20 Top Multinational Companies in Nepal

20 Top Multinational Companies in Nepal

It’s important to know about the multinational companies before entering to its junction. Multinational companies are like the tree which has multiples branches having one operating root. Multinational companies are entering too many countries due to the international trade act of globalization.

Every entity has right to cross the border with their product and services all around the world. No, any intervention can be done by the nation because of its the rule of international trade.  That is why we can see then, various foreign companies have rooted their business in Nepalese territory with product and services.


They may have different product and services and some have substitute goods, while some are doing the business of complementary goods.

If we talk about the features and their grounding in the landlocked country like Nepal, then they have captured the large Nepalese market with their product features and facilities. Many names come in the list racially when we put our eyes on multinational companies.

Many have also said that Nepalese economy is handling and existing the pressure of economic fluctuation and surviving due to their paying of tax to the government of Nepal. A lot of multinational companies is day by day entering to Nepal with their huge capital, unique technology and substitute and well as complement goods and services which is also helping the country to move towards the national development in every sector.

Here is the list of top multinational companies who have shaded the large region of Nepal by their capacity and product and services features. Find here top 20 top multinational companies in Nepal.

These are also top ranking multinational companies in Nepal. Get facts and information about companies which are also providing services in Nepal.

20 Top Multinational Companies in Nepal

This post, we are going to categorize as given below.

  1. Meaning of Multinational companies
  2. Characteristics of multinational companies
  3. different between multinational companies, Transnational Company, and global companies
  4. 20 top multinational companies in Nepal

1. Meaning of Multinational companies

Multinational companies are important factors in today’s international business. They are the outgrowth of international business. They control and manage a large part of world’s productive assets. They are created by the foreign direct investment.

Multinational companies are giant enterprises. They operate across national boundaries. They have headquarters in a home country with business operations in several countries. The home country is mostly a developed country. The host countries are generally developing countries anywhere in the world

According to Roger Bennett, “Multinational company is a business with significant investments in several foreign nations, which derives a substantial part of its income from foreign operations, and which maximizes the profits on a global rather than national level”


According to International Labour organization (ILO), “The essential nature of the multinational enterprises lies in the fact that its management headquarters are located in one country (home country) while the enterprise carries out operations in a number of other countries as well.”

2. Characteristics of multinational companies

Multinational companies have the following characteristics:

1. Big Size Business

Big Size Business is one the characteristics of multinational companies. They are giant business enterprises. They are big in size and high in complexity. They command huge resources and capabilities. However, smaller firms can also operate as multinationals.

2. Multi-country Operations

Multi-country Operation is one the characteristics of multinational companies. They operate in two or more countries. Their operations are diversified. They can have production, service, marketing or other types of operations. They have a geographically dispersed portfolio of investments. They treat the world as one market.

3. Various Environments

Various Environments is one the characteristics of multinational companies. They operate in various host country environments. The environments provide the context in which they operate. Political-legal, economic and socio-cultural forces vary from country to country. The sources of laws and regulations are multiple. Cultural differences are pronounced.

4. Centralized Ownership and Control

Centralized Ownership and Control is one the characteristics of multinational companies. The ownership and control are centralized. The managerial headquarters are located in the home country. Resource transfers are done from a common pool of resources between home country and host countries. They are integrated with local resources.

MNCs repatriate profits to the home country.

5. Multiple Currencies

Multiple Currencies is one the characteristics of multinational companies. They deal in multiple currencies of host countries. The values of these currencies keep changing. The risks of future exchange rate shifts are high.

6. Common Strategic Vision

Common Strategic Vision is one the characteristics of multinational companies. MNCs have a common strategic vision. All their operations in various host countries are linked together by this common strategic vision. Their management has a geocentric orientation. It is globalized.

3. different between multinational companies, Transnational Company, and global companies

Difference between Multinational companies, Transnational companies, and Global Company.

Multinational Company (MNC): What is the Multinational company? It is a company that takes a global approach to foreign markets and production. It is willing to consider market and production location anywhere in the world. It lias operations in more than two countries.

Transnational Company (TNC): What is the Transnational company? UNO uses this term for MNCs. It means a company in which capabilities and contributions differ by country but are developed and integrated into worldwide operations.

Global Company: What is a global company? It has operations in many countries of the world. The home country integrates the operations located m different countries.

4. 20 Top Multinational Companies in Nepal

Here in this page, we are going to name list of top companies in Nepal which are multinational companies. It means we have given you here name list of 20 top multinational companies in Nepal. So, following are 20 top multinational companies in Nepal.

1. Unilever Nepal :

It is an old multinational company which is doing their business with many products and making their branches and product expansion day by day in the large circle. In Nepal, it is selling many products of national production or by importing the international product.

Its brand has well valued and has gained the trust of Nepalese customer. As it deals with multiple products, Nepalese do not want to get connected with other for using or choosing the next one.

There are many customers who also comment on its product but the huge group is using the product happily.Approximately, it is treated as one of the top largest companies selling over 100 items in every shop.

Unilever Nepal
Unilever Nepal

Unilever product includes Sunsilk Shampoo, Soap, Ice-cream,  Salt and flour, Foods and Beverages, Tea, Coffee,  Milk, Cooking oil,  Lighter, Butter jams,  Soups,  Smoked Sausage, Dove Shampoo,  Surf,  Magnum, Surf Excel, PersilRexona, Sure Degree Shield etc. in large quantities.

The company is serving the product services in Nepal from long time  Its products include foods,beverages, cleaning agents and personal care products. The company have drawn good remarks in almost Nepalese community by their  well-known product and have become able to gain the trust and trapped the emotion in their own hands by the influence of products consequences.

There are many product which are familiar to most of the groups.  Unilever have  make connected to every   homes by any of their classified products. Unilever Nepal is treated as one of the largest conglomerates in south Asia as it is expanding their  productive and services wings more and more part of Nepal. Unilever is also selling their product in more than 50 country including USA, Germany, Uk, Brazil, India etc.



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