20 Best Images of Lord Shiva Blessings


Top 20 Best Images of  Lord Shiva Blessings

Here are 20 Best Images of Lord Shiva Blessings. These images of  Lord Shiva Blessing can be used in Shivaratri 2016. Lord Shiva is a powerful Hindu’s God. Shivaratri is the greatest festival of Hindu religion related Lord Shiva.

In Hindu deities, another characteristic is this that they may assume the form of others, even characterised with opposite qualities. Thus, the quality of a Hindu deity is not constant. For instance, Vishnu may be a destroyer and Shiva, the creator This clearly elucidates that any deity can assume all the forms of the one, the Absolute.


Top 20 Best Images of  Lord Shiva Blessings

A beautiful example of the five-headed Shiva at Pashupatinath could be given in the context. The facial expressions of all the sides can be clearly differentiated. The oneness is represented by the main conventionally understood top-head which in reality represents God, Pashupati, the presiding deity of Nepal.

Happy Shivaratri Card


Shivaratri festival Nepal "Photos of Lord Shiva"

The word Hindu was first used by the Muslim invaders in the eighth century. It is a misnomer of Sindhu i.e. a region which is drained by the river Indus. It is a Persian word, but now it has been universally used.


The Hindus call their religion Sanatan Dharma i.e. the eternal or ancient religion. The word dharma denotes not exactly religion but something more than that. It connotes a way of life including the socio-cultural life. Owing to its comprehensiveness and unceasing growth it is difficult to define Hinduism, as it has no common creed or asset of dogmas or practices.

In Hinduism, the succession of creation, preservation and destruction has been personified in three deities called the Supreme Triad which consists of The word Hindu has little or no communal meaning at all. The further religious association is evident only by the cult or sect people follow, based on the principal deities of the pantheon.

  1. Brahma, the creator,
  2. Vishnu, the preserver and
  3. Shiva, the destroyer.

This personification or unfolding in a specific god is necessary for pfactical needs or religious worship. There are a variety of sects in Hinduism on the basis of various gods and goddesses followed by different groups of people.

Lord Shiva by satishverma
picture source: deviantart.net

shiva shakti lingam
picture source: shaivam.org

Images of Lord Shiva Blessings


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  1. Thanks for the images of the Lord.

    I wonder why everywhere the Lord is depicted dark-skinned. In the ancient Tamil Saiva tradition, the Lord is sung as gold-skinned, coral-skinned, lighting-skinned, snow-skinned and what not. Only the
    Mother is described as emarald-skinned.

    Thank you for these wonderful images.

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