Information about King Amshuverma : National Hero of Nepal


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Information about Amshu Verma : National Hero of Nepal

According to Tulashhitoie Inscription Amsu Varma was inducted to thepost of Mahasamante, immediately after the ascension of Shivdev I to the throne of Nepal. According to the above mentioned inscription Amsu Varma had become Mahasamanta in the year 571. He had matrimonial relationship with the daughter of King Shivdev I.

As he was brave heroic, skillful in administrative affairs’ and able to win over his subjects, his influence rapidly expanded. Though Shivdev I was the de jure king, Amsu Varma was the de facto ruler. Shivdev called the people for help to build Kailashkut Bhawan as proposed by Amsuvarma Accordingly, the palace was build in 598. It was built with a view to conduct the affairs of state from one center After that Shivdev I reduced himself to a nominal ruler and handed over all the state power to Ansu Varma Amsu Varma was also a great diplomat.


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He gave away his daughter Bhrikuti to Shrong Tsen Gampow was expanding his empire in the north. The Nepalese princess was worshipped in China as e Harit Tara. This matrimonial relation had a great effect in the history and culture of Nepal and Tibet. Amsu Varma was endowed with all the regal quality. Even King Shivdev I has extolled Amsu Varma ft his inscriptions. Amsu Varma had absolved all his subjects from debt on the occasion of initiating a new era He was a scholar and an admirer of art.

In short Amshuverma was a famous king of Lichchhavi period. He made good relation with India, Tibet and China. He was a learned king. His Sanskrit grammar called ‘Shabda Vidya’ made him popular even outside the country. During his rule Nepali art, architecture and Buddhism spread over Tibet, China and Japan.

He died in 616.



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