20 Top Multinational Companies in Nepal

Top Multinational Companies in Nepal :- It’s important to know about the multinational companies before entering to its junction. Multinational companies are like the tree which has multiples branches having one operating root. Multinational companies are entering too many countries due to the international trade act of globalization.

Every entity has right to cross the border with their product and services all around the world. No, any intervention can be done by the nation because of its the rule of international trade.  That is why we can see then, various foreign companies have rooted their business in Nepalese territory with product and services.

They may have different product and services and some have substitute goods, while some are doing the business of complementary goods.

If we talk about the features and their grounding in the landlocked country like Nepal, then they have captured the large Nepalese market with their product features and facilities. Many names come in the list racially when we put our eyes on multinational companies.

Many have also said that Nepalese economy is handling and existing the pressure of economic fluctuation and surviving due to their paying of tax to the government of Nepal. A lot of multinational companies is day by day entering to Nepal with their huge capital, unique technology and substitute and well as complement goods and services which is also helping the country to move towards the national development in every sector.

Here is the list of top multinational companies who have shaded the large region of Nepal by their capacity and product and services features. Find here top 20 top multinational companies in Nepal.

These are also top ranking multinational companies in Nepal. Get facts and information about companies which are also providing services in Nepal.


About Multinational Companies in Nepal

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Meaning of Multinational companies

Multinational companies are important factors in today’s international business. They are the outgrowth of international business. They control and manage a large part of world’s productive assets. They are created by the foreign direct investment.

Multinational companies are giant enterprises. They operate across national boundaries. They have headquarters in a home country with business operations in several countries. The home country is mostly a developed country. The host countries are generally developing countries anywhere in the world

According to Roger Bennett, “Multinational company is a business with significant investments in several foreign nations, which derives a substantial part of its income from foreign operations, and which maximizes the profits on a global rather than national level”


According to International Labour organization (ILO), “The essential nature of the multinational enterprises lies in the fact that its management headquarters are located in one country (home country) while the enterprise carries out operations in a number of other countries as well.”

Characteristics of multinational companies

Multinational companies have the following characteristics:

1. Big Size Business

Big Size Business is one the characteristics of multinational companies. They are giant business enterprises. They are big in size and high in complexity. They command huge resources and capabilities. However, smaller firms can also operate as multinationals.

2. Multi-country Operations

Multi-country Operation is one the characteristics of multinational companies. They operate in two or more countries. Their operations are diversified. They can have production, service, marketing or other types of operations. They have a geographically dispersed portfolio of investments. They treat the world as one market.

3. Various Environments

Various Environments is one the characteristics of multinational companies. They operate in various host country environments. The environments provide the context in which they operate. Political-legal, economic and socio-cultural forces vary from country to country. The sources of laws and regulations are multiple. Cultural differences are pronounced.

4. Centralized Ownership and Control

Centralized Ownership and Control is one the characteristics of multinational companies. The ownership and control are centralized. The managerial headquarters are located in the home country. Resource transfers are done from a common pool of resources between home country and host countries. They are integrated with local resources.

MNCs repatriate profits to the home country.

5. Multiple Currencies

Multiple Currencies is one the characteristics of multinational companies. They deal in multiple currencies of host countries. The values of these currencies keep changing. The risks of future exchange rate shifts are high.

6. Common Strategic Vision

Common Strategic Vision is one the characteristics of multinational companies. MNCs have a common strategic vision. All their operations in various host countries are linked together by this common strategic vision. Their management has a geocentric orientation. It is globalized.

difference between multinational companies, Transnational Company, and global companies

Difference between Multinational companies, Transnational companies, and Global Company.

Multinational Company (MNC): What is the Multinational company? It is a company that takes a global approach to foreign markets and production. It is willing to consider market and production location anywhere in the world. It lias operations in more than two countries.

Transnational Company (TNC): What is the Transnational company? UNO uses this term for MNCs. It means a company in which capabilities and contributions differ by country but are developed and integrated into worldwide operations.

Global Company: What is a global company? It has operations in many countries of the world. The home country integrates the operations located m different countries.


20 Top Multinational Companies in Nepal

Here in this page, we are going to name list of top companies in Nepal which are multinational companies. It means we have given you here name list of 20 top multinational companies in Nepal. So, following are 20 top multinational companies in Nepal.

1. Unilever Nepal :

It is an old multinational company which is doing their business with many products and making their branches and product expansion day by day in the large circle. In Nepal, it is selling many products of national production or by importing the international product.

Its brand has well valued and has gained the trust of Nepalese customer. As it deals with multiple products, Nepalese do not want to get connected with other for using or choosing the next one.

There are many customers who also comment on its product but the huge group is using the product happily.Approximately, it is treated as one of the top largest companies selling over 100 items in every shop.

Unilever Nepal

Unilever Nepal

Unilever product includes Sunsilk Shampoo, Soap, Ice-cream,  Salt and flour, Foods and Beverages, Tea, Coffee,  Milk, Cooking oil,  Lighter, Butter jams,  Soups,  Smoked Sausage, Dove Shampoo,  Surf,  Magnum, Surf Excel, PersilRexona, Sure Degree Shield etc. in large quantities.

The company is serving the product services in Nepal from long time  Its products include foods,beverages, cleaning agents and personal care products. The company have drawn good remarks in almost Nepalese community by their  well-known product and have become able to gain the trust and trapped the emotion in their own hands by the influence of products consequences.

There are many product which are familiar to most of the groups.  Unilever have  make connected to every   homes by any of their classified products. Unilever Nepal is treated as one of the largest conglomerates in south Asia as it is expanding their  productive and services wings more and more part of Nepal. Unilever is also selling their product in more than 50 country including USA, Germany, Uk, Brazil, India etc.

2. Dabur Nepal

I think there is only few person who has not used the product of Dabur company and those who has not used the product of Dabur company have surely listen its name. It is popular company across Nepal and India  by their product influences and  reaching in almost every home through any of its company marked product.

It is mostly famous for their Ayurvedic medicine and product which is very much useful and beneficial. The company have drawn the shining image in the mirror of Nepal and Indian market. Dabur is very much popular product and  mostly the medicine is used by many patients who mostly trusts on Ayurveda.

Dabur Nepal

Dabur Nepal

Dabur’s ChawYanprash is one of the high qualitative and most deserving product that is supplied and sale in Nepal by hiring the brand ambassador Rajesh Hamal, the Megastar of Nepal. In Nepal, also it has able to made and capture the large market by its product features and quality.

The product of Dabur company is especially very much favorable and even affordable by lower class to higher class people. It mostly deals with biotech and Pharma industry.

Dabur has started their business in Nepal by 1989 having prospection relating to manufacturing, fabricating, or processing of drugs in pharmaceutical preparations for human or veterinary use but later on increases its expansions sectors inother relevant fields too.

Dabur’s Healthcare Division has over 260 products for treating a range of ailments and body conditions, from the common cold to chronic paralysis dealing and picking out the people from their suffered problem because of the impact of the product released from its hub.

Dabur is also one of the top multinational companies of Nepal working the sector of Health, Digestives, Foods, Home care, Personal care Ayurvedic medicines in Nepal and renovating the health of Nepalese people.

3. Nepal Battery (Union Carbide)

It is also one of the top multinational company who is dealing and leading their business in the sector of chemical manufacturing. Mostly, it deals with  supplying of  various chemical to the needy entity and organization which are also doing business related to it.

This is one of the most leading company in Nepal without possessing the competition and ruling like monopoly existence. The company is leading their product by making the installation of chemical in battery as well as other sector too. Moreover,it  belongs from USA and having top grade achievement of position and  placement in the eye of people and public.

The company was founded in 100 years ago in 1917 and started doing business by spreading its branches in many country where it gets space to expand. The company has given the jobs to 2400 employees.

The company does not sells the chemical only but also relating to the product like  paints and coatings, packaging, wire and cable, household products, personal care, agriculture, and oil and gas. Carbide manufacture or prepares the gas,    pharmaceuticals, automotive, textiles,  oil  such as ethane, propane and giving birth to petro chemical industry.

This is also one of the top company and  serving the people of Nepal  by their products that may be paints, oil, gas and other directly or indirectly fulfill their absence in Nepalese market too.

It has also made their bases in many European and Asian country by their influences and remarks. In India also, it is growing their business charts long and long and spreading the circle all around the country where it is possible to adjust.

4. Coca-Cola

It would be not be wrong if we say Coco-cola is one of the largest beverage company in the world.  Coca-cola has made its different remarks in the mind of customer. Its beverage is found easily in almost every country and every part due to its  easily supplying and roots  establishment.

According to the reports and research, 98% of American  drink Coca-cola. Its  tastes is popular all over the world.Nevertheless, there is saying by many people that, its tastes is different according to the country.

In developed country, it has superior taste while in developing and undeveloped country it has other tastes.

coca cola hoarding board image

coca cola

Turning the story towards the Nepal in the therapy of Coca-cola, it has able to make the Nepalese addict too by its flavor or tastes by giving the slogan ”Chiso Vanekai Coca-cola”, that means cold means Coca-cola.

It has ranked its name in the top under the FMCG companied leveling its level in high speed.Coca-cola has able to acquired the large groups mostly the youth by providing the taste of thunder in a different pack from small, bottle to jumbo pack by giving the additional offers and other schemes in its buying.When people needs the breakfast they also add or ask for Coca-cola.

Coca-cola is high-level multinational companies which are operating its server in many countries by providing the different tastes in beverages. When people get thirsty, their minds first notice them for Coca-cola.

5. Pepsi

It is the competitor of Coca-cola and also standing in the Nepalese market with its own taste of beverages. Pepsi is also the largest beverage company which is operating its network from the USA. Pepsi is the substitute of Coca-cola because both are in same version and same color even almost having the same taste.

But there is a great difference in Pepsi and Coca-cola as said by the manufacturers. Pepsi has also trapped the huge market and has listed their name under the FMCG  company.

The company is also producing the other beverages but the Pepsi has taken the large market due to its high demand due to sweetness in taste. the taste has understood the demand of the tongue of Nepal too.



Pepsi is also one of the largest beverage suppliers of Nepal having the unique version of bottling and packaging and also different schemes. It has also achieved the high reputation in Cola world.

It is producing the beverage in many variants like  Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Wild, CherryCrystal Pepsi, Caffeine-Free Pepsi, Pepsi-Cola Made with Real Sugar, Pepsi VanillaPepsi,  Zero Sugar, Pepsi Next, variants are popular according to country basis.

Once it was also the situation when the Coca-cola company has given offers to the Pepsi for purchasing it but they declined their offer. They have made their own umbrella in the world of beverages.

Thus, it is also one of the top multinational companies of Nepal having its own standard and stamps in the Nepalese market in the sector of beverage. Pepsi has acquired the largest choices of youth who are mostly interested to get together with friends and in the celebration ceremonies.

6. Crown Plaza

Crown plaza is also the largest network of hotel and resorts operating it luxurious services in many countries. It is also one of the large-scale and rated companies of Nepal in terms of multinational brands having own largest circle and expansion.

The company has built the largest chain all over the world in hotels and operating the services in different modes and marrow fro satisfying the from all aspects. The Crown Plaza network has spread the chain all around the world and welcoming more than thousand of tourist daily by well defines and demandable services.

The Crown plaza is the space for relaxation and stretching the tiredness in its soft and smooth services that can make anyone the happy and delighted. It forms part of the InterContinental Hotels Group family of brands, which include InterContinentalHotels & Resorts and Holiday Inn Hotels & Resorts, and other services also like a casino, playground, gym, relaxation room, meeting hall, seminars hall etc.

Crown plaza operates in 52 countries with more than 400 hotels, usually located in city centers, resorts, coastal towns or near major airports in the means of services sector to kill the disturbances and  track the tourist easily due to short distance. Similarly in Nepal  also,the crown plaza is operating and conducting its services standard to all its visitor and tourist  by giving the all fulfillment that they need and demand.

In Nepal, it is operating its services  as five-star hotel in the name of Soaltee Crown Plaza which  exist 7 km far from the airport in Kathmandu. It has got high reputation and serving the luxurious accommodation, and other services to domestic and as well as foreign guest.

It has become the places of  gathering and arrival of high class and VIP people like politicians, actors, and actress, modeling, politician programs, national programs, national players accommodation bookings etc.

7. L.G. Television

There are many television company in the Nepal but the LG television has made the qualitative remarks in the mind of Nepalese customer. LG is one of the oldest brands of Nepal and serving from 22 years in various forms of electronic goods.

Lg has multiple product in electronic forms that is helping people to buy at cheap and affordable rates having qualitative installation inside. LG television has created his own unique appreciation and brand by giving the modern technology in screen of television and its m internal programming.

LG is one of the most selective and favorable brand that Nepalese  mostly want to purchase it due to its long life of existence. Due to its assembling and production in Nepal,its also easy  to find out the parts in the case of any error and default. LG is also running its systems and approach to the surveillance of group.

L.G. Television

L.G. Television

And we know that CG group is one of the leading brand of Nepal which has able to reach in very homes  through any electronic goods even affordable characteristics. CG has made the Nepalese trusted and followed the brand LG and CG products.

LG has been able to acquired the No. 1 position in Nepalese market  through its effective product that has made people more likely to use and purchase by its  working phenomenon.

LG is also multinational companies which has made its roots and qualitative fruits in the means of product in Nepalese market.LG has made its  brands more auspicious through technology that is mobile and other electronic goods like refrigerator , television, iron etc.


It is also popular wine or beer drink of Nepal. When people or any party is organized, then they never forget to  gives placement of Tuborg beer.  It is also most demanded  as soft drink in Nepal to come out from the tiredness and boredom.

Most of Nepalese call it while they sit for enjoying and bumping the success with  friends and relatives. If we talk about the company, it is originated from Denmark in 1873 and now covered multiple countries  along with gaining the popularity and making the  different mark.

It has covered  over 31 country by selling varieties of beers and drinks which includes    Tuborg Black  ,Tuborg Green, Tuborg Lemon,   Tuborg Gold, Tuborg Red,  Tuborg Christmas beer, Tuborg Twist, and the alcohol strong Tuborg Fine Festival.

Among the varieties, all the varieties do not has got an equal level of demand and appreciation by the people from the single country. In Nepal, Tuborg beer is only most favorable and demanded beers.

But in other country, people are not made their relationship with Tuborg beers.People have afforded its taste and they choose it in any occasion and celebrations. Tuborg Red is not released on a regular basis but is brewed once a year in May only to salute the company’s birthday because it is regarded as the prestige of the company and also the first product of launching.

The company has made present largest coverage firstly by its production. Tuborg Red is not brewed in a regular manner because of its low demand also. most of the people do not prefer it for a drink.

Although it makes the huge spaces to explore the bubbles of salutation organized by the company only in its native land that is Denmark to make its indoctrinate and starting unforgettable.

The company is doing great business and serving the more and more country day by day by releasing and researching in increment of quality, tastes, and flavor to trap the customer tongue and intention.Tuborg also launches many offers for making their customer also chance to become happy.

In Nepal,  Tuborg also does not steps down for releasing the offers and schemes to protect their customer and keep in staying with them. Tuborg has w swipes out the thorough and eyes of people who love to drink the softly.

It is often told by the many drinkers that it has ultimate mirth taste that can embroil in their flavor. Mostly the youth who loves to share their confidential mater with friends at the time of party also demand it for accelerating their words or talks.

9. Jenson & Nicholson Paint

It is also the one of the largest multinational company of Nepal operating its branches and service through the paints. In Nepal, its product has taken high space and captured the largest market.

Due to its color features and extreme quality, the paint has become the Nepalese first choice while they need the pains for their personal and other use. When people construct their home, they start using it as ordinary polishing and painting.

Later on, also, they get advises from other and become convinced to use it because of huge positive response from other used customers. Jensen and Nicholson are the leading paint company in the world serving the world by its different kinds of color policy and features considering the focus on wall life and its attraction along with lubrication.

Company is changing its features color and increasing the paints standard day by day to stay connected with people and user. Country has pointed its manufacturing plant in  Kolkata and supplying the raw material and even some finished product in Nepal for sale.

Many of the Nepalese mostly demands and use this paint at home when they fell and thinks its time to paint.The company discover many kinds of product in the sector of paints which helps the customer to stay connected and feel glad by its  glossy of color.

Company has reinvented itself as Indian company in 1973 by  S.P. Sinha, an industrialist has saved the indoctrinate and existence. The company is fulfilling all the demand and  desire of Nepalese by providing its qualitative and  amazing paints standard. It has also created its own brands and image in Nepalese market being multinational company and has  become able to create own image of reputation in Nepalese market.

10. Wai Wai Noodles (CG Group)

When people of Nepal thinks and desire of noodles, the first names comes in their minds is Wai Wai. Wai Wai is the world reputed brand which has made the revolution in the noodles industry by its new technology production and making easily available in multiple taste that people like to have.

This noodles is produced by CG group whose founder is Vinod Chaudhary, the only one billionaire of Nepal. Wai Wai has made its own different image in the market of noodles.

Wai Wai is giving its sticky tastes to more than 50 country including USA, Germany, Thailand, Nepal, industry. People of Nepal are fan and addicted to it. Company has produced the Wai Wai noodles in different flavors like, chicken, mutton, vegetarian, potato, mushroom, chilly etc.Wai Wai has acquired the largest area in noodles all over the world.

In Nepal, people of Terai, Himal and Pahad are addicted to cut their hunger by having its one pack because it has very  delicious tastes and can be eaten  without boiling because it is already cooked and packed in dry mode.

wai wai noodles

wai wai noodles

In Nepal, there is three manufacturing plant which is busy 24 hours in producing the noodles and has given the job to thousand people. Therefore, we can say that it is also one of the largest multinational company which has deeply sculpted their roots in Nepalese market and making the people fulfilled by its salty and tasty noodles providence.

Wai Wai is not popular around the country only but also all over the world for their taste which has made the stamps in the tongue of people. Once who get it will never demand and wants to eat another noodle.

11. Ncell Company

It is also one of the largest multinational communication operating its services in telecommunication. It has also captured the highest groups of people by giving many services in time to time. The company has better understand the policy of making the customer happy without giving any kinds of problems.

Ncell has created the great image and also brought the revolution in telecommunication in Nepal in very few period of time. Ncell has made customer addicted and obliged to stay with because they do not give any reason to left it.Ncell is always active for providing the services of demand and needs to the customer.


Ncell is leading telecommunication company of Nepal driven by Axiata group which is Malaysian company. It has also different networks in many country.Ncell has made the Nepalese  addictive due to its cheap call rate, SMS Schemes, cheap internet package and many kinds of  mirth schemes.

If we talk the history of communication in Nepal,then there were very hard to carry the SIM and mobile due to its expensive rate but now it has become common and made able to use by even street person.

There is always communication war between Nepal telecom and Ncell in many services and schemes. government telecommunication network  is going day by behind in the competition to Ncell because of its  cheap services.

Ncell do not want to push their customer in the problem  of pit. uncountable services are even launches in time for time to stay people happy. That is why almost the 95% of people have Ncell SIM in their mobile. It has made places in lower to higher class people’s mobile.

12. Nepal Arab Bank (Nabil Bank)

Nabil bank is most popular bank of Nepal classified in A”class financial institution  by its  nature and character. As it has got ”A” grade sure it defines its large area having multiple branches and sub-branches operating its system and services.

It is the first commercial bank which has made its legs rooted in the ground of market mostly in banking sector in Nepal. This bank is also known as the first bank which has brought the banking revolution in Nepal. By the capital   joint venture of Arab bank and  Nabil bank, it has got  top placement and position in both terms according to financial capital and investment as well as by the view of customer gripping.

Both bank have stockpiling their capital and assets for making its dimension and size more bigger for making the great and giant mark in   banking market of Nepal. By its nature and multiple settlement and existence in many part of Nepal also shows its  robust  facets. The bank has started its operation in banking sector by both foreign joint venture in July 7, 1984.

The bank also held the largest number of staffs among private commercial banks in Nepal except for the governmental banking institutions because of largest networks. Its head quarter is located in Durbarmarg, Kathmandu, and chief executive officer is Sachin Joshi who is handling all its system with his own measure and master techniques and tools.currently, Nabil banks are standing in 90 branches around the Nepal.


It is also making the feather loans and long to fly high and high by operating 170 correspondent around the globe which signifies its large network and proves the one of the top multinational company existed in Nepal. Nabil banks also deal with the high amount of loan provider institution among others.

It has also started various new techniques to reduces the pressure of customer crowd through the systematic placement of everything. The bank has given employment to many of Nepalese which also shows the dedication and thought of developing the country. The country is ruling in the banking institution having largest networks, largest number of employees, largest banks, and largest profits too.

13. Radisson Hotel

This is also one of the biggest hotels of Nepal operating its luxurious and fashionable services with multiple poses for long time. Raddison hotel is also the top multinational companies of Nepal having its branch and sub-branch all over the globe and busy in serving  the guest with ultimate and top-grade services.

The company mostly focus on hospitality,  hotels and tourism in which it has made mark.The hotel is also located in near airport not far distance with the motto of giving well and satisfied services would not let them feel any kinds of misery.  It was founded in 1909 that seems 108 years above.

It is an international hotel company and a subsidiary of the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group which  operates the brands Radisson, Radisson Blu, Radisson RED and Park Inn by Radisson with more than 990 locations in 73 countries and serviced the thousand of visitors.

Its  giant network shows its large wings that have capacity of satisfying and presenting the ,luxurious accommodation with the feeling of home away from home. In Nepal also, it is operating the ideal business in largest area and having multiple services which would not let you live any desire not to be fulfilled.

You can spark your all desires and wishes with hot and cold appearance with emblazoning views. The company or group has burn the its hotel network spark allover the world in every continent. It is located in Lazimpat.

14. Standard Chartered Bank

It is also largest banking networks which is giving the banking facilities in Nepal for long years. The bank is classified under ”A” grade financial institution. Bank is giving and supporting the Nepal Rastra Bank by helping its banking hands and promoting the different social programs too.

The bank also sometimes seems  cooperating the social programs for making the environment green and clean.Standard  Chartered bank  is also ranked in top class  multinational companies in terms of banking sector.

Moreover, it has the origin  in London, England which is operating its financial and banking wings in 70 countries through its network. It is also the British banks which has great vision of reaching in all around the country of the world.

This is a treated as one of the high class  banking institution because it has also given the job to  87000 people which is the highest number any banking institution has ever given.

standard chartered bank nepal

standard chartered bank nepal

So, by looking its character and situated area almost in every country we can also say its as universal bank.It deals with all kinds of treasury bill, master card services,and many more.

Customer feel easiness because they can easily do banking transaction in any of other country after getting connected with one country branch.Its financial report of income statement shows that the group is able to earn 90% of earning only from Asia, Africa and Middle east country. The company has listed in largest banking institution and also in London stock exchange describes its greatness and  heaviness.

The net value of the entire company has accumulated about 24 billion till 2017. After seeing this figure, we can imagine that it has really the great themes and target of expanding its network in many country. It is operating the fine services to Nepalese  through different kinds of  services.

It has also expanded more than 50 branches inside and outside the country for making easiness to customer to get connect. Thus, we can also list it in top multinational company of Nepal.

15. Himalayan Bank

It is also one of the largest banking networks of Nepal operating its network by providing the multiple banking services to the Nepalese people. The bank history of existence  and establishment in Nepal explains that it has got  stockpiling with Pakistan  bank named Habiab  bank of Pakistan. Therefore, we can also enlist it in top multinational company of Nepal.

This is also ”A” grade  bank licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank, the  governmental bank of Nepal. It is operating its largest network from directly and indirectly by both bank suggestion and instruction.

The bank is currently operating  the banking services and providing the convenience in banking transaction by 44 branches which includes 18 inside the  Kathmandu valley and rest outside the valley.

himalayan bank logo

The bank does not want to make fall any customer in its slow and misery problems by their system operating speed and grievance solution. In the terms of solving the grievances and another request of the customer, it looks ahead.

The bank also gives the services of merchant banking and helps the customer by providing every kind of financial support either in thick or thin amount. It was established in Nepal on  January 18, 1993, and the chairman is Manoj B. Shrestha. That is why it also makes its entry in the top multinational company in Nepal.

16. Nepal SBI Bank

It is also the largest banking network having the roots in India and operating its banking transaction in India and Nepal with multiple branches. In Nepal, it has also able to make stand in a grade banking institution licensed by Nepal Rastra bank.

This is also the first Indo-Nepal incorporated bank which conducts its banking networks easily and conveniently in India and Nepal. Many people of  Nepal and India are working in each country. Due to that, they feel easy to do transaction by this bank due to inter-connectivity of branches and bank in both countries.

The bank also provides the services of paying school and another purpose India currency support by declining the exchange rate from the market price. It will enter the parameter of top 50 global banks with 420 million customers, a balance sheet statement of ₹33 trillion, and more than 24,000 branches that can be imagined by its giant wings situated in the globe having such biggest financial organization including278,000 employees and 59,000 ATMs.

state bank of india sbi

state bank of india sbi

SBI operates their networks at 198 offices in 37 countries that hold actually the  301 correspondents in 72 countries. SBI  has acquired232nd on the Fortune Global 500 list   as largest company or corporation 2016, also states its services sectors.

That is why, we can also calculate the SBI of Nepal as one of the top multinational company which is operating fat and fluent banking transaction by providing convenience in transaction. Government of India owned the Imperial Bank of India in 1955, with Reserve Bank of India (India’s Central Bank) taking a 60% stake, and renamed it the State Bank of India.

The glory and glimpse of this bank is raising day by day in all the country where it has made stand strongly. After evaluating it daily growth annually, accumulate that it has  made reaching to 22% from 18% in few years.

In Nepal also, it has opened more than 50 branches all over the country and operating the best services.The bank has got able to cover the large financial market in very few day due to reliable services provided by it. The company has also recently announced their share increment fro that it had also divulged the public to fulfill it and become our members.


It is also one of the highlighted energy drink of Nepal which has got top places and prices in terms of beverages. It is treated as high-energy drink available only in small pack at the bottle of 250 ml only. The company also have  its branch and product selling in more than 10 country all over the Asia and other country.

Red bull has also become able to creates its own mark Nepalese people mostly in energy drink. Drink is available in drugs flavor of syrup but its power of giving energy is really very effective. The drink has specially grasped the high-class personality   and when they get thirsty ask for Red bull for destroying their hunger and providing  energy to the body.

Its origin is Thailand and has entered in the market of energy drink and selling from 30 years established in 1987. The Red Bull company slogan is “Red Bull gives you wings” but operating the services with different slogan in various country.



Red Bull contains vitamins (B3, B5, B6, B12), Caffeine, Taurine,  Sucrose, and Glucose which are taken as essential needs of body. To produce Red Bull Sugarfree, sugars sucrose and glucose have been replaced and shaken by the sweeteners  K and Aspartame/Sucralose.

U.S. suggest that moderate caffeine intake may not only be safe, but also healthy, the report has revealed  recently which has increase the  value of the drink  on common platforms. Thus not only in Nepal, but also the country like china, America, Slovenia, and other too , it has get reached by its product in different version, different design of packaging and different names even having different tastes.

Company has able to sell 5.387 billion cans in 2013 which also  shows its effect in market. By looking its structure and features, it also looks one of the  top multinational company of Nepal by their characters.

18. San Miguel Beer

San Miguel has also covered the largest area in Nepal and has trapped the largest tongue by its tastes and flavor. People  of Nepal  has been drinking it since it come in Nepal due to its  stocking taste. It  has origin Philippines and now covered the multiple country by selling it in new and stylish pack in different variety.

It was introduced in 1890 and up to 2017 reached in Spain, Africa, Nepal, France, and other country too because of the demand and tastes that it only deserves. The company produces beer in different variety that includes Miguel Flavored Beer, San Miguel Premium All-Malt Beer,   , Cerveza Negra (San Miguel Dark Beer), San Miguel Super Dry which are popular according to country.

All the varieties has  not able to absorb the tastes and leveled up. Due to hard striving and struggle in many country, it has able to create their stand and surviving, for pointing out the demand of people to get refreshment.Company has its very distracted career that has given them very much stroke in many terms and in many country from many sides.

Despite all its stroke, by its ultimate effort investment has made it one of the leading beer company in the world. In Nepal also, it has become able to establishes the great terrace to make people rid of tiredness after taking it.

The company looks always active in every festival which gives the places to explores their wishes and desires openly and shares the happiness with its help.The company also invest its amount in buying sports team for promoting the company and placing it in the top by revealing the name and brands publicly.

The san Miguel beer contains only 5% of alcohol by volume which the company states it will not harm the body and health. San Miguel beer is different from all the beer available in Nepal and stands solely on another side with their strength features and taste from the crowd.

Its prices are also not so expensive.  Because of having the affordable prices, every class of people can take its marrow of drinking. it also becomes part of the large function to small functions.

19. Surya Tobacco (ITC Ltd.)

It is also one of the largest tobacco company in Nepal making the smoke of its smell in the air everywhere.People of Nepal are addicted to its product too.It is the first company which has fulfilled the passion of people by providing different varieties in smoking.

It is an Indo-Nepal-Uk merged venture company which has made its existence in 1986 and operating still now with compelling dream and excellence in quality and endurance for a long time.

SURYA NEPAL  is also spreading its wings by different other variety product like Cigarettes, Agarbatti and Readymade Garments in Nepal that has also given the employment opportunities to many Nepalese.

Company is  ISO  certified that is semblance of quality and taken as the popular company producing the  cigarettes. It is also often discussed by the  smokers that if it will not exist in Nepal, what would happen to smokers. It is fulfilling the demands of cigarettes in qualitative modes.

It is also one of the multinational company as it speaks self by its character.Company has its largest themes for making its product more superior than past to get the great market in some other country too and working on all these aim and target. Surya tobacco has made its own trademark in the market of Nepal  and is popular among all the smokers.

20. Life Insurance Corporation Nepal

It is an insurance company which has also made its own remarks in insurance sector in Nepal and has reached to almost every Nepalese. Company has a long-term vision and has made every Nepalese  the customer by its every kinds of policy that get suits to everyone from lower class to higher class.

The company has its origin in India and spreading its wings  in other country too.  The Life Insurance Corporation of India was founded in 1956 when the Parliament of India passed the Life Insurance of India Act that nationalized the private insurance industry in India and making the people more influence by connecting them through its services.

It is also giant insurance company doing their business in India and Nepal having the products ofInvestment management, Mutual fund,Life insurance, health insurance that have glad facilities to attract the customer.  It was founded in 1956 with great aim  of expansion.

It’s world’s largest Insurance Company in terms of total number of policies being serviced due to its special motto of servicing and also fully owned by the Government of India.

Life Insurance Corporation Nepal

Life Insurance Corporation Nepal

Besides, It is a joint venture between Life Insurance Corporation of India which holds 55% and Vishal Group of Nepal holds  25%. The insurance company has public participation to the extent of 20%  that has made the family of keeping in touch.

Therefore, it also makes its places in top multinational companies of Nepal which are conducting their business according to their product and services nature. It has admired the peoples and made their dazed and maze at the times of destruction or loss by giving the amount of money, which works as medicine pasted on wounds.

21. Samsung Electronics

Samsung is also a mobile manufacturer company and now it has entered electronic product manufacturing too has brought a revolution in the mobile world as well as in technology. Samsung has made its position in the top list of the company selling the highest number of phones.

It has got reached in almost every hand of Nepalese people and made addicted and greedy to carry.The company is regularly working on its improvement technology as well as bringing something new and wonderful by the new features which will enchant the carriers.

In Nepal, it has created its own different mark in mobile. Therefore, we can see that most of the Nepalese have Samsung mobile in their hands. Due to many features, may be of affordable size, design, features and other things, it has reached to higher to lower class people and become the prestigious symbolization.

It is also a top multinational company of Nepal operating its number of brands and product in the multinational country having the origin South Korea. It has served worldwide by its conglomerate business function. It is busy in producing the product like  Apparel, chemicals, solid state drives, DRAM, ships,  consumer electronics, electronic components, medical equipment, semiconductors, telecommunications equipment, home appliances.

The journey of Samsung from the small refinery to present mobile and electronic revolution is really remarkable and appreciative that has become able to prove themselves in the corporate world.  Samsung has places 2nd position in selling the mobile in the globe.

Even it is started the discussion that it will cross the selling number of phones than apple and others reputed brands. The company has launched the phones in every class and prices which can be easily afforded by the class and economical situation of people.

So, we have discussed these Multinational companies in Nepal. Let’s have a look if you want to know more about these Multinational companies which are in Nepal.

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