Traditional Nepali Foods, Cereals, Sweets, Snacks, Beverages (Both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian)

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Traditional Nepali Foods

Nepal, a small country is really big in terms of the culture and tradition that it rejoices. Located in between India and China, it has a geographical diversity that is its beauty. These diversities have resulted in diversities in vittles too. In general, when people are asked about the food of Nepal, they answer – “Dal-bhat”. Yes, it is the staple food for most of the Nepalese people but it is not the only one. When you engage yourself in understanding the cuisine of Nepalese, you will find tons of varieties because Nepal is a multi-ethnic country and each ethnicity can provide something for your discerning palate which is not available elsewhere.

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There are many traditional dishes of Nepal but it might not be available everywhere and so you may not know of it. Here, we have tried to include the traditional Nepali foods which have their own unique Nepali flavor and reflect the Nepali culture:

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1. •Dhido:

Though the newer generation may not take a liking to this dish, Dhido has always been the most popular dish in rural areas. It is prepared by cooking whether the millet flour or the corn flour in boiled water and stirring it continuously until it is cooked. It takes quite some energy but can be prepared in a short while.

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2. •Lawa:

After directly roasting paddy, the end product is lawa.

3. •Khatte:

It is a roasted product of rice. For this, rice should be soaked in water overnight. After removing the water, the soaked rice is roasted and khatte is prepared. The rice used may be brown rice, white rice or the polished rice.

4. •Satoo:

Satoo is considered as a nutritious food and it is served as breakfast or snacks. It can be prepared at home by grinding the roasted maize, soybean, and gram into a powdered form. This is then mixed with hot water or milk and sugar to the desired consistency for serving.

5. •Khir:

Khir is a sweet dish that is considered important in Nepali culture. In Shrawan 15 (Khir khane din), khir is prepared in almost every Hindu household. The main ingredients are rice and milk. The rice is soaked overnight and then is boiled in milk by continuous stirring. Consistency can be prepared as desirable. Khir is also given in the rice feeding ceremony to babies.

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