10 Different Types of Customers – Major 10 Types of Consumer

10 Different Types of Customers – Major 10 Types of Consumer

Here are 10 Different Types of Customers. Customers are the most essential parts of marketing and the main purpose of marketing is to earn sufficient profit by satisfying customers. On this basis, the behaviors of customers can be divided into different types. Ten types of customers are as follows:

10 types of costomers

10 Different Types of Customers – Major 10 Types of Consumer
1. Silent customer:

Silent customer is always calm and inactive and he is very difficult type of customers. The salesman doesn’t know about the internal feelings of such customer. The salesman must not develop fear complex due to the customer’s trying calmness. Tact, courtesy and friendliness enable the salesman to win even a silent or calm customer.

2. Talkative customer:

Some buyers are very talkative and they are not good listeners. They go on talkative on any subject. They always try to talk about different matters. The salesman must show due courtesy because patient hearing and tactful can help a salesman to deal with such buyers.

3. Woman customer:

It is said that a woman has sharper sense and keener tastes than that of a man. They can’t easily be pleased and they want lower price and good quality. They are slow in decision making and more careful in price. They always welcome royal treatment and they love latest stylist styles and fashions, the salesman should behave them like a queen and should talk to them very politely. Jealously, envy and vanity are their soft corners to secure sales.

4. Argumentative customer:

The customer who is interested in making arguments with seller is called argumentative customer. Generally he challenges every statement and if he wins the argument, he will place the order. So the salesman should be more careful with this type of customer because if the salesman wins the argument, he may lose the order. So the sales man must have cool temper and patience to deal with such customer using his/her tactness.

5. Suspicious customer:

The customer, who is more critical and even unfriendly, is suspicious customer. This type of customer never believes the salesman and he always doubts every statement of the salesman. So the salesman must have adequate patience and persistence to deal with such a disbelieving customer. He should try to win his confidence and to convince about goods and their qualities as well as price.

6. Undecided customer:

The customer who can not easily decide about purchase is called undecided customer. This type of customer always confuses about right decision at right time. So the seller should help him dealing about the quality and utility of product. The seller should encourage them after winning their confidence.

7. Nervous customer:

A customer may be nervous and so he has no self confidence in making decision about purchase. He can’t decide promptly purchasing procedures. Hence while handling such customer the salesman should guide him and should try to win his confidence. Only in that case he can offer his goods or services to that customer.

8. Impulsive customer:

The customer, who is led by impulses and logic and plays a minor role, is impulsive customer. This type of customer takes quick decisions due to his quick temper and no patience. Hence, while handling such customer a salesman should have brief talk with him and not necessary to explain more detail about products or services.

9. Handicapped customer:

The customers, who are not physically fit, are handicapped customers. They should not be treated as weak customers because they will have a strong ego. More sympathy is not essential to them. The seller should try to understand their psychology and they should be treated like others. But the seller should help them in sitting, bringing goods etc.

10. Friendly customer:

The customer who wants to be treated as a friend is friendly customer. This type of customer does not feel any gap between two parties. Always they come in friendly way and they also want to talk to in informal way. So the seller should try to treat them in the same way and he should listen to their logics patiently and informal way of communication about product, quality, and price is more useful.

10 Different Types of Customers – Major 10 Types of Consumer

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