Best Way to Send Money to Nepal From USA

the best way to send money to Nepal from the USA

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America is said and spread as the dream country of the world where the people of almost every country exists for their own purposes. They might have some specific or normal purposes. The country population of America is not even half of the existing total number of the people in the USA. Mostly the person goes to America due to their personal and personnel works which may be relevant and irrelevant to them. In addition to this subjects, there are also may Nepalese living in America for even the long time or not more.

The many Nepalese have well settled in the America because they have taken the green card of America which refers to the citizenship of the America. So mostly the Nepalese go to America for earning purpose least for learning purposes.  According to the law of America., there has given the EDV treatment to Nepalese which absorbs and pick up the luck of about five thousand people every year. So it’s also the next approach to increase and enhance the income of the family and the country. But it’s not only the matter of learning but mostly for learning as the people of Nepal go after the long and hard praying to the god.

send money usa america nepal


So there are more than Lakhs  person living and working in the America and are in search of sending the money to the home. Mainly the Nepalese are looking for the better highway to send the money bucket safely to their home and family.  So we have brought the special package which will destroy your all problem and makes the way to run and send your money without any tension and worry. Let’s know about that platform:

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International money express ime
International money express ime

This is most trusted money transfer and even it has been awarded as the number one money transfer of the Nepal which takes full guarantee of your amount to sent your amount in the legal hand. It is the first even you can call it, operating its better services in almost every parts and area of the Nepal. Due to it’s systematic and safety transaction with the customer, it has won the heart of the consumer.


The IME has merged with the Nepal’s famous banking solution GLOBAL BANK , now it is broadcasted and reflected by the GLOBAL IME BANK. Away from the banking network, it is also available in the small roof that is mean by in the small offices and shop types. This money transfer is providing the customer services to even to the hilly and Himalaya region with easy procedure.

Western union money transfer:

It is also regarded as the faithful customer oriented transfer serving the customer with easy and fast treatment related to cash remittance. There are so many customers doing their money transaction with it. The western union money transfer is operating services and the new policy with transparent and visible attitude.

Western union money transfer


The customer satisfaction is their primary goal and making the services efficient is their secondary goal. This transfer company mostly deals with the transaction of the western country with possessive of satisfactory services.

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Best Way to Send Money to Nepal From USA

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