4 Shahid of Nepal : Martyrs Memorial Day Nepal

4 Shahid of Nepal : Martyrs Memorial Day Nepal

This post is for 4 Shahid of Nepal or Sahid Diwas Nepal or Martyrs Memorial Day Nepal. It also gives you the date of Sahid Diwas Nepal 2019 or Sahid Diwas Nepal 2075 or Martyrs Memorial Day Nepal 2017 or Martyrs Memorial Day Nepal 2075.

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Shahid Diwas is a way of honoring Martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the country Nepal. They sacrifice their lives in fighting for the country and its people against Rana regime. Shaheed Diwas is celebrated specifically in memory of the 4 Shahid of Nepal. 4 Shahid of Nepal were executed in 1941. The names of 4 Shahid of Nepal are Dharma Bhakta Mathema, Dashrath Chand, Gangalal Shrestha and Shukraraj Shastri. These 4 shahids of Nepal were youths who protested against the tyrannical Rana regime. Shukra Raj Shastri and Dharma Bhakta Mathema were hanged. Ganga Lal Shrestha and Dashrath Chand were shot by the Ranas.

Shahid Diwas Nepal is an annual public holiday celebration by the Nepalese as a way of remembering and giving honor to Shaheed of Nepal. 4 Shahid of Nepal gave their precious and youthful lives to tear down the autocratic Rana family rule. The Rana rulers felt those 4 Shahid were a great threat to their tyrannical regime.

4 Shahid of Nepal / 4 Martyrs of Nepal / 4 Shaheed of Nepal / 4 Nepali Shahid

  1. Dharma Bhakta Mathema
  2. Gangalal Shrestha
  3. Dashrath Chand
  4. Shukraraj Shastri

Some information about 4 Shahid of Nepal

  • Martyr’s day in Nepal is celebrated every year on Magh 16. Nepali Martyr’s week is Magh 10-16. 
  • Shahid Gate of Nepal is a monument to the martyrs in Kathmandu. It is customary for Prime Ministers and other top level officials to visit the monument after taking oaths of office.
  • Martyr’s Memorial A-Division League is the top division of the All Nepal Football Association.
  • Dashrath Stadium, Nepal’s national stadium is named after Martyr Dashrath Chand.
  • Many streets and parks in all over the country are named in the names of 4 Shahid of Nepal.

The former royal regime has constructed a gate called Shahid (Martyrs’) Gate with the status of those 4 Shahid of Nepal at four different corners and then one level above built the statue of former King Tribhuvan.

Martyrs Day Celebration in Nepal is held in this day Magh 16 at various places where the brave Nepalis have reached the immortality.


Martyrs Day of Nepal 2019 / Martyrs Day Celebration in Nepal 2019 / Martyrs Memorial Day Nepal 2019
Martyrs Day of Nepal 2075 / Martyrs Day Celebration in Nepal 2075 BS / Martyrs Memorial Day Nepal 2075 BS

Every year, Nepal Shaheed Diwas is celebrated on Math 19. This is the fixed day for the celebration of Martyrs Day of Nepal. Martyrs Day Celebration in Nepal 2019 is on the 30th January. Thursday. Martyrs Memorial Day Nepal 2019 is on the 30th January. Shaheed Diwas in Nepal 2019 is on the 30th January.

Martyrs Day Celebration in Nepal is on the 16th Magh, Thursday. Nepali Shahid Diwas 2073 BS is on the 16th Magh, Thursday. Martyrs Memorial Day Nepal 2073 BS is on the 16th Magh, Thursday.

Now. let’s know about detail facts and information about 4 Martyrs of Nepal

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