7 Reasons You Should Start Reading Everyday

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Thanks to various stories and novels, we are able to venture into the world of mystery, magic and creativity. Reading is to comprehend the meanings of symbols or characters that have been written down. Reading helps us to broaden your understanding of the world. It gives us an opportunity to empathise or see the world from someone else’s shoes to better understand the people around you.

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There are countless Benefits to reading everyday and here are 7 of them:

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7 Reasons You Should Start Reading Everyday

1 Improve writing skills

writing skills

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When we read books and novels that are written by experienced professionals, we also learn how they write. We learn how to frame certain ideas into a paragraph. Studies have shown that when we read the writings of published, well-written work, it has an effect on people’s own writing abilities by observing and learning the writing styles of other authors by influencing our own writing style.

2 Improves memory

improve memory

Generally, in a book or a novel, there  are various settings, characters, their backstories and various other subplots. This requires our mind to remember each of the characters, settings, subplots, their characteristics and other specific details. The interesting part is that, every new memory forces our brain to forge new synapses or a pathways while strengthening the existing ones, making it much easier to remember things in the future.

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