Government of Nepal – 100 Things to Know About Nepal’s Government

49. The crowd of the people had come on the road for taking their rights and the services provided by the government. The government has not given the rights but they have killed about 63 people in the protest on in the Aandolan of 2062/63. Then at that time the prime minister Girija Prasad Koirala have brought the Madheshi in the government and came in compromising.

50. Madhesh aandolan 2072

This year is also known as the black year of the Nepal because the great earthquake came and had taken the life of many people. This year the new achievement has been coming up for the Nepalese that is the makings of the constitution.

51. All the people are not happy because this constitution has made someone happy and someone weeps. It’s is all because the differences in looking eyes towards the different people of the country. The people of Nepal have made the celebration in some places and somewhere it has been celebrated as the black day in the Terai region.

52. The Madheshi people have celebrated the constitution day as the black day whereas the people of hilly and Himalayas have celebrated this day as the festival. The country gets the constitution but it has opened the door for someone and for someone it has kept and closed in the cage.

53. The Madheshi have been kept in the cage because all power and equal right was given has not been mentioned in the constitution. For taking the equal rights all the people of Terai have come on the road but the government gives the blood and the life of the people in the hands of Madheshi instead of giving the rights,

54. The great acquired number party Congress, UML, Maoist are playing the game of bad politics which shows the mentality of the leaders. They all have made the plan for being prime minister of Nepal by party and chance. Since the constitution is not in use the making of government for nine-months is preparing and ruling.


55. While asking for the equal rights for the country of the people even they belong to any place, any cases and any religion, they again get the life and the blood of the youth and the persons of protestor doing and bowing for the rights.

56. These thing determine that the government is thinking that the power and the post will be always mine. But the same and constant time is not adhesive with anyone.

57. The time is moving and the people are also waiting for the right time for hunting or protest startings. The life of about sixty gone but the achievement has not been done and there is occurrence of same situations.

58. The prime minister K.P. Oli is at that time when the protest made by the Madhesi is going on but he only thinks to save their posts and priority but not the life and the future of the Terai people. The person and the youth who are doing the protest they are the great youth of the Madhesh which shows the integration and unity of the Terai region.

59. The voice of the people is loud and the voice of the protester has not listened. The government has told to provide some amount helps to the martyr’s family but they have not even received now.


60. The government has only the power of taking the life not the improvement of the Nepalese future. All the protest has been done by the people of Madhesi whom we called the Madheshi. The struggle with the government for getting the equal rights and opportunity is going on .

61. Prior to the abolition of the monarchy, it was officially known as His Majesty’s Government(श्री ५ सरकार) earlier.

62. But due to changes of time this word has been converted. In an earlier age before ten years ago, there were the king in the Nepal ruling the country. All the power were in the hands of Nepal’s king. And the kings has been dismissed from the Nepal.

63. Since the His Majesty’s Government is closed to write. Nepal was ruled by the king from much long time since the time of Prithvi Narayan Shah who has unified the nations in one stone.

64. Firstly the Nepal were in Bassey and Chaubissey kingdom then it is unified by the great king that is Prithivi Narayan Shah. He has told that Nepal is the kingdom of four grade and 36 cases.

But now in the present time, it has been changed and the present Nepal have become the kingdom of many cast s and religions.

65. Kingdom of Nepal :

The country has looked the many faces of the king and the ruler. The Rana have also ruled the country for 104 years. Then the king Tribhuvan have a fight with the Rana for the justice of the Nepalese and the Nepal.


66. Because the Rana used to make the people like a servant, behave like animals and dominate the lower class people. But even the fighting time have brought and make the rule of Rana in the country for 104 years.

67. Then, later on, many kings came and rule the country. The present year before I mean about the last king Birendra were ruling the country properly and managed by making the people satisfied but the sudden hurricane came in the family and all the happiness has washed away from the kingdom.

Rana Rule in Nepal History Picture

68. The time when the king was killed , this news have made the Nepalese tears in the eyes and the many Nepal have cut their hair in the sympathy to them. The killer of king Birendra is his brother Gyanendra like this the people are saying.