While talking with many Nepali bloggers, I discover that must of them are still unknown about Affiliate marketing. Blogger in Nepal is only familiar with Google AdSense and its alternatives.

They think Google Adsense is only a way to earn money online from their blog. But according to me, it is wrong. You can earn very high revenue from affiliate marketing than google Adsense only if you have detailed information about affiliate marketing.

In this tutorial, you will learn A – Z information about affiliate marketing, how it works, how to increase affiliate revenue, and so on.

A to Z Affiliate Marketing Tips and Techniques for Beginners – Especially Nepali Affiliate Marketers or Bloggers

1. What Is Affiliate Marketing?

For me, Affiliate marketing is a source for making money online without any investment. Many bloggers in the world are now paying more attention to affiliate marketing. Do you know? You don’t need websites or blogs to join some affiliate networks. Isn’t it very interesting?

Affiliate Marketing tips and tricks
Affiliate Marketing

2. How Does It Work?

After joining an affiliate network, login into your account. After that, you need to pick up products related to your blog niche. Let say my blog is about movie and music so, I picked some product related to movies and music. You can also choose other products according to your choice.

After that generate the affiliate link of that product and promote it on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. Whenever your visitors click on that link and do valid purchase, you will earn revenue.

3. What Are The Types Of Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing mainly works on the CPS model i.e Cost Per Sale. You will earn money only after the valid purchase. There is also another affiliate network that works on different models. Some of the affiliate models are like -:


CPA ( Cost Per Action) – CPA i.e when your visitors click on your affiliate link and do some action like downloading, installing, sign up, the online survey then you will receive revenue.

CPL ( Cost Per Lead ) -: This type of affiliate network mainly focuses on email/zip submit.

CPI ( Cost Per Install) – This type of affiliate network mainly focuses on downloading and installing, that maybe game or apps.

CPC ( Cost Per Click) – This type of affiliate network only focuses on the clicks. But it is very hard to find the CPC affiliate network.

4. Why Affiliate Marketing Is Best For Nepali Blogger

We all know Nepal lies in Asia, and the CPM and CPC rates for Asian countries including Nepal are very very low in comparison to English speaking countries like Us, UK,.Australia, and Canada.

That’s the reason why we Nepalese people are not earning enough revenue like blogger of tier 1 countries. The CPM rates i.e rates per 1000 ads impression for tier 1 traffic sometimes used to hit $3-$5. But for Nepal, it’s only $0.05-$0.30.

To earn decent revenue, you have to pay more attention to SEO and blog promotion. Without high blog traffic, it is not possible to earn more money from your blog as you dreamed.

If you have an approved Adsense account then you can earn handsome revenue from your blog. Google Adsense is still the king of all the advertising networks.

You can find dozens of network saying that they will pay you higher, the CPM rates are high. But the fact is that none of the advertising networks found on the web pay you higher than
the google Adsense.

I have tried many ad networks like Chitika, Bidadvertise, Revenuehits, info links…. the earnings are still the same. This may be the reason why Nepali blogger only depends upon Google Adsense.

I had already mentioned above that some of the affiliate marketing do not require a website or a blog. You can promote your affiliate link on any social network that you like.

Here question may arise, why affiliate marketing is best for Nepali blogger? I don’t say it is 100% suitable for Nepali blogger, but according to my personal view, it is best than the google Adsense alternatives.

Ok now here we are on the topic. Ad network mainly works on the CPM model i.e rates for per 1000 ads impression and affiliate marketing works on cps model i.e rates for per sale. Let say your blog used to generate 5000 blog traffic and 4000 ads impression a day. The CPM rate is $2 then you will earn 4000/1000*2 = $8 a day.

But in affiliate marketing, you will not get paid for CPM and CPC. Let say you are generating the same blog traffic i.e 5000 traffic a day and you are promoting a website hosting platform that offers $90 per sale.

You are getting 5000 blog visitors a day. If one of your blog visitors purchases that hosting package then you will earn a total amount of $90 a day. If you manage to sell 5 web hosting packages a day then you will earn $90*5 = $450 a day. Now say, which is best?

You can also promote your affiliate link in various social networks to attracts more visitors and buyers. Like ad network, affiliate marketing does not require tier 1 traffic. You can earn decent revenue from your Nepali traffic. Nothing in this world is impossible. Work hard with your heart, you will achieve huge success one day.

5. Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing

I think you have already got the main benefits of affiliate marketing. Along with that, you can also find many more benefits of affiliate marketing. Some of them are mentioned below.

A. Many Products

After joining the affiliate network you can promote dozens of affiliate products. In Google Adsense and google Adsense alternatives, there is a fixed advertiser. They will display ads randomly on your blog. Sometimes your visitors may feel uneasy seeing the same ads on your blog.


You have no choice left in that condition. You have to accept what they provide you. And also ads mostly do not match your blog niche. Let say you have a shopping website and your blog is displaying ads of Facebook, will it increase your CTR rate?

Not. But in the affiliate network, you will get full control over ads. You can pick a suitable product that you can sell it easily. Like that, you can find thousands of products in some affiliate marketplace. CJ (Commission Junction) is the biggest affiliate marketplace that I had ever used. In CJ you can find products from online shopping, web hosting, domain name registration, website templates to online courses, antiviruses, and so on.

B. No Investment

The best thing about affiliate marketing is, you can join any affiliate network with zero investment. Hope you got me. In affiliate marketing, you can earn thousands of dollars a month without any investment. Joining an affiliate network is free.

I have seen some affiliate network and affiliate managers asking some funds before joining their affiliate program. Do not ever trust them. If they ask you some funds then just ignore them.

Nowadays the internet is full of fake ad networks and affiliate networks. Before joining an affiliate network always make a habit of reading their honest review on the web. It will help you to get the best affiliate network as well it will save your money too.

C. Long Term Program

An affiliate network is a long term program. How many of you are agreed with this statement? So why I called it a long term program, any idea? I called it a long term program because it works in the future too.

In a network, you have to add an ad code on your website to generate ad impressions and clicks. Without the ad unit, you will not earn a single penny from your blog.

But in affiliate marketing, you will get a double choice. Either to place a banner on your blog like other networks and promote the affiliate product link. Your one step will run for several years only if you choose the second choice i.e promoting affiliate product link.

You can promote that affiliate link on any social network. As well you too can write an honest review of that product. Do you know the honest product review will help you to attract your visitors towards your affiliate product? If you win their heart then they will purchase that product.

6. Affiliate Marketing – Mistakes To Avoid

In my affiliate journey, I had done many mistakes. From those mistakes, I have learned much more about affiliate marketing. I am writing this article just to help new Nepali affiliate marketers. I want to see you guys as new Nepali top affiliate marketers. Here we go..

A. Money

Many people think that affiliate marketing is full of money. They can earn thousands of dollars from affiliate marketing. But the fact is that you will not earn a single penny from affiliate marketing if you only focus on money. I know money is the most important thing in this world.

You can buy and do anything that you want. But in affiliate marketing, knowledge and information is the most important thing than the money. Do not care how much you have earned or you are earning from affiliate marketing. Every beginner needs knowledge and information, not money. So try to do more research on the topic, how to sell a product, how to earn, and so on.

B. Offer Focuses

Now here in Nepal, a Black Friday offer is going on. During this period many companies and products are giving a huge discount for its buyers. Like this many affiliate networks also used to launch many offers. You need to catch these offers on time. There are high chances of selling more products during this period. People love discounts and these
offers used to provide a discount of up to 70% off.

C. Reports

This is the top mistake that every newbie affiliate marketers makes. Everyone cares about earning and money, but not actual reports. Here I will suggest you check your report every day i.e regularly. Reports may vary from the affiliate network.

Some affiliate network used to provide real-time report i.e your report will be updated every minute regularly and some affiliate network used to provide reports only after one day i.e you will get your today’s report at the end of tomorrow.

I have heard that many affiliate networks do not provide a real report of its publishers. When you will do more sales, such an affiliate network used to hide your number of sales. As a result, your earning will below.

So before starting, make a habit of checking your report frequently. If you found something wrong, then you can contact their support team.

D. Over Use Of Affiliate Network

And the last point is the overuse of the affiliate network. Instead of an affiliate network, you can join the affiliate marketplace like CJ, ShareASale, and Clickbank, where you will find thousands of products to sell. Such affiliate marketplace used to cover all the blogging niche from fashion, health, domain, hosting to loan, software, and so on.

Joining more affiliate networks may create problems. When you will join more affiliate network, you will have to give more time to every network. As a result, your day will be full of a busy schedule. So it will be better for you to pick a suitable affiliate network.

7. Some Extra Affiliate Marketing Tips

Here are some extra affiliate marketing tips that may help you with your affiliate journey.

A. Yes I Can

Before starting affiliate marketing, you must think several times. Do not ever join any affiliate network until your heart says “Yes, I Can”. Earning money from affiliate marketing is not as easy as Adsense and its alternatives. You need huge information before you join an affiliate network.

B. Niche Selection

Niche selection is the best way to generate more sales via your blog or websites. Niche website helps you to get niche related visitors, as a result, there will be high chances of product selling.

For me, I had mp3 and movie related blog. According to my niche, I picked up some mp3 and movie products from amazon affiliate. After that, I placed it on the sidebar of my blog. After a week, I found a huge difference in my reports. The selling numbers went to the top. If you don’t believe it, you can also try it once.

C. Payment and Payouts

This is the most important thing that you must check before joining any affiliate network. Many top affiliate networks pay their publisher’s earnings via PayPal. And we are from Nepal where PayPal is still unavailable. We only have an option of pioneer and wire transfer.

You can order Payoneer MasterCard for free in Nepal. And about the wire transfer. The payouts for wire transfer are very high in some affiliate networks starting from $500-$4000. It is the very high rates for us. So before selecting the affiliate network, you must check their payment method and payouts.

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I hope you have got detailed information about affiliate marketing. If you have any problem related to this tutorial then you can comment on your issue below. Good luck.

Writer: Sachin Gurung

A to Z Affiliate Marketing Tips and Techniques for Beginners – Especially Nepali Affiliate Marketers or Bloggers


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