Prank messages for WhatsApp friendsĀ and groups:- April Fools Day 2021 is celebrated every year in all the countries on April 1st. Occasionally known as All Fools’ Day, April 1 is not an official holiday. But it is widely known and celebrated as a day when commercial jokes and interaction and silly acts are done with each other.

On this day many kinds of mischief and other practical jokes are done with friends, relatives, teachers, neighbors, colleagues etc., whose purpose is to embarrass the stupid and clumsy people. Everybody wants to avoid being fooled, so any information or talk received on this day is not often taken seriously without investigation.

Following are some hearty and funny messages which you can send to fool your friends.

Prank Messages For WhatsApp Friends & Groups on April Fools’ Day 2021

How is the fart like the wireless? Exactly when it sounds, no one knows it’s identity. Upbeat April Fool’s day.

The first of April is the day of shocks. Day of conundrums, jokes, and impulses. The day when everybody plays on the nerves. What of it? All things considered, it is enjoyable! On the first of April, I wish you giggling, to live without disappointments, with one fun. From every one of the jokes you avoid, And in your own, look, don’t get captured!

Here comes the best time day of the year! I praise you and wish that in your life there was no misery and fatigue, yet that the standard is fun and satisfaction. Sound giggling in your home, positive feelings and bliss. Glad Laughter Day, not an exhausting life and mettle!

How right that among the occasions there is one committed to giggling! Snicker at wellbeing, taking with amusingness every one of the shocks of destiny. Snicker with loved ones, give them an extraordinary state of mind, be the spirit of the organization and the principal visionary. Give the day of giggling a chance to bring a great deal of lovely minutes and striking recollections!

Happy April Fools Day 1st Text Messages Greetings Cards Images quotes HD Wallpaper Pranks Ideas Msg Status Pictures Photos
Happy April Fools Day Greeting Cards

Release the distresses and hardships away for every one of the years! Snicker healthily today, Tomorrow, all over the place and dependably! Grin wherever Joy, harmony and positive. Never discouraged, overlook the negative! On the first of April day Smile and not be excessively lethargic! Let snicker all around Congratulations, dear companion!

Today we will grin, Laugh so anyone can hear and joke. April Fool’s Day, It’s a great opportunity to delight one another. Give all jokes a chance to be great And don’t hurt anybody. We as a whole need a comical inclination, Nothing could really compare to geniality!

Glad April Fool Day, I praise you, I wish you grins, fun. Give the positive a chance to rouse you, Giving you a charge of state of mind. Give the jokes a chance to sound everywhere, Let the entire world feel delight.

There is no space for weariness today After all, humor grins all gives bliss. Good karma, satisfaction, achievement And simply extraordinary bliss. Today, on the incomparable Day of Laughter, Let your giggling sound uproarious.

Wish on April Fool’s Day Happiness, euphoria, achievement. Give dreams a chance to work out as expected Health, harmony, warmth. May grins are increasingly visit And the street of life is better. Release the despairing ceaselessly, The fun will be night and day!

On the off chance that Facebook had been established by a lady, it would surely have an “I won’t let you know” alternative.

They state that satisfaction and happiness originate from little scaled down things … So take a gander at your pay and be glad …

Individuals overlook you as though you were the verses of the national song of devotion. Glad giggling day.


Surrendering is simply for the frail … Do as I do, don’t attempt. In the event that you are feeling forlorn, surrendered, pondering you … postpone an installment …

Legislators resemble infant diapers … They should be changed oftentimes and dependably for a similar reason. The most exceedingly bad adversary of man is the beverage … Yet, the man who escapes from his adversaries is a defeatist !?

On the off chance that your concern is cash and you don’t have cash, at that point you don’t have an issue.

The lady who has no karma with men does not realize how lucky she is.

I don’t wish you malicious … With this face, you as of now have enough. Appearances are beguiling … what’s more, for your situation terrifying.

Magnificence Tip: Always stroll with a companion who is uglier than you. Give me the quantity of your sentiment, perhaps one day I’ll call her. Cash is the base of all shrewd. For more data, send me 2000rs.

Happy April Fools Day 1st Text Messages Greetings Cards Images quotes HD Wallpaper Pranks Ideas Msg Status Pictures Photos
Happy April Fools Day Greeting Cards

Chuckling is the best medication, yet in case you’re snickering for reasons unknown, you may need to take another sort of prescription.

I read smoking was terrible, I quit smoking. I read that drinking was damaging to wellbeing, I quit drinking. I read that sex was awful. I quit perusing.

Legacy is the thing that the dead leave for the living to slaughter themselves. They state that everybody merits another opportunity. I think I’d be happy in the event that you gave me the first.

Would you like to get a huge number of supporters? Jab an apiary and flee.

Before you talk, tune in. Before you act, think. Before you surrender, attempt. Before you poop, ensure you have paper.

Studies demonstrate that 1 of every 4 individuals has some psychological incapacity. Watch out for three of your companions. In the event that they look typical, you are the retard.

Walk 6 was made the day of the Woman yet they took 2 days to prepare, so it was deferred to March 8. Man’s Day was likewise arranged, however not surprisingly, they neglected to recall the date.

My greatest imperfection is in effect too humble … on the off chance that I were not all that unassuming I would be immaculate! I regard the feeling of everybody who concurs with me.

Indeed, even the battery of my versatile endures longer than the unceasing affection for specific individuals!

Happy April Fools Day 1st Text Messages Greetings Cards Images quotes HD Wallpaper Pranks Ideas Msg Status Pictures Photos
Happy April Fools Day Greeting Cards

A chief touches base at his organization and asks the secretary who has quite recently been procured if his director has given him guidelines through the afternoon. Indeed sir, she answers, he instructed me to wake him when you arrive!

Which computer game has phenomenal illustrations yet spoiled ongoing interaction? – Life.

K.P. Sharma Oli and Vladimir Putin are in a vessel and Oli falls into the water and suffocates. Who is spared? Nepal.

A man of honor visits an exhibition hall. Without a moment’s delay he stops and shouts to the guide: – Ah, it’s terrible! – It’s Picasso, the guide answers. Further on, he says once more: – Ah, it’s extremely all around revolting! – That sir, it’s a mirror!

Half of the lawmakers are worthless. The others are prepared for everything.

A lady resembles Bluetooth, she remains associated till you leave. At that point she goes searching for different gadgets. Then again, a man resembles wifi, a few clients can associate in the meantime in the event that it isn’t verify!

The individuals who state that men are hesitant to draw in have never observed a lady gone ahead a circuitous.

When we get things done finally, there is no less than one positive thing: it just endures a moment.

I want to kick the bucket like my grandma calmly in her rest as opposed to shouting like different travelers in her vehicle.

What experiences the leader of a man who bounces from the 50th floor? His spine …

My dear, I adore you like a fortune. I truly need to abandon you on a desert island. 80% of men have a sweetheart. The other 20% have cerebrums.

Happy April Fools Day 1st Text Messages Greetings Cards Images quotes HD Wallpaper Pranks Ideas Msg Status Pictures Photos
Happy April Fools Day Greeting Cards

A self seeker is an individual who ponders himself than about me. To be an expert criminal you need to ponder political theory.

The ideal man does not drink, does not smoke, does not mishandle, does not exist. Ladies resemble science hard to see however fundamental for everything.

I am in charge of what I state and tell, not for what you understand. It is great to leave the beverage, the awful thing isn’t to recall where you abandoned it.

Liquor slaughters gradually I know… It doesn’t make a difference, I’m not in a rush. Words don’t influence me except if you assault me with a lexicon.

Dear Math, if it’s not too much trouble develop and tackle your very own issues, I am worn out on comprehending them for you.

Bliss? joy is to flip the pad and keep sleeping…Men resemble hounds – they return over and over. Ladies resemble felines – you fight once and they leave.

Cash can’t purchase satisfaction, however having cash will be more joyful than not having it. On the off chance that there are individuals who call you revolting, at that point don’t lose hope in light of the fact that not really the individual is lying.

Happy April Fools Day 1st Text Messages Greetings Cards Images quotes HD Wallpaper Pranks Ideas Msg Status Pictures Photos
Happy April Fools Day Greeting Cards

Take a gander at the sky to see the significance of God, take a gander at the ocean to see effortlessness from God, and look in the mirror to see the revile from God.


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