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Upcoming Hydropower Projects in Nepal


Upcoming Hydropower Projects in Nepal

There are upcoming Hydropower projects in Nepal. We can say there are various planned of proposed hydropower in Nepal. Here we have collected some upcoming Hydropower projects in Nepal.

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Electricity was first produced in 1910 at Farping in Nepal. Despite of huge potentiality of hydropower generation, Nepal is going through long hours of load-shedding. Instead of being able to export hydroelectricity, it is unfortunate that we have been importing it from India.

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Running of car, bus, truck, vehicles and all other machines requires energy The energy for these machines is obtained by the processed fossil fuel. Fossil fuels are stored in the limited amount of the earth surface. They are nonrenewable source of energy. Continuous use of fossil fuel finishes its content in the earth surface.

In order protect fossil fuel, another source of energy should be discovered and brought into use. The other source of energy apart from fossil fuel is called as alternate energy. The main alternate sources of fossil fuel are hydropower and solar energy. Tidal energy, wind energy, and nuclear energy are also alternate sources of energy. These alternate sources of energy are renewable and they can be used forever.

Fossil fuels are prefixed fossil because their source (Carbon and hydrocarbons) was found in the earths crust. Fossil fuels are non-renewable.

In earlier times, we heavily relied on wood for all our energy source so there is highly deforestation occurs. So alternative energy helps reduce deforestation.

Alternative energy as solar, the wind or other renewable energy that can replace or supplement traditional fossil fuel sources as coal oil and natural gas.

Sources of renewable energy never expire.

Renewable energy helps in increasing income source of people by creating job opportunities.

Wind, water, and the sun are never ending source of energy and the biggest advantage of using them is they don’t harm environment in any way.

List of upcoming Hydropower projects

Some of the names of upcoming Hydropower projects in Nepal are as given below:


Name List of Upcoming Hydropower Projects in Nepal
S.N. Name of Upcoming Hydro power Projects in Nepal


1 Seti

750000 kW

2 Arun third

402000 kw

3 Bhudi gandaki

600000 kw

4 Kali Gandaki second

660000 kW

5 Lower arun

308000 kw

6 Upper arun

335000 kW

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7 Karnali chisapani

1080000 kW

8 upper karnali

300000 kW

9 chameliya

30000 kW

10 pancheswor

7480000 kW

11 thulo dunga

25000 kW

12 tavur/mewa

101000 kW

13 dhoodhkoshi

300000 kW

14 bhudiganga

20,000 kw

15 rahughat khola

27,000 kW

16 likhu forth

40,000 kW

17 kabeli ‘A’

30,000 kW

18 upper marsyandi ‘A’

1,21,000 kW

19 kulekhani third

14,000 kW

20 aandhikola

1,80,000 kW

21 khimti second

27,000 kW

22 upper modi

14,000 kW

23 langtang khola

2,18,000 kW

24 madisaneswor

86,000 kW

25 upper seti

1,22,000 kW

26 kankai

60,000 kW

27 upper tamakoshi

3,09,000 kw

28 upper modi ‘A’

42,000 kW

29 hewa khola

10,000  kW

30 upper trisuli ‘A’

61,000  kW

31 upper trisuli ‘B’

61,000  kW


2,25,36,000  kW

Source: Bidhyut magazine 2063 Bhadra

Planned of Proposed Hydropower in Nepal

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