Top 10 Reasons Why is Mount Everest So Hard to Climb

Top 10 Reasons Why is Mount Everest So Hard to Climb

Nothing is impossible for the willing heart. The things or the destination which you saw from far can be near if you walk continuously. The temporal strike disturbs the trekking train. Life and the journey should be in the motion not to the rest. If the people take rest the race of the people keep them very back. The life is like the race of hare and tortoise. The person had touché the top of the world not by the ant. it happens possibly only by man. A person has reached on the moon so what’s the Everest.

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But traveling on the road is not difficult but traveling in the desert is difficult than plain road and traveling in the mountain is more difficult than traveling in the desert and in the horizontal road. If we can see the report or the data of the Everest climber, does that do not return from there? It may be because of some accidents happen with them or may fell from the top or the fall in an avalanche. It’s too difficult to travel in the mount Everest than traveling to the moon. Let’s see what are the difficulties that climber face with for creating the item.

Top 10 Reasons Why is Mount Everest So Hard to Climb

1. The absence of oxygen:

We very know that there is the absence of oxygen due to the thinness of atmosphere. So the difficulties of breathing occur. And for remedies to be safe from this problem, climber used to carry the oxygen cylinder which also not conforms the full-time supply of oxygen.

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Oxygen in mount everest nepal
mount everest climber having Oxygen

The Everest lies in the top of the world so it is also clearly seen from the moon. And according to the science and atmosphere’s scientist, the oxygen rage goes declines after the increasing of altitude. The oxygen cylinder also sometimes gives a person or the climber betrayed which takes the life of the climber and even can’t return from there announced as death.

2. No emergency help:

The way is on the up. No way to reach there. And it’s also the race to grasp the victory. Because the climber is single on the top and if he or she suffered from any accidents then her sort his voice did not reach bottom line of travelers. The sound gets lost in the white snow. The mountain becomes her or his friend while traveling on it and the god become a helper to regenerate his or her energy.

No emergency help
emergency help

Climber did not get any medical help and medical treatment soon. The single world and the single environment have no any warranty and guarantee to support you. In any simple mistake may bleed your body and if you don’t get medical treatment soon then life may go.

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Top 10 Reasons Why is Mount Everest So Hard to Climb

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