9xMovies 2020, A Website For Download Illegal HD Bollywood Movies Free Review


It’s all about 9xmovies movies download HD Bollywood, Hollwoo, Telugu, Panjabi, Marathi, Nepali, Bhojpuri films site free etc:- 9xmovies website is the one of the most popular movie website in India. It has huge fandom and people really love to watch from it. These website allow us to watch any category movie with HD quality.

People like us usually like those kind of websites from which we can download any movie without any ads and premium. Because there is the facility to download without any perfection and totally free in cost, its use has been increase dramatically.

It starts to do good business in India and become number one website within a few months. We can find any kind of movie like Hindi, Hollywood movie in Hindi dub, etc and it even grant us to download newly movie which was released few days back like baaghi3, race3 etc.

It is not only about movie but also all kind of TV serials which we can get in Netflix and other website only by paying for membership.

9kmovies special quality is that, it share all those leaked online movies on the internet. 9kmovies website never leak any movie either it is Hollywood or bollywood but it will surely share and supply to everyone which has been leaked in a market.

It is almost like a medium for all the leaked films and TV serials and it is one of the restricted acts in India. Well, talking about the 9kmovies website ranking according to Alexa.com, it got 63,501 within 90days from 572,155.

People and viewer start to spend more time and use 9kmovies torrent to download any movies with easy process. It started to gain more fame and its business was getting higher and higher.


9kmovies was doing good business by providing pirated content and making illegal money without knowing its users. People never care by the way, its affect on any other field as long as they can get profit and benefit from it. They know that it’s not easy to make movies and TV series but not only hard work also huge investment is needed.

First it should released on cinema and public buy its ticket and watch films. Through that films maker get revenue and get motivation to make another hit movies or series. But some illegal website like 9xmovies and many more torrents used to share all leaked and cheated movie by earning large amount of money.

If films start to get flop than there will be no next good movies which bring disaster to movie industries. So, Indian government started to put illegal acts upon those websites and start to bane until they got official copyright permission from film makers.

9xmovies was also famous in Nepal. Most of the Nepalese people used to download the Nepali, Hindi, Bollywood, Hollywood, South Indian, Telugu, Marathi movies free from this site. So, my dear Nepalese friends, if you want to watch Nepali movie, then YouTube is the best platform of all. It was banned now not only in India but alos in Nepal and rest of the world. 

9xmovies site review
9xmovies website review

Some of the most versatile things which make it famous but in the same time it also got banned. Some reasons are as follow:

How and why 9xmovies website is banned in India

  1. Free download

Well, it’s so fantastic that we don’t need to pay for those movies and television serial which we used to pay for watching. Every Indian start to download from it and other website totally get down.

Not only website but famous website likes Netflix and others to get down within a certain period of time. People become so attached with this website and Indian government need to take action for it.

Now, Indian government takes it so seriously that it needs to be banned. It is totally against law that any kind of unofficial content cannot be put in any website without authority’s permission.

Director and producer have invested such a big quantity on any movie but if those movies can get in any website within a few days of release. Than nobody will go to theater and buy ticket for those movies.

They will start to bear losses and billions of money becomes waste from film industry. Providing them in any website is not the only crime but those who watch and download it were also come in the same crime category as like owner of the website came.

It is an unofficial torrent as well and one of the most fascinating things about that website was, it will not bring direct movie but put it on their website when other bring it to them.

Even anyone can save movies on offline section of 9xmovies and save it to watch later whenever they were free. Not only that, those downloaded movies can be share with your friends through sharing app.

It has just let wide open rage to watch any movie and can share to anyone through simple way. So, this is also one of the reason to bane this website by taking legal action by many film maker so that their effort doesn’t go waste.

  1. Free membership on 9xmovies

 As we are talking about the membership of 9xmovies website, it is totally free and without any charges. If we look to any other website in India like Amazon and Netflix than we anyhow need to buy membership account and pay monthly or yearly to watch all online streaming.

Now, all those membership system has been broken by 9xmovies website due to its free of cost system. There is no burden to anyone to pay any money for watching movies and other stuffs.

It also creates a record of being largest downloader and distributor of all kind of movies of 2019. Within very short period time 9xmovies going to creak all the business of other official website.

Well, 9xmovies was already banned by Indian act because of its copyright violation and illegal act of distributing unauthorized films. According to the official website act of India, it clearly mentions the entire rule and the process of showing all movies and shows to its member.

First of all, any official website like Amazon will buy copyright of all movies and television serials with proper way. Than whoever is its member than they can watch it on that particular website and they run business in that way.


Even it is so clear that, newly release Hindi movies were not show in those official website until it grant permission from upper hand. There is the total process of showing all the series and registering legally.

So, 9xmovies become so famous with the time and when it went viral than people find how much easy is this to watch everything. Hotstar and Amazon prime used to buy subscription to do more business and when 9xmovies provide it free to everyone without payment.

Like this their business will ruin away and in tomorrow’s day more website is going to come one by one. This is fairly illegal download and even watcher can be fined if there is any kind of proof.

9xmovies website existed from very long period of time and it helps a lot of adult to go with trend even the poor one by providing free membership. It is one of the oldest website in India which may have illegal way to give entertainment but still people like it and love to use it.

It used to be so much easy to download and moreover, it’s free of any charges and supportive to every time of phone and pc. Indian government take very huge step to bane it and clearly mention that, it is illegal to use these website which was hinder to film industry.

  1. Owner from outside the India

 It is not a big deal for the Indian government that whoever is the owner but it seems that they were doing it from outside of the country. It becomes like that, crime is happing in India and founder, editor was living out of the country.

All the things will properly manage and everything has done from France. Taking anything without legal copyright content is crime in Indian policy and government put charges against it.

That person may have up to 2years of jail and 2lakh Indian currency fine for violating government rules and regulation illegally. The owner of the 9kmovies operates it by sitting outside the country and they even edit it from there.


  1. Focus on bollywood movies

9k movies is a torrent version or we can say that it use torrent to supply movies, songs, game, TV serials, books and many more other online entertainment stuffs.

Actually this website doesn’t have licensed to supply any movies but with the help of torrents it can be done in any place. These unauthorized websites like 9xmovies target to all the bollywood movies and TV series but not only that we can also see game of thorns and Hollywood can be found in this website.

Just within 300mb we can watch any bollywood movies in HD and it is not a very big thing for this website. Dub is very famous in 9xmovies like any Hollywood movies dub and even we can get international films like Pakistani and other countries. This type of website is nothing more than rust for film industry and must be banned from India in any cost.

All kind of films like regional one can also be found in 9xmovies in a very large scale. Tamil, Panjabi, Marathi and other regional movies become so much viral in these websites in regular bases.

Whole film industries will bear losses if little more of this torrent based website like 9xmovies comes into existed. Well, some of the various content lists of 9xmovies were as follows

  1. Bengali movies
  2. Hindi movies
  3. Hollywood movies with Hindi dub
  4. Assamese movies
  5. Nepali movies download
  6. Nepali film free download
  7. Film download Nepali Hd
  • 3D movies both in Hindi and English
  1. 18 plus movies
  2. Guajarati movies
  3. Urdu and Malayalam movies even with Hindi dub
  4. Original web series of both Indian and foreign countries
  5. Each and every international series with Hindi dub
  6. Books, Japanese manga, comics and other these related things with many Hindi, Nepali and English dub as well.

9xmovies has hit the Indian platform of chine industry so badly that even big film maker sues the case against this website owner. Privacy is much required for any content either that is movies or any headline in India.

Its law state that things like downloading, viewing, making duplicate of any content is strictly prohibited inside the country and it is the direct way to violence of law as well. All this is what so called piracy and 9xmovies website is the best example of piracy on Indian cinema.

Piracy is high level of damaging for content creator because they have done a lot of struggle and hard work to bring such a good content. They will keep bringing that type of content if their hard work is going to appreciate by everyone and giving direct credit to them.

More Facts About 9xmovies Website

These types of website give huge loose to all the good artist and directors by publishing their movies and series ahead of time. Nobody will go and watch on theater than the entire artist won’t get enough publicity and income.

It is the harm for whole nation that we lose good content creator and artist and on the other hand, film industries were good source of income for government which help to develop own country.

Country will lost good artist nor its income was going to be increase so, it is shameful loss for India. It is not only that a film industry was the only one who is in loss but also the people who watch it from those sites.

First of all, it is direct connect to the illegal act when you start to watch or download from 9xmovies website as per Indian rule. Next one is whenever you click on those website different ads popup which lead even you so difficult and mostly, through this website many kinds of virus can get in your pc and mobiles.

Those unwanted website never care even any of us got virus on our pc while downloading and sometime hackers use those type of website to hack various personal data which lead us in big trouble in coming days. So by assuming all this, Indian government finally take an action against 9k movies and bane it from India.

Let’s go into more deep on these websites which is totally illegal in India these days and one of them is 9x movies website. Right now India is doing its best to bane that entire website which is famous for piracy and it is slowly happening all over the India as well.

But unfortunately, people use VPN as a secondary source to assess on it and get download from this site. All these kind of website name as pirated website and 9x movies is also inside it. 9x movies website is the first pirated website in India and it was made few years back which become number one with in some month.

Now, there were a lot these types of website still exist where we can watch and download leaked movies. But still if we search now about the most search website for bollywood and Hollywood movie and web series than you will find 9x movies website.

At beginning, 9x movies only provide bollywood and Hollywood movies without dub but slowly as it get more famous than this website also increase its categories.

Free subscription and free content with many diversion of movies and web series is the main reason of its huge fan following and also an illegal act in Indian government eyes.

There is a whole process of how it earns and run a business through all over the world. Any users search for this website than they first go through small redirect link which contain advertisement and per advertisement they earn money.

More the users than the website gain more money which help them to run business and source of big income as well. This pirated website like 9x movies is basically based on how many users it can attract to see more and more advertisement.

So, as we think the best way to bring many users is by uploading new content without any charge like movies and series. Whenever 9x movies website upload new movie with dub than people become crazy to download it and watch it.

It brings more users and they will view more advertisement which helps to increase income source of the website. After 9xmovies, there was a lot of new pirated website start to come into existence because of its publicity. Nowadays, it brings other proxy website which is so similar to 9xmovies and follows its path to provide leaked online content.

These days government also becomes active on these things so that the risk of leaked new movies becomes minimize. Some of the other websites which also leaks copyright new bollywood movies are download hub, bolly4u, filmywap etc. 9xmovies need to be banned from India and help to save the direct and indirect affect on Indian economy.

Yes, we need to understand that it is always safe and peaceful to watch any favorite films through legal website. Nobody is telling that anyhow you need to go and watch every new movies in theater but even you can enjoy everything in your home with friends and families.

Legal website like Netflix, Amazon prime video, Hotstar etc were also enough to spend some quality time with everyone just within some amount.

But until there is technology like VPN, anybody can watch and download from 9xmovies from all over the world. Today’s youth were obviously ahead of their time and get assess from everything.

Government effort seems so tiny comparing to people using these websites. It is really hard to stop them because VPN usually surpass the restriction of any country and give users any location wherever they want from all over the world.

Anybody can VPN through their mobile and pc by downloading VPN app. These days people usually not supporting their respective country law and always bypass it. When the first website, of course 9xmovies website was made than Indian people stop using other website and even the rating get totally decrease of every other legal website.

Newly movies start to get easily on everyone phone and people got so attached with this website. It also provides games and documentary which lead to losses on creator income and work.

9x movies started to make new domain sites and help people to use more and more because government can only bane main website but cannot bane small one.

9k movies shows illegal movies which it gets from other website such as Netflix and Hotstar which are legally certified website. 9x movies were famous for all kind of movies like classic movies to recently trending one and bollywood to Hollywood even in dubbing one.

The future of this type of pirated website was so uncertain so, owner keeps changing its domain and already prepare by making proxy of it. 9x movies website was also so popular among Indian till 2019 and it has gain the entire upper hand ration but whenever government know about it than they took legal action and banned it.

This type of illegal website really never has good future because when it start to grow and receive certain height than legal action start to take against it. Owner of these types of websites were earning just by managing website and editing which is totally against law.

So, nobody knows when they come and when they were going to be bane. Everyone is using 9x movies with so much ease until it got banned in 2020 early days and strictly refuses to open it again.

People may get offended that government cannot see people getting free entertainment and bane in a country. But they cannot see what type of long term effect it can done in whole economy of a country and many other sectors.

So, it is everyone duty to follow the rules and regulation which government implement in any field and always use legal sites to watch anything. 9x movies also take more time to assess on its site which seems difficult for user to cooperate with it and it is important for any nation to keep eye on illegal things going with in a country.


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