101 Serious Reasons Why I Love My Boyfriend | Him

101 Serious Reasons Why I Love My Boyfriend | Him

Here we have listed 101 serious reasons why I love my boyfriend. Yes, these are the reasons to love boyfriend. To love someone is world’s greatest things.  There are much more reasons that one can love to her boyfriend. We can’t limit the reasons. We can’t limit the causes. If we say there are limit things, cause or reasons that one can love or like to someone, on that situation we are totally wrong. We are not right. Because there are uncountable reasons, causes that one can love to someone. There is an uncountable reason. Here I have listed 101 reasons that i love to my boyfriend. But I am not saying or i never dare to say that you love your boyfriend because of these reasons. These are the reasons to love your boyfriend.

101 reasosn that i love boyfriend

So, these are 101 reasons why I love my boyfriend. You may have more than 101 reasons to love your boyfriend. One can also come up with 101 reasons to love someone.  101 reasons why I love him. The 101 reasons to love boyfriend will always make him feel special and remember the special moments shared together.

Get a pen and paper and write 101 reasons why I love your boyfriend for that special man in your life. I’m sure your boyfriend will definitely love this sweet gesture of romantic love as a gift to you. But say your boyfriend you are the best things that ever related to me. How many reasons do you have to love your boyfriend. May be more reasons to love boyfriend.

Here are 101 reasons that I love my boyfriend. Let’s check it.

  1. My boyfriend’ smile is so cute.
  2. My boyfriend wears dresses nicely.
  3. the height of my boyfriend is tall; 6 feet
  4. My boyfriend remembers all the things which have said.
  5. The face of boy friend is the cutest face of the world.
  6. My boyfriend learns from his own mistakes first. He doesn’t repeat the mistakes again and again.
  7. My boyfriend is always motivating me in every steps of life.
  8. My boyfriend is ready to do everything I ask him to do for me.
  9. My boyfriend is very sensitive person.
  10. My boyfriend wants the best of the best for me in any matters.
  11. Personality of my boyfriend is very attractive.
  12. My boyfriend’s hugs are always remarkable for me.
  13. My boyfriend has a great future planned for brighten life.
  14. Sense of humor of my boyfriend is appraisable.
  15. my boyfriend has long and  curly hair
  16. My boyfriend kisses my forehead slowly.
  17. My boyfriend is a hard working guy.
  18. My boyfriend calls me sometimes princess, ‘heartbeat of my heart’
  19. My boyfriend holds me often from behind.
  20. My boyfriend has changed me from negative thinking person to positive thinking person.
  21. My boyfriend wants to make me always happy.
  22. My boyfriend knows everything what I like and what don’t like.
  23. My boyfriend is a competitive person.
  24. My boyfriend likes my natural hair from the core of his heart.
  25. My boyfriend gives me his shoulder to cry on.
  26. My boyfriend can see us getting married.
  27. My boyfriend puts me as his lock screen.
  28. My boyfriend knows very well about all the things which are right to do, which are wrong to do.
  29. My boyfriend knows very well about all the things which are right to say, which are wrong to say.
  30. My boyfriend takes care of me very seriously.
  31. My boyfriend always pushes me to be a better lady.
  32. My boyfriend knows me better than my mother and father.
  33.  My boyfriend cures me when I’m sick.
  34. My boyfriend falls asleep on the mobile phone with me.
  35. My boyfriend never makes me feel left out.
  36. My boyfriend doesn’t care what the other nonsense people think about him.
  37. I feel always my boy friend is made for me.
  38. I feel always secure when I am with him.
  39. My boyfriend body is so dashing, attractive.
  40. My boyfriend acts as he is my life partner.
  41. My boyfriend is a singer.
  42. My boyfriend gives me what I want even if I don’t deserve it.
  43. My boyfriend’s eyes looks like hunger of my love.
  44. My boyfriend cooks for me sometimes very tasty dishes.
  45. My boyfriend is good person with kids.
  46. We (I and my boyfriend) like the same types of music.
  47. My boyfriend is passionate about reading.
  48. My boyfriend always says I love you before hanging up.
  49. My boyfriend never lets me walk to the home alone when it’s dark.
  50. My boyfriend always pays when we go out.
  51. My boyfriend is confident in himself.
  52. My boyfriend never intentionally hurts me in any matters.
  53. My boyfriend is over protective.
  54. My boyfriend’s thin lips
  55. My boyfriend supports me always.
  56. My boyfriend gets along with my family once in a every week.
  57. My boyfriend wipes my tears when I cry on.
  58. My boyfriend calls me beautiful when I am not in make up on.
  59. My boyfriend wants to move in with me every day.
  60. My boyfriend loves cuddling and watching new released movies.
  61. My boyfriend knows very well how to make me laugh.
  62. My boyfriend always apologizes when he messes up.
  63. My boyfriend is trustworthy.
  64. My boyfriend grabs me by my hips.
  65. My boyfriend gets jealous when other guys are talking to me.
  66. My boyfriend lets me pop his pimples.
  67. My boyfriend always brings me chocolate after work.
  68. My boyfriend loves and kisses when I paint all the nails of both hands.
  69. My boyfriend wants babies.
  70. My boyfriend buys a gift once a month.
  71. My boyfriend loves my deep eyes.
  72. My boyfriend spoils me.
  73. My boyfriend cuddles with me.
  74. My boyfriend doesn’t like periods.
  75. We (I and My boyfriend) both like the reading novels.
  76. My boyfriend buys books for me.
  77. My boyfriend loves the dresses which I wear.
  78. My boyfriend always sends love SMS to me on my mobile phone.
  79. My boyfriend is very generous.
  80. My boyfriend is not drunk.
  81. My boyfriend is not hard smoker.
  82. My boyfriend is rich man.
  83. My boyfriend plays chess games with me
  84. My boyfriend sings a song with me
  85. My boyfriend takes me a restaurant for dinner.
  86. My boyfriend strives to be better.
  87. My boyfriend makes me feel safe and happy.
  88. My boyfriend calls me when he is in breaks on office.
  89. My boyfriend takes me on long drive.
  90. My boyfriend makes me smile when I am not in the mood to smile.
  91. My boyfriend shares his all the feelings with me.
  92. My boyfriend has excellent grammar.
  93. My boyfriend does not care about his email password when I use.
  94. My boyfriend gives the best hugs.
  95. My boyfriend sets my photo in his laptop desktop wallpaper.
  96. My boyfriend has an awful memory.
  97. My boyfriend is never cold.
  98. My boyfriend has no secrets.
  99. My boyfriend visits my school often.
  100. My boyfriend does read my article published.
  101. My boyfriend loves me much more than i love myself.
There are more reasons to this list, but I will not include them. There may embarrassing or too crazy to handle for me. My words are actions are not enough to express how much i love you. My words and actions are not enough to express how much you mean to me and my life. I am looking forward to spending a lifetime with you. I love you. Yes, I love you. I really love you. Uncountable reasons to love boyfriend found on Google search engine.

101 Serious Reasons Why I Love My Boyfriend | Him


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