Government of Nepal – 100 Things to Know About Nepal’s Government


22. About the budget system of Nepal:

The country budget is rescued by the ministry of finance. The ministry of finance determines the area in which how much of the total budget expenditures should be capitalized. All the financial and economist make the planning and then forms the budget bag and then freed it for the country development. The past year country’s budget had mostly touched the sad face and hearts of the victims of the earthquake which have taken the life of more than thousand people.

budget briefcase of Nepal
budget, Nepal

23. The great businessman

The Nepalese businessman Binod Chaudhary is treated as the Nepal richest person who has also included in the list of Forbes. His net wealth is more than one billion dollar. This shows that the person from the small country will not be only small.

Binod Chaudhary BusinessMan in Nepal
Binod Chaudhary

24. Where there is a problem there is the solution. The Binod Chaudhary is the pride of Nepal who is also leading the different social responsibility and providing the help to the poorest and others. He has made more than twenty-five hundred houses for the victims of the earthquake that spend more than two Crores rupees. He also the one of the socialist person.

25. Nepal court:

The head of all the court is the supreme court which is located in Kathmandu which represents the country identity and all the works related to country and the government. The court position is designed like the legislative and judiciary.

nepal supreme court
Nepal supreme court

26. The legislative is also called the district court and the judiciary is also called the zone court. If any cases do not get right satisfaction then the cases are forwarded to the judiciary court and again the same matters happen then the final cases go in the supreme. The decisions of the supreme are final. And the case holder has to also be satisfied because of the decision of supreme closes all the way to knock again.

Nepal governmental offices:

28. Nepal telecom:

It is the telecommunication offices which is not fully under the government but about fifty-one percent is in government control. The first telecommunication of the Nepal which is serving the people from all beginning. And this organization have entered many staffs which are also the employment creation.

Nepal telecom
Nepal telecom

29. Nepal electricity authority:

It is also the governmental office which is serving the country lights or electricity. The making the country lightful, it is playing the great role. Even though the country has many glasses of water but the country is supplying the electricity by buying. These all are the blaming factor which are pushing the internal thought and efforts back. Due to the poor government, all the neighbors are taking the benefit.

nea Nepal electricity authority building
Nepal electricity authority building

30. Nepal Rastra Bank:

It the supreme bank of the country which main works is to issues the note. This bank is also called the bank to the bank or the father of the bank.

Nepal Rastra Bank central banking system
Nepal Rastra Bank


32. Its main works are to issue the not, exchanging the foreign currency and maintain the interest rate and keeping the banking sector live with the power and the money.
Under this many governmental banking falls like agriculture development bank, national commerce bank, Nepal bank of all ‘’A’’ grade.

33. Nepal municipality

According to the present constitution there reached 217 municipalities and 3157 village development committee. The great municipality is Kathmandu. There are seven districts which are Municipalityless.

mahanagar municipality kathmandu nepal
Kathmandu municipality

34. SAARC relations with Nepal

Nepal is also the member of SAARC. SAARC MEANS SOUTH ASIAN ASSOCIATION FOR REGIONAL COOPERATION which is established in 1985 December 8. Nepal contributes about 10.72 total expenditures of SAARC. The eighteenth SAARC summit had been held in Nepal in which from Nepal Sushil Prasad Koirala have taken part. And the nineteenth SAARC summit is planned to held in Pakistan but it does not become succeed to form.


35. Nepalese in Guinness book record

1. Chandra Dahadur Dangi for the world’s shortest person.
2. Appa Sherpa for the climbing of Mount Everest for 21 times.
3. Min Bahadur Sherchan for climbing Mount Everest in the old age.
4. Shambhu Tamang for climbing Mount Everest in earlier or young age.
5. Mahabub Aalam for taking all ten wickets in cricket history in one innings.
6. Ritendra Shrestha for being the younger photographer.
7. Saugat Bista for being the director of the film in very early age at age of seven years.
8. Lakpa Shrestha for climbing Mount Everest from the female.

rohit Nepalese in Guinness book

All these above are the hero and pride of Nepal which will be always live in the history of Nepal.
Nepalese political party:

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