5 Reasons to Start Rock Climbing – Why You Should Rock Climb

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Climbing generally refers to moving with effort, whether it be to ascend or descend. Climbing has been practiced by our ancestors or predecessors long before it was classified as a sport. It was used as a tactic for surviving. It was used for gathering fruits, berries, and nuts as well as branches, herbs, or strong plant or vegetation that could be used as ropes for making crafts, hammocks or even shelters. In today’s era, climbing has various forms and each one is considered as a different sport.

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A few common forms of sports climbing are indoor/outdoor wall climbing, rappelling, rock climbing and free climbing. Rock climbing was the first started as a sport by Walter Parry Haskett Smith in England during the late 1800s when he scaled the Nates Needle, the first one to scale the mountain.Rock climbing is a physically demanding and mentally draining sport, that often tests a climber’s strength, endurance, agility, stamina and balance as well as their mental ability or control.

5 Reasons to Start Rock Climbing – Why You Should Rock Climb

1 Strength training

Muscular endurance rock climbing
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Strength training is a type of physical training that uses resistance and eccentric movements to induce muscular contraction to build strength, anaerobic endurance and the size of skeletal muscles. There are various ways of strength training, most commonly, free weights, weight machines, resistance bands, and calisthenics, or using your own body weight as a resistance. Wall climbing conditions your body using your own body weight and improves overall strength. The principal behind strength or resistance training is that your body will need to overcome the resistance force. When this is done, the muscles eventually learn to adapt to the added resistance making you stronger and stronger.

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2 Muscular endurance

Strength training rock climbing practice

Muscular endurance, in general, is the ability of a muscle or muscle groups to resist repeated and sustained contractions for a long period of time. It is a part of overall muscular strength and power. Muscular endurance and strength may seem very similar. But they are two completely different things. Muscular endurance is the ability to withstand pressure on your muscles for an extended period of time whereas, muscular strength is the ability of your muscles to generate a maximal amount of force for a short period of time. Both endurance, as well as strength, are required to be able to practice wall climbing efficiently.

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  1. Really good post Jitendra. I really love climbing! To convince some people I wrote another blog on the same topic.

5 Reasons to Start Rock Climbing – Why You Should Rock Climb

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