20 Top Multinational Companies in Nepal


7. L.G. Television

There are many television company in the Nepal but the LG television has made the qualitative remarks in the mind of Nepalese customer. LG is one of the oldest brands of Nepal and serving from 22 years in various forms of electronic goods.

Lg has multiple product in electronic forms that is helping people to buy at cheap and affordable rates having qualitative installation inside. LG television has created his own unique appreciation and brand by giving the modern technology in screen of television and its m internal programming.

LG is one of the most selective and favorable brand that Nepalese  mostly want to purchase it due to its long life of existence. Due to its assembling and production in Nepal,its also easy  to find out the parts in the case of any error and default. LG is also running its systems and approach to the surveillance of group.

L.G. Television
L.G. Television

And we know that CG group is one of the leading brand of Nepal which has able to reach in very homes  through any electronic goods even affordable characteristics. CG has made the Nepalese trusted and followed the brand LG and CG products.

LG has been able to acquired the No. 1 position in Nepalese market  through its effective product that has made people more likely to use and purchase by its  working phenomenon.

LG is also multinational companies which has made its roots and qualitative fruits in the means of product in Nepalese market.LG has made its  brands more auspicious through technology that is mobile and other electronic goods like refrigerator , television, iron etc.


It is also popular wine or beer drink of Nepal. When people or any party is organized, then they never forget to  gives placement of Tuborg beer.  It is also most demanded  as soft drink in Nepal to come out from the tiredness and boredom.

Most of Nepalese call it while they sit for enjoying and bumping the success with  friends and relatives. If we talk about the company, it is originated from Denmark in 1873 and now covered multiple countries  along with gaining the popularity and making the  different mark.

It has covered  over 31 country by selling varieties of beers and drinks which includes    Tuborg Black  ,Tuborg Green, Tuborg Lemon,   Tuborg Gold, Tuborg Red,  Tuborg Christmas beer, Tuborg Twist, and the alcohol strong Tuborg Fine Festival.

Among the varieties, all the varieties do not has got an equal level of demand and appreciation by the people from the single country. In Nepal, Tuborg beer is only most favorable and demanded beers.

But in other country, people are not made their relationship with Tuborg beers.People have afforded its taste and they choose it in any occasion and celebrations. Tuborg Red is not released on a regular basis but is brewed once a year in May only to salute the company’s birthday because it is regarded as the prestige of the company and also the first product of launching.

The company has made present largest coverage firstly by its production. Tuborg Red is not brewed in a regular manner because of its low demand also. most of the people do not prefer it for a drink.

Although it makes the huge spaces to explore the bubbles of salutation organized by the company only in its native land that is Denmark to make its indoctrinate and starting unforgettable.

The company is doing great business and serving the more and more country day by day by releasing and researching in increment of quality, tastes, and flavor to trap the customer tongue and intention.Tuborg also launches many offers for making their customer also chance to become happy.

In Nepal,  Tuborg also does not steps down for releasing the offers and schemes to protect their customer and keep in staying with them. Tuborg has w swipes out the thorough and eyes of people who love to drink the softly.

It is often told by the many drinkers that it has ultimate mirth taste that can embroil in their flavor. Mostly the youth who loves to share their confidential mater with friends at the time of party also demand it for accelerating their words or talks.

9. Jenson & Nicholson Paint

It is also the one of the largest multinational company of Nepal operating its branches and service through the paints. In Nepal, its product has taken high space and captured the largest market.

Due to its color features and extreme quality, the paint has become the Nepalese first choice while they need the pains for their personal and other use. When people construct their home, they start using it as ordinary polishing and painting.

Later on, also, they get advises from other and become convinced to use it because of huge positive response from other used customers. Jensen and Nicholson are the leading paint company in the world serving the world by its different kinds of color policy and features considering the focus on wall life and its attraction along with lubrication.

Company is changing its features color and increasing the paints standard day by day to stay connected with people and user. Country has pointed its manufacturing plant in  Kolkata and supplying the raw material and even some finished product in Nepal for sale.

Many of the Nepalese mostly demands and use this paint at home when they fell and thinks its time to paint.The company discover many kinds of product in the sector of paints which helps the customer to stay connected and feel glad by its  glossy of color.

Company has reinvented itself as Indian company in 1973 by  S.P. Sinha, an industrialist has saved the indoctrinate and existence. The company is fulfilling all the demand and  desire of Nepalese by providing its qualitative and  amazing paints standard. It has also created its own brands and image in Nepalese market being multinational company and has  become able to create own image of reputation in Nepalese market.

10. Wai Wai Noodles (CG Group)

When people of Nepal thinks and desire of noodles, the first names comes in their minds is Wai Wai. Wai Wai is the world reputed brand which has made the revolution in the noodles industry by its new technology production and making easily available in multiple taste that people like to have.

This noodles is produced by CG group whose founder is Vinod Chaudhary, the only one billionaire of Nepal. Wai Wai has made its own different image in the market of noodles.

Wai Wai is giving its sticky tastes to more than 50 country including USA, Germany, Thailand, Nepal, industry. People of Nepal are fan and addicted to it. Company has produced the Wai Wai noodles in different flavors like, chicken, mutton, vegetarian, potato, mushroom, chilly etc.Wai Wai has acquired the largest area in noodles all over the world.

In Nepal, people of Terai, Himal and Pahad are addicted to cut their hunger by having its one pack because it has very  delicious tastes and can be eaten  without boiling because it is already cooked and packed in dry mode.

wai wai noodles
wai wai noodles

In Nepal, there is three manufacturing plant which is busy 24 hours in producing the noodles and has given the job to thousand people. Therefore, we can say that it is also one of the largest multinational company which has deeply sculpted their roots in Nepalese market and making the people fulfilled by its salty and tasty noodles providence.

Wai Wai is not popular around the country only but also all over the world for their taste which has made the stamps in the tongue of people. Once who get it will never demand and wants to eat another noodle.


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I am Jitendra Sahayogee, a writer of 12 Nepali literature books, film director of Maithili film & Nepali short movies, photographer, founder of the media house, designer of some websites and writer & editor of some blogs, has expert knowledge & experiences of Nepalese society, culture, tourist places, travels, business, literature, movies, festivals, celebrations.

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