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One traffic light to another? Do not look at me, I’m changing. One wall to the other wall? See you in the corner.

I’m looking for someone who understands me, so I can explain it later. The brain is great, it works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And it stops working right when you have an exam.

I’m not afraid of death, I’m just afraid of when it happens I can not communicate on Twitter. I like to find money in my clothes, it’s like a gift that I make myself. I will go to sleep as God brought me to the world: Without brushing my teeth.

Maybe the love of my life is looking for me elsewhere and that’s why I have not found it. When a woman says: That you have to tell everyone, do not worry, they have already told everyone.

Women are not complicated, we just need LOVE, good clothes, shoes, love, understanding, more shoes, and more clothes!

I need a Google in my head, an Antivirus for my heart and a Photoshop for my face. If it were true that mistakes are learned, I would already have a Ph.D. in mathematics.

Sometimes I wish to become independent, but my family doesn’t want to leave the house. Nothing makes sense: I sleep 2 hours and I get up like new. I sleep for 8 hours and I get up dead.


NASA sent a robot to Mars whose battery lasts 15 years. NASA should start manufacturing cell phones.

If your girlfriend tells you to do what you want DO NOT DO IT! IT’S-A TRAP. The 3 loves of women: 1) Clothing 2) Shoes 3) Men who can buy clothes and shoes !. I do not know, wherever you want. That’s what a woman says she does know where she wants to go, but she wants to see what you propose.

After all, I admire my parents because they finished school without Google and without Wikipedia …A thief entered my house at dawn looking for money. I got up and we looked for it together, but we found nothing …

The phrase All men are the same was invented by a Chinese who could not find her husband.

A dog bites a guy. The same dog bites the guy again. Title: Remorse. The Diaz family on a plane. The Diaz family on another plane. Title: Days fly by.

A computer expert believes that the ideal woman to become a wife must meet the criteria: COMPATIBLE, UPGRADABLE, MULTI-TASKING, USER-FRIENDLY and have INTERFACE that is both attractive and ergonomic.
Hundreds of leading scientists work hand in hand to build a large computer, a powerful brain with the ability to answer and solve all the questions and secrets of the universe. Finally, they finish the computer and get ready to get the answer to the first question. With trembling hands, one of the scientists included the question: “What was the beginning of this world?” Then the computer answers: “Please see Genesis.”

The results of the survey about the signs of Internet addiction are: The bell in your house says “Click Here to continue”. Your bathroom door says “This site contains Adult Material, please verify your age”. Your dream always starts with HTTP: // www. You use a search engine to find your child who has not returned home for three days. You have difficulty moving your finger because you have been online for 36 hours.

While you ignore me, another one falls in love with me. While you forget me, another writes to me. While you move away, another wants me close.

Today I thought of you and I remembered that I should take out the trash of my life.

Every crime will definitely get a reply, but love is not a crime, so sometimes it doesn’t get a reply.

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If you want to judge someone, try to look at the side that is not visible. If it’s still not visible, try turning on the lights …Experience is the best teacher, but good teachers are not necessarily experienced.

Only a fool makes the same mistake. If you want to be called smart, make a different mistake. When you feel your life’s trials are too heavy, it’s because God knows you can handle them. If it’s too heavy, DIET.

Only a few people who have a character don’t get jealous when they see their friends succeed. It’s better to understand a little than not to understand, it’s better not to understand than to misunderstand. The mistake is a life experience, the experience is a valuable lesson, so make mistakes often.

If life is easy, you don’t think every night trying to find out why you are single until now! As long as there is a will, nothing is impossible, as long as there is a way, but if there is no way, it means the road is deadlocked.

When you are insulted, smile, and slowly raise your middle finger. Every problem must have a solution, if you don’t find the root, you just cut the stem.

Men’s strength: Free to choose the one they like. Women’s advantages: Free to reject men who don’t like them. Friendship is like urinating, everybody can see it but only you can feel the warmth.

Whatever you want to do, do it now. Because tomorrow you might oversleep. Remember the name “Anniversary” it’s once a year … If it’s once a month it’s called “Menstruation”.

Remember the past as a valuable lesson, if there is nothing valuable from your past, try looking for someone else’s past. The average woman prefers to have beauty over the mind and knowledge because the average man can visualize better than anybody who can think.


Be yourself, if you are ugly then thank yourself for your ugliness. Look heaven to see the greatness of God, look at the sea to see the grace of God, and look at the mirror to see the curse from God.

Successful men are men who make a lot of money compared to the amount of money they spend. Successful women are those women who can find such men in their life.

When talking with beautiful women one hour feels one second. When stepping on the fire the heat is one second, but we feel the heat like for one hour. That’s relativity.

The person who thinks he knows everything is a very disturbing person for us who know everything. If the facts don’t suit the theory then replace the facts. A woman’s brain and thought are far cleaner than a man’s mind:

Women change it more often. Many people are afraid of heights, but not me, I am afraid of widening.

The weather forecast for tonight: DARK. I found there was solely one way to look thin: Gather with obese people. Men don’t know what he knows till he knows what he doesn’t know.

Pessimists are people who have heard too much from optimists. I love Mickey Mouse more than all the women I know. My life needs to be edited. Everything that was once a sin is now a disease.

My grandmother walked 5 miles a day when she was 60. She is now 67 and I do not know where she is now.

Karma never runs alone, he is always behind you, waiting for the right time to wake you up. If in love you play a drama, then you must be ready to become the main character played by karma.

Do not waste time for revenge. sometimes karma is the most painful revenge. Do not leave someone you love for the person you like. Because there must be karma.

Sincere love always has a reason to defend, even though it is being tested in trials that might separate.

I still can’t forget you, dear, because I just remembered that you haven’t paid the debt yet. Love is blind, but love is not deaf. Love can distinguish where the sound of Honda Jazz with Honda Supra.

Don’t let your girl say whatever because that means you have to think about what that means. Every time I start forgetting you as if I don’t care about you anymore, you appear and destroy all my thoughts.

When you feel that life is very difficult to walk, rest. It only signifies your FEET has been tired. STEP. Whatever happens, always be yourself. Unless you are very sad, you may try to be me.

Sometimes we choose those that we think are good but the results are bad, so, on the contrary, choose what seems bad the results are good.

Think as much as you want, but don’t eat as much as you think. Don’t make me cry with your departure, please pay off your debt immediately. If God has not answered your prayer, be patient, and remember not only you are praying.

There is no feeling with more power than love. Hmm, can a lover bend the steel with his laser sight?

Do you know the difference between a women’s hostel and a men’s hostel? In the women’s dishes washed after meals, and in the men before the meal.
Love is action. Words and beautiful writing are nonsense. Love never fails to harvest. Because happiness and sadness are permanent results. Love is not about a situation that is always happy, sometimes there is a difference, but love remains in each of your hearts.

Sincere love will always be etched in the heart, even though we have tried to erase it, the scratches will never disappear. Love and compassion will never end, it’s just that we sometimes make it an excuse.

I always have the last word with my wife: “Yes darling”. I have always loved thin women and small. It’s more practical when you want to make the body disappear. I admit that it is true, I have always been a man in a woman’s body, until the day of my birth.

When I see a woman driving a bus, I welcome the fact that society has evolved in terms of equality. Then I wait for the next bus. Compared to men, the advantage of women’s sports is that girls have perfect control of the rules.

So, in fact, the ring that is put on the finger of a girl has the effect totally opposite of the one put in the stomach. After 6 years together I can still make my wife scream at the stake. By farting.

If I pray before each meal, it is especially because my wife cooks very badly. When my wife says: I’m ready in 5 minutes, I hesitate to watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy or make a 1000-piece puzzle.

The difference between a fairy and a witch is 5 years of marriage. When a woman begins to criticize everyone, it is because she has reached a critical age.

My wife had her credit card stolen. I did not complain, the thief spends less than she does. Do not try to comprehend women: women comprehend women and they hate each other.

If you still think that the weaker sex is women, try to pull the quilt on your side. Just 4 animals to make happy a woman: a jaguar in the garage, a mink in the closet, a stallion in the bed and a pigeon to pay for everything.

The most annoying thing about women is not that they always have the last word, it’s all those before.

The guy who convinced the blind to wear sunglasses is still a great salesperson. Facebook does not make people cons, it just helps to make it more noticeable.

A guy came to my home to ask me a small donation for the municipal pool, I gave him a glass of water. When I make fun of the disabled, I am told that it is not good and that we must put ourselves in their place. And when I put myself in their place, it costs me rs 50000.

As long as my boss pretends to pay me my salary well, I’ll pretend to work well. The neighbor’s child wants to make a water fight. I wait for the water to boil and I go.

Hard to trust the human being, even the blind prefer to be guided by dogs. I wonder if Chinese tourists in Paris know they are buying souvenirs made at home.

There is a big difference between a man and a woman when they say: I used a whole pack of handkerchiefs watching this movie. Those who say they are surrounded by idiots should wonder why they are in the middle.

Childhood is like being drunk. Everyone remembers everything you did, except you. Tell someone that there are 300 billion stars in the universe and he will believe you. Tell him that the paint is not dry and he will need to touch to be sure.

The irony is when you return to prison for car theft and you leave for good behavior. It’s because the speed of light is greater than the speed of sound that so many people look brilliant before they look stupid.

If a man opens the door of his car for his wife, it means that one of them is new. A camel can survive and work a week without drinking, I can drink a week without working.

When I saw your face, I realized that God had a sense of humor. At the distribution of brains, you went to piss?

We live in a world where pizzas arrive home faster than the police. Man is the most evolved animal. It’s normal, it’s him who makes the classification.
If you can use the iPhone 5 with one hand, it’s because it already costs the other arm. My wife treats me like a God. She totally forgets my existence except when she needs me.

Alcohol is like Activia: it’s active on the inside and it shows on the outside. I only drank one drink, I just filled it in several times.

The principal is which when if you know everything but nothing works. Practice: it’s when everything works, but we do not know why. I put the theory into practice: Nothing works, and I do not know why …

If work was a good thing, we will not be paid to do it. I’m going to meditate on the throne of universal thinking, I hope there remains some parchment of absolute truth.

We teach you how to talk and walk alone when you’re young and later tell you to sit down and shut up. Ignorance or indifference, what is the worst? I don’t know and I don’t care.

If you speak to God then you’re a believer. If he answers you, you are schizophrenic. I have enough money to no longer work the rest of my life, assuming I die at the end of this month.

In the dictionary, I came across the word indefinable. And there was a definition! I do not really like being fooled by my mouth.

The Americans prayed 3 times to Allah before throwing Bin Laden to the sea: Allah one, Allah two and Allah three.

A cigarette shortens the life of 2 minutes. A bottle shortens the life of 4 minutes. A day of work shortens the life of 8 hours.

To a pretty woman, do not tell her she’s beautiful, she knows, tell her she’s smart, she hopes …

The Red Cross logo is so similar to the Swiss flag that it is not surprising that some people are mistaken in making donations.

The curtain opens and a thin woman and another obese woman emerge. The curtain closes, it reopens, and only the obese woman comes out. What is the movie called? What the wind took and what it could not, it left.

What is the country that first laughs and then explodes? JAPAN. What is the country that you never know if you are going to visit? IRAN. What is the country that never has anything to do? PAKISTAN.

Guess what it is: it has eyes and it does not see, it has a beak and it does not itch, it has wings and it does not fly, it has legs and it does not walk, what is it? A dead bird.

How many jokes and fun, Laughter, joy around! May April 1 Fill the house with happiness!

I wish you tears of laughter, Happiness, joy, success. And may the first of April There will be a maximum of fun!

I wish you jokes, laughter, and fun on this day. After all, happy moments what makes Our world brighter!

Take a pud of success, smiles, wonders And a dozen of laughter in my SMS! After all, joy for life is like the rays of the sun, And that means, always laugh from the heart!

Laughter prolongs days and years, Chases away all adversities, April 1st is the holiday – This is joy and fun!

I congratulate you on the day of laughter! Have fun, smile, joke! I wish eternal youth, happiness, With a positive life to go!

Since April 1, I congratulate you! I wish the Sun, warmth, bird trills, Bright smiles, friendly looks, Bold dreams and new outfits, Bright emotions, and notes of major, Tender confessions and a sea of enthusiasm. In life, let there be love and good luck! I wish you happiness and success to the bargain!

The hearing was live: They’ll give everyone free apartment, The salary will grow, And the rent will go down. And now everyone will buy a car for retirement! April 1, brothers – the reason for a good laugh!

On the holiday of April 1st Be kind and do not be sad, Invite home friends And treat everyone with beer!

April 1 – do not believe anyone But just in case, check anyway. And now, without joking, we wish you happiness And let everything be fine with you in life.

Be always cheerful, appreciate the humor, To make the ordinary days more joyful, To walk with a good smile through life. And in many situations, not to lose heart.

You live in my heart. You live in my soul. You live in my thoughts. You live in the head … When will you pay for the rent?

The first of April, we will all laugh, All the crisis should be relaxed. Forget about prices, utilities, loans About stupid movies, where some are bandits. Recall that spring, nature is blooming, This is what we lack in winter. Meet friends, have fun together, And someone needs to and can fall in love. You can just enjoy life, Forget about sadness, smile more often.

We celebrate the feast of laughter! Here is fun, so fun! Forgetting about sadness and laziness Laughter flows the whole day! Positive, inspiration Fill the day of fun!

Happy fun congratulations, On this day we do not allow To be offended and sad, To be angry and unhappy.

Today I do not understand your emotions: Then you say, then you are silent again. But it is better when you laugh: You can’t forbid to laugh beautifully!

Dear subscriber, you have been disabled for non-payment. And also turned off the gas, electricity, water in your home.

How long can you wait! You promised to be with us the day before yesterday. Morgue staff.

You are convincingly asked to go to the nearest police station and finally pick up your dog !!!

Standing here alone. I miss and feel cold. For so many years you served faithfully and truly, and you didn’t even take me to the office with you. Your car.

ERROR Depleted battery and keyboard. Urgently buy a new phone.

We will defeat cancer together – after yesterday’s SMS application, 320 rs were withdrawn from your account for the research work of our scientists. Thank.

Attention! Your phone will self-destruct in 30 seconds! Quickly throw it into the urn, toilet or into the one you hate more than life !!!!

Congratulations! You won a gypsy girl in the lottery! If you do not pick up the prize within 14 days, then we will send a whole camp!

200 rs were withdrawn from your personal account on the landscaping of the moon. Thanks for the help. Lunatics.

In the year of 12 months, One of them in April. In April, if you fall in love, Then do not believe the first!

If April 1, the husband suddenly seems smarter, anyway, you do not believe him – Everyone is joking as best he can.

You won a prize – supernova Android! For joy, this is a rather big reason. But, friend, do not rush off a week, Look at the calendar – you with the First of April!

Your phone is mined, the whole staircase is evacuated. The special squad will go to you, To congratulate you on April Fool’s Day!

What is the height of a panda? Well, it does not matter what camera and reel you use, that even if it’s in color, the picture comes out in black and white.

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Happy April Fools Day Images

How is a lawyer different from a raven? In that one is rapacious, thief and treacherous, and if he can get your eyes out, and the other is an innocent little blackbird.


I may not be the nicest guy in the place, but I’m the only one who is talking to you.

What did the moon say to the sun? You’re so great and they still will not let you go out at night. What does a tree say to another tree? – They left us planted.

There was once a woman so tall but so tall that she fell on Monday and hit the ground on Friday. Do you know how long it takes for a donkey to die? I have no idea, but I will sit here and see you.

My cat is afraid of the noise of the pots and the vacuum cleaner. Do not ask yourself how men are reincarnated. Harry Potter is the only cinema where you can see men using a broom.

Given the number of guys sitting on the floor, it seems that the man does not know how to swallow. So do not ask women to do it.

I only want a kind and understanding friend. Is it too much to ask a billionaire? I intend to change my iPhone 4 for the iPhone 5 just for the centimeter and more. And I think to do the same for my man.

A man is like a washing machine: he stops only when he is well rinsed. Like us men, we can not wag the tail to express our emotions, we invented the smiley.

If the average man uses just 10% of his brain, it’s even worse when it comes to his heart. All men love free women, as long as they have one at home who is not.

A group of wolves is a horde. A group of cows is a herd. A group of men is often a gang of idiots. As many men as there are reasons to sleep alone.

If a man comes down from the monkey, many are coming back. Men have so little memory that they need to review the actions, if possible with slow motion when they watch the sport.

To ask a man what he thinks is already to make him a compliment. We bury men on their stomachs because we do not have enough land to fill their mouths.

The man considers the woman as his equal but is faithful only to his ego. We can count on a calculator, but not on a man.

If we can send a man to the moon then why not send them all? Three types of men do not understand women: young people, old people and those in between.

A man awakening is like an elastic, it stretches and it shatters. Men are like appendicitis: it hurts when you are removed but afterward, you realize that you do not need it.

We know that a man will say something intelligent when he starts with: My wife told me that …

Men are like toilets: either busy or disgusting. Men are like pencils: you always have to cut them. A man never cheats on his wife but he is often mistaken for a woman.

Men are like banks: no money, no interest. Men are like radio: it must be trained to capture. Men are like pasta: the more you heat them, the more it sticks. Men are like pokémons: They must be trained to evolve.

Guys are like the letter Q: a big zero with a little tail. Men always have a clear conscience because they never use it. Men are like branches, you hang on it and it breaks.

Men are like keys: you must always have a double. Better to have ham in the fridge than a big pig in the living room.

If a woman never goes out without her purse, a man never goes out without his bad faith. The difference between a laptop and a man is that the laptop has a touch to shut its mouth.

Men are like pans, you have to know how to take them. Men are like clouds: when they go on, we can hope to spend a good day. Men are like mascara on the eyes of the women: They disappear at the slightest sign of emotion.

Men are like parking spaces. The best are already taken and the others are too small or disabled. Girls are like domain names. The ones I like are already taken.

Boy, bring me your best dish, I need to update my Instagram today. You are not ugly, just badly optimized.

Life is very short to eject the USB device safely. Linux is a money saver, but a waste of time. Apple is a time saver, but a loss of money. Windows is a waste of time and money.

Linux has computerized what spinach is to food: something everyone knows the benefits but no one wants and we always prefer to eat pizza and beer.

Passwords are like underwear. we should change them often, do not show them where there are people and never give them to strangers.

One can always find more con than oneself. Simply there are some who have to look longer than others.

Do not be afraid of the future, you do not have one. There are more accidents at work than accidents at rest.

Locksmith is a job that will open many doors for you. Some men talk while they sleep. The speakers speak during the sleep of others.

I have a lot of responsibility at work, I’m responsible for everything that’s wrong. I appreciate the job well done, I really like the one my parents did.

To make us believe that we will reach the age of retirement is to throw powder at the old people.

If your boss makes you advance, take the opportunity to ask him for one. Work is like going to the toilet: it is better to do everything at once.

Everyone brings happiness in this office: some entering, others leaving. If the sight of a cluttered desk evokes a cluttered mind, what about an empty office?

At work, I always give myself 100%: Monday 30%, Tuesday 20%, Wednesday 10%, Thursday 30% and Friday 10%.

A metro station is a place where the metro stops. A taxi station is a place where the taxi stops. On my desk, I have a workstation.

The most tiring work is not the one we do but the one we have to do. The very shape of the pyramids shows that man has always tended to make less and less.

The advantage of teamwork is that when there is a problem, you can accuse someone.

Your mother is so big that when she passes in front of the TV, she makes us miss 4 goals for Germany.

Your mother is so big that when she goes swimming, the satellites record a new island. Your mother is so big that when she weighs, it’s my phone number that appears.

Meteorology is an exact science that meteorologists do not know. I wonder if, in the medium term, climate change will end up having irreversible consequences on 4 season pizzas.

The weather is the science of predicting the time it should have done today …

No matter how negative things are said about me, I always have something to add. Guys are jealous when they love. Girls are jealous even when they do not like.

I walk with both my eyes shut and smile from ear to ear, to meet my future happiness, through a field of rakes …

Dear Money! I really miss you. I swear to purchase you a new wallet. If you want to invite your relatives from Europe or America – I will not object. I will accept all!

People more or less resemble musical instruments: their sound depends on who touches them.

We say that getting married is like putting the rope around your neck. The story of an evening then is like skipping rope?

Never humor and make fun of your wife’s choices, you are one.

Cellulite is a fatty layer that often envelops women, but rarely packs men.

The meetings are like the laces, you tie them strongly at the beginning and then you just have to pull a little to separate them.

Never contradict your wife, wait 5 minutes and she will do it herself. My wife is a writer, she fills the checks very well.

Women prefer men who take them without understanding them than those who understand them without taking them.

A book begins with an introduction and ends with an index. The woman is the opposite.

Man is only dust. The woman is only a vacuum cleaner. A woman is like a bottle of oxygen, it is always on the back, it is useful but it is heavy.

A rose lasts 3 days and a crocodile lives 100 years, yet women want roses.

Women are like hurricanes, they arrive hot and humid and leave with your house …

My wife always tells me that I do not buy anything, I did not even know she had things to sell!

The men are like the wines: With the time, the good ones improve and the bad ones get bored. Men are like the weather: You can not do anything to change them.

Sleeping and waking are good, but sleeping and waking up are two synonymous words.

I wonder if zebra is a black-and-white horse or a white-and-black horse?

Never utilize one person to forget another, use two or three that works suitably. I think my biggest gift is to spend and then I regret it. I’m just odd and you’re my match.

I would like to have a child one day … two days at most. Notice to anyone who thinks to offend me: I’m fluent in profanity.

When you’re singing! So you will see that your voice is worse than your problems … I searched your name in the dictionary, but I did not find it because you meant nothing.

I’m every day more beautiful, unfortunate news for those who hate me. Coffee to modify what I can, wine to accept what I can’t.

Do not let anything discourage you, for even a foot-and-bump pushes you forward. Life tries to give a creep in the people but we take advantage of the fact that you lie down and sleep.

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The woman is helpless merely while the enamel is drying.

Date someone who eats with you and does not complain that you are eating too much. If you are near a person and you see time passing quickly and when you’re away from that person, you see time pass slowly, you should bring the clock to fix.

I barely and rarely know anything … but I suspect something!

Friends: you win and you lose. Enemies: accumulate.

When there is a black cat passing in front of you, that means it is going somewhere.

If you want to kill rats, please buy 1 AK47 and 10 bullets, move the mouse into the house and close the door. Then shoot bullets through the window until you don’t hear any more. Remember to choose good guns and destructive bullets.

Do you know what philosophy is, I would like to explain “Philosophy is a phenomenology of phenomena that sometimes we discuss about that phenomenon is true phenomenology. So people call the phenomenology discussing that phenomenon but that phenomenon is sometimes not a phenomenological phenomenon, so the argument about that phenomenon is phenomenological. See, it is easy to understand, do not say difficult philosophy anymore.

Not every woman is beautiful and not every beauty is a woman.

There is a girl who is willing to die for me, do you know why, because she would rather die than love me …

Sometimes online is just to: Talk to a single person- To check if people leave a message for me. To wait for someone online. To write a status line no one understands …

When you’re unhappy, call me … I don’t promise to make you laugh … but I swear to laugh at you …

Pointing to the sky, the world is helpless, pointing to the pillow, going to sleep.

Love is forever. And only one thing is allowed to change. It is a lover. Briefly expressing intelligence but not true in case people say “I love you”.

House for sale 3,000 m2, bulletproof wall, many rooms, good security, camera, police 24/24. Address: Prison Ministry of Public Security. Price negotiable.

Art that obscures incompetence also requires many talents.

Many women age too quickly because they brainstorm thinking about what to do to rejuvenate themselves. It is easier to die for the woman I love than to live with them.

Behind the success of a man there is always the image of a woman, and behind the failure of a man, there is a real woman.

A good and principled wife always forgives her husband when she is wrong. A divorce is an event where men have to wash their clothes … instead of having to wash clothes for both.

The shortest way to go from a heart to a heart is a blood transfusion path.

Truth is the radiant sun. If you don’t study it, don’t be crazy to look at it. In theory, the theory is not different from reality, but in reality, it is actually different from theory.

Conscience is something that feels hurt while other parts of the body feel comfortable. Can you buy an honest person? No! But selling such a person is easier.

Nothing saves time and money more than love at first sight. It is clear that in this world there is nothing clear. Because I’m sure there is no certainty in this world.

The best way to keep your promise is to promise nothing.

Always try to be humble, and take it … be proud of it. Always remember that you are unique … like others.

Don’t be self-deprecating because you’re poor but still good, ask yourself why I’m good but I’m still poor. Debt turns people into …… debtors!

The saying “no” is still the most effective contraceptive method. It takes 3 seconds to say, love … take 3 hours to explain … it takes 3 days to accept and take a lifetime to perform and regret …!

Gasoline may run out, tires may wear out …… but the engine number and frame number remain unchanged!

If love is light then marriage is an electricity bill!

A computer idiot received the following message “Cannot find the printer” … so he turned the monitor towards the printer … that’s it!

Girls are like a book … Don’t expect to read in one day to understand. Women are a pain but men still follow them.

If you’re being bullied, call me quickly … I’ll hurry up and run … call the police.

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Love is to give away! Give away everything you have, and then regret realizing that reclaiming it will be very difficult.

Please take a few seconds to finish reading this sentence, it is already a few seconds after reading this, thank you.

According to Article 969, the penal code will abolish imprisonment penalties for rape, instead of confiscating means of the indictment.

If not starting, there will be no end. But … if there is no end, then there will be no start. The virtual world is very virtual. Yes when I see the Icon Smile on the Yahoo window, but I do not know that his tears fall on the keyboard …

Money is not born naturally but it is not lost naturally. It just moved from one’s hand to the others.

Behind every successful man always has a woman. And behind the woman is the wife of the man.

Step out of your comfort zone. You can develop only when you’re willing and self-sacrificing to feel awkward and uncomfortable trying something odd and new.

When I’m pissed off … just a smile of someone is enough to … give him a slap.

I can see that seven memorable ways cannot be memorable with you! Can you take a picture of me, let me post it on FB saying that there is an angel in this world? I never thought angels were real until I met you … then I’m sure … demons are real.

Once you have connected your home wifi, you have already entered the household.

I used to believe that there was no hell until … I met you!. Because the sea has a lot of salt, so by default, those who lack salt will love the sea.

When I invite you to eat, it is the polite act of an educated person. So to prove that you are educated, please politely refuse.

Honey, sorry for not giving you a cat as you like, but I’m afraid the Animal Protection Association will sue you when you look after it as you take care of me.

With this beauty, there will be one day, a person holding a huge bouquet of flowers, standing in front of her and saying, “Please stay out for a bit.”

Your appearance can help you to be peaceful and finish your three-year high school, but your IQ does not allow. Do not try to do anything because then you will realize you are … useless!

If you can count how much money you have, you really are not a rich person.

Later, someone will come to your side, forgive all the mistakes you’ve made in the past, don’t care who you used to be, what you did, with whom. Love you with the most sincere heart simply because you are rich and beautiful.

In the current environment, if you are already rich, you will have to try very hard not to get rich.

If you can’t win the first time, throw the blame to the superiors, if you can’t win the second time, cheat, if you don’t win in the third time, give up.

Don’t commit to anything and anyone without thinking of the consequences. You won’t say I can’t live without it. You will not. – Because you live.

We couldn’t ask 100 women 100 things they wanted to do in life, because the first woman we asked was still not silent.

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I have known a man who has led to smoking, drinking, sex and finally the consumption of fatty food. He was completely healthy until he was suicidal.

One minute is determined by which side of the toilet door you are waiting for.

The man is born tired and lives to rest. Get your bed like yourself! Relax on the day to calm down at night! Do Not work – work kills! Do Not do what you can do tomorrow! If you see someone resting, help him! Work Less Than You Know, And What You Know, Give It To Another! Work brings disease, do not die young! When you want the job, sit down and wait! You see, it will pass.


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