give your students an exercise at a much lower level.

  1. April Fools Best Pranks Ever For Family

If you live in a hostel and you’re going to visit your family, or if you’re just a college student or even a matured person working in an office.

Get a realistic temporary tattoo and then sit your family, wife or friends down and tell them that you have a really important announcement to make.

  1. April Fools Best Pranks Ever For School

Knot the shoelaces of your sprout in the evening or in the morning in front of the school. If he wants to wear her, he must first unknot her. Another variation: Thread the shoelaces out completely and then turn them back in, so that the loop is tied down.

Yesterday it was still different! Or? In the nursery, swap drawers unnoticed, for example, those for socks and underwear. Result: surprised looks and doubts about your own memory! Who owns the present? Simple but effective: Just ask for dinner at the table where the gift belongs, which is in the hallway.

Immediately, the little ones will rush and look … April fools. Drill a small hole in an apple and put in a rubber worm (for example from the fishing shop). This will certainly cause a huge shock if the lunchbox is opened in the big break! Or decorate the broken fruit with wiggle eyes and superhero cape.

  1. April Fools Best Pranks Ever

Attach a note to the wiper of a friend, acquaintance or even stranger with the short but telling note: Sorry, I accidentally damaged your car. Please get back to me. 0098321. Whether you use a real number or fake one and whose number you use is up to you.

That way, you can quickly and easily play a joke on others. Send a fictitious postcard to the victim, in which you as a lover/friend and sent romantic greetings. It does not matter if you use a private or work address for this, the only thing that matters is that other people get to read the postcard first.

One conceivable text variant is the following: “Dear Rahul, I am sitting on the sofa thinking of our last shared hours together. You were so tender … I miss you and hope we can meet again soon. 1000 kisses, your Susi “. For security, you should possibly adjust your font …

  1. April Fools Best Pranks Ever For Family

Ideally, you will use a SIM card that is unknown to the recipient to send an anonymous message. Conceivable then are various variants, such as: “Hello Kiran, we have to talk. I suppose I’m pregnant. Please get in touch as fast as you can.

“Hello you shithead, let your fingers from a woman with 2 children. You are destroying a happy family! ” “I’ll take 50 grams again. In the usual place. Need a decent drone today. After five minutes, send another message saying:” Oh sorry, the SMS was meant for someone else, just ignore that. “

  1. April Fools Best Pranks Ever

Wait until your office neighbor leaves his workplace for a short time without locking his computer. Then you go to his computer and simultaneously press a key combination to rotate the screen either by 90 ° or 180 °. In general, the trick works as of Windows 7, the key combination lain in most cases CTRL + arrow key, or CTRL + ALT + arrow key or CTRL + SHIFT + arrow key. Just try!

Similarly, Leave the place your colleague a note with a short message: “Please call Ms. Maya urgently: 0123456789”. Which person you write down on the paper and what phone number you use for this prank (for example, board or police station), you can decide at will.

  1. April Fools Best Pranks Ever

Simply remove the ball of the computer mouse (analog mouse) or stick its back side (wireless mouse) with an adhesive strip (small tip: color black). Other variants: Connect a second wireless mouse or wireless keyboard to the computer of your colleague and remotely control it at irregular intervals.

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Close all open programs, then take a screenshot of the desktop, set it as wallpaper and finally hide the icons/taskbar. Occasionally swap adjacent letters on the keyboard of your colleague and the confusion will come by itself.

Simply manipulate electronic devices by minimally disconnecting the cables (for example, for the Internet or the monitor) from their associated ports. Secretly grab the car key of your workmate and quickly park your car.

  1. April Fools Best Pranks Ever

The fake plastic piece of shit is very well suited for pranks, it looks like real dog shit very similar. But do not worry, this item does not stink and is made of plastic, but it guarantees a lot of fun. Again, do not get caught, otherwise the shit is on the steam.

Write in clear letters on the board of your own or a foreign classroom that the lesson is canceled today or takes place in another room, leading teachers or students astray. Lubricates on the bottom of the door handle on the toilet with just a little Nutella.

What will happen when the next person uses the doorknob, you may think. Just take a bit of Tesafilm strip and block the opening of the faucet so that the next gets wet. As a rule, blackboards are attached to a kind of cabinet, so that behind the board a small shelf is created.

There, the smallest of your class has to hide and can now and then, when the teacher speaks to the class, secretly wipe a bit of inscriptions from the blackboard. Surprise your friends and classmates with delicious souvenirs (which you have manipulated before).

Conceivable, for example, are chocolate bars into which you initiate vinegar in advance with the help of a syringe, or marshmallows, where you dissolve the soil, enriched with pepper, and put back inside the wrapper. Sprinkle a lot of salt on the toothbrush of your partner or relative and rinse it off superficially.

If the owner wants to brush his teeth the next time, he will be very surprised by the taste of the toothbrush (liquid Tabasco probably works even better).

  1. April Fools Best Pranks Ever For family

You can attach a piece of paper to an elevator with the notice that this is unfortunately defective and therefore the stairs must be used. Incidentally, this basic idea can be applied to various other situations.

Examples of this are ringing of front doors (“bell faulty, please knock / call loud” or “bell faulty, please come back tomorrow”) or intercoms of fast food chains (intercom system defective, please get close to the microphone and speak as loud and clear order or system defective, please drive directly to the counter ). Simply swap the position of the names on the doorbell board for multi-family dwellings (possibly screwdrivers necessary).

  1. April Fools Best Pranks Ever

Cut onion or garlic into small pieces, then wrap in a tissue and then hide under the pillowcase of the victim.

You take a little transparent liquid (such as gel or shampoo) and put a thin layer on the toilet seat. This should be slightly uncomfortable when the next one uses the toilet. Simply unscrew the hair dryer, fill with flour and close again. That will be funny!

  1. April Fools Best Pranks Ever For Kids & School

Here are a few funny ideas and suggestions for April Fool’s jokes, which can be produced with simple means and with which you can trick your kids funny! Pick up child from daycare or school with crazy wig or unusually dressed up. If your children sleep as tight as Béa’s daughter: children while they sleep, relocate them in another bed.

Color vegetables with a root (like Radicals) brown and then leave it with the backside looking out, as if a mouse were hiding. Mix dark red marmalade with coloring mouthrinse – then the teeth will discolour. Fill cornflakes into a plate with craft glue and let it dry. The breakfast cannot be spooned. Put jelly into a drinking glass, put in a straw and let it dry.

Yellow and orange are best. The supposed orange juice is just not that easy to drink. Melt sponges in a chocolate bath and present as brownies. Put the dark grapes in an empty foil chocolate box. Cover the Brussels sprouts with chocolate and serve as pralines. Candle an onion and present it as a candied apple. Fill a donut or pancake with mayonnaise or ketchup using a piping bag.

Hiding Mentos in the lid of a carbonated bottle (such as cola) and resealing them – so that the foam falls into the bottle when turning it! Attention: This results in a huge amount of mess so perform it in the garden or another place where you do not have to wipe afterwards.

  1. April Fools Best Pranks Ever

Do you have colleagues whose desks are close together? Wonderful, then stay in the office the night before and exchange their mice or keyboards. Since the cables usually lose themselves in a tangle under the table, this should not be noticeable at first.

The colleagues will be surprised who controls their computer. The whole thing is even simpler with cordless equipment. For another April fool joke you need five undisturbed minutes on the computer of the colleague. Open the word processor and select the Auto Correction menu.

There you can set the program to automatically replace certain words with others. Let your imagination run wild. Note: Please observe the security guidelines in your company. For this joke, do not gain unauthorized access to colleagues’ work computers when the computer is locked. Likewise, you can irritate your colleagues by setting the font color to white. And if the colleague is too angry, just tell him you know the mistake, change the color again and tell him nothing about the prank.

This April Fool has almost reached classic status. Provide the lift or other technical device with a notice that it now works with voice control. The more pronounced the technical explanation, the more convincing it will be.

Enjoy the rest of the day through the talkative colleagues. Receive your sales representative after lunch with an important callback request. He should urgently contact an important new customer. Then give him a number that has nothing to do with your industry, such as a nursery. For full enjoyment, you should stay close to him during the conversation.

Usually jokes take place among colleagues of the same rank. In this trick, the boss once has the chance to fool his employees. And with an official notice: On April 1, representatives of the huge new customer from Japan come to the office. As a sign of respect, all employees should work either in regional or Japanese national dress on this day.

Enjoy the carnival! Another  joke is only suitable for a little air in the diary – because it costs time. Send the colleague on an urgent appointment with a Mr someone and then give him the address of a zoo or veterinary clinic. Whether you want to be in the office when you return is up to you.

  1. April Fools Best Pranks Ever

Make a scene in the kitchen in the morning, say theatrically, I’m just too fat. Today begins my diet! And throw everything delicious in the eyes of your loved one in a garbage bag. Or,you can send your parents an SMS with the content: “I’ll take 50 grams again, in the usual place, need a decent droning today”.

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Then send a second SMS shortly afterwards: “Uh, sorry, that was for someone else, just ignore that. Likewise, Send a WhatsApp message to any of your friends saying: “I know! Yeah, I know everything! And: You do not even have to call me! “Confusion guaranteed.

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