Need Accounting Software For NGO In Nepal? — Must Know 22 Things Before Buying


Some of the accounting software for NGO in Nepal and some of the thing to know before their use.

  1. Aplos – Accounting Software For NGO

It is the cloud-based accounting software used in non-profit organization. It solves the accounting related problem and it also comprises fund accounting, online donation management.

Describing features charity event, managing tools, fundraising tools, and tradition communication. Users can run it easily using online kinds of stuff important for fundraising like donor database report too.

In conclusion, it enables all the NGO related organization in Nepal to manage their entire donation, monetary, fiscal and information of donor at the same time. Aplos is worthy for mid-scale or mid-size NGO including schools, service providing clubs and groups in Nepal.

It helps to complete huge work in a very short period of time. Many features like report negotiation, journal entries were most of the important stuff needed for every nonprofitable organization in Nepal. Aplos have done graeat contribution in the field of accounting and it is also used in the faith-based organization and big churches.

  1. Abila MIP fund accounting – Accounting Software For NGO

It is the most reliable software for all the nonprofit organization whether small or big. It has a lot of function and really useful for on-premise and cloud-based options. This software can also be used in mobile as apps. It will help to calculate and manage the propethe r record of the budget in an organization as well as provide effective guidance to manage human resources as well.

This software has lots of main feathers like the invoice control to avoid from duplicate invoice, it is so flexible in use, it can track various fund in very different trail balance and most is entering budget of an organization is very easy. It is so suitable for all kind of non-profitable organization which enables to track various fund or activities individually.


  1. Fund – z fund accounting

It’s been more than 22 years and yet it is one of the best accounting software for all non profitable organization. Small or big all kind of organization use it to operate and maintain budget of the firms in various fund, numerous launch project, grants and a lot of funding sources. It has lots of perfect feathers and all are totally suitable for all kind of firms as well.

After proper use of this software, every non profitable organization can clearly show or demonstrated all the account related income and expenditure across the board and also the requirement of cost reporting. Each and every data were in control with this simple interface. Users can also merge the different data, can copy and initialize memorize data.

Accounting Software For NGO In Nepal
Accounting Software For NGO In Nepal

The best part is that it is really easy to use and it also has strong security system. It also grants user right by hiding personal and sensitive account information. It is also has nickname as flexible fund accounting software and if we are talking about its function and characteristics that automatic backup, protection of cash from fraud, documents can be attached many more which can’t simple explain in words.

  1. Raiser’s edge next software 2018

This software simple have a great and fastest way of learning how to use. Each and every new member of an organization can learn about searching records and all the information they want. It also has strong visualized graphs, like pattern of the donors and the way to financial record.

This software has lot functionality like campaign management, donor management, and automatic payment, collect online donations, initiate crowed funding efforts and search major donors and manage how much donation to request from them.

So, with the help of this software, an organization can create a healthy environment. This is more efficient for office with lots of travelling office member and even more important part is its database function while it may need some training for the entire member but it is truly worthy to provide huge insight to all the non profitable organization. It can control over 35thousand donors and yet with the same speed and quality.

Well, member and stockholder don’t need to wait for a mail for a long period of time rather they can simply login and check the provided information.

  1. Smart – Accounting Software For NGO

Smart is highly advanced computer based accounting software for non profits organization after analyzing the entire requirements of nonprofit organization this software has been made. It controls all the financial and accounting tasks of organizations and companies providing the best result in accurate form.

Smart has features like its name. It is the new software having unique and exciting features. Users get comfortable using this software because it is the most user friendly system which is very easy to understand.

Smart has been developed by a highly qualified group of computer engineers and finance manager having years of experience and knowledge in NGOs and INGOs. Smart is an outstanding software for nonprofit organization which is very easy to learn and also easy for entries like surfing the net. Smart extends the ability, quality, and flexibility and makes SQC server easy to use.

Likewise it automatically updates Voucher, general ledger and many other Reports. Moreover every user can modify their adjusted vouchers online and from reports. Also this Software let users to zoom from any report to the voucher. It provides zooming from all important reports like journal, ledger, Registers and books


  1. Argenta – Accounting Software For NGO

It is a perfect accounting software Argenta has unlimited benefits and it is very easy to use. You can find al, information in this accounting software with easy replication. It is basically created for important purpose and special needs. It is all in English so users can easily understand.

This software can run entire nonprofit organization in proper manner it is worldwide access and totally secure. Also Argenta makes scaling incredibly easy by performing various tasks if you are willing to use perfect software for nonprofit able organization.

Many nonprofits use this software to invest and capture budgets various funds, programs funding sources and departments. It keeps every data under control from small to complex it can handle large amount of data. It can filter, export and can email data in seconds with the help of this software users can combine and memorize data. Likewise this software shows items in advanced and organized way of manner.

  1. Netsuite – Accounting Software For NGO

Netsuite Accounting software plays an important role in finance designing. It can change and streamline their methods and instructions this is a best result giving accounting software and used by many companies and nonprofit organizations of the world.

Netsuite has always known to increase business achievement and also improves it performance which helps to grow financial close efficiency while reducing bank office expenses. Netsuite help users in solving delays and quick generating of statement and reveals multiple financial requirements like GAAP SOX and many others.

Netsuite helps to change the specific record book and register from a stagnant into effective asset that allows companies to customize the general records and let them to meet their particular business needs and changing Circumstances.

Netsuite provides finance professionals. Compliance and clear clarity also it enhance audit trial and is supportable for multinational financial management. Likewise this accounting software is very beneficial for nonprofit organization helping them in large tax managements which helps them to save their precious time and reduces costs.


Overall Netsuite is an amazing and beneficial accounting software that manages schedules, insurance tax system and other various multiple task of no profit companies providing them satisfying result and new achievements.

  1. Every action – Accounting Software For NGO

Every action is a cloud-based fund raising solution for nonprofits organization. It is very important software for non profits companies in proper way of manner. Every action has very unique feature regarding online donations, Event management, Word tracking and accurate reporting.

Every action helps advance associations communicate and interacts with their proposal and supporters through direct email, digital marketing, and campaigns. This is excellent accounting software that allows fundraiser to create own website.

With the help of this users can divide donors and send all choose emails to them with fixed donation links. Also this process provides mobile responsive forms which help every donors and supporter make donations using their phones and tablets.

This software offers great combines with social networks too. It helps users to record the crunch of each social share and helps to know and identify every supporter. Likewise, this allows users to trace campaign work by using various charts graphs and many other data visualization tools. Every action also helps users to know the details of donation history.

Moreover, it provides an outstanding ability to create effective campaigns which are important and helps them to grow. Likewise, it is so simple to use and it is the best software to setup action campaigns quickly and accurately.

  1. Accu fund accounting software – Accounting Software For NGO

This software is online based software and its specialty is to designed financial report and its solution main for non-profitable organization. It is related to calculate the expenditure and income of any organization and auditing as well.

The main features of this software are case receipts, storage of document, report writer of financial records, bank reconciliation and this software also has a unique property as it has f9 from where users can link their excel spreadsheet to this software ledger.

In Accu fund accounting software, a user’s can access it from anywhere because of based in cloud base solution. It is so flexible and fit in any organization whether it is small or huge non-profitable organization. Lots of user agree and provide positive vibes about its customer service as well.

It is also include great upgrading systems, running reports, customizable so, any organization can create or ask exactly as it need. This software has a lot multi-tasking feathers which is enough for any organization or non profitable firm to use and take organization in long way. Whenever they upgrade this software, automatically, new modules and feathers will be added for more effective use.

  1. Denali fund – Accounting Software For NGO

Denali fund software is mainly based on cloud based and it is an on- premise which include multiple fund. This software is mainly created for the small and mid level non profitable organization.

Some of the basic features are reporting, management of any events, manage the donors records, and mange the grant as well. It has two main functions as donor tracking system and encumbrance transactions. Donor tracking features include keep track of donation and manage insight in fund raising efforts of an organization. Denali fund software s so functional and a lot of way to use it for specific information in office.

And if we talking about its customer service than it is beyond the best. They are very skillful and teach you each and every knowledge and information. This software evaluates each and every data more accurately and systematically.

In Denali fund software, some of the best part is to track the fund source and its correct location, lots of shortcut keys, and strong security system to protect the company from any fraud or fraud transaction. If you think about how you it will run with a multi tasking system and may think it are complex to understand but as you check its record and rating than it got 4 out of 5stars and everyone accept it as an easy and comfortable software.


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