108 Names of Shiva in Nepali, Hindi and English Meaning

108 Names of Shiva in Nepali, Hindi, and English Meaning

This post is about 108 Names of Shiva in Nepali, Hindi and English Meaning. Here are a 108 Names of Shiva in Nepali. Here are a 108 Names of Shiva in Hindi. 108 Names of Shiva in Nepali, Hindi and English Meaning. Lord Shiva is one of the most important Hindu deities, Lord Shiva is known by several names in Hinduism.

There are 1008 names of Lord Shiva in Shiva Purana, a holy book of Lord Shiva. Here we have written only 108 names of Shiva in Nepali, Hindi, and English. There is also the meaning of all the 108 names of Shiva. These 108 names are in originally in Sanskrit.

We have posted here 108 names of Shiva in Nepali, Hindi and English meaning. So check all the 108 names of Shiva in Nepali, Hindi, and English here.

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108 Names of Shiva in the Nepali language. Nepali 108 Names of Shiva. 108 Names of Shiva in Nepali script. 108 Names of Shiva in Nepali Bhasa.

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God always care you at any moment of your life. All things are did through the lord. The believable through the ancient times is a main collection of prayer at the temple.

The power of God is always in the temple. People always wake up early morning and bath and went to the temple for worship the god Mahadev.


Mahadev is one God who takes avatar of any gods, and we have millions of god to pray and also the picture of many gods to see and worship. God is only the path of line and you have to go forward from that in the future. You performed well.


Nandi is an incredible thing for the Hindus. Nandi is one of the vehicles of god Shiva.It is not like as the human vehicle.It is like as an animal for its own mythology.Nandhi is a truth of rightness.It is also called as the bull.It has the past story from this bull.

It is mostly found in the Himalayan region at the pasts.It is the meditation way.Nandhi is also associated with the god.It is a boon for us. The traditionally taking is we say anything in the ear of Nandi then it comes true.It is believed of past people with granted.

We worship like as lord. He was meditating that. It takes hundreds of lotus flower to worship these god.mahadev travel one place to another place with the help of Nandhi.he devotion of some flower in the temple.Nandhi is like a cow.It is white in colors.

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God bodies are covered by the ashes. TheShivatakes the tika in the front part of the head. The hand is also covered with the ashes.It is naturally doing work. It is the story of some best narration towards it.

It is associated with the ashes. It is most powerful and interesting thing to recover. The reason is delighted to uncontrolled.It is the root of parts of a plant.It is really at the larger stage in the ashes.It demonstrates the all finger to be done.It reminds for the devotedness.It realizes for the standing him by praying the peace and ignorance.

Shivaratri 2021 date / Shivaratri 2077 date

Shivaratri is the greatest festival related to Lord Shiva. This year Shivaratri festival is from 7th March 2021. It means according to Nepali calendar Shivaratri festival 2077 is on the 24th Falgun 2077 B.S.

Happy Maha Shivaratri 2021. Happy Maha Shivaratri 2077 B.S.

 108 Names of Lord Shiva in Hindi108 Names of Lord Shiva in Nepali
S NoLord Shiva NameNepali and Hindi108 Names of Lord Shiva in English meaning
1AashutoshआशुतोषOne who fulfills wishes instantly
3Akshayagunaअक्षुग्णGod with limitless attributes
4AnaghaअनाघाWithout any fault
5Anantadrishtiअन्तरदृष्टिOf infinite vision
6AugadhऔगधOne who reveals all the time
7Avyayaprabhuअभयप्रभूImperishable Lord
8BhairavभैरवLord of terror
9Bhalanetraबालनेत्रOne who has an eye in the forehead
10BholenathभोलेनाथKind hearted Lord
11Bhooteshwaraभुतेश्वरLord of ghosts and evil beings
12BhudevaभुदेवाLord of the earth
13BhutapalaभुतपालाProtector of the ghosts
14Chandrapalचन्द्रपालMaster of the moon
15Chandraprakashचन्द्रप्रकाशOne who has moon as a crest
17DevadevaदेवादेवLord of the Lords
18DhanadeepaधनदिपाLord of Wealth
19Dhyanadeepध्यानदीपIcon of meditation and concentration
20DhyutidharaधिउतीधाराLord of Brilliance
21Digambaraदिगम्बराOne who has the skies as his clothes
22Durjaneeyaदुरजन्यDifficult to be known
24GangadharaगंगाधारLord of River Ganga
25GirijapatiगिरिजापतिConsort of Girija

108 Names of Shiva in Nepali, Hindi and English Meaning

26Gunagrahinगुनग्राहीAcceptor of Gunas
27GurudevaगुरुदेवMaster of All
28HaraहरRemover of Sins
29JagadishaजगदीशMaster of the Universe
30JaradhishamanaजराधीशमनRedeemer from Afflictions
31JatinजतिनOne who has matted hair
32KailasकैलासOne Who Bestows Peace
33KailashadhipatiकैलासपतिLord of Mount Kailash
34KailashnathकैलासनाथMaster of Mount Kailash
35Kamalakshanaकमलक्षनLotus-eyed Lord
37KapalinकपालिनOne who wears a necklace of skulls
38Khatvanginखटभान्गीनOne who has the missile khatvangin in his hand
39Kundalinकुण्डालिनOne who wears earrings
40Lalatakshaललाक्षOne who has an eye in the forehead
41Lingadhyakshaलिंगध्यक्षLord of the Lingas
42LingarajaलिंगराजLord of the Lingas
43LokankaraलोकनकाराCreator of the Three Worlds
44LokapalलोकपालOne who takes care of the world
45Mahabuddhiमहाबुद्धिExtremely intelligent
46MahadevaमहादेवGreatest God
47MahakalaमहाकालLord of All Times
48MahamayaमाहामायाOf great illusions
49Mahamrityunjayaमहामृत्युन्जयGreat victor of death
50MahanidhiमहानिधीGreat storehouse

108 Names of Shiva in Nepali, Hindi and English Meaning


51MahashaktimayaमहाशकितमायाOne who has boundless energies
52MahayogiमहायोगीGreatest of all Gods
53MaheshaमहेशSupreme Lord
54Maheshwaraमहेशश्वरLord of Gods
55NagabhushanaनागभुशानाOne who has serpents as ornaments
56NatarajaनटराजKing of the art of dancing
57Nilakanthaनिलकण्ठThe one with a blue throat
58Nityasundaraनृत्यसुन्दराEver beautiful
59Nrityapriyaनृत्यप्रियाLover of Dance
60OmkaraओमकाराCreator of OM
61PalanhaarपालनहारOne who protects everyone
62Parameshwara First among all godsपरमेश्वरFirst among all gods
63Paramjyotiपरमज्योतीGreatest splendor
64PashupatiपशुपतिLord of all living beings
65PinakinपिनाकिनOne who has a bow in his hand
66Pranavaप्रानभाOriginator of the syllable of OM
67Priyabhaktaप्रियाभक्तFavorite of the devotees
68Priyadarshanaप्रियादर्शनाOf loving vision
69Pushkaraपुस्काराOne who gives nourishment
70Pushpalochanaपुस्पलोचनाOne who has eyes like flowers
71RavilochanaरविलोचनाHaving sun as the eye
72Rudraरुद्रThe terrible
73Rudrakshaरुद्राक्षOne who has eyes like Rudra
74SadashivaसदाशिवEternal God
75SanatanaसनातनEternal Lord


108 Names of Shiva in Nepali, Hindi and English Meaning

76Sarvacharyaर्सवाचार्यPreceptor of All
77Sarvashivaर्सवशिवAlways Pure
78Sarvatapanaर्सवतपनाScorcher of All
79Sarvayoniर्सवयोनीSource of Everything
80Sarveshwaraर्सर्वेश्वरLord of All Gods
81Shambhuशम्भुAbode of Joy
82ShankaraशंकरGiver of Joy
83ShivaशिवAlways Pure
84ShoolinशुलिनOne who has a trident
85Shrikanthaश्रीकण्ठOf glorious neck
86Shrutiprakashaश्रुत्रि्रकाशIlluminator of the Vedas
87Shuddhavigrahaशुद्धव्रि्रहOne who has a pure body
88Skandaguruस्कण्डगुरुPreceptor of Skanda
89Someshwaraसोमेश्वरLord of All Gods
90SukhadaसुखदBestower of happiness
91Supritaसुप्रिताWell pleased
92SuraganaसुरांगाHaving Gods as attendants
93Sureshwaraसुरेश्वरLord of All Gods
95Tejaswaniतेजश्वनीOne who spreads illumination
96Trilochanaत्रिलोचनाThree-Eyed Lord
97Trilokpatiत्रिलोकपतिMaster of all the Three Worlds
98Tripurariत्रिपुरारीEnemy of Tripura
99Trishoolinत्रिशुलिनOne who has a trident in his hands
100UmapatiउमापतिConsort of Uma
101VachaspatiवाचसपतिLord of Speech
102Vajrahastaवज्रहस्तOne who has a thunderbolt in his hands
103VaradaवरदGranter of Boons
104Vedakartaवेदकर्ताOriginator of the Vedas
105Veerabhadraविरभद्रSupreme Lord of the Nether World
106Vishalakshaविशालाक्षWide-eyed Lord
107Vishveshwaraविशेश्वरLord of the Universe
108VrishavahanaवृषवाहनOne who has the bull as his vehicle



Snake is intellectually the very sensible for their power of energy. Snake is situated at the throat of Shiva. It is the power of the god Shiva. There are 200 chakras in the body and it gives energy and peace to them. All these snakes are connected to each other. It is more powerful and harmful to its toxic nature both.


The less number of lords knows that Shiva get exitedDeviparfait memories for the acceptable marriage to make her wife by testing the Devi. He comes at the run of Brahman which is young and tells to the Pārbati that it was best for you to marry with the God who has not anything and like as the bigger and had nothing for wearing and eating.

She is very angry to hear what types of word about the god. She is telling that I am not marrying with others but I married with the Shiva. Her answer is pleased. God Shiva went out to his real form to get married with the DeviPārbati. The married are performing in the wonderful splendor.


Shiva is only one god.It only he takes many avatars of all the yoga is the oldest one first or last one as taught as Rudra since past period.Shiva is the most wanted and powerful lord which is the performance of Ramayan and Mahabharat which come from the avatar of Shiva in a different situation he is a different look and his location.

In the laundryman than, he dinks the poison that is taken at the sea and he saved all the effective way of water.It protects or preserves water by drinking.Parwati is the lord, she has also got one named called as Sakti, she is the companion and strength of god Shiva.GodShiva was lived at the mountain parwatofkailash.Shiva took the eleventh avatar of birbahadur hanuman.

Ganesh and kartic is the son of Shiva and Parvati.Kartic comes from the body of Shiva and Ganesh is coming from the parwati by their owner’s body.Both are taken their rough thing from the body and collect it so many times and evenly they made their child with their own hand.nandhi is the name of the bull which is the automobile of Shiva to move one place to another.

He is getting more powerful energy from the sakti.the river of Ganga originated from the power of beautiful creation of god Shiva. The poisonous water is present in the ocean. the Shiva had many weapons one of weapon is the trisul which is the symbol of creative and perform preservation.

The ninth avatar of god Shiva is bhairav.shiva is the truth of all the universe of the world. The tandav dancing is the performance of Natraj which is very famous.

The important place is amaranth of Shiva.It is like as a cave. The god Shiva is placed near that as a lord. The people mostly went the amaranth temple in the summer season at the month of Phalguna.

The place is at the mountain everywhere.In the winter season the cave almost closed and ice always fall down and people do not survive. Peoplecannotgo in the winter season of mage and push it had a severe cold.In this temple, there is much power those people only survive when it.They are the right and helpful people only went from the small cave.

God give the equality between the male and female.it get the symbol of two heart able married partner at one side male and another side female. Shiva gave the equal supertanker to the Devi Parvati.The damru has at the left hand of god Mahadev. It gets the name of Brahman by ringing it as to take some bhojan as the name of brahman.Damru is also holding on the time of tandav.

God Shiva take snake the king of cobra in the neck and skin is covered with the skin of the tiger and another animal. All the skin is touched by the ashes so he seems black body.pashupatinath is the temple which is situated in Kathmandu which has to get a great power.

It is known as the animal. Hindus pray the god at the temple. Hindus are worship of more than400 million gods. Godmahadev is also called as the menhaden the prominent lord of Hindu kingdom.

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Shiva originated our life naturally by him power.mahadev is seated at the tiger’s body of Mahadev wearing the skin of tiger at the pelvic region. He is not wearing at the pectoral region of the body. He is wearing a rudrakhmalla at the neck to stomach.


Shiva has the third eye referred as the trishakti. This eye is also called as trimetric which enable to get the water. The third eye is very dangerous this eye only seen then Shiva had any type growth of anything .the the third eye is situated at the front of the head clearly. It is called that of the dimension of precipitation to opening the eye.

The most important thing is that give energy itself. It gives vision. The two main eyes are the sense organ. The third eye is not foreseen. The main eye lies only for seeing all the thing.it is too say the Maya Nagari. Maya means the luxury.


It is like as atomic bar’s atomic theory. The image is like a pillar of marks and a big disc of oval shaped and preserve as a god. The scientific truth that they all had consisted of electron, proton, and neutron to demonstrate the days. It represents the maheshworShiva.

God Shiva is one of the universal truths or it does be a reality. He is the main god giving in the form of devotes. You preserve the temple.As it is written at the Puran. He is known by the husband of Parvati. His son is Ganesh and kartic. The popular name is Mahadev.

The Hindus prayed and worship the Mahadev lord. The one fact is that the Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh is the god of trice power. It is absolutely true. It symbolizes the life and death called the moksh. Mahadev has the unlimited power. He represents the future also.

The two eyes stand for bright sun and the light moon and the third eye represents the fire. Fire is the English language and called as Agni also in indi.it is the main, or the third eye flows the river, Ganga. He is using damru also; he had 109 and more names saying at Hindus religion.

Some names are; Mahadev, jatadhari, trishakti, Maheshwar Shiva, Shiva is also called as Natraj. It is the dance of god. God is the spiritual rights. All our things are fulfilled. People mostly believe in the god. It creates a power in the world. It gives you the strength and such a naturally beautiful nature we have to do all our activities.

The performance of tandhav can do by their dancing to start a creation. It creates our natural life. He is the universal truth. The life cycle of ours is death; birth and rebirth always part of the human life. It indicates the performance of lord. He divine by it’s dancing. The tandhav is the main origin of dance situated on the earth surface.


Shiva is called as neelkantha. God give us peace while we connect with his nearby the heart by praying. GodShivadrinks the poison at the water of the river and later it turns in blue. So it is called as Melantha.

At the neck of shiv, there is a blue color found. Amritajail is at the river and drank the god Shiva. Amrita means such type of water we drink then we do not die .our long life comes and comes.

Shivafilters the poison like as the filter machine. It removes all the toxic material is in the amrita water. Poisons are the harmful substance of ours but it is like a food for god Shiva. It is so touchable to the heart. It tends to become powerful your body.


The wife of Shiva is DeviPārbati. From the many times, Lord Shiva takes the half picture of the female part his wife Pārbati called Shakti. The right part is male of Shiva and the left part is female of DeviPārbati. It is the truth of lord. This represents the power of energy. It represents the right of women on the earth. It is the symbol of equality for the female.

The men and women are half in the picture it is the symbol of giving equality to both of them in the world. We also say that it gives the ideas about the actives and passive force between the man and the women. God is both male and female.

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The right side is the Shiva and it has got the main part front of the brain, it gives the logic of power always behind. It is the most important part but also the left part occupies the heart of the female.

It represents the love, cars, and creative power. It freshens our mind. The female thinks through the heart and the male think about the brain. It creates only the power does not think well. Female is also called as the Devi. Devi Shakti is very powerful. It represents the symbol of Kali goddess.


Only one snake is represented at the neck of Shiva. The bhasuki snake is situated at the neck of Shiva. They intellectually the many theory as to the snake at the neck.

It also is controlling of death and fear with the snake. Vishnu is taken the three snake which symbolizes the three things past future and present decision of all lord. It is very touchable to the lord and it is for the controlling the Shiva at the unconfident situation.

Snake get power to the god for the future days always. Snake maintain the best division among the human. It creates the life and dies of the human.it is the spiritual truth all over the world.


It symbolizes the cycle of time, the Shia carries a Trishul at the shoulder.it reforms our creation as well as the destruction of nature. They do all the thing. Trisul symbolizes that a spiritual thing to devote and perform the spiritual life in the world.

The three guansis the peace in the actual life. Thistrishul has the 3 spikes and it is the representation of creation, continual and destructive. It is also known as the satva, rajes, and themes from the creation of life from the Trishul.

108 Names of Shiva in Nepali, Hindi and English Meaning

Shivaratri festival in Nepal. Shivaratri festival in India. Maha Shivaratri festival.

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