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10 Famous and Successful Entrepreneurs of Nepal

  1. Binod Chaudhary:-

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When you communicate approximately Nepali marketers, one name stands proud and it stands miles and miles out from the following in line! Well, he is Binod Chaudhary. Properly, Binod Chaudhary is the pinnacle of the Chaudhary group, a multinational conglomerate situated in Katmandu, Nepal which also owns the logo Wai Wai. At a very younger age, he helped his father convert his modest departmental store into one in every of Nepal’s biggest conglomerates. At 18, he gives up studies and took over his father’s commercial enterprise after he fell sick with an extreme coronary heart ailment. Stimulated with the aid of his grandfather, Chaudhary became one of Nepal’s biggest industrialists and changed into named because of the 1415th richest man alive with an estimate of $1.34bn Binod Chaudhary & family. The Chaudhary group today comprises of over 80 businesses and spreads across all 5 continents. It owns extra than 60 manufacturers in 30 nations and employees extra than 6000 human beings. As for Wai Wai, well, it is the agency’s maximum successful emblem and produces over one thousand million packets of noodle annually and ships them off to round 35 nations. He has installation a foundation which makes extensive contributions on the fields of schooling, health, sports and children empowerment. He provides scholarships to the needy and additionally takes projects in developing the education system, and socio-monetary conditions of Nepal.

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  1. Savitri Devi Chaudhary:-

Inside a span of three years, Savitri Devi Chaudhary holds essential positions within the small commercial enterprise zone— she is an energetic member of diverse institutions, social networks and a position version for her village. She leads and represents the girl’s marketers of Sunsari district as the government Member of the District Microentrepreneurs groups affiliation (DMEGA), the vice president of eastern regional Micro-entrepreneurs Federation (ERMEFN) and additionally the executive Member of the national Microentrepreneurs Federation Nepal (NMEFN).“I’ve represented my country as a success Nepali woman entrepreneur in a fair held in Dhaka, Bangladesh,” says Savitri proudly.

  1. Upendra Mahato:-

Upendra Mahato is a famous and successful entrepreneur of Nepal. He has Net Worth of approximately $1 Billion. Upendra Mahato earned his doctorate in Russia. Following this, he started out to increase his organization into fields as diverse as electronics and oil. His enterprise has a total of 12,000 employees and serves sectors like banking, heavy machinery, and real property. Initially, Mahato received his start when he started to work as an electronic dealer in Voronezh. Earlier than lengthy, he had purchased a TV factory that grew to supply 1,000,000 televisions each 12 months. Outside of this, he has a TV elements outlet that serves 80,000 clients every day. More lately, Mahato started out building a high upward push building to be able to serve as a premium rental block in Moscow. Even though his wealth becomes earned from his business pursuits, Mahato’s fame is due to his social paintings. In the course of his lifestyles, he has built antique age homes in the course of Nepal and even constructed a health facility in Karjanha.

  1. Shesh Ghale:-

Shesh Ghale is president of NRNA (Non-Resident Nepali Association). He is entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Melbourne Institute of technology. He becomes ranked the 99th richest man or woman in Australia within the 2015 BRW rich two hundred. He is the 1/3 richest guy in Nepal. Ghale turned into graduated in the grasp of Civil Engineering from Kharkov automobile and highway Institute of Kharkov, Ukraine from 1979 to 1986 which become the scholarship application of the government of Nepal. He then again and worked for a branch of shipping control as an engineer in a toll road improvement mission. In 1990, he moved to Melbourne, Australia to do further research in which he completed a master of enterprise management from Victoria College, Australia in 1994.

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  1. Jamuna Gurung:-

A Nepali woman, Jamuna Gurung, who migrated to Australia a few 20 years ago as a scholar, has been indexed as one of the wealthiest women inside the island continent. She became enlisted as the 11th wealthiest woman with an expected internet worth of $one zero five million in a listing organized by way of commercial enterprise assessment Weekly, an Australia-based newspaper. At the side of her husband Shesh Ghale, Chairman of Non-Residential Nepali association, Gurung was indexed as a hundred and eightieth wealthiest people in Australia with a net worth of $265 million, last year. She is the primary lady from the South Asian place to have made it to the list of the richest human being. Jamuna first went to Australia in 1990 on student visa together with her husband Ghale. She is currently living in Melbourne and is the managing Director of Melbourne Institute of technology and is also related to several other commercial enterprise ventures.

  1. Aaditya Jha:-

Aaditya Jha is a Nepalese Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist and social activist. He has the net worth of $1 million A globetrotter, his commercial enterprise portfolio consists of numerous startups and enterprise turnarounds with pursuits in Canada, India, Thailand and Nepal. He additionally runs several philanthropic tasks thru his private Charitable basis (POA academic foundation), promoting education and nurturing entrepreneurship to boom opportunities for the much less lucky. Jha takes special hobby in nurturing prosperity and monetary independence among Canadian First countries communities and people through schooling scholarships at top Canadian universities and a task that nurtures entrepreneurship.

  1. Balaram Chainrai:-

Mr. Balaram Chainrai is the son of Mr. PG Chainrai, who’s one of the pioneer Indian businessmen in Hong Kong and the founding father of the Chainrai institution of companies in 1949. Educated in Hong Kong, Mr. Balaram speaks numerous languages and is fluent in Cantonese, English, and Sindhi. Having begun his commercial enterprise career pretty early in existence, Mr. Balaram quickly hooked up himself as a leading commercial enterprise guy in Hong Kong. His center enterprise, Horning ton businesses restricted was incorporated in 1984 in Hong Kong, and soon other partner corporations have been set up. The agency is concerned with the manufacture and buying and selling of electronic true, domestic home equipment, toys; distribution of computer systems and associated add-ons, and trade finance activities. Directed by way of his dynamic leadership, the business enterprise soon grew both in terms enterprise volume and diversity.

  1. Ajaya Sumargi:-

Ajaya Sumargi was born in Hetauda Nepal. He’s gained a high attention from Nepalese media due to his rags-to-riches stories and also due to his high-profile political connections with Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda”. Sumargi is an entrepreneur and one of Nepal’s few billionaires. He’s the Chairman of Muktishree Private Limited which runs several sister companies as separate business units in Nepal.

  1. Jiba Lamichane:-

Jiba Lamichane is the managing director of a TV manufacturing company Techno Trust which makes and delivers Elson Brand LCD TVs for the Russian market. Lamichane went to Russia in 1986 to study engineering and he worked as a dealer for Samsung, Sony, and LG in Russia. He works in collaboration with Dr. Upendra Mahato

  1. Pashupati Shamsher:-

Pashupati Shamsher Rana was once termed as the entrepreneur, richest person in Nepal and considered even richer than the King. Once in an interview, he told that his wife, the princess of then the Indian Kingdom, brought dowry that is valued 25000 million rupees in the present days.

10 Famous Authors of Nepal

Famous authors of Nepal :- There are many authors in Nepal who are writing books related to different fields. We are here with some of the 10 famous Nepali writers or authors in this section. This list of 10 famous authors of Nepal may vary from you. We hope you don’t mind.

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10 Famous Authors of Nepal

1. Parijat:-

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Born in 1937 in the hill station of Darjeeling, India, Parijat became the primary woman to open up the voice of Nepalese women to the outer global. Even though her actual name was Vishnu Kumari Waiba, she is best recognized by her pen name Parijat, the author of the novel Shirish Ko Phool (the Blue Mimosa). She has played an enormous position in strengthening the Nepali literature. Parijat completed part of her training in Darjeeling and in 1954; she got here to Kathmandu and joined Padma Kanya School. She finished her Bachelor of Arts diploma, however, became struck by way of paralysis at an age of 26, after which she become depended on her sister for rest of her life.

2. Hari Bansha Acharya:-

Hari Bansha Acharya’s father’s call is Homanjaya Acharya and his mother’s call is Ganesh Kumari. Born on twenty-seventh Kartik 2014 BS (13 November 1958) in Gairidhara, Hari Bansha Acharya is a Nepalese actor and a comedian. He’s one of the maxima a success and revered comedians inside the Nepalese enjoyment industry. he is recognized for his approach performing. He and Madan Krishna Shrestha make up the comedy duo MaHa Jodi. Acharya is also an author by using profession. He has written several books based totally on social sectors, which had been offered numerous countrywide prizes. China Harayeko Manche is his masterpiece and is one of the satisfactory promoting books of Nepal.

3. Bhanubhakta Acharya:-

Bhanubhakta Acharya (1814 – 1868) changed into a Nepalese poet and creator who translated the top notch epic Ramayana from Sanskrit to Khas language. Born in 1814 in Chundi Ramgha, Tanahun District, he changed into educated at home with a robust leaning toward religion from his grandfather. he is honored with the title Adikavi of Nepal The terrific epic Ramayana have been a translated to Nepal language as early as 12 century CE, he’s the primary Nepali who translated the fantastic epic ‘Ramayana’ from Sanskrit to Khas language. He is venerated with the identify Adikavi for the contributions he has made in the field of poetry and Khas literature and every year, his birthday is well known as a festival of Bhanu Jayanti (13 July) with the aid of engaging in numerous packages, generally lecturers and poem recitation. Motiram Bhatt first referred to him as Adikavi even as writing Acharya’s biography in 1981.

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4. Manjushree Thapa:-

Manjushree Thapa grew up in Nepal, Canada, and America. She commenced to jot down upon completing her BFA in photography at the Rhode Island school of a layout. Her first e-book turned into Mustang Bhat in Fragments (1992). In 2001 she posted the novel The train of records, which she had all started as her MFA thesis within the innovative writing program at the university of Washington in Seattle, which she attended as a Fulbright pupil. Her high-quality acknowledged e-book is neglect Kathmandu: An Elegy for Democracy (2005), published simply weeks earlier than the royal coup in Nepal on 1 February 2005. The eBooks become shortlisted for the Lettre Ulysses Award in 2006. After the guide of the e-book, Thapa left the united states to write towards the coup. In 2007 she posted a short tale collection, Tilled Earth. In 2009 she posted a biography of a Nepali environmentalist: A Boy from Siklis: The lifestyles and instances of Chandra Gurung. the following year she published a novel, Seasons of Flight. In 2011 she published a nonfiction collection, She has additionally written as an op-ed contributor to the new York Times.

5. Ani Choying Dolma:-

Ani Choying changed into born on June 4, 1971, in Kathmandu, Nepal, to Tibetan exiles. She entered monastic lifestyles as a method of break out from her physically abusive father, and she or he became time-honored into the Nagi Gompa nunnery on the age of 13. For some of the years, the monastery’s resident chant grasp (who was trained at once by using the spouse of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche’s) taught Choying the song which she is famous for acting. Whilst reputation came to her as Nepal’s famous ‘making a song nun’ few knew the true tale of the war of this refugee toddler developing up in Kathmandu. In fact, the outdoor world knew greater about Ani Choying than Nepalese themselves. Now, booklet nepa~laya is bringing out the Nepali translation of Ani Choying Dolma’s autobiography, Phool ko Ankhama.

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10 Famous Authors of Nepal

10 Famous Places to Visit in Terai Madhesh Region of Nepal

visitor in koshi Barrage of Nepal

10 Famous Places to Visit in Terai Madhesh Region of Nepal

Nepal has three different phases of the formation and as it recognized and represent the entire country. They are the Hilly, Himalayan and Terai Madhesh. Madhesh or Terai have also many places which have also adopted the special features and value to visit. The Madhesh is not the places where you will feel uncomfortable and unsafe. The people of these states and region are very much cooperative and you will be very quick adapted in their locality. They are mostly of humorous and humble types makes you fun and helps you if you beg.

Madhesh have their own representation and contribution to make the Nepal more valuable and more recognized. There are many great idols and icons which have given the name with discovery and dragon. The country should not forget the Madhesh and  Madhesi because this is the most productive and cultivated sectors in which the whole country economic  spectrum and infrastructure is depended. There many natural places which will oust you and brings you far from the strain and mental tortures. Nature is the wonder gift of the God which makes the relief from pain and adds groups of smile and glad and emotions revealing and revelation feeling, gives you the new energy and estates to grow up with a new strategy and new vigor.

Madhesh is the hub of a tourist destination and it is also the places containing the historical hugger and myths that will make you stunned.  Tourist mostly comes to visit the new and historical places and all the places related you wish lies in Madhesh. The new raptures and new enthusiastic production from the natural beauty and their places fascination troll your mentality and you will become the mental in a natural paradise and lost you’re all the sorrow and parasites of all trouble glaciers.

Madhesh have the; typical but largest station platforms for making the tourist satisfied and keeps the capability of fulfilling all the desires and wants of the tourist. There are many such places typical but real historical facts containment that can only reveal the  reality and speaks or disclose about the figures and memory of the ancients life and times.  Adding more, the time changes in period and makes the people obliged to change. Rather to go to the tour, clarify your passion and hobbies to see and assess the new things that makes you more bolster and strong internally and externally.

It is said that the tour is also the types of learning and earning because in the passes of many stairs of life, there are  few of them who taken the real tastes of life and known about the real meaning of life.

There are many philosophers and great Darshanshastri have told that life is also the innovational and searching things. It should be in searching operation. There are many who have given and define the definition of life accordingly. Freed from all the mental tortures and pressure, you have go out from the home and your cross the native territory. Life ends in limited period so make your trip to Nepal and  mostly in Madhesi inside the Nepal. It is the most liked and visited places which are described as the  10 famous places to visit in Madhesh  Terai.

Famous  places itself revelation about their popularity and popular places will also makes you popular due to their specific gifts and gross. The natural places and famous places of MADHESH will acclaim you and  confer you the loyalitical respect and decent behavior . Means to say, the places will really makes you addicted to spend more with it’s charming and glimpse of beautiful images and screening. The greenery and cleanary  is only seen here having their popular waves of spurs and sapphire providence to the tourist and makes your bias after landing in the Madhesh territory and sectors. Following are 10 famous places to visit in Masdhesh Terai.

10 Famous Places to Visit in Terai Madhesh Region of Nepal

1. Lahan – Phoolbari:

Lahan is the plethora of natural and religious places because it has able to gain their name and recognition in world level with their own specific and uniqueness in natural as well as artificial contents. Everyone have listen about the Fulbari of Lahan which have their own specific representation and own glory in the outside environment.  The Fulbari is the heritage of Lahan as well as  the Nepal too. As it have special values and special reveal of flower at the day of new year only according to Nepalese calendar is ownselves  the news of stunning and curious.

There is not exist any types of flower which grows in one day and dies in one day. It’s amazing and it only make your fortunate sharp to see  such the unique flower.  In new year and at first day of new, year in midnight it grow up and reveal up for the new year and so, for these types of supernatural power there started the large crowd of fair in ceromeny celebration and to worship it and it’s specification. This types of power has not been seen because this Fulbari contains the history.

At ancient times, there is history kept safely and even said by many of adults that there were the king name Salhesh who used to  came for hunting in this jungle and used to rest for several of times. So, this is some real and short facts, and there is constructed of temple of king Salhesh and the jungle is now names as the Salhesh Fulbari.  Some more truth about the flower is that, it grow in Sakhuwa trees in up having the chain like in fade pink color.

Revelation on new famous places of Lahan that is very popular and much religious  temple that is rajdevei temple located at the distance of 5 km from the Lahan and lies in municipality of Lahan. It has also the and plethora of power to combat and destroy the devotee sadness dismal, disease and brings the happiness and gusto and form them in new and latest man with full of smile and painless.  There are many devotee who have got cured from many types of life taking disease and many get rid of many trouble and circumstances .

New Year Flowers Amazing wonderful Flower in World Bloomed in Nepal (2)

This wonderful Flower Bloomed in Nepal only in Nepali new year’s day

Due thus relief and visible power and proofs have made many people trustworthy. The reality is only spread in rapid m waves because it  has proof. Similarly, this has become  one of the religious and more respective places. It deserves the power and devotees have achieves the happiness and have erased and come out from the circle of trouble and pa. this types publicity have  processed in increment of devotee. After entering to it’s ground, you will loose all of your pain and sorrow and upcoming obstacles will also quit your hands and moves to their own way.

Moreover, Lahan is also recognized as the first sacrifice landmark of Madhesi movement and many march for achieving the rights and requisite participation in every sectors. Therefore , it has it’s own values, identity and squander and own principles of staying in own position with charming and historical and natural places content.

2. Janakpur:

Janakpur is one of the religious places of Madhesh because it have attempted many myths and actual     and fantastic hugger  of it’s construction and  story about it. Janakpur is also know for many lakes and it’s special palaces and position in Nepalese tourist destination. It has great amounts of places to makes your trip and visit more funny and exciting. It is the paces of making your more energetic and decent and also teaches you the life several meaning and motivation.



This is the Palaces and palaces of God ram which is one of the incarnation of god Vishnu in Dwapar Yuga. The goddess Sita, the daughter of king Janak used to live in this palaces and temple presently it is said and called and pronounced it as Janaki temple. It is one of the hugest and one most wonderful creation made by the queen of Tikamgadh Briksh Bhanudevi for king Janak. The god ram came to the land of Janakpur to marry with Sita who is n=know as idol girl and most religious females of the generation and worshipped as the goddess.

The most wonderful and many facts and figures inside the temple will makes you really feel of paradise and reached in the palaces of god. As it is the palaces of god used to stay in Dwapar Yuga. So , it is also the one of them among 10 famous places to visit in Madhesh and Terai.

3. Rajbiraj:

rajbiraj saptari nepal


Rajbiraj is also one of the most religious places and also recognized for the most sacrificed places in Nepal  hit list. It is the Places where the great temple of goddess Shakharadevi is situated and is belief of making any things good starts if you worship here and start your any career. The goddess is  mostly worshipped as the  pain inhaler of devotee and  construct your life in new manliness and  maintenances.  10 famous places to visit in Madhesi Terai also includes it.

4. Lumbini:

lumbini nepal birth place lord buddha

Lumbini Nepal

The world know about it. Its  no need to describe and discuss about it. It  is the root of sending the message of peace to all over the  world. The  preacher of  the peace and love is first been spread all over the world from here thought the lord Gautam Buddha respectively know as the  lights of Asia. He was the first person who have their enlightenment and started to spread the peace of unity, love, save the peace, don’t thief and makes your life and society always cooperatively function able.

5. Koshi barrack:

visitor in koshi Barrage of Nepal

a visitor in koshi Barrage of Nepal

It is one of the greatest river of Nepal which have their own specification and have great bridge which have unique image and glory is treated as one of the tourist visited spot of Nepal. It has the 56 doors of flowing the river and have high thrift of water so, in high thrift, most of the doors is opened and in less thrift, few of the door is only open. It  also lies under 10 famous places to visit in Madhesh Terai.

6. Birgunj:

Birgunj, Nepal

Birgunj, Nepal

It is one of the largest trade terrain of Nepal and treated as the greatest religious places due to existence of greatest temple where the more that millions of buffalo are sacrificed here. 10 famous places to visit in Madhesh Terai also announces and appeals to visit.

7. Swoyambhunath:

It lies in eastern MADHESH and famous for the great temple designed in pagoda styles and remembered for the great works and large holy program. It is also one the religious places which have their own stabling and sampling and faces to make you lucrative and more adaptable. There are many facts and person gets pain erased from their life after visiting once in it\’s palaces or boundaries. 10 famous places to visit in Madhesh Terai also includes it with their great position in people and visitor eyes and conception due to perception.

8. Chitwan:

elephant-safari-Chitwan National Park-nepal-picture

Chitwan is the greatest and one of the most visited and liked and popular places of Madhesh having the largest national park with various of unique animal and birds makes your memory more fantastic and eccentric.   It is the first national park of Nepal and has many more features and a special gallery of groupings. Chitwan also was known as the places of greenery and converting people wish and desire in reality formation. It has a large market and large area and many concession and convenient substances which will satisfy you. It is one of the 10  famous places to visit in Madhesh Terai, having a large sense and sensors to attract the tourist with elusive characters.

9. Biratnagar:

Biratnagar city Nepal

It is the greatest tourist destination and largest tea garden having wonderful cold and greenery atmosphere. It is also know as the hub and crux of Indian products and items. 10 famous places  to visit in Madhesh Terai also arise  it’s own features to visit here.

10. Dang:

Ghorahi Dang City Nepal

It is famous places in Rapti zone of Nepal. It is said Inner Madhesh. It gives you invitation under the 10 famous places to visit in Madhesh Terai.

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Top 10 Best A Level College in Nepal

trinity college in Nepal

Top 10 Best A Level College in Nepal

Best and top 10 A level college in Nepal: A level stands for Advanced level. It is the General certificate of education qualification, an equivalent to the intermediated level student of Nepal. It is two year of duration. The first year is A1 Level and the second year is A2 level. Students who have passed SLC (secondary level education)in Nepal can get admitted to A level. After A level, students can go to the University entrance. Since there are large numbers of A-level college in Nepal, most of the students will be in a dilemma which college is right for them. If you are waiting for your SLC result and planning to pursue A level education then, here are the top 10 A level college in Nepal:

Top 10 Best A Level College in Nepal

  1. Little Angel’s College

little angels college college in Nepal

little angels college in Nepal

It was founded in 1997 under NEF. NEF stands for Nepal Education Foundation which was founded by a group of an experienced educationist. The college has been providing the quality education to the students since its establishment. So, it is one of the best colleges in Nepal. It has been offering A level to the students with innovative teaching methods due to which the passed out students have outstanding performance in the final examinations. It is situated in Hattiban, Lalitpur.

  1. Xavier International college

    xavier international college in Nepal

    Xavier international college in Nepal

Since its establishment, it has been providing an outstanding education to the students. It was established in 2000 and it has grown its brand name throughout the country.  Its education quality has been so much accredited by the students since it has been developing the independent work habit among the students and taking responsibility for their own.  Beside A level, it has been offering +2, school level and Montessori pre-school. It is a member of HISSAN, PABSON, and CEAN. It is situated in Kalopul, Kathmandu.

  1. Kathmandu Valley Higher secondary school

    kathmandu valley college in Nepal

    Kathmandu valley college in Nepal

Kathmandu valley Higher secondary school shortly known as KVHSS is providing high-quality education to its students. It has 31 years of dedicated service in the field of education. It has been encouraging, challenging and nurturing the student to perform their best abilities. It has been maintaining its excellence academic records with extra curriculum activities. It offers school, higher secondary school, bachelor’s and A level course to students. If you want to know more about this college, you can visit it official site It is situated in Maharajgung, Kathmandu.

  1. Malpi International college

malpi college in Nepal

malpi college in Nepal

Malpi International college was established in 1998 with a slogan of ‘’a tradition of excellence’’. It is situated in Baluwater, Subarna Shumsher Marg. It’s building gives a very impressive look to its visitors. It has already gained the reputation with its excellence education. It has been offering A level of Cambridge University, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) of Pokhara University. It’s A-level education is one of the most prominent education in Nepal. To know more about A level from this college, you can visit its official website You can also visit the college.

  1. Orient college of science and management

orient college in Nepal

orient college in Nepal

It was founded in 2003 in Maharajgunj with a group of excellent educationists, academicians, social workers and scholars with more than 18 years of experience in the field of education. With a very short period of time, it has been a popular name among parents and students. With its slogan ‘’Education for excellence’’, it has been providing an excellent education to the students with the view to bring out the potential of the youth for the nation building. It’s A level is one of the most famous compared to other colleges. To know more about the courses and fees, you can visit

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Top 10 Best A Level College in Nepal

10 Reasons Why People Around the World Fall in Love with Nepal


Reasons Why People Around the World Fall in Love with Nepal

Why do you love Nepal?

I think there are not any people who have not heard the name of Nepal. Nepal is the small and landlocked country but it has occupied its places in the topics of many resources in the hearts of world’s people. People of the world come to Nepal and visit it’s all the topography and geographical territory that gives them pleasure and full return of their investment after visiting the Nepal. Nepal is not only have adopted the names by natural resources production but also in the sector of mountains. It’s the country of brave warriors, mountainous and historical architect. The country has never become the flank of any other country.

The world’s remind Nepal for this topics and matter too. It’s only the country who have never become the slave and have not operated their governmental and functional services under the eyes and leadership of another country. The country is respectfully known and called as the country of brave GURKHAS. The country has never tasted the deafest with any assaulter. Nepal and Nepalese are able to gain and earn the names and identify positively with the works and image of country altitude. No one forgets the name of Everest that speaks our identity and pride.

Reservation for our identity will never go and swept away by the wind. Nepal has many reasons adapted to love it. It’s the country of beautiful goals and beautiful girls too. The country has one of the largest tourism ground where the people around the world come to passionate their desire come true. a person is always in the search of new platform for the entertainment and refreshment. They want to live the life of the animal by celebrating and taking the joy and fully pleasure of every moment of life. I also agree with this views and statement because it’s the thought that makes the people more smart and respectful.

Nepal has many opportunity and many legal resources which can make the Nepal one of the dynamite and unique country of the world in the fields of infrastructure and technical development. But due to the many political and many underground obstacles, it has become the puncture vehicle in the development track or roller. The country has to fist wake up to make the wake to the Nepalese or countrymen. The country has first managed the resource and manpower for the development. The country has many resources and reasons holding for its loving and many places and a promotional pigment is even in the uses. The country is growing its capacity and productivity in every sector.

So it’s the generation looks to see the Nepal as the one of leading country of the world. As the country holds many resources and arms and ammunitions for development but it’s all are kept like the wastes or garbage. The gold not in uses is valued like the steel. So there are many mines that give you the way to becoming the strength able it depends upon you for resisting it or not. The person who has kept the desire to grasp the sweet grapes from the long erected tree have to keep the hope and ability to grasp those grapes with their own hands. But if you are treating and speaking the cracking voices in the crowd to represent yourself as the powerful almighty, the matter will dissolve and denied.

There are many specific topics and headlines that will clarify and speaks about the reason to love Nepal:

7 Reasons Why People Around the World Fall in Love with Nepal

 1. Nonracist country:

We know bitterly that this is the country of grouping and group functioning because here no will intervention in your works and activities you are doing. There are many people who even feel jealous by showing you but they don’t stay for long times as obstacles due to your strength and powerfulness. Nepal is the country many religions and cultures and here is living the people of all castes and religions but there is not seems to discrimination person spends their life with full enjoy and interesting.

Non racist race peace unity hands

Nonracist country

There is the conversion of many occasion among other. In religion version, Hindu share their festive fact with Muslim and Muslim facts with Hindu for consisting and reviving the bond and relation alive forever. There seems the harmonious relationship between many people and nonrelative and on castes. It’s the symbol of humanity that use to see in Nepal only. Here, there are no any types of governmental barriers and people wish to create those headache tracks that makes the blockade in our moving life. Pope seems very cooperative and coordinating in nature, all the person and on castes also contribute their efforts and thought in the works or any ceremony of Hindu and other and Hindu also help in the conduction and their ceremony. These all are now made as the compulsory attainment that has to made by the society.

So this country has made the image of positivity and reputed level of positioning in the list of the world.

 2. Country of Everest:

It’s the country of worlds and the Nepal is the country of one of the leading roles mode that is proved by the world largest peak is located in the territory of Nepal. Nepal is the country who is recognized the country of Everest. The history of Everest is very interesting and sensible. It is called as the ‘’Pandhrau Chuli’’ in an earlier age. Later on, after the name identifying by the history father’s Baburam Acharya, it gone to kept and called as the Sagarmatha and the man of England Servier George Everest, kept the name, Everest.

MountEverest Highest Peak in the world

MountEverest – Highest Peak in the world

From that days, the Sagarmatha become popular and famous with the Everest. The Everest is the height of 8848 meters which the toughest level of the earth. It’s the second thing which is very much clearly shown from the moon and the first one is the great wall of china. The Everest have touched even the border of china, sometimes it comes to listen and become the scandal which is totally false.

 3. Country of Gautam Buddha:

The God also knew in the world who have spread the message of peace to the worlds. As we see in the present age, there is races of manufacturing weapons and missiles for war but no any country is forward to control the violence and human illegal attitude and participation in the different convention that is spoiling the society. The revolt is going rapid increment by many terrorist and many invisible black people. But not of any government and not any powerful country is supporting and coming in the campaign for alleviating these types of terrorist attacks conducted for the destruction human assets and mentality.


Lord buddha

Gautam Buddha is one of the great identical consisting person who came in the figure of normal person born in king’s palaces but ruin and left the palaces in very earlier age and get the enlightenment of Buddhism and started to spread the message of places and humanity to love and live the life of making the harmonious and cooperative society. He was the man who has spread the peace of roots as the streams to the world that had made him the God. The world respect and given the position as the light of Asia but in the present age, he is not the light of Asia he should be the light of worlds and in today’s context, peace is needed in every country.

 4. Country of beautiful girls:

This is not the country of beautiful resources only but also the country of beautiful girls. The Nepal is also recognized for the beautiful girls as it also takes part in world beautiful competition that is miss universe and miss world. The country has many people and many societies who have their own shape and size of production in the body. The Nepalese are mostly in good and bold figures that make you crazy to touch and attract. It’s the Nepal where people become senseless by saving the girl’s behavior and actions.

beautiful nepali college girls

beautiful Nepali college girls

The Nepalese girls are much fluent in conversation with strangers too. So they don’t feel shy and don’t hesitate to talk about any subjects which make her insulted. They are friendly in nature. They will make you friends very soon. If you want to marriage with Nepalese girls then you have to first term as the friendship and then you have to step up for next process. The Nepalese girls are very sweet and intelligence and they are very active to know and choose their life partner. The beautiful girls of Nepal will make you fall in love willingly or unwillingly.

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Reasons Why People Around the World Falls in Love with Nepal

10 Reasons Why Do Many Tourists Visit Pokhara, Nepal?

pokhara valley pic

10 Reasons Why do many tourists visit Pokhara?

Pokhara, the second largest city of Nepal, has a beautiful Himalayas with awesome natural beauties you will never be tired of enjoying it. It is always number one city in the list for adventure and leisure. It is the gateway to Annapurna trekking. It is mostly famous for trekking, boating, hiking, pony rides, paragliding and the stunning view of Annapurna Mountain range.  So, it is the favourite and top priority place for most of the tourists. Once who visited Nepal has visited Pokhara.

So, why do most tourists visit Pokhara?

Here are the reasons why Pokhara is always the top choice of most of the tourists and I believe that after reading this, it will be in your top priority list too.

10 Reasons Why Do Many Tourists Visit Pokhara, Nepal?

1. Spectacular beauties of Himalayas

Pokhara has the spectacular beauties of Himalayas. Three 8000 meters peaks named Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and Manaslu can be seen from the city while the Machhapuchhare also was known as Fishtail can be seen from any corners of Pokhara. The magnificent image of Machhapuchhare in the Fewa Lake will make everyone fascinated. The sunshine and the Sun set view of Annapurna range is so compelling that many tourists hike for hours to reach Sarangkot Hill top just for that one shot.


Pokhara city with himalayas views

Figure 1 A beautiful Pokhara alongside the Himalayas.

2. A suitable place for Adventurous

If you are adventure lovers, if you want a thrilling experiences and if you want to make your travel fun, then Pokhara is the best choice for you. You will not be disappointed here since Skydiving, Paragliding, Ultralight flights, Bunjee jumping, mountain biking, Rock climbing, Rafting are all available in this one place. This is the reasons why most of the tourists visit it to get adventurous and exhilarating experiences.

Paragliding pokhara Nepal

Paragliding in pokhara Nepal

Figure 2 Paragliding in Pokhara. Picture credit: Nepal travel portal

3. Peace and Natural Beauty

Pokhara is the best place for tourists for holidays since it has a peaceful and natural environment. City is well managed than Kathmandu with less crowded and reduced traffic jams. The valley offers pleasant scenic beauty loaded with a vast vegetation and breathtaking views of lakes that completely gives a different landscape. One can enjoy the peaceful environment with the pleasant natural beauty in the city.

pokhara valley pic

pokhara valley pic

Figure 3Pokhara. Picture credit: Nepal travel portal

4. Beauty of Lakeside

Pokhara is the home to numerous lakes. Fewa lake being the most famous includingBegnaslake, Rupa lake, Gude lake, Neurani lake and Maidi lake among many others. These are formed from the Glaciers Rivers that comes from Annapurna range. Swimming and boating are the most enjoyable activities performed in the lakes which will make the visit fun. A Hindu Temple, Barahi, situated at the mid of lake gives the pleasant view of an island. Most of the tourists love to enjoy residing in the hotels, pubs and bars located near the lakeside where they can get the pleasant environment and enjoy the nightlife of Pokhara.

pokhara Nepal

pokhara Nepal

Figure 4 Lakeside Pokhara.

5. Trekking

Trekking is the most fantastic adventure in Pokhara. This is because tourists have varieties of choices to choose their favourable trek in the mountains around Pokhara. The most famous trekking routes are Poonhill, Annapurna Base camp, Jomsom, Muktinath, Royal trek. Since Annapurna Basecamp (ABC) is famous worldwide, Pokhara is the starting point for the tourists to get to the camp. Due to this, most tourists who want to trek ABC stays at Pokhara. Trekking helps tourists to view the natural scenarios and get the first hand experiences of the local community.

pokhara panchase trek

pokhara panchase trek

Figure 5 trekking in Pokhara. Picture credit: Peaceful Himalayan trek

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