10 Places to Visit around Kathmandu Nepal : You Must See

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10 Places to Visit around Kathmandu Nepal : You Must See

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Here is enlisted of 10 Places to Visit around Kathmandu Nepal. Nepal could be the best alternative place for your holiday vacation because of many beautiful tourist attractions in this country. Nepal has been recorded among foreign visitors as an attractive tourist destination in the world. Nepal is a developing tourism industry, as a naturally country that highlights natural and cultural harmony. Beautiful natural differences reflect a rich colonial history. For years considered a country of Mount Everest in the world, Nepal has a many tourist attraction places to visit. Kathmandu is one of the major tourist destinations in Nepal. We have already discussed 10 places to visit in Kathmandu valley, Nepal. Now we are going to discuss 10 best places near Kathmandu, Nepal that you must see.

Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal has 7 UNESCO world heritage sites. UNESCO has enlisted various important sites and monuments from Nepal into World Heritage List. The joint effort of governmental and local people is vital for the preservation of such heritages since they reflect our culture, history, art and glory. At the same time, they carry economic importance too. Let’s talk about the 10 best places to visit near the Kathmandu, Nepal.

Heritage refers to properties from the past. The monuments or sites which are culturally, religiously, historically and naturally important are defined as national heritages. They have been passed from one generation to another. Nepal is very rich in such heritages due to its variation in physical features, climatic condition and biodiversity. Moreover, the multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-religious and multi-ethnic features of our country have also helped to enrich such heritages in Nepal. These heritages are true assets for a nation. They are our pride and identity. Realizing their importance, UNESCO, an agency of the UNO, has included 10 of the heritage sites from Nepal into the list of World Heritage Sites.

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The tourism industry in Nepal has been well agreed as a service industry. So it is necessary to have some basic understanding of service, and then understand the nature of tourism. In tourism, service is anything which is provided to the traveler to travel, stay and involve in tourism activity.

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There is thus a marked degree of mobility and adaptation, which the painter displays, quite clearly some of the painters stayed on in their own homes and suffered a decline in prosperity. In the Kathmandu Valley (1337 m) lying within the Mahabharat Lekh Range, average temperatures range from 10 degrees C in January to 26 degrees C in July; the lowest and highest temperatures recorded here have been 3 degrees C and 37 degrees C. Pokhara Valley, 150 km to the west of Kathmandu, is a similar flat basin, with temperatures ranging from 4 degrees C in January to 38 degrees C in June just before the monsoon. In winter, the day temperature rises to 21 degrees C with pleasantly cool nights and warm days.

Rainfall is much heavier than in Kathmandu, about 2500 mm, backed as it is by the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Ranges. The very nature of the Great Himalayan Range and its topography, deeply cut by erosion, and its complex geological structure leads to continuous movement and change. The mountain-building process that created the Range is still active .ind is accompanied by erosion by rivers and landslides of great tensions. An extremely slow and scarcely perceptible I change in the climate of the Himalaya should, therefore, be expected, but, because of the very limited information we have. such change will be very difficult to detect.

In tourism “service” is related to anything or service which is provided to the traveler to travel, stay and involve in tourism activity. So tourism business is to provide service to the travelers to earn money, profit.

At the early age of in Nepal service was related with religion. After 1960 it was the subject of social organization, and volunteers. Then there developed many non-profit organizations and their definitions focused upon the service rendered by social organizations and firms. In this post, service is anything which is provided to the travelers.

Tourism is related to traveling and traveling is naturally a human character. Man needs change and travel provide the change. Travel has fascinated human beings. The man has been traveling throughout the ages.

Traveling is a human character but tourism is a new phenomenon. Tourism is the most recent and significant phenomena of the modern times. Before describing the subject one might be curious to know the difference between “Tourism”, and “Travel and Tourism”. The term “tourism” is used in this book for convenience and easy to understand.

For all that tourism activities, Kathmandu must have some of the facilities like transportation, communication, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, travel agencies, travel guide, drinking water etc.

For increasing the activities on tourism near Kathmandu or other places of Nepal, there must be easy transportation and other facilities for the visitors. As we all know that transportation is one of the important infrastructures of development. Without having proper transportation facilities, no tourism activities works can be undertaken. It is the backbone: the first and foremost requirement for any development of tourism activities and works. All other developments of tourism activities are closely linked with transportation.

Movement of people and supplies of essential goods and services depend on various means of transportation. Industries, trade, and commerce solely depend on transportation facilities available. Transportation makes tourist life easier and comfortable. It saves time, money, and resources. It links people and places. It is an instrument of civilization.

Although topography of the Kathmandu, Nepal is one of the major obstacles. Poverty, lack of technical manpower, equipment, construction materials, technology and poor governance, political instability, environmental issues, appropriate planning and policies etc are other problems for the development of transportation.

So that the government of Nepal must upgrade and extend road networks in Kathmandu.

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 10 Places to Visit around Kathmandu Nepal : You Must See

1. Dakshinkali:

Dakshinkali becomes one of top 10 places to visit in Kathmandu Nepal. Although Dakshinkali lies in the Kathmandu valley, but it is far from the center location of Kathmandu city. Dakshinkali is a very famous Hindus goddess Kali temple. It is situated 22km south of Kathmandu city. Entire route to the temple is a beautiful countryside drive. Regular religious worship is performed daily.

A large number of animals are sacrificed on twice a week, on every Tuesday and Saturday. More incredible animal rituals are held during Dashain festival. On the return journey, one can visit the temple of Shesh Narayan, a cave temple where Guru Padmasambhava is said to have gained his physical power through meditation. Dakshinkali is one of the best places to visit near Kathmandu Nepal.

10 best places to visit near kathmandu Nepal

2. Sankhu and Bajrajogini:

Sankhu and Bajrajogini are another one of top 10 places to visit in Kathmandu Nepal. Once the city was on the trade route towards the east of Helambu to Tibet. It is a typical Newari town with many fine old buildings and temples, Forest above the village hides and important temple of the Tantric goddess Bajra Jogini. The main structure is of the 17th century, but Nepalese legend says the goddess has resided here since pre-medieval time. Sankhu and Bajrajogini is one of the best places to visit near Kathmandu Nepal.

sankhu nepal-maghi-mela-bathing-women-pictures

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