Shopping in Kathmandu – 12 Best Things to Buy in Kathmandu, Nepal

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Shopping in Kathmandu – 12 Best Things to Buy in Kathmandu, Nepal

Are you in Kathmandu or are you planning to visit soon? Don’t know what to buy in Kathmandu? Don’t have any ideas where to buy?

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Don’t worry.

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We are here for you with the list of the things you must buy in Kathmandu.

Kathmandu is growing as shopper’s paradise making your shopping experiences exciting, unique and fun. There are numerous tourists’ shops from where you can buy varieties of pieces of jewelry, statues, handicrafts, clothing and much more.  Each place in Kathmandu has its specialty. From big supermarkets, Malls to trendy boutiques, from the premium brand to high-end fashion, you can find almost everything and anything on your bucket list.

Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal have the largest ground and terrain of marketing and customer deals with customer oriented. The largest ground contains the largest hope of availability of the needed product of customer choice. Nowadays, Kathmandu is recognized as the places of famous things to buy in Kathmandu. It’s all due to the connection of China border and the capital city. The Kathmandu serves the facilities and fulfills the customer desire of different design and class. Mostly, who feel difficult and do not found the clothes or material of their choice make their destination to once visit the Kathmandu. It will not be false to say that the Kathmandu is rising as the crux of famous things provider and station. It has made the people happy and satisfy with their services and the products character. A person who searches the product can get accordingly due to the largest to the smallest store have adopted the services and method of servicing the customer even in small roofs.

The customer is like the stranger and devotee who can visit anywhere and can rest in any places where he or she feels comfortable and easy. There are many customers who keep the belief of bargaining and their platform is also made for those types of customer to explore their habits and action. The man who walks straightly have very less chance to fall down and lost but who walk non-straight and is-understandingly or differently, have a large probability of falling. The straight walker is like the man with eyes whereas the bender walker is like the man without eyes. It all depends upon the thought of man how they take and analysis the substances. While visiting Kathmandu, there is one of the motto and desire to buy something which is more popular in  Kathmandu. Things to buy in Kathmandu, Nepal does not promote you but it promotes its product through you. You are the promoter of the Kathmandu popularity of products.  Kathmandu have many things insisted the popularity tag but there are also many customers who do not lie the related product even though it is famous.

Popularity does not confirm the sure likeness of the customer, it may n be disliked by the someone of noninterested. Those who have the dream and plan to make and take something special and famous gift of Kathmandu which will make the everyone happy and satisfied. Famous things to buy in Kathmandu, Nepal creates the lots of confusion due to the option of selection. It may v be varied from man to man and family to family. Things which is famous is mostly liked by a person as it is reported and investigated. Because we can compare that the sweets will be in the taste of sweet and it reacts the same by everyone and bitter will be realized the bitter by everyone. Unconsciously, sometimes even the eye having person fall in the pit, it’s not the impeach of their eyes but also the cause of road of another else. But a person who made the desire and wish to take something  for  home as the surprising pleasure in considering of things to buy in Kathmandu, Nepal are examined below which is expected  to make you and you are  own glad and thankful you:

So, here are the top ten lists of the best things you can buy in Kathmandu:

12 Best Things to Buy in Kathmandu, Nepal

1. Nepalese clothing

Nepalese traditional woolen clothing is one of the largest exports of the country and one of the most favorite tourist souvenirs. They are generally made from Yak and sheep wool. They are popular worldwide and are very cheap to buy here in Kathmandu. The most popular items are woolen sweaters, hats, gloves, shoes, slippers. Similarly, shirts, trousers, blouse are others popular items to buy. These goods are durable provides warmth due to which most people love to wear in the winter.



Similarly, you can buy several different types of quality pashmina in Kathmandu. Scarfs and ladies shawls made of pashmina are best things to buy. Thamel, Asan, Indrachwok are the best place to get these.

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2. Khukuri

famous place of nepal

Khukuri is one of the best things to buy in Kathmandu since it has a long epic story related with the Gorkhas soldiers. According to history, Gorkhas soldiers have fought and won many world wars with this khukuri.  It is long curved blade with a unique slashing edge. It can be one of the excellent souvenirs for you, especially for collectors. Khukuris made in Nepal are of high quality. Traditional Nepali khukuri consist of two small attachment blades: one for sharpening the main blade and other as a pen knife. The good place to buy this is Thamel.

3. Thankas paintings

Thankas paintings in Nepal started in about 14th century AD. It is the origin of Buddhist art of paintings. It is painted in on a cotton or silk with embroidery, usually showing the Buddhist god or Mandala, or famous scene.It is very different than regular oil or acrylic paintings. It is a piece of the picture which is painted over which a fabric is attached and then over which silk is used as cover.

Nepali thankas painting

thankas painting

Since Kathmandu has a large number of Hindus and Buddhists, it can be the best souvenirs for anyone.  Thamels, Bouddha, Swayambhu are the key place to buy it.

4. Made in Nepal Handicrafts

Kathmandu is famous for its unique handicrafts. There are large numbers of handicrafts like prayers wheels, traditional masks, puppets, wooden sculptures, pottery items, kettles, knives, trinkets which are often mass produced. These handicrafts are considered Nepal second biggest tourists souvenirs.

nepali handicraft

nepali handicraft

So, whenever you are in Kathmandu, don’t forget to buy these products. The best place to buy this is in Thamel, Bhaktapur, Lazimpat.

5. Singing Bowls

One of the best things to buy in Kathmandu is singing bowls. These are made of metal and when rubbed in a circular motion by a small wooden stick produces a low/high pitch sound. That’s why it is called singing bowls.

nepali singing bowl

Nepali singing bowl

They are available in various sizes. There are two types of singing bowl available in Kathmandu.  Handmade and machine made. The handmade bowls are disappearing gradually and very hard to find but they are very expensive to buy. Machine bowls are easily available in the markets and they cost less compared to handmade. Bouddha, Bhaktapur, Basantpur are the best places to shop it.

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12 Best Things to Buy in Kathmandu, Nepal

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