Government of Nepal – 100 Things to Know About Nepal’s Government

Nepal is the small country with the small population of about three Crores. All the Nepalese are engaged in their own works but the mostly are engaged in agriculture and handling their own business. The people of Nepal are honest in nature and good behavior because of mostly the population of Hindu. As the person of Nepal are laborious and self-dependent. Besides, the political situation of the Nepal is little beat on the wrong track. It’s has happened due to the appointment of bad leaders in the election. The Nepalese politics is like the ponds in which all the fisher can fishing.


1. About president:

The Nepal is Sanghiya loktantrik Gantantratmak country. The first president of Nepal was DR. RAM BARAN YADAV who handles the country for eight years. He is the president who has announced the constitution of Nepal 2072. The firs president rule the country for two politics period in different government.

Dr. Ram Baran Yadav First President of Nepal

2. But the present president is MRS. VIDYA BHANDARI who became after the ending time period of DR. RAM BARAN YADAV. She is the wife of people beloved leader Madan Bhandari who killed by the chess of opposition leader.

Bidya Devi Bhandari First woman president of Nepal

3. About present prime minister:

The president of Maoist party Comrade Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda is the present prime minister of Nepal. He is the leader of present Nepal who has become twice the prime minister. It’s the second time has been becoming for nine months only.

Prachanda "puspa kamal dahal"


4. Before him, Khadka Prasad Oli was the prime minister of Nepal. Prachanda is a 37th prime minister of the Nepal. He has a struggle in the forest for ten years which is also called the period of public war.

KP Oli former Prime Minister of Nepal
KP Oli – former Prime Minister of Nepal


Present minister of Nepal

Bimlendra Nidhi – minister of home
Krishna Prasad Mahara- minister of finance

The present head of the commission of authority for income investment is not selected now. But before present Lokmansingh Karki were in this position.

The present governor of Nepal is Dr. Chirinjabi Nepal.

The head of police is Upendra Kant aryal. The head of armed police force doj Kumar rai.
Vice President: Nanda Kishor Pun

Head of Executive

Prime Minister: Prachanda


Chief Secretary: Som Lal Subedi

Head of Legislative

Chairman of Legislative Parliament: Onsari Gharti Magar

Head of Judiciary
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court: Sushila Karki

Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development (Nepal)

Heads of constitutional bodies

Constitutional body Head
Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA)
Chief Commissioner: Lokman Singh Karki
Public Service Commission Chairman: Umesh Mainali
Office of the Auditor General Acting Auditor General: Sukdev Khatry
Election Commission Acting Chief Election Commissioner: Ayodhi Prasad Yadav
Office of The Attorney General Attorney General: Raman Kumar Shrestha
National Human Rights Commission Chairman: Anup Raj Sharma

Head of security services

Security service Head
Nepal Army Chief of Army Staff Gen. Rajendra Chhetri
Nepal Police Inspector General : Upendra Kant Aryal
Armed Police Force Acting Inspector General : Durja Rai
National Investigation Department – Dilip Raj Regmi

7. Until May 28, 2008, Nepal was a constitutional monarchy. On that date, the constitution was altered by the Constituent Assembly to make the country a republic.


People of Nepal celebration new constitution of nepal

8. Contents

1 Political conditions
1.1 2001: Royal massacre
1.2 2005–2007: Suspension of parliament and Loktantra Andolan
1.3 December 2007 to May 2008: Abolition of the monarchy
1.4 Since 2008
1.4.1 Environmental policy
2 Legislative branch
2.1 Pre-2006
2.2 From Loktantra Andolan to the Constituent Assembly
2.3 The first elections after becoming a Republic: the Constituent Assembly
3 Judicial branch
4 International organization participation

8. The Nepal is the government is famous for the government change because in Nepal the government is the change in every nine months. Although the problem of the Nepalese is not directly watched due to the increase meant of corruption.

9. About the present constitution of Nepal:

This constitution is made at the time of prime minister of K.P.Oli. The present constitution consists 35 Bhaag, 308 Dhara, and 9 Anuchuchi.

Features of the constitution are

12. All the power in hand of the people.

13. Seven states formation

14. Mixed election system

15. Total elected parliamentary members will be 550.

16. The constitution can be edited after the two-third vote. Prime minister have no power to destroy the parliamentary member.

17. diversification court will be established.

18. Supreme court will be the head of the country.

19. The citizenship can be provided in the name of father and mothers.

20. National animal will be the cow

21. National flag keeps constant and the national song also keeps constant.

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