108 Names of Shiva in Nepali, Hindi and English Meaning

108 Names of Shiva in Nepali, Hindi and English Meaning

This post is about 108 Names of Shiva in Nepali, Hindi and English Meaning. Here are a 108 Names of Shiva in Nepali. Here are a 108 Names of Shiva in Hindi. 108 Names of Shiva in Nepali, Hindi and English Meaning. Lord Shiva is one of the most important Hindu deities, Lord Shiva is known by several names in Hinduism. There are 1008 names of Lord Shiva in Shiva Purana, a holy book of Lord Shiva. Here we have written only 108 names of Shiva in Nepali, Hindi, and English. There is also the meaning of all the 108 names of Shiva. These 108 names are in originally in Sanskrit. We have posted here 108 names of Shiva in Nepali, Hindi and English meaning. So check all the 108 names of Shiva in Nepali, Hindi, and English here.

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God always care you at any moment of your life. All things are did through the lord. The believable through the ancient times is a main collection of prayer at the temple. The power of God is always in the temple. People always wake up early morning and bath and went to the temple for worship the god Mahadev.Mahadev is one God who takes avatar of any gods, and we have millions of god to pray and also the picture of many gods to see and worship. God is only the path of line and you have to go forward from that in the future. You performed well.


Nandi is an incredible thing for the Hindus. Nandi is one of the vehicles of god Shiva.It is not like as the human vehicle.It is like as an animal for its own mythology.Nandhi is a truth of rightness.It is also called as the bull.It has the past story from this bull.

It is mostly found in the Himalayan region at the pasts.It is the meditation way.Nandhi is also associated with the god.It is a boon for us. The traditionally taking is we say anything in the ear of Nandi then it comes true.It is believed of past people with granted. We worship like as lord. He was meditating that. It takes hundreds of lotus flower to worship these god.mahadev travel one place to another place with the help of Nandhi.he devotion of some flower in the temple.Nandhi is like a cow.It is white in colors.


God bodies are covered by the ashes. TheShivatakes the tika in the front part of the head. The hand is also covered with the ashes.It is naturally doing work. It is the story of some best narration towards it. It is associated with the ashes. It is most powerful and interesting thing to recover. The reason is delighted to uncontrolled.It is the root of parts of a plant.It is really at the larger stage in the ashes.It demonstrates the all finger to be done.It reminds for the devotedness.It realizes for the standing him by praying the peace and ignorance.

Shivaratri 2018 date / Shivaratri 2074 date

Shivaratri is the greatest festival related to Lord Shiva. This year Shivaratri festival is from 7th March 2018. It means according to Nepali calendar Shivaratri festival 2074 is on the 24th Falgun 2074 B.S.


Happy Maha Shivaratri 2018. Happy Maha Shivaratri 2074 B.S.

 108 Names of Lord Shiva in Hindi108 Names of Lord Shiva in Nepali
S NoLord Shiva NameNepali and Hindi108 Names of Lord Shiva in English meaning
1AashutoshआशुतोषOne who fulfills wishes instantly
3Akshayagunaअक्षुग्णGod with limitless attributes
4AnaghaअनाघाWithout any fault
5Anantadrishtiअन्तरदृष्टिOf infinite vision
6AugadhऔगधOne who reveals all the time
7Avyayaprabhuअभयप्रभूImperishable Lord
8BhairavभैरवLord of terror
9Bhalanetraबालनेत्रOne who has an eye in the forehead
10BholenathभोलेनाथKind hearted Lord
11Bhooteshwaraभुतेश्वरLord of ghosts and evil beings
12BhudevaभुदेवाLord of the earth
13BhutapalaभुतपालाProtector of the ghosts
14Chandrapalचन्द्रपालMaster of the moon
15Chandraprakashचन्द्रप्रकाशOne who has moon as a crest
17DevadevaदेवादेवLord of the Lords
18DhanadeepaधनदिपाLord of Wealth
19Dhyanadeepध्यानदीपIcon of meditation and concentration
20DhyutidharaधिउतीधाराLord of Brilliance
21Digambaraदिगम्बराOne who has the skies as his clothes
22Durjaneeyaदुरजन्यDifficult to be known
24GangadharaगंगाधारLord of River Ganga
25GirijapatiगिरिजापतिConsort of Girija

108 Names of Shiva in Nepali, Hindi and English Meaning

26Gunagrahinगुनग्राहीAcceptor of Gunas
27GurudevaगुरुदेवMaster of All
28HaraहरRemover of Sins
29JagadishaजगदीशMaster of the Universe
30JaradhishamanaजराधीशमनRedeemer from Afflictions
31JatinजतिनOne who has matted hair
32KailasकैलासOne Who Bestows Peace
33KailashadhipatiकैलासपतिLord of Mount Kailash
34KailashnathकैलासनाथMaster of Mount Kailash
35Kamalakshanaकमलक्षनLotus-eyed Lord
37KapalinकपालिनOne who wears a necklace of skulls
38Khatvanginखटभान्गीनOne who has the missile khatvangin in his hand
39Kundalinकुण्डालिनOne who wears earrings
40Lalatakshaललाक्षOne who has an eye in the forehead
41Lingadhyakshaलिंगध्यक्षLord of the Lingas
42LingarajaलिंगराजLord of the Lingas
43LokankaraलोकनकाराCreator of the Three Worlds
44LokapalलोकपालOne who takes care of the world
45Mahabuddhiमहाबुद्धिExtremely intelligent
46MahadevaमहादेवGreatest God
47MahakalaमहाकालLord of All Times
48MahamayaमाहामायाOf great illusions
49Mahamrityunjayaमहामृत्युन्जयGreat victor of death
50MahanidhiमहानिधीGreat storehouse

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