20 Top Multinational Companies in Nepal


11. Ncell Company

It is also one of the largest multinational communication operating its services in telecommunication. It has also captured the highest groups of people by giving many services in time to time. The company has better understand the policy of making the customer happy without giving any kinds of problems.

Ncell has created the great image and also brought the revolution in telecommunication in Nepal in very few period of time. Ncell has made customer addicted and obliged to stay with because they do not give any reason to left it.Ncell is always active for providing the services of demand and needs to the customer.


Ncell is leading telecommunication company of Nepal driven by Axiata group which is Malaysian company. It has also different networks in many country.Ncell has made the Nepalese  addictive due to its cheap call rate, SMS Schemes, cheap internet package and many kinds of  mirth schemes.

If we talk the history of communication in Nepal,then there were very hard to carry the SIM and mobile due to its expensive rate but now it has become common and made able to use by even street person.

There is always communication war between Nepal telecom and Ncell in many services and schemes. government telecommunication network  is going day by behind in the competition to Ncell because of its  cheap services.

Ncell do not want to push their customer in the problem  of pit. uncountable services are even launches in time for time to stay people happy. That is why almost the 95% of people have Ncell SIM in their mobile. It has made places in lower to higher class people’s mobile.

12. Nepal Arab Bank (Nabil Bank)

Nabil bank is most popular bank of Nepal classified in A”class financial institution  by its  nature and character. As it has got ”A” grade sure it defines its large area having multiple branches and sub-branches operating its system and services.

It is the first commercial bank which has made its legs rooted in the ground of market mostly in banking sector in Nepal. This bank is also known as the first bank which has brought the banking revolution in Nepal. By the capital   joint venture of Arab bank and  Nabil bank, it has got  top placement and position in both terms according to financial capital and investment as well as by the view of customer gripping.

Both bank have stockpiling their capital and assets for making its dimension and size more bigger for making the great and giant mark in   banking market of Nepal. By its nature and multiple settlement and existence in many part of Nepal also shows its  robust  facets. The bank has started its operation in banking sector by both foreign joint venture in July 7, 1984.

The bank also held the largest number of staffs among private commercial banks in Nepal except for the governmental banking institutions because of largest networks. Its head quarter is located in Durbarmarg, Kathmandu, and chief executive officer is Sachin Joshi who is handling all its system with his own measure and master techniques and tools.currently, Nabil banks are standing in 90 branches around the Nepal.

It is also making the feather loans and long to fly high and high by operating 170 correspondent around the globe which signifies its large network and proves the one of the top multinational company existed in Nepal. Nabil banks also deal with the high amount of loan provider institution among others.

It has also started various new techniques to reduces the pressure of customer crowd through the systematic placement of everything. The bank has given employment to many of Nepalese which also shows the dedication and thought of developing the country. The country is ruling in the banking institution having largest networks, largest number of employees, largest banks, and largest profits too.

13. Radisson Hotel

This is also one of the biggest hotels of Nepal operating its luxurious and fashionable services with multiple poses for long time. Raddison hotel is also the top multinational companies of Nepal having its branch and sub-branch all over the globe and busy in serving  the guest with ultimate and top-grade services.

The company mostly focus on hospitality,  hotels and tourism in which it has made mark.The hotel is also located in near airport not far distance with the motto of giving well and satisfied services would not let them feel any kinds of misery.  It was founded in 1909 that seems 108 years above.

It is an international hotel company and a subsidiary of the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group which  operates the brands Radisson, Radisson Blu, Radisson RED and Park Inn by Radisson with more than 990 locations in 73 countries and serviced the thousand of visitors.

Its  giant network shows its large wings that have capacity of satisfying and presenting the ,luxurious accommodation with the feeling of home away from home. In Nepal also, it is operating the ideal business in largest area and having multiple services which would not let you live any desire not to be fulfilled.

You can spark your all desires and wishes with hot and cold appearance with emblazoning views. The company or group has burn the its hotel network spark allover the world in every continent. It is located in Lazimpat.

14. Standard Chartered Bank

It is also largest banking networks which is giving the banking facilities in Nepal for long years. The bank is classified under ”A” grade financial institution. Bank is giving and supporting the Nepal Rastra Bank by helping its banking hands and promoting the different social programs too.

The bank also sometimes seems  cooperating the social programs for making the environment green and clean.Standard  Chartered bank  is also ranked in top class  multinational companies in terms of banking sector.

Moreover, it has the origin  in London, England which is operating its financial and banking wings in 70 countries through its network. It is also the British banks which has great vision of reaching in all around the country of the world.

This is a treated as one of the high class  banking institution because it has also given the job to  87000 people which is the highest number any banking institution has ever given.

standard chartered bank nepal
standard chartered bank nepal

So, by looking its character and situated area almost in every country we can also say its as universal bank.It deals with all kinds of treasury bill, master card services,and many more.

Customer feel easiness because they can easily do banking transaction in any of other country after getting connected with one country branch.Its financial report of income statement shows that the group is able to earn 90% of earning only from Asia, Africa and Middle east country. The company has listed in largest banking institution and also in London stock exchange describes its greatness and  heaviness.

The net value of the entire company has accumulated about 24 billion till 2017. After seeing this figure, we can imagine that it has really the great themes and target of expanding its network in many country. It is operating the fine services to Nepalese  through different kinds of  services.

It has also expanded more than 50 branches inside and outside the country for making easiness to customer to get connect. Thus, we can also list it in top multinational company of Nepal.

15. Himalayan Bank

It is also one of the largest banking networks of Nepal operating its network by providing the multiple banking services to the Nepalese people. The bank history of existence  and establishment in Nepal explains that it has got  stockpiling with Pakistan  bank named Habiab  bank of Pakistan. Therefore, we can also enlist it in top multinational company of Nepal.

This is also ”A” grade  bank licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank, the  governmental bank of Nepal. It is operating its largest network from directly and indirectly by both bank suggestion and instruction.

The bank is currently operating  the banking services and providing the convenience in banking transaction by 44 branches which includes 18 inside the  Kathmandu valley and rest outside the valley.

The bank does not want to make fall any customer in its slow and misery problems by their system operating speed and grievance solution. In the terms of solving the grievances and another request of the customer, it looks ahead.

The bank also gives the services of merchant banking and helps the customer by providing every kind of financial support either in thick or thin amount. It was established in Nepal on  January 18, 1993, and the chairman is Manoj B. Shrestha. That is why it also makes its entry in the top multinational company in Nepal.


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