Amazing Things to Do in Nepal: – Reconstructing the road for the fast movement of the people and transportations helps the people for spending their time in the joy of natural environment with inner heart. A person has no time to take rest due to their motion life.

All the people are running in the crowd without aim, considering the destiny or the diamond is kept for me. I have to only go there to take it. The people of the present want to get rid of all the burdens and official and family works and want to involve and mixed with the people and play with natural factors.

And there also occurs a lot who have some determined project to make it the real picture with outer additional factors and functions. Those types of people are always in the search of specific and matched places to combine their plan and happiness making the doubles joy with sentiments and maintenance.

People from abroad come here to saw the peace and natural creations for making their intention build up.

So these might be their plan and might differ from below but all of the following this which  occupies the amazing tag to do in Nepal:

19 Amazing Things to Do in Nepal – Make Your Visit Unforgettable

1. River bath:

People in the foreign country bath in the sea but it is the Nepal where people bath in the river and ponds in open environment with feeling shame and blame. There are even this traditions in use in the remote area or village area where might the problem of water is even live.

But you might see in some village people are doing or washing clothes in the ponds or river bank due to easiness to make their work fast completion. You can also make your attendance by making or concerning them to have this thing to do me too.


2. Climbing mountains:

The world knows about the Nepal, rich in mountains and river and lakes with enormous beauty. People of the worlds come to Nepal for climbing mountains and making their journey successful with better and making the golden history.

There are many travelers who want to climb the greatest peak lies in Nepal that is Everest but they firstly climb other small mountains for practices and further easiness. Man have no idea to walk on the strange road so they take the advice to make their journey complete.

This might be your amazing task to do while visiting Nepal for ordinary selection to remind forever.

3. Taste of Nepalese dishes:

Nepal is mixed collection mainly three regions people, Terai, Himal and mountain occupying and having their all different cultures traditions and lifestyles for their enlargement and enrichment they surviving with their own basic, traditional and modern thoughts.

It is also the better opportunity to make your part of having or tasting the new taste with your own hands while on a journey to different places with different flavor and taste of the same item or may be different.

4. Nepalese dress:

Nepalese girls and women are of different nature and thoughts so wearing different dress according to the increasing age of the people and girls and woman.

Nepalese wore dressed woman looks very beautiful in Saree and Blouse increasing the cultural prestige and identity and male also wear the own dress.

The tourist also suffers from and make connected to that view which makes them divert and act according to their cultural view. You can also make your looks change and can be kept for memory by wearing the dress of Nepalese as you called as the cultural boy due to the identity of the cultural country hold up.

5. Playing Kabaddi:

This is the national game of Nepal but it is in the conditions of vanished and out of form due to not any interest of government and invest in governmental and private sector for cultivation and development.

But also this very famous in the village area played by them most for having the greater joy with the rules of the game.

This game is played anywhere and in even in small places with no determination of age group. This game will also provide you the unlimited joy of growing up with happiness and humbled by taking once the part.

6. Holi celebration:

This is the very favorite festival of Hindu celebrated almost every parts of Nepal and India with the spreading of a different color in the faces and dance in the loud music. People all were in the mood of joy and taken the wine to some of them and playing with their own rules. No one is there to intervene you in your enjoying.

This festival have no limitation of joy as people makes their own rules and breaks their own rule in the injection of the drink of wines by making a cocktail.  You can also take part and enjoy this festival without any consideration and suggestion.

7. Chhath participation:

This is the festival celebrated by the Terai regions people in the month of September in the ponds worshipping the God sun with great divinity and devotion. There is the crowd seen in ponds with different types of cracking sound and crackers.

The beautiful decoration and devotions of devotee will also make you feel amazed, the environment creates conversion for your negative feeling in the pond.  You will be obligations to feel the amazing even not from outside but surely from inside.

People enjoy and celebrates this festival with many writings and caring the systems and methods.

8. Cultural program:

It not the new thing that is occurred in different places for different purposes but gives surely some sense to organize and entertain the people of participation. Mostly and mainly in different places in different purposes in the different festival, these types of action and program used to organize to make the people celebration and for cultural promotion.

This is also one way to be connected and participated for doing something amazing in Nepal. The program n=may has specific objectives may not have to organize but mostly is organized with b specific objectives and purposes.

9. Army parade:

Nepal is also the army country have earned the name in army world named and also recognized as the BRAVE GORKHALI’’ all over the world. And the greatest thing is that the Nepalese army is very dangerous and brave don’t return back and don’t have learned the chapter of surrendering having the motive of doing or die to win or die.

Nepal government organized the parade of Nepalese army in  Tudikhel for their movement and transformation.

The government of Nepal organized these types of activities for making the army more fighter and show the people the power and strength of Nepal and Nepalese army. You can also enjoy and feel amazing to see their actions.

10. Racing with race:

This is the somewhat risk but you can also make the part in organized activities especially for doing the race between the different races may be in the plane land and might be on the mountain and pitted land.

If you are really the racer and want to measure your level with the Nepalese bike racer then you can easily perform your ability and action you know bitterly to do it. Nepalese racer is also a very champion and practiced in bike racing devoted in bike controversy.

11. Wrestling:

It is also the old game of Nepal but famous in use and show presently too. People come to see with extreme courage. This game is of the natural type different from the international systems and rules. It is mostly played in the village area and even sometimes in town organized by any organization for some awareness.

The man with great and tight body came to fight and saw his stamina to the public for making their fateful identity. The girls wrestling is not played. This game observation will also make you the amazing feelings.

12. Fashion show:

This is the international function organized in many countries by specific organization and offices or business relatives for promotions of the products in the eye of public.  And in Nepal also there is much active organization who are organizing these types of activities in time to time for promotion of their product by the Nepali actress and models.

The beautiful actress and models will provide you the internal heart connection to feel you wonderful and amazing.

13. Lahan tour:

This is the one places of Nepal and lies in Siraha district of Nepal. The places name Fulbari due to a collection of may tree in the specific area having the two tree the specific qualities as it grows the flower only in new of year of Nepal, not other day and becomes dead till night.

There lies the great fair more than millions of people came from India and other parts of Nepal to see that flower grown in Sakhuwa tree. You become shocked and you don’t believe until you don’t see this realistic matter with your own eyes. This matter and environment will also make you the feels like the divine places with the many services and crowd.

14. Janakpur tour:

This is also the places lies in Nepal of Dhanusha district. The places carry the priceless creations and history on this land. The great story of king Janak and his daughter Sita who is also regarded as the Goddess.

The story is related to the God Rama who was the king of Ayodhya also treated as the incarnation of God Rama. The great Janaki temple consists the priceless importance and value to increase the divinity and glory of Janakpur.

The reality visibility of god flashing and action will make you the real supporter to make you the amazing after its observation.

15. Lumbini tour:

It is the world recognized name and value. The start of the peace and happy in the earth, should get the pointed or planted to make the earth purity and peaceful results the invention of the better world and society to stay the man evergreen and sadness.

The God Gautam Buddha spend their life teaching the unended novel of peace and helping the people, living the people together.  The attractions and architecture of Lumbini will surely grasp your emotion in their heart and pit due to their outstanding maintenance and matchings.

16. Everest flight:

The world largest mountain is always on their own point to say the people for come to see me. The flight off Everest will also increase your courage and interest for seeing the peak from near with nude eyes.

The reality and unspotted talks of your heart about the Everest get exertion. The flights will make your journey more easy and comfortable to travel and helps you to know the betterment and real description of Everest.

17. Hydropower visit:

Indra Sarovar is the greatest lake of Nepal made by the man for the hydropower production located in Dolpa. A person is busy in their research of works and some are busy in research of life. It is one of the greatest collection of water kept in boundary for sawing and boating purposes of attracting the tourist.

This places will also make your emotions flying to see the wave and capture of water inside the lake waving the drawing of mountains in the water.

18. Trekking :

If you get bored with your daily and busy life you can walk up in trekking with friends for refreshment. A person gets joy if they get rid of their work for some time gap.

And trekking in different natural places will motivate you and provides you the new and purified energy to move again forward of your life race.

19. Children dances:

Children are very social and naughty in nature. They are not capable of making clean the dirty actions from the wrong. So they act according to their own understandings and learning. Their dances will also make you think deeply.

There also someone who has born to dance and some might be the silly who makes you laugh unlimitedly through their unnatural behavior. Participation in these types of activities will also make you some creativity to do amazing in Nepal while you are in the journey to see new things and new cultures and new actions that are most common in the Nepal.


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