Total No. of Voters List with photo in CA Election 2013

Total No. of Voters List with photo in CA Election 2013

Voter list in Nepal for Ca election 2013

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CA Election 2013 Nepal. The detail about total No. of Voters List with photo in CA Election 2013 Nepal are given here. Her you can get Voter list of CA election by district wise and area wise. How many population are there in certain districts and certain area. You can find easily. more than 12,147,865. There are 12,147,865 total population participating in CA election 2013 in Nepal. As the data of Election commission of Nepal, total no. of voter list in Nepal for Constituent Assembly Election 2013 are recorded. Let’s see how many population use their rights of voting in CA election 2013. It is published by Election commission of Nepal.

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12,147,865 Nepali population are participating in CA Election 2013 in Nepal

If you want to download the all the detail of voters list in Nepal for CA Election 2013. Here is attachment file. Here is a download link Pdf File of All the details of voters in Nepal as per district wise. If you want to know more in detail, then you can download it and see. This date is from source of election commission, Nepal. You can download. This data is authorized. This data is not fake.

Total No. of Voters of CA Election 2070 by district wise.

Total No. of Voters List with photo in CA Election 2013

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  1. plz comform my sister election nu. on vote list she have citizenship of nepal but nshe haven got election name in vote list plz seach and mail me srno.-12687684. asha kumari mahato damak-1 ,damak nagar palika.citz no is 04-3-044/34.

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