10 Famous books of Nepal

  1. Palpasa Café:-


Palpasa Café is a unique by Nepali writer Narayan Wagle. It tells the tale of an artist, Drishya, throughout the peak of the Nepalese Civil warfare. The novel is in part a love tale of Drishya and the primary technology American Nepali, Palpasa, who has lower back to the land of her mother and father after Sep 11. Its miles frequently called an anti-conflict novel, and describe the outcomes of the civil conflict at the Nepali countryside that Drishya travels to. The book has been a great-supplier in Nepal, creating an income document for a Nepali eBook of 25,000 copies inside the first year. It became Wagle’s first e-book. The eBook has received honors together with the especially prestigious literary award in Nepal, the Madan Puraskar. After Palpasa Cafe, Wagle has written some other first-rate-promoting e-book, Mayur Times. The book became written at the beginning in Nepali and turned into later translated into English and Korean. The eBook has bought over fifty 2,000 copies as of July 2012. Palpasa Cafe has officially become the primary Nepali novel to be had in Kindle; it also comes in diverse transportable and eBook codec’s like mobi and pdf.

  1. Muna Madan:-

muna madan

Muna Madan is a brief impressive narrating the heartbreaking story of Muna & Madan written via Nepalese writer Laxmi Prasad Devkota. Just earlier than his demise in 1959 he completed his well-known declaration, “it would be all right if all my works had been burned, except for Muna Madan.” it is the maximum commercially successful Nepali e book ever posted. Muna Madan is based on an 18th-century ballad in Nepal Bhasa entitled Ji Waya la Lachhi Maduni (It hasn’t been a month because I got here). The tune, that is popular in Newar society, tells the tale of a service provider from Kathmandu who goes to Tibet to earn money by leaving his wife and old mother. The spouse is concerned for his protection as the journey to Tibet is packed with hardships, and he or she pleads with him no longer to head. But he leaves despite her protests. Whilst he returns domestic after a few years, he reveals that she has died.

  1. Summer Love:-


Bhattarai’s second book and primary novel, the plot concerns university college students at the significant branch of Environmental technology (CDES) at Tribhuban University falling in love. It become a first-class promoting book in Nepal with in excess of 20,000 copies offered, and one of the fine-selling books in the country for the year. Saaya is the sequel summer Love Novel. A sequel titled Saaya becomes launched in September 2014.

4.       Sirish KO Phool:-

shirish ko phool

It is one of the finest books ever written in Nepali literature. The novel has also won Madan Puraskar for Vishnu Kumari Waiba also recognized as parijat. The book is translated to English and named as ‘The Blue Mimosa’. The English edition is also used as course book in hundreds of universities of the world.

  1. The Royal Ghosts:-


A family’s equilibrium is threatened after they deliver refuge to a younger widow whose husband turned into murdered via the rebels. An unstable young man talks about joining the Maobadi after his father leaves his mom for some other female. An activist falls in love; however his arrest and a disastrous demonstration make romance impossible. And within the identify tale, one brother sooner or later faces the reality about some other on the very day Nepal is rocked by way of the murders of its royal family. Alluringly remember-of-fact, mesmerizingly supple, and tenderly humorous, those memories immediately in detail depicts ultra-modern Kathmandu and embodies the entire human revel in.

  1. Jiwan Kada Ki Phool:-


Jiwan Kada Ki Phool is a unique and Madan Puraskar winner written by way of Jhamak Ghimire approximately her very own tale. It’s been printed seven instances within years making it the Nepali exceptional dealer of all times. It has additionally acquired many other awards. The book is inspirational and encouraging and has something for all and sundry to study from. It has currently been translated in English as “A flower in the midst of thorns”.


  1. Arresting God in Kathmandu:-


Arresting God in Kathmandu is the debut book via Nepali-American author Samrat Upadhyay. It’s far a collection of nine quick testimonies that provide a glimpse into everyday existence in Kathmandu, Nepal. Posted in 2001, Arresting God in Kathmandu becomes offered the Whiting Writers’ Award for fiction. The e-book marks the primary time a Nepali author writing in English has been posted in the West

The 9 stories are:-

  1. The Good Shopkeeper
  2. The Cooking Poet
  3. Deepak Misra’s Secretary
  4. The Limping Bride
  5. During the Festival
  6. The Room Next Door
  7. The Man with Long Hair
  8. This World
  9. A Great Man’s House


  1. China Harayeko Manche:-


China Harayeko Manche is an autobiography written by Hari Bansha Acharya. The storyline of Cheena Harayeko Manche is about a simple god-fearing guy who happens to lose his “China” or “Cheena” (horoscope). The autobiography depicts the author’s childhood reminiscences, fantasies and the struggles he needed to face in the course of his adolescent years. “The eBook is the tribute to my past due spouse Meera and proceeds from the e book will go to a believer of her call,” stated the author at a press meet.


  1. In the Land of No Right Angles:-


Alex, a twenty-12 months-vintage American pupil, is spending the 12 months in Nepal, backpacking and photographing. As a choose to Will – her American friend – she uses considered one of her Himalayan treks to are looking for out Maya, a young Nepali female desperate to flee her conventional own family to discover work in Kathmandu. But assisting Maya has unexpected implications. Quickly Alex is embroiled in an odd triangle with Maya and could, wherein the lines between friendship, love, and lust develop extra tangle every day.

  1. Seto Bagh:-

seto bagh

Seto bagh was published on 1973; The Book ‘ Seto Bagh’ reveals about the life of Jagat Jung Rana, the big son of Jung Bahadur Rana. The plot is set around the time when Jung bahadur rana was in power and after his demise. It has been translated to French, English and Japanese.

Writer: Saugat Thapa



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