Prank Messages, Jokes, Status, Ideas & Text For Whatsapp Friends & Groups on April Fools Day 2021

Prank messages for WhatsApp friends and groups:- April Fools Day 2021 is celebrated every year in all the countries on April 1st. Occasionally known as All Fools’ Day, April 1 is not an official holiday. But it is widely known and celebrated as a day when commercial jokes and interaction and silly acts are done with each other.

On this day many kinds of mischief and other practical jokes are done with friends, relatives, teachers, neighbors, colleagues etc., whose purpose is to embarrass the stupid and clumsy people. Everybody wants to avoid being fooled, so any information or talk received on this day is not often taken seriously without investigation.

Following are some hearty and funny messages which you can send to fool your friends.

Prank Messages For WhatsApp Friends & Groups on April Fools’ Day 2021

How is the fart like the wireless? Exactly when it sounds, no one knows it’s identity. Upbeat April Fool’s day.

The first of April is the day of shocks. Day of conundrums, jokes, and impulses. The day when everybody plays on the nerves. What of it? All things considered, it is enjoyable! On the first of April, I wish you giggling, to live without disappointments, with one fun. From every one of the jokes you avoid, And in your own, look, don’t get captured!

Here comes the best time day of the year! I praise you and wish that in your life there was no misery and fatigue, yet that the standard is fun and satisfaction. Sound giggling in your home, positive feelings and bliss. Glad Laughter Day, not an exhausting life and mettle!

How right that among the occasions there is one committed to giggling! Snicker at wellbeing, taking with amusingness every one of the shocks of destiny. Snicker with loved ones, give them an extraordinary state of mind, be the spirit of the organization and the principal visionary. Give the day of giggling a chance to bring a great deal of lovely minutes and striking recollections!

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Happy April Fools Day Greeting Cards

Release the distresses and hardships away for every one of the years! Snicker healthily today, Tomorrow, all over the place and dependably! Grin wherever Joy, harmony and positive. Never discouraged, overlook the negative! On the first of April day Smile and not be excessively lethargic! Let snicker all around Congratulations, dear companion!

Today we will grin, Laugh so anyone can hear and joke. April Fool’s Day, It’s a great opportunity to delight one another. Give all jokes a chance to be great And don’t hurt anybody. We as a whole need a comical inclination, Nothing could really compare to geniality!

Glad April Fool Day, I praise you, I wish you grins, fun. Give the positive a chance to rouse you, Giving you a charge of state of mind. Give the jokes a chance to sound everywhere, Let the entire world feel delight.

There is no space for weariness today After all, humor grins all gives bliss. Good karma, satisfaction, achievement And simply extraordinary bliss. Today, on the incomparable Day of Laughter, Let your giggling sound uproarious.

Wish on April Fool’s Day Happiness, euphoria, achievement. Give dreams a chance to work out as expected Health, harmony, warmth. May grins are increasingly visit And the street of life is better. Release the despairing ceaselessly, The fun will be night and day!

On the off chance that Facebook had been established by a lady, it would surely have an “I won’t let you know” alternative.

They state that satisfaction and happiness originate from little scaled down things … So take a gander at your pay and be glad …

Individuals overlook you as though you were the verses of the national song of devotion. Glad giggling day.

Surrendering is simply for the frail … Do as I do, don’t attempt. In the event that you are feeling forlorn, surrendered, pondering you … postpone an installment …

Legislators resemble infant diapers … They should be changed oftentimes and dependably for a similar reason. The most exceedingly bad adversary of man is the beverage … Yet, the man who escapes from his adversaries is a defeatist !?

On the off chance that your concern is cash and you don’t have cash, at that point you don’t have an issue.

The lady who has no karma with men does not realize how lucky she is.

I don’t wish you malicious … With this face, you as of now have enough. Appearances are beguiling … what’s more, for your situation terrifying.

Magnificence Tip: Always stroll with a companion who is uglier than you. Give me the quantity of your sentiment, perhaps one day I’ll call her. Cash is the base of all shrewd. For more data, send me 2000rs.

Happy April Fools Day 1st Text Messages Greetings Cards Images quotes HD Wallpaper Pranks Ideas Msg Status Pictures Photos
Happy April Fools Day Greeting Cards

Chuckling is the best medication, yet in case you’re snickering for reasons unknown, you may need to take another sort of prescription.

I read smoking was terrible, I quit smoking. I read that drinking was damaging to wellbeing, I quit drinking. I read that sex was awful. I quit perusing.

Legacy is the thing that the dead leave for the living to slaughter themselves. They state that everybody merits another opportunity. I think I’d be happy in the event that you gave me the first.

Would you like to get a huge number of supporters? Jab an apiary and flee.


Before you talk, tune in. Before you act, think. Before you surrender, attempt. Before you poop, ensure you have paper.

Studies demonstrate that 1 of every 4 individuals has some psychological incapacity. Watch out for three of your companions. In the event that they look typical, you are the retard.

Walk 6 was made the day of the Woman yet they took 2 days to prepare, so it was deferred to March 8. Man’s Day was likewise arranged, however not surprisingly, they neglected to recall the date.

My greatest imperfection is in effect too humble … on the off chance that I were not all that unassuming I would be immaculate! I regard the feeling of everybody who concurs with me.

Indeed, even the battery of my versatile endures longer than the unceasing affection for specific individuals!

Happy April Fools Day 1st Text Messages Greetings Cards Images quotes HD Wallpaper Pranks Ideas Msg Status Pictures Photos
Happy April Fools Day Greeting Cards

A chief touches base at his organization and asks the secretary who has quite recently been procured if his director has given him guidelines through the afternoon. Indeed sir, she answers, he instructed me to wake him when you arrive!

Which computer game has phenomenal illustrations yet spoiled ongoing interaction? – Life.

K.P. Sharma Oli and Vladimir Putin are in a vessel and Oli falls into the water and suffocates. Who is spared? Nepal.

A man of honor visits an exhibition hall. Without a moment’s delay he stops and shouts to the guide: – Ah, it’s terrible! – It’s Picasso, the guide answers. Further on, he says once more: – Ah, it’s extremely all around revolting! – That sir, it’s a mirror!

Half of the lawmakers are worthless. The others are prepared for everything.

A lady resembles Bluetooth, she remains associated till you leave. At that point she goes searching for different gadgets. Then again, a man resembles wifi, a few clients can associate in the meantime in the event that it isn’t verify!

The individuals who state that men are hesitant to draw in have never observed a lady gone ahead a circuitous.

When we get things done finally, there is no less than one positive thing: it just endures a moment.

I want to kick the bucket like my grandma calmly in her rest as opposed to shouting like different travelers in her vehicle.

What experiences the leader of a man who bounces from the 50th floor? His spine …

My dear, I adore you like a fortune. I truly need to abandon you on a desert island. 80% of men have a sweetheart. The other 20% have cerebrums.

Happy April Fools Day 1st Text Messages Greetings Cards Images quotes HD Wallpaper Pranks Ideas Msg Status Pictures Photos
Happy April Fools Day Greeting Cards

A self seeker is an individual who ponders himself than about me. To be an expert criminal you need to ponder political theory.

The ideal man does not drink, does not smoke, does not mishandle, does not exist. Ladies resemble science hard to see however fundamental for everything.

I am in charge of what I state and tell, not for what you understand. It is great to leave the beverage, the awful thing isn’t to recall where you abandoned it.

Liquor slaughters gradually I know… It doesn’t make a difference, I’m not in a rush. Words don’t influence me except if you assault me with a lexicon.

Dear Math, if it’s not too much trouble develop and tackle your very own issues, I am worn out on comprehending them for you.

Bliss? joy is to flip the pad and keep sleeping…Men resemble hounds – they return over and over. Ladies resemble felines – you fight once and they leave.

Cash can’t purchase satisfaction, however having cash will be more joyful than not having it. On the off chance that there are individuals who call you revolting, at that point don’t lose hope in light of the fact that not really the individual is lying.

Happy April Fools Day 1st Text Messages Greetings Cards Images quotes HD Wallpaper Pranks Ideas Msg Status Pictures Photos
Happy April Fools Day Greeting Cards

Take a gander at the sky to see the significance of God, take a gander at the ocean to see effortlessness from God, and look in the mirror to see the revile from God.

Disappointment is deferred achievement and untruths are postponed genuineness. Everybody needs to go to paradise, yet numerous individuals likewise would prefer not to pass on.

The most critical thing when searching for a planned spouse is to discover somebody who is amicable. Private vehicle, private house, and private pool.

Retaining giggling isn’t solid. Giggling will drop down and wet your jeans. Dream about what you wish to dream about, be what you need to be. Since it could be only a fantasy.

Act naturally, on the off chance that you are appalling, at that point say thanks to yourself for your grotesqueness. The more we read, the more we gain the learning, the more we gain, the more we overlook, the more we neglect to recall, the less we know. So for what reason are we caught up with considering.

On the off chance that you are not ready to persuade and flabbergast somebody with your insight, mistake him for your ineptitude.

A major soul is required for a man to cry, however it takes a man with a body that should be considerably greater on the off chance that he needs to chuckle at the man who is crying …

The present news: a mother and tyke were slaughtered because of lightning. Presently the police are attempting to pursue the lightning jolt.

At the point when Americans fart, they state, pardon me. At the point when English fart, they state, excuse me. At the point when vocalists fart, they state, I’m sad. On the off chance that it is Nepalese fart, obviously, they state, not me!! not me!!

In the event that you bomb today, don’t surrender. Rehash your disappointment until your manager surrenders.
Achievement can be accomplished because of the exertion …The exertion is there a result of the will. An assurance is made in light of the fact that there are goals. The fantasy is there a direct result of rest …so …on the off chance that you need to succeed let us rest …

On the off chance that somebody affronts you, don’t hurry to deny their announcement. It appears they are correct.

Try not to revile yourself on the off chance that you feel that you are monstrous. Accuse your folks, since grotesqueness is the relative.

Wedding a wonderful lady is no certification of bliss throughout everyday life. Far more terrible.

On the off chance that you are tossed with a stone, at that point answer with a grin and a blossom, yet ensure the pot is incorporated as well.

Envisioning costs nothing, what it costs is getting up. The person who snickers last … is on the grounds that he supposes slower!

The pizza box is square, the pizza is round, and the bit of the pizza is triangular. Nothing has sense in this life…

The shrewd talks since they have a comment. Imbeciles talk since they need to state something.

An EXEMPLARY NEIGHBOR is the person who has his WIFI without a secret phrase.

Cash does not give joy but rather gives an inclination so comparable, that you need an exceptionally propelled master to check the distinction.

Doubtlessly, there are numerous explanations behind DIVORCE; however the primary one is and will be a WEDDING.

Ongoing investigations have demonstrated that an individual can make a trip starting with one spot then onto the next without PUBLISHING it on his facebook, …

On the off chance that you don’t see me on FACEBOOK for over two days, CALL THE POLICE!

Mother my better half has parted ways with me. I know, my child, I saw it on Facebook and I offered it to LIKE.

I can not remain to see the grimy house, at this moment I get up and turn OFF the LIGHT. In the event that I live in the CLOUDS it is on the grounds that the floor is brimming with IDIOTS.

I have done every one of the computations, and we can not stand to keep on keeping the DOG. Marked: The CAT.

On the off chance that you need women to tail you, advance beyond them. I will likely live until the end of time. I am flawlessly satisfying it until today.

The TV is more intriguing than individuals. In the event that it were not, we would have individuals put toward the sides of the room, rather than a TV.

Lethargy is the mother everything being equal, and with regards to the mother, we should regard her. The world is coming up short on masters: Einstein kicked the bucket, Beethoven went hard of hearing … also, my head harms.

There are for the most part two words that will open all entryways: “draw and push”. Multi day without dawn is, you know, the night. In the event that it were not for power, we would all stare at the TV with candles.

Just the individuals who have eaten garlic can give us an expression of support. Japanese music is Chinese torment.

In the event that somebody tosses a stone at you, demonstrate to him that you are not the equivalent and toss a block at him.

In the event that they paid me a dollar for consistently I consider you … at this moment I would have Shakira pressing my garments and Lady Gaga taking out the trash.

You need to suck it to get it. You need to push it to put it. You need to lick it to stop it. That it is so dangerous to put a string in a needle.

The young men are much the same as the kitchen clothes, you abandon them on the overhang to dry and the neighbors take them.

As indicated by the ongoing climate figure … you ought to be in my bed! Nectar … everything in abundance is bed… but me. I adore you with all my tummy. I would have let you know with my entire being, however my midsection is greater.

A crazy person lady like me needs a screw like you. I have concluded that I will go through with all of you the battery of your phone.

You are not Google, however you have all that I search for …You can do it in the bed, the couch, the table, the seat, the vehicle, even on the floor … The fact of the matter is to rest!

Nobody can constrain you to be with me in the event that you don’t love me. There you have the entryway, break the lock, evacuate the chains, cross the pit with crocodiles, hop the electric door and go

The cerebrum works from when you are conceived until you begin to look all starry eyed at. On the off chance that you have realized the amount I consider you, you would impugn me for mental badgering.

I’m great in bed. I can be a really long time ceaselessly to rest …Do not relinquish your fantasies, continue dozing.

In the event that you don’t address me, I don’t address you and may the pride live.

A thousand words for WhatsApp, and not a welcome to the face … tragic reality! Liquor isn’t the appropriate response you’re chasing, however it can influence you to overlook the inquiry.

Throughout everyday life, there are two different ways: to be upbeat or hitched. I escape far from allurements … be that as it may, gradually so they can contact me.

I missed classes to go to the racecourse and I got discouraged. Indeed, even the steeds complete their vocation.

Try not to leave for tomorrow what you can defer inconclusively. Cash does not give bliss. So you can offer it to me and be glad.

I gain from errors, interestingly, I generally get terminated for them. Life is awesome … when you have cash.

Try not to get associated with the universe of medications. We are numerous and it is practically nothing. The most troublesome long stretches of life are those between the ten and the seventies.

Live to the detriment of your folks until your kids bolster you. The satisfaction is in the easily overlooked details. For instance, a precious stone of ten million.

When you are separated from everyone else at home each commotion is a phantom. Hens give eggs, cows milk and you give sicken.

I realize that nobody will peruse my announcement, yet some of the time, when I get exhausted, I go out to the greenery enclosure, I spread myself with soil and I claim to be an onion.

I am not absolutely pointless … In any event I fill in as a terrible precedent. Here and there I am shocked by the awful tastes that ladies have, at that point I recall that they like me and it transpires.

I guaranteed that I was never going to kill any individual who takes my blood, yet that mosquito scanned for her very own demise.

Shrewd individuals obey charges, terrible individuals eat charges. Any substantial work won’t feel overwhelming in the event that it isn’t finished. On the off chance that you lose playing chess with a PC, have a go at requesting to play boxing.

Dream what you need, on the grounds that possibly it’s only a fantasy. It damages to adore somebody who doesn’t love you, however it’s extremely enjoyable to be cherished by somebody you don’t love.

The closest companion is cash since cash can bring companions. Being persistent in keeping down preliminaries is great, however in the event that you are understanding in keeping down poop, particularly looseness of the bowels, that peril.

In some cases we need isolation, for instance when we need to drop fasting amid the day.

In the event that you have no foes, you positively don’t have a character. There is no endless buddy, nor is there an endless foe, however an obligation of marriage can do this.

I purposely contemplated, intentionally worked, purposefully lived, and deliberately endeavoring to carry on with a better than average life like individuals.

Ladies are familiar with putting their wagers on sentiment; men are accustomed to putting their wagers on marriage.

He said when endeavoring to vanquish a lady, there are two approaches: first, fixing her mom, and also, outperforming her dad.

When you call your sweetheart multiple times, and the call isn’t gotten not really it implies that she is in risk. In any case, when your mobile phone rings multiple times and everything originates from your better half, at that point you can make certain you are in a risky position yourself.

Young ladies are not a “PLASTIC” that is utilized and after that discarded. Young ladies are not “Diversion” which is just delighted in. Young ladies aren’t “Web” that we surf. Young ladies are “Exercises” that we should recollect forget in our psyches.

Try not to begin to look all starry eyed at. Tumbling from an extension won’t hurt as much as beginning to look all starry eyed at …

At the point when is the perfect time to open the door?=> when the entryway is shut. For what reason do specialists close their mouths utilizing veils on the off chance that they need to work the patient? In such a case that the eyes are shut they can’t see.

What is the distinction between a male zebra and a female zebra? Male zebras are fundamentally highly contrasting, while female zebras are white and dark.

What will occur if the white shirt is submerged in a blue fluid? The garments will get wet.

We used to supplicate before eating, presently before eating the nourishment is captured first and post on Facebook.

Previously, youngsters requested to purchase autos/dolls, presently they request a contraption. Previously, I requested a solution to my companion utilizing codes utilizing fingers amid the test, presently they use BBM.

Before hitting the sack brush your teeth, presently before heading to sleep open Facebook/Twitter. I used to wake up and keep on showering, presently I wake up online once more.

Before, young fellows attempted to win autonomy from intruders, presently youngsters are battling about beaus and lady friends.

I used to be glad despite the fact that I didn’t have cash, presently my heart is pained not having a sweetheart.

I used to trust in companions, presently trust on Twitter. The creation of PCs is to spare time, however then there are individuals who discover the web.

Simply discovered cardboard containing 30 million. It would be ideal if you help share this status, who realizes the proprietor may in any case need the container … much obliged.

What certainties are a reality? 10% of ladies dispose of skin inflammation with a press, 20% use cleanser to wash and 70% utilizing Photoshop.

I just wished you to realize that someone wants to think about it. Not me, yet another person does.

My wallet is much the same as an onion, opening it makes me need to cry. I used to believe I’m hesitant, however at this point I don’t know and befuddled. In the event that I won the prize for lethargy, I would send somebody arbitrary to lift it up for me.

I made a gigantic rundown of activities for now. I simply can not make sense of who will do it.
As your best partner, I will dependably lift you up when you fall after I complete snickering. Shades: They enable you to take a gander at individuals without being found. It resembles Facebook, all things considered.

At the point when individuals let me know “you’re going to lament that toward the beginning of the day”, I nod off until I wake up toward the evening since I’m an issue solver.

My companion, simply recall that without ineptitude and silliness there would be no insight and information and without grotesqueness, magnificence wouldn’t exist, so the world needs you all things considered.

Life isn’t a fantasy. In the event that you lose a shoe at midnight you’re not a princess, you’re a tanked.

Your lips request love, your eyes request love, yet do you know what your face requests? Water, scourer, and cleanser.

Union: In global governmental issues, an agreement between two cheats, every one has put such a large amount of his turn in the other’s pocket that they choose to meet up to loot an outsider. LOVE: Temporary disease that is relieved with marriage.

Magnificence: Weapon with which a lady entices a darling and threatens her better half. KISS: That’s what the kid gets for nothing, the young fellow takes and the elderly person purchases.

Eatable: That you can eat and is sound assimilation; like a worm for an amphibian, a frog for a snake, a snake for a pig, a pig for a man and a man for a worm. CIGARETTE: Portion of toxic substance enclosed by a paper, with flame toward one side and a dolt on the other.

Strategy: Say charming little puppy, until you locate a stone to toss it at. Migraine: The most utilized preventative by ladies. Measurement: Person who has his head in the broiler and his feet on ice, can guarantee that all things considered he is well.

Satisfaction: Pleasant inclination that emerges from the perception of the adversity of others. Rationalist: A visually impaired individual in a dull room searching for a dark cap that does not exist.

Saint: Individual who, in contrast to the rest, couldn’t flee. Dolts: Big and incredible clan that has affected the majority of the extraordinary occasions of humankind.

Detachment: Attitude that a lady embraces towards a man that does not intrigue her, that is translated by the man as The troublesome is being finished.

Light: Special holder for transporting released batteries. Frenzy: that somebody from your family is on your PC. PSYCHIATRY: The main business where the customer is never right.

SINGLE: Abbreviation of Society Obligated to Rumbear, Free of Betrayals, Romantic Errors, and Obligations. Gathering work: An insightful individual makes all the work. Everybody assumes praise.

You are the most extreme thing I think when I’m resting and the main thing that experiences my head when I wake up. – I adore your mobile phone.

My companion each time I drink, I turn out to be progressively attractive. – Yes? – I land at my home and my better half says: Oh, goodness, how decent!

How miserable is to lose a companion, that it is so pitiful to lose an adoration, yet saddest is to lose the towel, with the eyes loaded with cleanser.

Facebook is our past. Twitter is our present. Joblessness is our future.

Ladies resemble the police, in spite of the fact that we have every one of the tests, she generally need the admission.

My age doesn’t characterize my development, my notes don’t characterize my insight and the tattle you hear don’t characterize my identity.

Saying I cherish you is simple, the troublesome thing is to legitimize your answer in the event that you make it a test.

Happy April Fools Day 1st Text Messages Greetings Cards Images quotes HD Wallpapers Pranks Ideas Msg Status Pictures Photos
Happy April Fools Day Greetings

I likewise get up at 7 to run, to run the drapes so I don’t have me the sun.

What improvement is among horrendous and unpleasant? Awful is that when came a flood of the ocean and take your relative to the profundities, terrible is the point at which another wave returned and bring her.

It isn’t contamination that is harming the earth. It is the polluting influences in our air, in soil and in our water that are causing it. Smoking executes and on the off chance that you kick the bucket, you have lost the most essential piece of your life.

I owe all that I have to my folks, particularly to my dad and mom. Is this chicken or fish? I know it’s fish, yet they consider him the chicken of the ocean.

Confucius was an exceptionally old Japanese Chinese who designed perplexity. In the event that there were an atomic holocaust, what accomplice would you pick all through the world (man and lady) to protect and duplicate the human species? Pope and Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

On the off chance that you could live always, okay? Why? I would not live perpetually, on the grounds that we ought not live always, in such a case that it were assumed that we should live everlastingly, at that point we would live until the end of time. Be that as it may, we can not live always, that is the reason I wouldn’t live until the end of time.

It is extremely hard to keep up a relationship when your accomplice does not give you a chance to have associations with other individuals.

For what reason are there such a significant number of books on the planet if nearly no one understands them? They additionally state that you need to consume wood to make them. I think the best thing was to make motion pictures, so individuals see them, and in two hours they recognize what’s in the book. Also, they can utilize whatever is left of the time in more beneficial things than perusing books.

How could it be that you run to such an extent? What number of lungs do you have? I have one, similar to every one of the general population, isn’t that so?

The vehicle that goes in the head is totally one of a kind, with the exception of the one that goes behind, which is indistinguishable.

There is a ton of hypothesis and I can’t help suspecting that there will keep on being a ton of theory until the hypothesis closes.

I realize what I accept. I will keep on communicating what I accept and what I accept. I think what I accept is the correct activity.

Our foes are inventive and they have assets and us as well. They never stop considering new techniques to hurt our country and our subject and neither do we. The future will be better tomorrow.

In the event that we don’t succeed, we risk coming up short. It’s currently the perfect time for mankind to enter the close planetary system.

Mars is basically in indistinguishable circle from the sun … Mars is pretty much at a similar separation from the Sun, which is extremely fundamental. We have photographs where channels exist, we believe, it’s water. In the event that there is water, that demonstrates there is oxygen. In the event that there is oxygen, it implies that we can relax.

To be perfectly honest, educators are the sole experts who can show our youngsters. I trust that we are going irreversibly towards opportunity and popular government however that can adjust whenever.

We are on the whole equipped for blundering however I am not stressed over illuminating the missteps I may have made or not. Cutting trees is the best measure to stay away from flames.

The data that says something has not occurred is continually intriguing to me. There are things we realize we know. There are likewise obscure things known, that implies we realize that there are a few things that we don’t have the foggiest idea. Yet, there are additionally obscure things that we don’t have the foggiest idea, which we don’t realize we don’t have the foggiest idea.

I never at any point neglect to recall a face, however with you, I will make a special case. This year I will propose a few objectives: Goal wine, objective gatherings. On the off chance that I took in something from Mario Bros, it’s that in the event that you discover cash tossed in the city, it’s YOURS!

I don’t trust that the companionship among man and pooch was enduring if the meat of the puppy were eatable.

In this life, they don’t pardon you on the off chance that you quit winning, and they despise you in the event that you generally win.

Love is visually impaired, marriage restores your sight. Ladies don’t need to be comprehended, you simply need to purchase garments and shoes and that is it. At the point when a lady reveals to you OK in a contention, it is on the grounds that she has concluded that she is correct and that you are a poor dolt.

In the event that the cow were straightforward, the bull would not have horns. On the off chance that examining is a way, duplicating is an alternate way. On the off chance that somebody takes my significant other, there is no preferable discipline over giving him a chance to keep her.

Try not to miss the delightful propensity for wheezing on your hand and after that cleaning it on a companion’s back as a stroke. Concentrate until you bite the dust, you will be a refined body.

I can not stand the individuals who dependably look for the endorsement of others, I trust they concur with me. I needed to kill myself by taking 100 aspirins, yet when I was simply running with the second, I felt much better.

Ladies don’t have garments, they have wardrobes brimming with garments which they don’t need to wear.

On the off chance that you don’t do it right the first run through, skydiving isn’t your thing. The best thing about you is to tune in to your quietness. For what reason don’t you shut up?

There are understudies who are sorry to learn to the racecourse and see that even ponies figure out how to complete their profession. The dermatologist is the main specialist who can give shallow conclusions.

Talking is the specialty of suffocating and interfering with thought. He who isn’t guaranteed of his memory should abstain himself from lying. He who looks for paradise on Earth has nodded off in topography class.

To love is not to take anyone’s place … if not to create a place that nobody can occupy. Of course, I love you, that’s why I do not want to get married, you do not see that the main cause of divorce is marriage.

Laughter is a tranquilizer without side effects. Love is a splendid thing … until your wife surprises you. Every brother is interested in a sister, especially if that sister is someone else’s.

If you find your boyfriend with another woman, breathe deeply and keep calm, so you will not fail when you shoot. A girl goes to a library and asks the librarian: The rights of women? to which the librarian responds: In the science fiction section.

Actually, turtles know how to fly, what happens is that they are so slow that they can not take off. Foolishness is the strangest of diseases, the sick never suffer, those who really suffer are the others.

Men would lie much less if women did not ask so much. If there were no convicts there wouldn’t be any good lawyers.

The first day I saw you, I threw myself at your feet and not because I loved you, but because I slipped.

He was such an ugly man that when he was born, the doctor apologized to the family.

The first half of our life is spoiled by our parents, the second by our children. Man is born without teeth, without hair and without any type of illusions. And the same thing happens when he dies: without teeth, without hair, and without illusions.

A bank is a place that lends you money, as long as you prove that you do not need it. To get a loan you must show the bank that you do not need it.
For four hundred years the underdeveloped countries have a great future.
All of us born originals and die copies. One is a slave to what he says and master of that which is silent.

Studying is distrusting the intelligence of the partner next door. The Experience is a comb that comes to you when you’ve gone bald.
Children in the front seat can cause accidents. Accidents in the back seat can cause children.

If you are able to smile when everything is wrong, it is because you have already discovered who to blame. If you are looking for something: Google, if you are looking for someone: Facebook, if you can not find something: MOM.

Some bosses are like clouds when they disappear, the day becomes wonderful. Do not worry, quitting is easy, I’ve left it like a hundred times.
Women are like pools: their maintenance costs are very high compared to the time we spend in them. There are women who love their husbands so much that, in order not to use them, they take that of their friends.

87% of young people suffer from back pain. The other 13% do not have a computer. You can learn a lot about love in movies … if we do not get distracted by the movie.

Money does not bring happiness, but as soon as the first one leaves, the second follows it. I have the salary as menstruation: once a month and it lasts only four days.

Now to erase someone from your life is a roll, you have to delete him from WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter … it is better to kill him. It takes patience to hear, but it takes skill to pretend that you are hearing.

In an exam: 1) Look at the sky for inspiration, 2) look at the ground in despair, 3) on the sides for information. At my graduation: I want to thank my parents, brothers, friends and especially Google and Wikipedia!

Since the speed of light is greater than the speed of sound, certain people seem bright before we hear the bullshit they say.

Happiness…? Happiness is finding a WI-FI signal without a password! If you drink, do not drive, you could spill the drink.

A lie can rotate 6 times around the world before the truth has had time to put on the pants. Slavery was not abolished completely, it was modified to 8 hours a day.

Eternal love lasts approximately 3 months. Men are like dogs, they come back again and again. Women are like cats, you scold them once and they leave.

If suicide were fashionable, we would have got rid of many idiots. Some people are living merely because murder is illegal. The mothers-in-law were invented because the devil could not be everywhere.

Do you want a man to stop sexually harassing? -Marry him. How does a man look like a public telephone? There are many but few serve. How to choose the three dumbest men in the world? -Random.

Behind a great man, there is always A woman surprised. How are men similar to pizzas? -In that 10 minutes after calling, you have them knocking on your door.

What is a man on a donkey? -A two-story donkey. How does a man look like a computer? -When they drop the system they do not work. How does an intelligent man resemble a dinosaur? -The two are extinct.

How are men similar to places to park? -In that, the good ones are already occupied and those that are left are disabled or are too small. How are men similar to popcorn? They satisfy you but merely for a little while.

How are men similar to used cars? Easy to obtain, cheap and unreliable. How are men like dolphins? It is said that they are intelligent but it has not been demonstrated yet scientifically.

How is a man like a swing? In that at first it’s fun, but then it’s tidal. Why when men are told something goes in one ear and out the other? Because the sound does not travel in a vacuum.

Why do most women drive badly? Because all driving instructors are men. Why do women’s jokes always occupy two lines? To be understood by men. Why do men like cars and motorcycles so much? Because they are the only thing they can handle.

How do you drive a man insane in bed? – Hiding the remote control of the TV. What are the perfect measurements of a man? 80-2-80 … (80 years, 2 infarcts and 80 million in the bank account).

How is a man like Windows? In that every time it comes out it seems that it includes everything, but in the end, always appears a version that replaces it. Why does man bend his head to think? So that your two neurons make contact.

Why do men have a clear conscience? Because they have not ever used. How are men similar to matches? When they get hot, they lose their heads. How are men similar to a dog? They look at you and they seem to understand you.

What is a transvestite? A man wanting to outdo himself. In what month do men commit less stupidity? In February, because it only has 28 days. What has ten arms and an IQ of 60? Five men watching a football game.

Why do married women never get drunk? Because they can not bear to see her husband twice.

Five centimeters more and I would be a king. Five centimeters less and you would be a queen.

My boyfriend left me because I did not pay attention to him or something … I did not listen well to what he said.

Twitter? A machine gun with 140-character caliber hints. On Facebook, friends judge you, on Twitter strangers understand you. Typical: You have a misspelling in a tweet and suddenly ALL your followers become professors.

Twitter: The only place where you do not get scared if a stranger follows you. Admit it, if it were not for Facebook you would forget 99% of birthdays. Twitter is to throw a bottle with a message to the sea and wait for someone to read it.

Facebook is like a prison. Why? – You sit down, you waste your time, you have a profile picture, and you write on walls. Some Facebook photos instead of having a like option should have the option: It scares me.

What happens at a party, stays at the party … until they tag you on Facebook. Loving without being loved is like tweeting something and nobody does RT. The good thing about having a boyfriend on Twitter is that they are all handsome and hot.

What happens on Twitter, stays on Twitter, but what happens on Facebook, becomes a gossip. Facebook looks a lot like my fridge. I know there’s nothing there, but I still check it every 10 minutes …The big difference between Twitter and Facebook is that on Twitter they limit your stupidity to 140 characters …

If Twitter were a planet, Facebook would be like Mars. It is suspected that it has intelligent life but it is not proven.

Throw me the pineapple, throw me the lemon, throw the key of your heart to me. Girl, you have me confused, salty on the outside and sweet on the inside. For you, I would climb to paradise by bicycle and descend without brakes.

I would like to be candy to dissolve in your mouth. Now that you’re away from me, you do not know how much I miss you … but how much fun I have!

Do me a favor, do not bother me again, I do not want to know anything about you. Do not send me any more messages and do not even call … disappear from my life, it’s more, delete my messages and my number … Forgive me but that my dentist told me to stay away from sweet things like YOU.

My stomach always hurts when I eat chocolate, surely if I eat you, I’ll dying of indigestion. If happiness is water and love is fire, how I would like to be your fireman ..!

Go away, where no one can find you, but take me with you…If your body were jail and your arms chains, what a beautiful place to serve my sentence …

The protection of your embrace is a bomb shelter where I can lie down to dream without danger of extinction. Has spring already begun? Because you are the first beautiful fragrant flower I see!

Sorry if I make mistakes, it’s because my life came without instructions.
… If you are in a dead end, can not you exit through the entrance? … Why is ‘separate’ written all together and ‘ altogether’ written separately? … What should one do if one sees an animal in danger of extinction eating a plant in danger of extinction?

… How do we know if the refrigerator light goes out when we close it? … Why is there no cat food with mouse flavor? … When a new brand of dog food comes out on the market with a better flavor, who can try it?

… If a word is misspelled in the dictionary, how can we know? … Why when they call us on the mobile we feel the need to start walking from one place to another?

… If vegetarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat? … Why is there a swimming style called butterfly, if they can not swim? … It is known that very few people around the world understood Einstein. If nobody understands me, am I a genius?

… Eight out of ten people use a pen to write … what do the other two do with the pen? … If we are composed of 80% water, how can we drown? … Why is it that when we do not have money, we find everything at good prices?

… Why do I have to go to the START button to turn off the computer? … Why was a movie called Mission Impossible, if they always do the missions?


Jitendra Sahayogee

I am Jitendra Sahayogee, a writer of 12 Nepali literature books, film director of Maithili film & Nepali short movies, photographer, founder of the media house, designer of some websites and writer & editor of some blogs, has expert knowledge & experiences of Nepalese society, culture, tourist places, travels, business, literature, movies, festivals, celebrations.

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