108 Names of Lord Shri Krishna in English, Hindi & Nepali

This post is about 108 Names of Lord Shree Krishna. We all know that Shree Krishna is avtar of God Shree Vishnu. Krishna is one of the almighty lord in Hindu pantheon. He is supposed as super man. His birthday is celebrated in the day of Janamashtami. Krishna Janamashtam is one of the biggest celebration in Hindu pantheon of Nepal, India, and other country and state of the world. There are more than 108 names of Lord Shree Krishna. We have posted here 108 names only. In future, we can post more names.

Here we have posted 108 names of lord Shree Krishna in Nepali language. You can see also 108 names of lord shree krishna in Hindi language. here are 108 names of lord Shree Krishna with English meaning as well.

Jai Shree Krishna!!!

Shree Krishna Janamashtami SMS in Hindi
Jai Shree Krishna

108 Names of Lord Shri Krishna in English, Hindi & Nepali

S.N.108 Names of Lord Shri Krishna in English108 Names of Lord  Shri Krishna in Hindi or NepaliMEANING of 108 Names of Lord Shri Krishna
1AchalaअचलStill Lord
2Achyutaअच्यूतInfallible Lord
3AdbhutahअदभूताWonderful God
4AdidevआदिदेवThe Lord Of The Lords
5Adityaआदित्यThe Son Of Aditi
6Ajanmaअजन्माOne Who Is Limitless And Endless
7AjayaअजयThe Conqueror Of Life And Death
8Aksharaअक्षराIndestructible Lord
9Amrutअम्रुतOne Who Is Sweet As Nectar
10AnaadihअनाडीOne Who Is The First Cause
11Anandsagarआनन्दसागरCompassionate Lord
12Anantaअनन्तThe Endless Lord
13Anantajitअनन्तजीतEver Victorious Lord
14AnayaअनायOne Who Has No Leader
15Aniruddhaअनिरुद्धOne Who Cannot Be Obstructed
16AparajeetअपराजीतThe Lord Who Cannot Be Defeated
17Avyuktaअभ्युक्तOne Who Is As Clear As Crystal
18BalgopalबालगोपालThe Child Krishna, The All Attractive
19BaliबलीThe Lord Of Strength
20Chaturbhujचतुर्भुजFour-Armed Lord
21Danavendraदानबेन्द्रGranter Of Boons
22DayaluदयालुRepositiory Of Compassion
23DayanidhiदयानिधीThe Compassionate Lord
24DevadidevदेवाधिदेवThe God Of The Gods
25Devakinandanदेवकीनन्दनSon Of Mother Devaki

108 Names of Lord Shri Krishna in English, Hindi & Nepali

26DeveshदेवेसLord Of The Lords
27Dharmadhyakshaधर्माध्यक्षThe Lord OF Dharma
28Dwarkapatiद्धारकापतिLord Of Dwarka
29GopalगोपालOne Who Plays With The Cowherds, The Gopas
30Gopalpriyaगोपालप्रियाLover Of Cowherds
31Govindaगोविन्दOne Who Pleases The Cows, The Land And The Entire Nature
32Gyaneshwarज्ञानेश्वरThe Lord Of Knowledge
33HariहरिThe Lord Of Nature
34Hiranyagarbhaहिरण्यगर्भThe All Powerful Creator
35HrishikeshरिेषिकेशThe Lord Of All Senses
36JagadguruजगतगुरुPreceptor Of The Universe
37JagadishaजगदिशProtector Of All
38Jagannathजगन्नाथLord Of The Universe
39Janardhanaजनार्धनOne Who Bestows Boons On One And All
40Jayantahजयन्ताConqueror Of All Enemies
41Jyotiraadityaज्योतिरादित्यThe Resplendence Of The Sun
42KamalnathकमलनाथThe Lord Of Goddess Lakshmi
43KamalnayanकमलनयनThe Lord With Lotus Shaped Eyes
44Kamsantakकामसन्तकSlayer Of Kamsa
45Kanjalochanaकन्जलोचनThe Lotus-Eyed God
46KeshavaकेशवOne Who Has Long, Black Matted Locks
47Krishnaकृष्णDark-Complexioned Lord
48Lakshmikantamलक्ष्मीनन्दनThe Lord Of Goddess Lakshmi
49Lokadhyakshaलोकाध्यक्षLord Of All The Three Lokas (Worlds)
50MadanमदनThe Lord Of Love

to be continued…

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