1. Give effect accounting software – Accounting Software For NGO

It is one of the best accounting software for non profitable organization. It has lots of systematic and effective function. Lot easier to use, upgrading system in every two weeks with the facility of webinars, various tutorial video about training, own page in face book so, every users can connect with each other and recently it has a new feathers like selling event tickets through this software, there is donate button on your personal website and other as well.

Due to this software you can save huge amount of time and utilize it for other important work. It is easy, sustainable and anyone can understand with a little training. Its customer service is extremely superb and they are available any moment when you need support. This software is mainly for donor’s purpose because they can use it effectively, it also has campaign pages, contact system of email. It is also cloud-based system and this is also known as the modern software for accounting purpose.

This software provide website too so, it may be more expensive but it is worthy for all kind of non-profitable organization. It got 5 out of 5 starts in rating and everyone really think it is so much adorable for those non-profitable organizations.

  1. Freshbooks – Accounting Software For NGO

Freshbooks is one of the leading accounting software of the world. It is the best and trustful accounting software that let users complete financial and accounting task in real time. Freshbooks is known as the easiest software to use for small and big nonprofits organization and freelance accountants and is available in the market.

Freshbooks is widely known accounting software it is used by more than five million users around world for tracing data managing taxes and financial task and also the charges.

The retailer has recently upgraded the product to allow uncomplicated combination between team members and has connected a redesigned dashboard where users can easily collect payments and computerized the reappearing billing process to receive Google card payments, checkouts, pay pal and Amex.

With the help of this accounting software, INGOs and NGOs can manage invoices as well as expenses. Also, the trader of this software company offers a mobile app the system seems to combine with another business app so users can get more knowledge by experienced agents. Freshbooks is very affordable for almost any budget. Also, it provides 30-day free trial to enable users to test the features before they throw the money in Freshbooks.

  1. Hi-tech Business Accounting Software

Hi-tech business accounting software is a highly computerized system for charging, recording, control and accounting with various business performance analyses. Hi, tech is not just only software but it is the business manager for the nonprofit organization. Hi, tech is very important for every nonprofit organization of Nepal.

By studying essential requirements of manufacturing, importers, Traders, Distributors and service providers hi tech software has been developed. Likewise hi tech business accounting software is most recent and can be upgraded which is unique and has outstanding features.

Hi-tech covers a wide range of business needs. This software has been made a world-class solution by accounting professional. They are experienced and have knowledge of finance and all the tasks of nonprofit organization. Moreover this software is very easy to use and even junior staffs can operate. From simple voucher hi-tech can complete day back entry.

  1. Sage intacct – Accounting Software For NGO

It is a fully satisfying and best result provider accounting software also used for nonprofit organization too. More than n 12,000 users are moving their organizations forward and on next level with the help of sage intacct cloud based accounting software products.

This software is built on general ledger which is multi dimensional also this software modifies your various requirements. This software is specially designed to meet user’s business goals and provides flexibility and more convenient in the future.

With the help of sage intacct users can develop their business with real confidence. It will support users and take them to the success and outstanding achievements. Because of sage intacct users can manage their time in every tasks they do cause the tasks handle by this software is more accurate than any other and also it is widely known software.

Likewise with this software you can start and manage financial activities including reporting, Currency Conversions, local tax and many more. Sage intacct accounting for multiple companies provides an informative journal entry report for every financial activity.

This software also provides a quick access to gain and losses of currency. Overall sage intact is outstanding accounting software which can control various tasks in real time making users happy.

  1. Donor tools – Accounting Software For NGO

It is excellent accounting software for nonprofit organization and companies. Donor tools capture all the donation of users and also online donations automatically and also physical transactions are captured in real time. Likewise, Donor tools allow user’s organization an advanced and branded web page to receive online donations and fill out a small space.

Also it helps your organization to upload the logo and all the links from user’s site. Likewise donations can be acquired from computer, tablet and mobile devices. Donor tools have been saving many if nonprofits time since 2012. Also it is very easy to use. Donor tools can receive credit and debit card donations online and all type of physical donation like cash, Check etc.

This software is very easy to use all the fields are self understanding and could be self taught if no any practice or training is given. Also donor tools keep all the information of donor managed, arranged and make it very easy to use.

Moreover, it has so many extra features that can support and help any nonprofit organization. This software has everything that nonprofit organization will need.

  1. Memberclicks – Accounting Software For NGO

This is all in Association software which helps organizations to save their time and resources. Every tasks of the organization is completed by member clicks in a proper and suitable way. Memberclicks is specially designed for small a staff association.

This the software helps in event registration, dues automation, email marketing, and many other ways. Likewise, this software helps to store all your important data and records and let you find easily searching through it.

Also it combines with other features so email marketing and event registration becomes more accurate. Memberclicks helps to feel users more convenient and comfortable by handling and maintaining dues renewals. Also this software helps to increase user’s enrollment process.

Likewise this software saves user time by creating, Scheduling and tracing email exact as user’s database which makes task even easier and convenient for users. Users can easily create a transformable event registration event forms and maintains registrants online.

This the software also helps users to create a new website for the user’s association membership also can combine it in previous or existing association’s website. Moreover, Memberclicks helps to increase engagement and clarity with user’s association by messaging, Sharing pictures and blogs.

Also, it is very easy for users to set and fix payment processing and various deals with invoices. Overall Memberclicks can perform and customize a large number of tasks in a real time and it is perfect for nonprofit organization.

  1. Scoro

Scoro is a company established in 2013 to recover business strategy and accounting operations in a smart way of form. This is an awesome company of accounting software providing business management software with wide range of tools that let users work more efficiently and manage their finance in organized and advanced manner.

Scoro has made many things possible in the business field. From general accounting and tax management to maintaining and enterprising level, reporting all tasks including finance can be done by scoro.

Likewise, scoro has many experienced members including a team of engineers, Sales personnel, marketing specialists which help customers to get the best possible accounting software ideas and solutions.  Every member of this company works together and puts good products providing users with much information.

Moreover, scoro has created a support center having all kind of equipment which provides the knowledge to users by showing video tutorials as well as tips and tricks to use the software easily.

Likewise scoro is the best for nonprofit organization and it is used all over the world for the betterment in business in finance form. Also users don’t need to worry about having no knowledge of information technology because it is very easy to use can also get special tricks to use it from experienced staffs of score.

  1. Wild Apricot

This software is cloud-based and especially used by charities, non-profitable organization, clubs, and various community organizations. It has the capacity of 15000 memberships. It has a lot of features like it is so flexible setting to creates an email for marketing, too much reliable software for any small non-profitable organization, it is very helpful because of its ability to automate the application of a membership and renewals.

Everything like an event, membership page, blogs and join us are already included in template form and this software doesn’t need any HTML coding. Especially, reports can be generated so easily through that information given to its database. It is also the time-saving software by launching any website within an hour.

As we talking about its rating than it got 4.5 starts out of 5 stars. So everyone recommend it as a comfortable, reliable, perfect and much more suitable for small non-profitable organization with lots of features and function. Customer services are also so well managed, so, customer gets any information about its use and function properly in very short period of time.

  1. Intuit QuickBooks online

Intuit QuickBooks online is very useful software for the non-profitable organization. This wasn’t made especially for them but it can be used by non-profitable firms too.

This software is very easy to use and learn. It can handle all type of tasks belong to a non-profitable organization and create an ordinary report for every fund or program and also it can create any type of report in a real-time as user choice.

This the software is fully advance and capable of Handel all the needs of the non-profitable organization. Likewise, they fully create customizable for nonprofitable firms. It can also record donors and their report including a list of donors and their members.

Moreover, you don’t need to panic for tracking budget and funds because QuickBooks can do it more easily and more comfortably. Actually, QuickBooks has many features which can take any organization to the next level by performing various tasks like easily store thousand of donors and items moreover user can safeguard donor’s data by setting individual user permission for more than 100 different activities.

QuickBooks accept all the donation and make users record donation through their mobile and phone likewise QuickBooks automatically downloads your transactions and level them for you when connected to the bank.

  1. Blackbaud financial edge NXT

This the software is cloud-based and the main purpose or aimed for the nonprofitable organization. With the help of this software, the accountant can run budget systematically, manage organization case flow, and track the firm’s financial record and health through reporting tools.

It also provides the best security system including internal controls to prevent fraud and spending on wasteful things. Blackbaud financial edge NXT software also includes some built-in budgeting features to decrease overspending.

For nonprofitable firms, it works as an enterprise resource planning solution. This software is very meaningful and sustainable for a very long period of time with a good controlling process. It also has some outstanding features, for instance, reporting and analyzing, grant management, purchasing and expense management, budget management and core accounting like account payable, cash management and many more other.

This software can be used in numerous sectors like health sector, education, different foundation and welfare for animal as well. This software has its own training sector so, any new member doesn’t take lot time to learn its system and if you want to know more about operating system of this software than you need to simply call on customer service and they are very friendly, skilled, honest and polite so, they can able to provide all the information needed for an organization.

It may have some drawbacks like little more expensive for very small non-profitable organization and its price also increase annually and some of the users has problem related to using it like you need to use often otherwise it may slow down.

  1. Divvy

Divvy is cloud-based accounting software and it is very important for the nonprofit organization. Divvy is very suitable for managing and performing a variety of tasks of the nonprofit organization. This software has a lot of features which includes expense tracking, money spending and receiving budgeting and virtual debit cards.

Likewise, divvy helps in every company expenses by tracing and categorizing them when it happens. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the use of cards because divvy provides the online card which is directly connected to company budget and cards can be set up as both onetime use or repeatedly use.

This is the perfect accounting software which allows users to see where funds are spent and helps them to manage it also users can create a customized budget. This software helps users to manage budgets for every single event, department or entire companies on a daily basis, monthly or yearly.

Likewise divvy helps you to track other’s card by allowing you to set limits for individuals or a person.  This software is made by studying every details and task of nonprofit organizations and companies. When this software came in use, every nonprofit organizations and company who were using it made them satisfied and easy to use.

Every staff and members can use and operate this software without having good knowledge of it. Moreover divvy makes every user feel comfortable and confident while working and performing different tasks in organizations or companies. You can find everything in this software from the management of department budgets to allocation of funds.

  1. Multitier

This is accounting software specially designed by seeing the problems and difficulties of companies and nonprofit organization which are seeking a solution that conforms to their existing operations.

This software offers a package of financial solutions with the help of this software company can gain more achievements and nonprofits organization can solve their every task in real time. Moreover, this software has 14 elements that can be used for various organizations and is very suitable for many organizations also it offers many tools that can manage and handle tasks.

Author:-  Abhishek Ojha