19 Amazing Things to Do in Nepal

Amazing things to do in Nepal

Reconstructing the road for the fast movement of the people and transportations helps the people for spending their time in the joy of natural environment with inner heart. A person has no time to take rest due to their motion life. All the people are running in the crowd without aim, considering the destiny or the diamond is kept for me. I have to only go there to take it. The people of the present want to get rid of all the burdens and official and family works and want to involve and mixed with the people and play with natural factors. And there also occurs a lot who have some determined project to make it the real picture with outer additional factors and functions. Those types of people are always in the search of specific and matched places to combine their plan and happiness making the doubles joy with sentiments and maintenance. People from abroad come here to saw the peace and natural creations for making their intention build up. So these might be their plan and might differ from below but all of the following this which  occupies the amazing tag to do in Nepal:

1. River bath:

People in the foreign country bath in the sea but it is the Nepal where people bath in the river and ponds in open environment with feeling shame and blame. There are even this traditions in use in the remote area or village area where might the problem of water is even live. But you might see in some village people are doing or washing clothes in the ponds or river bank due to easiness to make their work fast completion. You can also make your attendance by making or concerning them to have this thing to do me too.

2. Climbing mountains:


The world knows about the Nepal, rich in mountains and river and lakes with enormous beauty. People of the worlds come to Nepal for climbing mountains and making their journey successful with better and making the golden history. There are many travelers who want to climb the greatest peak lies in Nepal that is Everest but they firstly climb other small mountains for practices and further easiness. Man have no idea to walk on the strange road so they take the advice to make their journey complete. This might be your amazing task to do while visiting Nepal for ordinary selection to remind forever.



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