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Why Do We Celebrate Buddha Birthday, Purnima Jayanti

why do we celebate Buddha Purnima

Why do we celebrate buddha Birthday / Purnima / Jayanti?

Buddha Purnima or Buddha Jayanti is widely known in complete moon night time. Even though Buddhists regard every complete moon as sacred but the full moon of the month Baishakh (April – may) has special significances a Buddhist pageant that marks Gautama Buddha’s delivery, he attained enlightenment, as well as Nirvana. This abnormal, 3-fold prospect provides Buddha Purnima its particular significance. Buddha Purnima is the holiest day in Buddhist schedule. Its vibrant is celebrated with amazing enthusiasm. Buddha Purnima is also referred to as;-

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  • Buddha’s Birthday
  • Buddha Jayanti
  • Baishakh Purnima
  • Vesak Day

It falls on the day of the total moon in May additionally and it’s far a gazetted holiday in Nepal. Many Buddhists go to temples on Buddha Purnima to listen to monk’s speech and recite historical verses. Spiritual Buddhists may spend all day in a single or extra temple. Some temples display a small statue of Buddha as a child. The statue is placed in a basin packed with water and decorated with plants. Devotees to the temple pour water over the statue.

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Lord Buddha palace

Lord Buddha palace

This symbolizes a natural and new starting. People have a good time in Buddha Purnima due to the fact to commemorate delivery, attainment of know-how, and the dying of Lord Buddha. The most vital point to be taken into consideration is that almost all people celebrate Buddha Purnima due to the fact peoples are attracted to Gautama Buddha and his reasonable messages to the world which inspires people to have a good time. Peoples aren’t handiest celebrating Buddha Purnima because of an above-cited cause but additionally, human beings celebrate this festival in order to reveal their love and affection toward Gautama Buddha and as a purpose of paying respect to Gautama Buddha.

why do we celebate Buddha Purnima

Happy Buddha Purnima

Buddha Purnima is widely known to commemorate the Lord Buddha and his nonsecular achievements during his lifestyles time. Gautama Buddha was the prince by birth and god before and after death. He changed into a Prince by means of delivery however he never selected to stay very clean and wealthy lifestyles of the palace. At his 16 he got wedded to the stunning girl and got a pleasing son. At the age of 29, a large turning factor got here in his life; he left the beautiful palace and went out of doors in the search for a fact about old age, demise, illness and so forth.

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He started out roving similar to an ascetic after leaving his son, wife and wealthy lifestyles of the palace for searching the illumination. Then, he reached to the Bodh Gaya at the age of 35 and sat underneath the Bodhi tree for the deep thought unless he was provided with enlightenment. He attained nirvana later than 49 days of the deep thought and has turn into a Buddha.

lumbini nepal birth place lord buddha

Lumbini Nepal

From then, it turned into started celebrating as Buddha Purnima. Dharmacakra approach Dharma wheel (having eight spokes and direction to enlightenment) represents the symbol of Buddhism throughout the party of Buddha Purnima. It’s been confirmed as a respectable excursion in Nepal. It is celebrated in exclusive nations with distinctive names together with Swanyapunhi within the Nepal, Vesak Day inside the Singapore, Hari Waisak within the Indonesia, Visakha Bucha Day in the Thailand and many others.

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Many students are uncertain while he lived. Its extreme believed that Buddha turned into born at some time in 6th and fourth centuries BCE. Opinions amongst pupils are commonly divided among folks who area Buddha’s dying approximately 480 BCE and people who place it as much as a century later.

About Gautama Buddha Lord Siddhartha

Gautama Buddha

Gautama Buddha turned into a spiritual trainer in Nepal. Many Buddhists pay special interest to Buddha’s teachings during Buddha Purnima. They may wear white robes and most effective devour vegetarian food on and around Buddha Purnima. Many humans also provide cash, meals or items to organizations that assist the bad, the aged and people who are unwell. Caged animals are bought and set free to display take care of all residing creatures, as preached by way of Buddha.

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The Bodhi tree is respected. Its branches are bejeweled with garlands and painted ribbons. Rows of candles are lit across the special tree, and milk and fragrance waters are speckled on its roots. The rituals encompass prayers, sermons at the existence of Gautama Buddha, the non-stop performance of Buddhist holy book and other sacred writing, meditation by means of monks and devotees, and devotion of the sculpture of Buddha. Offerings of incense, floral, candles and fruit are made through believers, who prostrate numerous times in front of the idol. In this Holy day the Buddhists bathtub and put on handiest white clothes.

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They acquire in temples to worship and supply alms to priests. Buddhists additionally repeat their religion within the five ideas referred to as Panchsheel. Those five principles are:-

  1. not to kill
  2. now not to steal
  3. now not to lie
  4. not to devour liquor or different intoxicants
  5. now not to devote adultery government

Post offices, government offices, college and banks and different private agencies are closed in Nepal on Buddha Purnima. Stores and other agencies and groups can be closed or have reduced working hours. Transportation is normally unaffected as many locals journey for spiritual celebrations. Buddha became an influential nonsecular instructor during and after his lifetime. Many Buddhists see him because of the excellent Buddha. Celebrations to honor Buddha had been held for lots centuries.

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Tallest Buddha Statues in the world

Tallest Buddha Statues in the world

The selection to have a good time Buddha Purnima because the Buddha’s birthday turned into formalized at the primary convention of the arena Fellowship of Buddhists. This conference changed into held in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in May 1950. The date changed into fixed because the day of the overall moon in may. Specific Buddhist groups might also have a good time Buddha Purnima on distinct dates in years whilst there are complete moons in May. This is because the Buddhist lunar calendar may be interpreted in exceptional approaches.

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To sum up, all people celebrate Buddha Purnima because in order to reveal their love and affection toward Gautama Buddha and as a reason of paying respect to Gautama Buddha. People are paying very much attention to Gautama Buddha due to his reasonable opinion to the humankind which inspires people to have an excellent moment

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Why Do We Celebrate Buddha Birthday, Purnima Jayanti

10 Reasons Why People Around the World Fall in Love with Nepal


Reasons Why People Around the World Fall in Love with Nepal

Why do you love Nepal?

I think there are not any people who have not heard the name of Nepal. Nepal is the small and landlocked country but it has occupied its places in the topics of many resources in the hearts of world’s people. People of the world come to Nepal and visit it’s all the topography and geographical territory that gives them pleasure and full return of their investment after visiting the Nepal. Nepal is not only have adopted the names by natural resources production but also in the sector of mountains. It’s the country of brave warriors, mountainous and historical architect. The country has never become the flank of any other country.

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The world’s remind Nepal for this topics and matter too. It’s only the country who have never become the slave and have not operated their governmental and functional services under the eyes and leadership of another country. The country is respectfully known and called as the country of brave GURKHAS. The country has never tasted the deafest with any assaulter. Nepal and Nepalese are able to gain and earn the names and identify positively with the works and image of country altitude. No one forgets the name of Everest that speaks our identity and pride.

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Reservation for our identity will never go and swept away by the wind. Nepal has many reasons adapted to love it. It’s the country of beautiful goals and beautiful girls too. The country has one of the largest tourism ground where the people around the world come to passionate their desire come true. a person is always in the search of new platform for the entertainment and refreshment. They want to live the life of the animal by celebrating and taking the joy and fully pleasure of every moment of life. I also agree with this views and statement because it’s the thought that makes the people more smart and respectful.

Nepal has many opportunity and many legal resources which can make the Nepal one of the dynamite and unique country of the world in the fields of infrastructure and technical development. But due to the many political and many underground obstacles, it has become the puncture vehicle in the development track or roller. The country has to fist wake up to make the wake to the Nepalese or countrymen. The country has first managed the resource and manpower for the development. The country has many resources and reasons holding for its loving and many places and a promotional pigment is even in the uses. The country is growing its capacity and productivity in every sector.

So it’s the generation looks to see the Nepal as the one of leading country of the world. As the country holds many resources and arms and ammunitions for development but it’s all are kept like the wastes or garbage. The gold not in uses is valued like the steel. So there are many mines that give you the way to becoming the strength able it depends upon you for resisting it or not. The person who has kept the desire to grasp the sweet grapes from the long erected tree have to keep the hope and ability to grasp those grapes with their own hands. But if you are treating and speaking the cracking voices in the crowd to represent yourself as the powerful almighty, the matter will dissolve and denied.

There are many specific topics and headlines that will clarify and speaks about the reason to love Nepal:

7 Reasons Why People Around the World Fall in Love with Nepal

 1. Nonracist country:

We know bitterly that this is the country of grouping and group functioning because here no will intervention in your works and activities you are doing. There are many people who even feel jealous by showing you but they don’t stay for long times as obstacles due to your strength and powerfulness. Nepal is the country many religions and cultures and here is living the people of all castes and religions but there is not seems to discrimination person spends their life with full enjoy and interesting.

Non racist race peace unity hands

Nonracist country

There is the conversion of many occasion among other. In religion version, Hindu share their festive fact with Muslim and Muslim facts with Hindu for consisting and reviving the bond and relation alive forever. There seems the harmonious relationship between many people and nonrelative and on castes. It’s the symbol of humanity that use to see in Nepal only. Here, there are no any types of governmental barriers and people wish to create those headache tracks that makes the blockade in our moving life. Pope seems very cooperative and coordinating in nature, all the person and on castes also contribute their efforts and thought in the works or any ceremony of Hindu and other and Hindu also help in the conduction and their ceremony. These all are now made as the compulsory attainment that has to made by the society.

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So this country has made the image of positivity and reputed level of positioning in the list of the world.

 2. Country of Everest:

It’s the country of worlds and the Nepal is the country of one of the leading roles mode that is proved by the world largest peak is located in the territory of Nepal. Nepal is the country who is recognized the country of Everest. The history of Everest is very interesting and sensible. It is called as the ‘’Pandhrau Chuli’’ in an earlier age. Later on, after the name identifying by the history father’s Baburam Acharya, it gone to kept and called as the Sagarmatha and the man of England Servier George Everest, kept the name, Everest.

MountEverest Highest Peak in the world

MountEverest – Highest Peak in the world

From that days, the Sagarmatha become popular and famous with the Everest. The Everest is the height of 8848 meters which the toughest level of the earth. It’s the second thing which is very much clearly shown from the moon and the first one is the great wall of china. The Everest have touched even the border of china, sometimes it comes to listen and become the scandal which is totally false.

 3. Country of Gautam Buddha:

The God also knew in the world who have spread the message of peace to the worlds. As we see in the present age, there is races of manufacturing weapons and missiles for war but no any country is forward to control the violence and human illegal attitude and participation in the different convention that is spoiling the society. The revolt is going rapid increment by many terrorist and many invisible black people. But not of any government and not any powerful country is supporting and coming in the campaign for alleviating these types of terrorist attacks conducted for the destruction human assets and mentality.


Lord buddha

Gautam Buddha is one of the great identical consisting person who came in the figure of normal person born in king’s palaces but ruin and left the palaces in very earlier age and get the enlightenment of Buddhism and started to spread the message of places and humanity to love and live the life of making the harmonious and cooperative society. He was the man who has spread the peace of roots as the streams to the world that had made him the God. The world respect and given the position as the light of Asia but in the present age, he is not the light of Asia he should be the light of worlds and in today’s context, peace is needed in every country.

 4. Country of beautiful girls:

This is not the country of beautiful resources only but also the country of beautiful girls. The Nepal is also recognized for the beautiful girls as it also takes part in world beautiful competition that is miss universe and miss world. The country has many people and many societies who have their own shape and size of production in the body. The Nepalese are mostly in good and bold figures that make you crazy to touch and attract. It’s the Nepal where people become senseless by saving the girl’s behavior and actions.

beautiful nepali college girls

beautiful Nepali college girls

The Nepalese girls are much fluent in conversation with strangers too. So they don’t feel shy and don’t hesitate to talk about any subjects which make her insulted. They are friendly in nature. They will make you friends very soon. If you want to marriage with Nepalese girls then you have to first term as the friendship and then you have to step up for next process. The Nepalese girls are very sweet and intelligence and they are very active to know and choose their life partner. The beautiful girls of Nepal will make you fall in love willingly or unwillingly.

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Reasons Why People Around the World Falls in Love with Nepal

Holi Festival — Best 5 Reasons Why to Celebrate Holi, A Colourful Festival

Girls holi festival celebration in Hinduism

Holi Festival — 5 Reasons Why to Celebrate Holi, A Colourful Festival?

Holi is not only the festive season but also it’s the terrain to express the common topics of dealing and dealership to avoid the discussion evidence of past by making and sharing the color in another chick. It’s the festive season to recommend more to other than self.  Why celebrate Holi have many reasons to make it form with boldness. A person who are making their life with white dew get the chance to make it new and colorful with the presence and atmospheric appearance. Many of the people who think negative about the Holi and the Muslim community does not support it but they also shade their chick with the color but in few parts only.

Thus, the sharing of color means the caring of their own and relatives. This is one of the greatest festival of Holi too which makes the man unlimited glad and untried to make the Holi special. It’s not the season or any special occasion that needs some barriers not to open themselves but it’s the specific ceremony and festival of eating and enjoying. This festival is commonly known and celebrated as the enjoying festival because the person and the people make the very delicious food especially the not- vegetarian dishes to serves each other in family and make the great mountains of happiness.

holi festival celebration

holi festival celebration

The atmosphere is also shaded with the different shining color which is present and making the feeling of a colorful cloud is moving here and there in the sky. People from the far habitat also visit their root for making their branches more active and celebration more gorgeously. It is not only the special day but the climate and waves started to sing and act before two days of actuality falls.  This is celebrated differently in the various community of Hindu and various parts of the Nepal with their own beliefs and systems. But the one thing got matched with everyone that is the cooking of different types of food and dishes.

The person who makes the thing special have also thought special for the presence to appear it in natural looks and photos.  Person of rural area celebrate it by having the sweet and delicious food in the morning with wine and whiskey and they started to make the group to begin every home by singing and dancing. They make one types of unique casting to make it special by singing the home of cultures and tradition in teased form and also present with the colorful clothes to show the reality of influences of Holi.

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It’s is very much appreciated and liked by the villagers and they support with great joy to elaborate it and declare it by giving something in their begging utensil.  This types of exchanging made this festival more elastic and more long lasting after the influences of its originality and history describes by the elders to the younger and smaller. The man who doesn’t know about the fruits a has also not interested in its production and about its specification.

But who are joined with its’ and their identification starts from it, makes them more prestigious after it’s formation and falling and insulted to after not involvement. So, there looks the crowd and rush of people sharing the color in their one each other chick and making the party and dance in the tone and music of core beat and the hard beat. There is more reason for its celebration. As it is one of the most celebrated Hindu festivals deals with the color and happiness  especially but more too are  designed below with description:

1. Historical facts and figures:

story of holi festival celebration in Hinduism

story of holi festival celebration in Hinduism

There is great hunger behind its celebration. A celebration of Holi especially stand the people on one platform for making their outcome of specific parts inside him or her. But the one thing which explains directly of Holi celebration is the story of Prahalad, the great worshipper of God Vishnu and their father …………….. who was the great demon and hater of God Vishnu. The controversy occurs due to opposite mentality. One is the lover and great devotee and another was the great hater.

Prahalad father sent him to the Aasharam( ancient school or reading places of the student) for his study and there they have the abandonment of all kind of Vishnu related activated and prohibited Prahalad from doing. But the devotee is the mad and lunatic in the God praises and gladness because they receive the felicity by doing their worshipping.  A person who has to make the man special for his contribution is Prahad and he is prohibited from all kind of worshipping mood and action. But the sun can’t be stopped by anyone and any other saying, it rises anyhow.

The same thing here happens with the Vishnu devotee  Prahalad. He started and unstopped by any other instruction and blockades. With uncontrollably angry, his father sent the vampire and great demon named Holika to kill their own son. But it becomes a success as they have forgotten to know, where there is God’s power, there can’t be even shaken by other the single leaves too. The same event takes places in the context, the great demon or vampire who was sent by the Prahald’ father come to kill the prahald but the demon reactionary killed by Prahalad. It’s the great super power of God seen in that context. From that day onwards, people start to celebrate Holi in the memory of  Prahlad victory over the great demon Holika.

So, why to celebrate Holi have also this seen of the true reason for its joyful celebration and happiness. People become very happy with the death of great demon Holika because she has made the person and community destructive and has created the fear inside the people heart and mind. The person used not to come outside due to afraid of the Holika.  The killing becomes historical because the Vishnu appear in their devotees who has presented as one of the great devotees of Vishnu.  The story also dictates about devotees connection with the God. The connectivity with god makes their devotees always far from the obstacles and m gifts them the glorious  time to make it enjoy and spend their energy and purity in the worshipping.

2. Hindu cultures and traditions:

holi festival celebration in Hinduism

Especially and significantly, it is the Hindu cultures who make every occasion special. Among all of them,  Holi is also one of them having their own specification and features and meaning which gives the tastes different from others. It’s the thing that makes the person more creative and active to survive in life and community with prestigious tag. Hindu cultures speak the truth and originality because we all are the origin of the earth and we believes that every creature of the earth are the gift of the God. The Hindu cultures are mostly seen glad in this festive season but there are also other community people who support.

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It’s another thing not into involve but there is something more confusion in the other community why to celebrate Holi. If they know the answer of why to celebrate Holi, then they also join our hands for it is not limitational celebration. A person who makes the change have to change first themselves. The mount Everest can only invite you for coming, you have walk yourself. Similarly, the Hindu cultures and tradition have speared it’s nature and system all over the world that become so popular and  I thin =k it is celebrated all over the world with their own names but containing the festival of colors and different colors.

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Why is Annapurna So Dangerous or Deadly?

Avalanches annapurna

5 Reasons Why is Annapurna Mountain Supposed So Dangerous or Deadly?

Annapurna is the most dangerous Mountain in the world. This is a life taking mountain. Climbing this summit totally depends upon your luck and the hard work you have done. Located in the north central Nepal with a height of 8091 metres, it is the 10th highest peak of the world.

annapurna mountain nepal

Annapurna Nepal

Figure 1 Annapurna. Picture credit: Vera and Jean Christophe

In 1950, it was first successfully climbed by the French Himalayan expedition, led by Maurice Herzog.  Till now, it has been climbed only 142 times while the highest peak of the world Mount Everest has been climbed more than 2561 times. Besides that, it has the highest fatality rate that is about 40.8%. So, it is the least climbed mountain in the world.

What makes the Annapurna the loneliest summit in the earth? Why it is so deadly? What makes it so difficult to climb?

We may never know the exact reason why that is until we truly experience it. But we can learn from those who have been there from their experiences. The classic book Annapurna sold 11 million copies worldwide by Maurice Herzog can give some idea about it. It is one of the best books related to climbing.

Here we have tried to find out the reasons behind Annapurna being the most dangerous summit in the earth.

5 Reasons Why is Annapurna So Dangerous or Deadly

1. High fatality rate

heavy snow himalaya annapurna mountain range Nepal

heavy snow in himalayas range Nepal

Only 142 climbers have successfully climbed Annapurna while a total of 61 had died till now. That makes the fatality rate of 40.8% which is very high compared to the Mount Everest and K2. In every three successful climbers, one of them had died. This facts most have proven how dangerous is Annapurna.So, rarely people climb this mountain.

2. Unpredictable Climatic condition

Climatic condition himalayas nepal

The weather around Annapurna changes frequently. There is high possibility of severe and inhospitable climatic conditions with extreme cold and snowfalls are expected to be regular. So, climbers have difficulty in reaching the top of summit. They most fight with the climate. So, it is suggested that April/May is the best month to start your expedition.

3. Difficulty of terrain

Annapurna Stoke


Though Annapurna is shorter than Mount Everest but what makes it most dangerous Mountain is due to its terrain which is more unstable and difficult to climb. It has steeper slope due to which it is very difficult for climber to move forward. The route towards the top of the summits is more difficult to pass over.

4. Risk of Avalanches

Avalanches annapurna

Dead in Avalanches

Annapurna is considered one of the most sensitive avalanche prone areas. Avalanches are so frequent in Annapurna that one has to wait for safe weather condition in order to climb. There is no such thing as safe in Annapurna.

5. Accessibility

annapurna-base-camp-trekking Difficulty of terrain

annapurna base camp trekking

The route to Annapurna is still one of the deadliest routes to the summit. It is considered that Annapurna is climbed by the elite climbers, no Sherpa’s, no fixed rope and the death in every step you take. There is no safe access to summit as compared to Everest.


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Author: Niraj Thapa Magar

5 Reasons Why is Annapurna Mountain Supposed So Dangerous or Deadly?

10 Reasons Why Do Many Tourists Visit Pokhara, Nepal?

pokhara valley pic

10 Reasons Why do many tourists visit Pokhara?

Pokhara, the second largest city of Nepal, has a beautiful Himalayas with awesome natural beauties you will never be tired of enjoying it. It is always number one city in the list for adventure and leisure. It is the gateway to Annapurna trekking. It is mostly famous for trekking, boating, hiking, pony rides, paragliding and the stunning view of Annapurna Mountain range.  So, it is the favourite and top priority place for most of the tourists. Once who visited Nepal has visited Pokhara.

So, why do most tourists visit Pokhara?

Here are the reasons why Pokhara is always the top choice of most of the tourists and I believe that after reading this, it will be in your top priority list too.

10 Reasons Why Do Many Tourists Visit Pokhara, Nepal?

1. Spectacular beauties of Himalayas

Pokhara has the spectacular beauties of Himalayas. Three 8000 meters peaks named Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and Manaslu can be seen from the city while the Machhapuchhare also was known as Fishtail can be seen from any corners of Pokhara. The magnificent image of Machhapuchhare in the Fewa Lake will make everyone fascinated. The sunshine and the Sun set view of Annapurna range is so compelling that many tourists hike for hours to reach Sarangkot Hill top just for that one shot.


Pokhara city with himalayas views

Figure 1 A beautiful Pokhara alongside the Himalayas.

2. A suitable place for Adventurous

If you are adventure lovers, if you want a thrilling experiences and if you want to make your travel fun, then Pokhara is the best choice for you. You will not be disappointed here since Skydiving, Paragliding, Ultralight flights, Bunjee jumping, mountain biking, Rock climbing, Rafting are all available in this one place. This is the reasons why most of the tourists visit it to get adventurous and exhilarating experiences.

Paragliding pokhara Nepal

Paragliding in pokhara Nepal

Figure 2 Paragliding in Pokhara. Picture credit: Nepal travel portal

3. Peace and Natural Beauty

Pokhara is the best place for tourists for holidays since it has a peaceful and natural environment. City is well managed than Kathmandu with less crowded and reduced traffic jams. The valley offers pleasant scenic beauty loaded with a vast vegetation and breathtaking views of lakes that completely gives a different landscape. One can enjoy the peaceful environment with the pleasant natural beauty in the city.

pokhara valley pic

pokhara valley pic

Figure 3Pokhara. Picture credit: Nepal travel portal

4. Beauty of Lakeside

Pokhara is the home to numerous lakes. Fewa lake being the most famous includingBegnaslake, Rupa lake, Gude lake, Neurani lake and Maidi lake among many others. These are formed from the Glaciers Rivers that comes from Annapurna range. Swimming and boating are the most enjoyable activities performed in the lakes which will make the visit fun. A Hindu Temple, Barahi, situated at the mid of lake gives the pleasant view of an island. Most of the tourists love to enjoy residing in the hotels, pubs and bars located near the lakeside where they can get the pleasant environment and enjoy the nightlife of Pokhara.

pokhara Nepal

pokhara Nepal

Figure 4 Lakeside Pokhara.

5. Trekking

Trekking is the most fantastic adventure in Pokhara. This is because tourists have varieties of choices to choose their favourable trek in the mountains around Pokhara. The most famous trekking routes are Poonhill, Annapurna Base camp, Jomsom, Muktinath, Royal trek. Since Annapurna Basecamp (ABC) is famous worldwide, Pokhara is the starting point for the tourists to get to the camp. Due to this, most tourists who want to trek ABC stays at Pokhara. Trekking helps tourists to view the natural scenarios and get the first hand experiences of the local community.

pokhara panchase trek

pokhara panchase trek

Figure 5 trekking in Pokhara. Picture credit: Peaceful Himalayan trek

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Reasons Why is Kathmandu Been the Capital of Nepal

Boudhanath Stupa, kathmandu Nepal

Reasons Why is Kathmandu Been the Capital of Nepal?

Nepal is the landlocked country which frames the country in one frame to cultivate and set up. The country does not have their own territory touched with the sea that makes the economical pitch strong and provides the strength to the country. The country aims to launch and implement the very big project but due to many unexpected obstacles become the blockade to pass out that thought and projects.

Nepalese are very back in education network and development sector that had made the Nepalese poor and are obliged to live and survive the joking lifestyles and torn standard.  Nepal is the small country having their nothing to production. The country depends upon the other neighbor country for import of raw material.

The factory and industry which are in a continuous process also seem like the dead man working and processing the works. They are like the old tiger who have no option to eat or not to eat. The old tiger does not eat the green plants and at old age, their teeth do not work. So there exist and uploads many new problems if we made the capital in other places except Kathmandu.

Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Nepal

Many times, the long discussion and the protest were also held and addressed for the new establishment of the capital city but due to the local people of Kathmandu have not insisted the statement outside the valley. They also go against this projects. they used to say that if you have power then you saw here by changing and managing the city as smart and well-managed city recognition in the worlds. Because the government wants to establish and set up the capital outside the Kathmandu that is Chitwan. It is the home places of present prime minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal.

There occurs and attains the many a reasons for being the Kathmandu the capital of Nepal. Nepal has no other places fitted for the capital city. After many investigations on this topics, the final conclusion has been published that the country will not resist the expenditure load if the country changes the capital city. Kathmandu makes the survival of more than one Crore people. And there are many people from low class to high class which is spending their life by doing the works. Where there is the large market there is more opportunity for a job and where there is a small market, the opportunity is lack.  If we discuss it in a broad sense, there will realize that the mastermind behind the capitalized of Kathmandu was not a normal man who have made the valley the capital.

According to the history and listening words, I want to share the story behind the construction of Kathmandu. The Kathmandu valley were the ponds at an earlier age. The king of that kingdom respectively called as the Manjushree, who flow away all the water from the valley and they announced the people to make and established the habitat. Later in high speed, people from broad and abroad comes to establish the homes. At first age and at the time of establishment, the first Newar community has made and constructed the society and they have marketed the Kathmandu. The many reasons are also supported and the proposal to make the Kathmandu were also slapped by all the people and countrymen.

So  in broad sense, if we talk about the reasons behind the establishment of the capital in Kathmandu are might have included the following reasons:

Establishment of all the world heritage:

As we know that, Nepal is rich in many natural resources and ancestors made architecture which has given today a recognized and reputed position to be known in the world.  There held, the great temple of Hindu Pashupatinath and the great Stupa of Buddha in Swoyambhunath and the Bhaktapur durbar square and many palaces which speaks the features and identical icon of the country also represents the position and looking eyesight toward the Nepalese in foreign lands while giving their identification saying I am Nepalese.

Boudhanath Stupa, kathmandu Nepal

Nepal is known all over the for the world’s highest peak MT. Everest and Gautam Buddha.  These two icons have made the Nepalese recognized for. Person of the different locality have input much thought for the launching but they don’t get the right platform to perform their ability and skills.

The momentum of many industries:

This is also one of the reasons that the Kathmandu consists a large number of industries operating in process and supply through putting the country. Balaju industrial area is recognized for the industrial manufacturers of the products.  The people of all the parts of the country are working in the lands of Kathmandu. All the industrial final and raw product for the further process are earlier designed here.

Importance of Industries in Nepal

The country has many resources to be equipped up but in Kathmandu here exists a lot of opportunity and program that help rapid promotion. Kathmandu has become the commonplaces of all people of all parts and castes and religion.  Kathmandu as it consists many opportunity and threat that deserves the roots more strongly to perform and present themselves that is learned by the earlier evidence.

Reasons Why is Kathmandu Been the Capital of Nepal