999 Wonderful Collection of April Fool SMS, Wishes, Messages & Status in English 2020

A woman is like Bluetooth, she stays connected till you go away. Then she goes looking for other devices. On the other hand, a man is like wifi, several users can connect at the same time if it is not secure!


Those who say that men are afraid to engage have never seen a woman come on a roundabout.

When we do things at the last minute, there is at least one positive thing: it only lasts a minute.

I prefer to die like my grandmother peacefully in her sleep rather than screaming like other passengers in her car.

What goes through the head of a man who jumps from the 50th floor? His spine …

April Fool Day Whatsapp Messages

My dear, I love you like a treasure. I really want to leave you on a desert island. 80% of men have a girlfriend. The other 20% have brains.

An egoist is a person who thinks more about himself than about me. To be a professional criminal you have to study political science.

The perfect man does not drink, does not smoke, does not abuse, does not exist. Women are like mathematics difficult to understand but necessary for everything.

I am responsible for what I say and tell, not for what you comprehend. It is good to leave the drink, the bad thing is not to remember where you left it.

April Fool Day Whatsapp Messages

Alcohol kills slowly I know… It does not matter, I’m not in a hurry. Words do not affect me unless you attack me with a dictionary.


Dear Math, please grow and solve your own problems, I am tired of solving them for you.

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Happy April Fools Day Cards

HAPPINESS? happiness is to flip the pillow and keep sleeping…Men are like dogs – they come back again and again. Women are like cats – you quarrel once and they leave.

Money cannot buy happiness, but having money will be happier than not having it. If there are people who call you ugly, then don’t despair because not necessarily the person is lying.

Happy April Fool Day Wishes

Look at the sky to see the greatness of God, look at the sea to see grace from God, and look in the mirror to see the curse from God.

Failure is delayed success and lies are delayed honesty. Everyone wants to go to heaven, but many people also don’t want to die.

The most important thing when looking for a prospective husband is to find someone who is personable. Private car, private house, and private pool.

Happy April Fool Day Wishes

Withholding laughter is not healthy. Laughter will drop down and wet your pants. Dream about what you wish to dream about, be what you want to be. Because it could be just a dream.

Be yourself, if you are ugly then thank yourself for your ugliness. The more we read, the more we gain the knowledge, the more we gain, the more we forget, the more we forget to remember, the less we know. So why are we busy studying.

If you are not able to convince and amaze someone with your intelligence, confuse him with your stupidity.

Happy April Fool Day Wishes

A big soul is needed for a man to cry, but it takes a man with a body that needs to be even bigger if he wants to laugh at the man who is crying …

Today’s news: a mother & child were killed due to lightning. Now the police are trying to chase the lightning bolt.

When Americans fart, they say, excuse me. When English fart, they say, pardon me. When singers fart, they say, I’m sorry. If it is Nepalese fart, of course, they say, not me!! not me!!

Happy April Fool Day Wishes

If you fail today, do not give up. repeat your failure until your boss surrenders.

Success can be achieved due to the effort …The effort is there because of the will. A determination is created because there are ideals. The dream is there because of sleep …so …if you want to succeed let us sleep …

If someone insults you, don’t rush to deny their statement. It seems they are right.

Do not curse yourself if you feel that you are ugly. Blame your parents, because ugliness is the descendant.

Happy April Fool Day Wishes

Marrying a beautiful woman is no guarantee of happiness in life. Even worse.

If you are thrown with a stone, then reply with a smile and a flower, but make sure the pot is included too.

Dreaming costs nothing, what it costs is getting up. The one who laughs last … is because he thinks slower!

The pizza box is square, the pizza is round, and the piece of the pizza is triangular. Nothing has sense in this life…

The wise talks because they have something to say. Fools talk because they have to say something.

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An EXEMPLARY NEIGHBOR is the one who has his WIFI without a password.

MONEY does not give happiness but provides a feeling so similar, that you need a very advanced specialist to verify the difference.

Surely, there are many reasons for DIVORCE; but the main one is and will be a WEDDING.

April Fool Day Wishes in Nepali

Recent studies have shown that a person can travel from one place to another without PUBLISHING it on his facebook, …

If you do not see me on FACEBOOK for more than two days, CALL THE POLICE!

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Happy April Fools Day Cards

Best April Fools Day Message Pranks

Mom my girlfriend has broken up with me. I know, my son, I saw it on Facebook and I gave it to LIKE.

I can not stand to see the dirty house, right now I get up and turn OFF the LIGHT. If I live in the CLOUDS it is because the floor is full of IDIOTS.

I have done all the calculations, and we can not afford to continue to keep the DOG. Signed: The CAT.

If you want ladies to follow you, get ahead of them. My plan is to live forever. I am perfectly fulfilling it until today.

Best April Fools Day Message Pranks

The television is more interesting than people. If it were not, we would have people placed in the corners of the room, instead of a television.

Laziness is the mother of all vices, and as to the mother, we must respect her. The world is running out of geniuses: Einstein died, Beethoven went deaf … and my head hurts.

There are mainly two words that will open all doors: “pull and push”. A day without sunrise is, you know, the night. If it were not for electricity, we would all be watching television with candles.

Best April Fools Day Message Pranks

Only those who have eaten garlic can give us a word of encouragement. Japanese music is Chinese torture.

If someone throws a stone at you, show him that you are not the same and throw a brick at him.

If they paid me a dollar for every second I think of you … right now I would have Shakira ironing my clothes and Lady Gaga taking out the garbage.

You have to suck it to get it. You have to push it to put it. You have to lick it to stop it. How problematic it is to put a thread in a needle.

Best April Fools Day Message Pranks

The boys are just like the kitchen rags, you leave them on the balcony to dry and the neighbors take them.

According to the recent weather forecast … you should be in my bed! Honey … everything in excess is bed… except me. I love you with all my belly. I would have told you with all my heart, but my belly is bigger.

A lunatic woman like me needs a screw like you. I have decided that I will spend with you all the battery of your cell phone.

April Fools Day Greetings Messages

You are not Google, but you have everything I look for …You can do it in the bed, the sofa, the table, the chair, the car, even on the floor … The point is to sleep!

No one can force you to be with me if you do not love me. There you have the door, break the lock, remove the chains, cross the pit with crocodiles, jump the electric gate and go

April Fools Day Greetings Messages

The brain works from when you are born until you fall in love. If you have known how much I think about you, you would denounce me for mental harassment.

I’m very good in bed. I can be hours and hours without stopping to sleep …Do not abandon your dreams, keep sleeping.

If you do not speak to me, I do not speak to you and may the pride live.

April Fools Day Greetings Messages

A thousand words for WhatsApp, and not a hello to the face … sad reality! Alcohol is not the answer you’re seeking, but it can make you forget the question.

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